Oscars: The Illusion Of Inclusion, Tricks the Negro Every Time

Viola Davis holding Oscar award for best supporting role in Fences.

Viola Davis holding Oscar award for best supporting role in Fences.



Is the black community the battered black woman who is never going to leave her white abuser?

Are we the battered women who are psychologically defenseless against abuse, so we provide our children with the insane excuse of “he loves me, I know he does?”

He, “America.”

Last year, black people were boycotting the Oscars due to the deliberate lack of acknowledgment of people of color in the film industry, so we formed #OscarsSoWhite to express our disappointment.

Although last year was a year of rebellion for black people, last night, we were all at attention in a state of satisfaction, due to the inclusion of this year’s Oscar nominations. We cheered at our televisions when they announced Viola Davis as the winner, and as she delivered her speech, we cried with her for accomplishing the dream that Sandra Bland could not achieve.

After viewing hundreds of “congratulations” post for black Oscar winners through social media, I couldn’t help but wonder – Is the Oscars enough? Is that enough for us to not have rage? Is it enough for the night? The year? Another four centuries?

Is this false perception of acceptance and victory enough for black people?

Last year, the Oscars were backed into a corner by black rage, with boycotts and tweets that coerced The Academy into a response of including black / brown people – qualified people nonetheless, but what’s the end goal here?

Will it be a year of rage and a year of acceptance? A year of one black woman delivering the speech that the other black woman should have had the privilege of reciting two years ago, but that wasn’t the year blacks were winning, so she cheered on white women instead.

Why are we excited?

The Civil Rights Movement was created for equality – laws were passed to integrate schools, then white lawmakers created another system of segregation to fund schools by the bias housing laws, and accept students by zip code, so we still ended up in all black schools with defunded education.

Why can’t the black community just be real with white people and say, “I AM YOUR NEGRO”?

Not only am I your Negro, my rage in on the contingency of how well you accept me. I guess it is true, the black community is like a battered woman, waiting on the day America loves her back, or finally kills her for good.

-Madam Prezident