If Rihanna Could Trade Places With Anyone In The World It Would Be “Blue Ivy Carter”

Rihanna was asked by a Beyonce fan on Twitter who she would switch lives with and simply responded:

Rihanna Wants To Trade Lives With Blue Ivy

“Blue Ivy”

Can you even blame RihRih for wanting the incredible lifestyle of Beyonce and Jay’Z’s precious tot? Although, RihRih does have it pretty good, we don’t blame her for wanting to drop her drama filled life for a much simpler life.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to be breastfed by Memphis Bleek?


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Ann Romney Vs Whoopi Goldberg On The View: Who Won? [Video]

From the jump of this video… it’s obvious as hell Whoopi is not feeling Ann.



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Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Share The Same Birthday

Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Share The Same Birthday

Both started out sloring it up on camera and on the pole, respectively, which lead to their not-so-great reputations as gold-diggin’ attention slores.

Both managed to snag and smash the same high-profile rappers and athletes in the process…and both now seem to be attempting to turn over new leaves as mothers and future ex- wives.

But in addition to bangin bawwdies, silicone-filled cakes and rappers, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have one more thing in common: their birthdays.  Both Libra ladies are celebrating birthdays today with Kim turning 32 and Amber bringing in the last year of her twenties at 29.

Let’s take a look at these two hard-bodied arm candies side-by-side to see which birthday girl takes the cake in each category once and for all..

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Harvard University Tells Black Girl She Can’t List Jay-Z As A Role Model On College Application, Can Rappers Be Role Models?

Harvard better expect an open letter from Bey very soon…

Harvard Tells Black Girl Can’t She List Jay-Z As A Role Model

Via BusinessInsider:

Back in 2005, a Harvard freshman filling out a profile for an on-campus recruiting program listed Jay-Z as her business role-model.

Chanequa Campbell was promptly called into the Office of Career Services and told to name someone else.

“It’s not appropriate. I don’t think people will respond well to this,” the career counselor told her.

Campbell, who grew up seven blocks from Jay-Z in Brooklyn and idolized the drug-dealer turned rapper turned entrepreneur, refused to name someone else. She argued with the career counselor awhile longer, finally offering as a small concession to use her role model’s given name, Sean Carter.

“I know his resume,” Campbell told me. “He made most of his major respect—Wall Street respect—since ’04.”

Seven years later Campbell, who ended up getting kicked out of Harvard, still gets upset telling how Harvard didn’t respect the businessman from her community.

“Most of Jay-Z’s songs, if you understand his vernacular, he’s telling you how to be cool, how to be good at life,” Campbell says. “He’s promoting things of content, things to aspire to. He mentions Warhol, he mentions Basquiat. He mentions people you’ve never heard of. He brings this light to our normal conversation.”

Hov hangs out with Barack Obama and parties with Warren Buffett. He trails only Sean “Diddy” Combs on the Forbes’ list of Future Hip-Hop Billionaires. If either makes the cut, he will join the short list of currently only five black billionaires in the world. Did Harvard get it wrong?

Can rappers be role models too?

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One-Time Fatally Shoots “Bare-Bodied Irrational Woman”


Florida Police Officers Fatally Shoot Irrational Woman In Tampa

Via Washington Post:

The shooting occurred at about 1:15 p.m. Saturday in Hernando County, north of Tampa. The county sheriff’s office said in a news release that the men were approached by an “armed, bare-bodied and irrational female.” The news release does not identify the weapon, but it says “one or both of the law enforcement officers fired their weapons, striking the female.” She died at the scene.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates the shooting in the Spring Hill community. Authorities have identified the officers as Hernando County sheriff’s Detective Rocky Howard and Tampa police officer William Mechler, who have served six and four years, respectively. Tampa police say Mechler was “off duty and acting in the capacity of a private citizen.”

Lt. Cinda Moore, a spokeswoman for the Hernando sheriff’s office, said in an email late Saturday that she could not immediately identify the woman or disclose the weapon she was carrying. She said she also could not comment on what the woman specifically said or did or whether she was told to drop the weapon, explaining that the FDLE is leading the investigation.

The Hernando County sheriff’s office does permit the carrying of service weapons when off-duty, she said.


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Man Kicked Out Of Library Due To Stinky Underarms Sues New York Public Library For $5.5M

First the woman was kicked off the bus because her baby’s dirty diaper, and now this man for smelly armpits!

Via NYPost:

An Upper West Sider with heinous body odor claims the New York Public Library has unfairly washed its hands of him — booting him from one of the branches because of his olfactory offensiveness. The situation smells of discrimination, claims 80-year-old George Stillman, who has filed a $5.5 million lawsuit against the library in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The loyal library user says he has gone to the St. Agnes branch on Amsterdam Avenue for 20 years without incident and was humiliated more than three years ago by a manager’s request that he leave. He insists the problem stemmed from the library’s restrooms, not him.

Stillman claims in court papers that he “found the branch manager to be giving off an odor but never objected, understanding that such a challenge to the senses was just a fact of life in the city.”

In fact, Stillman thinks the library was just being snooty, since New York City was recently declared the “smelliest city in the country,” according to his court papers, which note that “individuals with different diets from different culture often emit an odor that is alien to others outside the group.”

The longtime Manhattan resident and dedicated long-distance runner says the lawsuit goes beyond B.O. Stillman, who is representing himself in the case, denies anyone has ever told him he stinks. “The only time I had an odor was when I was doing long-distance running and I was sweating,” Stillman declared. “I’ve got no body odor.”

When a reporter visited Stillman, she also noticed a strong odor. The Korean War veteran blamed his apartment and opened his door and a hallway window. Stillman prompted numerous complaints, a library spokeswoman said.

