In my Lauryn hill voice, “The sweetest thing I’ve ever known is like the kiss on the collar bone”. Yea, it use to be sweet; that feeling of new love. You know, when your body tingles at his touch, and your heart beats fast from his texts. (I remember the day)

How could the person you once loved so dearly, become a stranger to your pupil. The touch changes and your heart becomes heavy from his text, when it use to beat fast!

“Letting Go is so hard”, even when you’re left with nothing to hold on to. I don’t know why, but we hold on, and we hold on so tight to non-existing situations.

Ladies, do we hold on out of fear or hope?

I think we fear being lonely for the rest of our lives, or we hope that he changes! Well, I believe or shall I say that I’ve concluded that he ain’t going to change. I tell myself that I am going to change all the time, and then unconsciously I do things out of years of habit. I’m literally trying to change childhood habits as an adult. Although change is possible for a mate; your mate has to see something wrong with him/her in order to change. This is highly unlikely for a person to see their own selfishness, silliness, and immature behavior. “My ex- is pure perfection in his own eyes”.

We hold on tight, and we continue to hold on to an evident loss, just hoping that he changes. I’ve poured my heart out in letters, poems, and meaningless conversations, but nothing changed! Sometimes, my ex and I get a bite to eat after a 2 month separation, and I notice nothing has changed. One time we prayed together, cried out in a tearing prayer and the next day nothing changed! We stop talking for 5 months, no communication and when we began to speak again, I noticed a change, then we talked more, and more, and I noticed another change ‘nothing changed’.

I no-longer need him to change. I will take on the challenge and I WILL CHANGE. I’m changing how I treat him, how I respond to his text, how I respond to his company. I want him to tell his friends, “Man, she changed”!

We are fearful of loneliness, but we should fear being with someone and still being lonely. Then we have the issue of hope. When we don’t completely let go, we have an ounce of hope in our hearts. Hoping he will change, hoping the two of you will get back together, but do you know that small ounce of hope will kill you. Be hopeless to the possibility of love, and let go.

My ex pissed me off this weekend. Left another dent in my heart, but I know this is a result of “Holding on”; Holding on to nothing. This is a result of allowing an undeserving person in my space. This week, I’m working on letting go. I have no hope in my heart for my past situation and I don’t need him to change on my behalf, I will gladly change on my own!


A person that’s letting go


Madam Prezident



I’ve misplace it

Looked under the bed

Behind the mirror/ nightstand/

Under the table/ and TV

Pulled everything out the closet

Checked the bathroom/ medicine cabinet

Underneath the sink

Even went to the car

Checked the trunk

Came back inside

Checked the kitchen/refrigerator/and cabinets

Then I checked the couch

In between it/Around it/beside it/under it

I looked all over

I’ve retraced all MY STEPS



By: Madam Prezident

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Chief Keef Arrested For Disorderly Conduct


Chief Keef tweeted, “Jus Got Out Of Dekalb County jail In Atlanta Mad As f**k.” He was released from Dekalb County Jail, supposedly the arrest was for Disorderly Conduct.

This little nigglett has rapped with some of the world’s most successful rappers.

This kid is no stranger to the law, he’s been arrested at least twice with a gun conviction under his name.

The kid was also taken to court or sued by a kid  who claimed Keef fathered her child- who was born 2011 when Keef was the age of 15.
He’s a sad case. I hate to even blog about shit like this! But black folk love it! 


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Kelly Rowland & The Dream Performs On The Jay Leno Show

Kelly-Rowland-and-The-DreamKelly Rowland has canceled her “Lights Out” tour with The Dream; however you will have a chance to see her weekly on the X-Factor. Now, there is no beef with Kelly and Dream, she simply can’t tour and and work X-Factor. It’s a conflicting schedule.

Kelly use to be a judge on  X Factor UK, so this is an easy transition for her. 

Last night,  she took to the stage with The-Dream to perform “Where Have You Been.”

