Black Women Should Stop Criticizing Sherri Shepherd & Learn From Her “Love Child Mistake”

Sherri SheppardHey Ladies, Sherri Shepherd made a “joke” about not wanting one or both of her children and the world has ripped her a new azz hole because of it.

My humble opinion is simple: Sherri Shepherd is entitled to the disappoint of raising a child alone.

Why can’t she have a melt down moment of parenting? Is she not entitled to feel the stress of being a mother? Celebritism does not exempt her from being human. Ladies, cut her a break and get in the azz of that raggedy azz man she was with.




My only opinion about Jay-Z & Tidal is…


Yo Jay-Z we know you got the Tidal facts

We just trying to see 

why none of your employees are black?

Aye Jay, 

You know niggers died for Equal Pay, Right? 

What’s funny iz

every time a nigga get richer

he don’t never play right

& Niggas still Jukin & Jivin & high fivin 

Now, they call it the Nae Right?

They put you in the frontline of the battlefield

dropped hot bars 

& Tidal thought you were gonna be a niggas satisfaction 

but tell em – Knawl Bra…

“We the people” still need affirmative action 

Mr. Carter ….You got Further 

Could have rebuilt Marcy 

But I’m sure you said, “Fuck it Why bother” 

Let’s just deal with the Tidal Facts

Drop a beat & lyrics on them niggas & they don’t know how to act

True, you aint NO token Nigga

Nor are you the Chosen Nigga

That’s gonna do more for our Community 

You gon sell out arenas, smile with rich folk, & “act more stupidly”

Nigga(s) buy iPhones from Steve Jobs

But at Apple – Niggas got Jobs

& We don’t give a fuck about Phil Night – We know he aint right

We’ll place nikes on our ancestors grave so they can run in heaven just a little faster

& Tidal sent a black face to spread the word about their business like you da the fuckin pastor

That shit may work for some 


Spotify can spot me visiting Mike Brown, Freddie Gray & Alfred Wright’s grave 

& Us Niggas that was marching for justice

we know where we can find you at 


Written By: Madam PreZident


I Wish Emmett Till Could Have Praised A little White Girl Like Charlamagne Tha god

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.01.08 PM

Yesterday, Wednesday May 27, 2015 – Breakfast club host Charlamagne tha god took time to reaffirm Kylie Jenner’s beauty by reposting / retweeting a picture of the teenager alongside of the pool.

What concerns me about silly little black boys that don’t think before they tweet is, “words are powerful.” Tyga and Kylie’s intimate relationship is none of my business, but since Tyga lives a life where his life choices are shared with the media – I can weigh in on the situation as I wish.

The relationship between the two (Kylie and Tyga) could be inappropriate, but if the young lady has a mother who pimps her children and has a father who decides to become a transgender at the age of  65 than I believe it’s extremely safe to say that we’re not dealing with a family with the same moral fiber as most.

I’m sure Kanye West would like us to jump on the bandwagon of his chosen master(s) and the Kardashian Plantation (I mean platform) but I have yet to understand the substance the Kardashian family contribute to America, not fashion trends, but substance.

Charlamagne tha god, could have been joking with this tweet, but I prefer to take any sentence shared to over a million people with seriousness. It’s another form of subconscious self hate.

Let’s celebrate 17 year old girls who are striving for excellence academically, who’re striving to accomplish their goals and dreams through their intellect and not their body parts.

Charlamagne, I wish Emmett Till could have shared that picture of Kylie, but when he tried to compliment a little white girl on her beauty, they beat him, shot him, and threw him in the lake where he was found unrecognizable.

I realize, a lot of black men have a lot in common with the last image of Emmett Till, they too are unrecognizable.  – Madam PreZident










Like a few million people, I had the opportunity to view LHH Wedding on Monday May 25, 2015. I don’t watch LOVE & HIP HOP because I don’t consider it “good tv”; however yesterday I was forced to watch it because I was not home where I have total control over all the televisions.

Yandy & her man finally tied the knot, but why? Why marry a man who’s headed to prison? Why are we discussing which dress to wear down the aisle, but we’re not discussing the impact of the decision marrying a man that’s headed to prison.