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Chicago Wants Chief Keef Back In Juvenile Hall After A Video Of Him In The Gun Range

If he keeps on fueling the violence in our neighborhoods instead of trying to mend old wounds or right his wrongs… then lock him back up:


“With the 17-year-old rapper listening, Cook County prosecutors outlined why they think the Interscope Records artist should be returned to juvenile detention. The rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, is serving 18 months of probation for pointing a gun at a Chicago cop. He was also found delinquent on two other felonies. Prosecutors argued he violated the probation by having a gun in a video posted online. They pointed to a recorded media interview the rapper did in June at a gun range in New York, where he can be seen with a gun. That’s a probation violation, prosecutors argued, because his probation bans him from having any guns or illegal drugs or associating with gang members.”

According to Rolling Stone music

Prosecutors argued today in a Chicago juvenile court that Chief Keef should go back to jail for violating his probation, pointing to a controversial Pitchfork video interview with the Chicago rapper at a gun range, the Chicago Sun Times reports. Keef is currently serving 18 months probation for pointing a gun at a Chicago police officer.

Cook County prosecutors say that because Keef can be seen with a gun in the Pitchfork video, he is violating probation conditions that prohibit him from having any firearms or illegal drugs or associating with gang members. Prosecutors also pointed to Keef’s failure to earn a GED before a deadline set by his probation, and a September 30th incident when Chicago police found Keef with members of the Black Disciple gang while responding to a call of gang disturbance. Keef has another hearing scheduled for November 20th.

Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, was linked last month to the shooting death of rival teen rapper Lil Jojo, who was gunned down on a Chicago street. Immediately after Jojo’s death, Keef tweeted taunting messages about the slain rapper.

Pitchfork last month pulled the Chief Keef gun range video interview in response to the Lil Jojo slaying and concerns about a wave of gun violence in Chicago, where the site is based.


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Online Child Pedophile Operation Catches 23 Molesters At Florida Home

They thought they were coming to meet a 14-year-old…but when each ‘man’ came to the door, they were in for a very rude and deserving wake-up call!!!!

Twenty-three men were busted during a week-long online child sting by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. One of the men was an Army Reservist and had the nerve to show up with a fawking teddy bear and hydrocodone pills!!! Another one of these disgusting ishts brought a contract with him!

According to The Daily Mail…

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office announced yesterday that undercover officers had spent the week posing as children or parents of young children on social networks, chat rooms and other websites in the sting called Operation Volusia Broadband.

U.S. Army Reservist Paul Way of Melbourne, Florida, walked up to a house in Ormond Beach with a teddy bear, two hydrocodone pills and a hand-written contract.

The 36-year-old was expecting to find a mother and her 14-year-old daughter who he had arranged to have sex with over the internet.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, he expected the woman to sign his document, giving him full permission to have sex with the teen.

But when he got to the house he was arrested by law enforcement officers.

The suspects range in age from 18 to 66 years old. The oldest was a 66-year-old semi-retired doctor from Port Orange, John F. Williams.

He arrived at the house with two bottles of wine and Viagra pills, according to the Sentinel.

Job Jesuraju, 19, rode to the home on his bike and even stopped a deputy to ask directions.

A police spokesperson said: ‘These individuals thought they were talking to 14-year-olds or younger children or the parents who were putting their children up for some kind of sexual pleasure.’

When the conversation moved to meeting a child for sex, undercover officer invited the suspects back to a decoy house where they were arrested.

Volusia Sheriff Ben Johnson said: ‘Child exploitation is a problem that crosses all jurisdictional boundaries and socioeconomic backgrounds.’

Though most of the men were from Volusia, some of them traveled across the country after arranging to have sex online.

Students were also among those arrested.

Hide ya kids folks. Our daughters and sons are too precious and there are some evil, disgusting predators out there!

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Naomi Campbell Rocks A Short(er) Hair-Do On The Cover Of Harper’s Bazaar

Naomi’s posted up on the cover of Harper Bazaar Russia and just proves to us once again that Black Don’t Crack!

Donning a bouncy bob (wig) and a smirk for a smile, this trailblazing supermodel is makin’ sure we all know that she’s still in the game.

Ladies (and Fellas), what do you think about her look?

We’re just glad to see her at her best after being scarred by all of the pics of her bald head that were floating around this summer.

Images via Harper’s Bazaar

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Justin Timberfake To Wed Jessica Biel In Italian Wedding Ceremony This Week!

Wonder if BeyBey will be there singing “Until The End of Time”? It’s finally time for Justin Timberlake to throw away his player card! The actor/singer is set to wed his longtime boo Jessica Biel this week!

Via USWeekly reports:

Following a ten-month engagement — and nixed plans for a bash in Northern California — Justin Timberlake will wed girlfriend of five years Jessica Biel in southern Italy this week, multiple sources confirm in the new Us Weekly.

“They are ready to get married,” an insider says of the intimate, rustic ceremony to be attended only by close friends and family. With the bride and groom’s team taking “extra precautions” to keep the location top-secret, celebrations kicked off on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

As for what Biel, 30, will wear when she walks down the aisle? An eyewitness teases to Us that the Total Recall actress was spotted at a bridal boutique in Paris “in a really good mood” on Oct. 8. Following a brief March 2011 split, actor-singer Timberlake, 31, popped the question back in December of last year with a 6-carat bauble.

Although the couple have been characteristically quiet on their wedding plans, Timberlake enjoyed a bachelor’s weekend in September — beginning the festivities in Las Vegas and winding up in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“She’s a really, really, really special person,” Timberlake told reporters at a Trouble with the Curve press conference earlier this month. “Plus, she’s really, really, hot!”

He added: “I think it’s important to remember that you go into something like marriage knowing that you don’t know very much about it at all. But I do look at the marriage of my mother and stepdad, and what makes it work for them is that it’s a team effort.”

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