What’s the use of natural hair when you have a processed mind?










Natural hair does not make you the conscience Negro!

Yes-I said it. Many men and women believe that natural hair sets them apart from people with processed hair. I am here to inform you that it does not! The saying “hair doesn’t make a person” is a very true statement.

The woman with the natural hair isn’t more confident as the woman without, nor is she more beautiful, intelligent, or stronger. Why must the African community separate one another as often as they can.

Women have enough pressure in the worlds as mothers, daughters, and sisters. Any way a woman wants to wear her hair is perfectly fine! Hair doesn’t make you kind or considerate. Hair doesn’t make you friendly or generous.

“what’s the use of natural hair when you have a processed mind?!?!!”

Madam P



20 Year Old Arrested for Threatening To “Kill Whites” In La Plata Maryland

Carlos Hollins


20 year old Carlos Hollins has been arrested for threatening to kill white people in La Plata Maryland. The young man went to his Twitter account on Tuesday and stated, “I’m not gonna stand for this no. more. Tonight we purge! Kill all the white ppl in the town of La Plata #BlackLivesMatter.”

This young man was arrested and charged with threats of mass violence.

Although, Nathan Ener – white, racist, male out of Texas made the same threat to African Americans and there was no arrest made.

Who’s more likely to kill – a 20 year old with a tweet, or an old white man in a video with a shotgun?