See the clip below



21352131 by YardieGoals

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Beyonce Releases New Track: ‘Grown Woman’


be grown woman

We all know King Bey who is ahead of the game and NOONE is catching up! She released her latest song ‘Grown Woman‘ 


The track was featured on her Pepsi Commercial. The song was co-written by The-Dream and produced by the best in the game Timbaland.

“Go girl, she got that bomb that bomb

That girl, can get whatever she wants
Go girl, she got that tight that tight
Them boys, they do whatever she likes”



We’re use to Beyonce dropping songs that reminds us of Independence and women empowerment!

I like it, what about you?



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Kerry Washington Scandal Super Star on Good Morning America-Did you see it?!?!

baby kerry washingtonI bet it only takes a sec to guess who this kid is…The famous


It’s  Kerry Washington -You see her on Thursday night playing Olivia Pope in the hit ‘Scandal‘.

She stopped by Good Morning America to chat about her latest film ‘Peeples.’

and did you know Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lopez was apart of the same Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx!

Spotted @ theybf!

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Blue Ivy Carter Has Her Own Director’s Chair! Too Cute!


Beyonce uploaded a picture of Blue Ivy’s Director cut chair. Soooo cute right. She’s sitting in her chair just like a big girl with her tutu and ponytails!

This isn’t the first time Beyonce showed off her baby girls chair, but it is the first time she has uploaded the pic with her baby girl in it!

Also, Beyonce  was spotted arriving into the south of France  with Jay-Z, her sister Solange and Solange’s boyfriend Alan today May 20, 2013.  As busy as Beyonce  is she found time to upload pics from her Cuba trip last month to her Tumblr:

 photo tumblr_mn48jqhYSF1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps46282d0d.png  photo tumblr_mn48iyh0k71rqgjz2o1_1280_zps2b00fee8.png  photo tumblr_mn48fnEwTo1rqgjz2o1_1280_zpse3a2d725.png

 photo tumblr_mn48n79TJv1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps0379b62a.png

spotted @ Theybf!

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Rosci Diaz Fainted at the 2013 Billboard Awards!!!

Rocsi Diaz Faints at 2013 Billboard Music Award 5

Rocsi Diaz was on the blue carpet working at the  Billboard Music Awards interviewing artists for Entertainment Tonight. While interviewing Miley Cyrus, she collapsed. The 90 degree weather in Vegas did not help!

Rosci stated that the heat, and the dehydration was probably the cause for her passing out.

“It was so scary and embarrassing but a reality check to take better care of myself!”

Rosci talked to celebrities such as Wiz Khalifah, Amber Rose, and Miguel.

Rosci, next time-have your H20!


Rocsi Diaz Faints at 2013 Billboard Music Award 1


Rocsi Diaz Faints at 2013 Billboard Music Award Rocsi Diaz Faints at 2013 Billboard Music Award - Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Rocsi-Diaz-Faints-at-2013-Billboard-Music-Award-Miguel

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Kanye West Performs ‘Black Skinhead’ and New Slaves on Saturday Night Live

kanye 1 kanye 2

Kanye West Album is dropping this summer and he want you ni**as to be ready! He’s hitting us with songs titled ‘Black Skinhead, and New Slaves’. I’m not sure what Mr. West mental space is, but I’m assuming he’s on a mission to do what he do best and that is…express himself NO MATTER WHAT!

He took to the stage of SNL to perform. Supposedly he’s calling himself Yee-zus…Is he trying to call himself Jesus?!?!  (could be interesting)

He performed “Black Skinhead” standing in front of a “Not For Sale” sign which turned into a barking three-headed dog.

Pardon I’m gettin’ my Scream on
Enter the kingdom
But watch who you bring home
They see a black man with a white woman
At the top floor they gone come to kill King Kong
Middle America packed in
Came to see me and my black kin
My homey was number one draft pick
They still burned his jersey in Akron
If I don’t get ran out by Catholics
Here come some conservative Baptists

Tell me what you think Kanye West object is?

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Kanye West New Slaves




Kanye West is back with his New Single NEW SLAVES! He’s shocked the world with his new song New Slaves!

Madam Prezident and Dr. Kimberly Brown discusses Kanye West’s new song and the relevancy that it has to today’s African American community.


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