9 Yr.Old Caught On Tape Beating Up Kids At A Daycare

Lock his arse up and throw away the key:

9-Yr Old Boy Kicks-Beats-Attacks Daycare Kids

Surveillance video from Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg shows a nine year-old’s reign of terror over a room of infants.

The boy can be seen punching one little girl multiple times.

Then choking another, then patting her back as she cries in pain. Another time he violently shakes another child.

In an exclusive interview with a WLBT photojournalist, the boy’s aunt says the family is embarrassed by the attacks and the daycare should be shut down.

“He bad. He fight but he don’t fight little babies. He do also have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal child,” says Vinia Dolley.

In one instance, you can see the boy kick one of the little girls while a daycare worker looks out the window. Later the boy picks up the girl and kicks her again.

The nine year-old can be seen waiting until workers turn away to attack the girls.

Dolley says they tell the boy not to fight with others.

“I feel bad about him jumping on a two year-old baby, he nine years-old. He don’t fight his own two year-old brother like that or cousins,” says Dolley.

Vicksburg police have arrested former daycare worker Sandra Trevillion.

She’s charged with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor.

“This nine year-old child, he was allowed to pretty much run rough shot over that entire room for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. All his actions went unnoticed,” says Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong.

The parent of one of the girls, Jamie Williams, 29, says his daughter came home for about a week with injuries, including a busted lip and a bite mark on her chin.

“Don’t nobody know nothing at the daycare. Nobody know nothing,” said Williams.

Williams told WLBT Thursday he got upset when daycare workers couldn’t give an explanation as to why his 1-year-old daughter was injured at the daycare Monday. That’s when he slapped the child he thought was responsible. Police say it was the wrong kid and he was later arrested and charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor.

“I understand why Jamie Williams would be upset. However, even if he had attacked the nine year-old he still would have been arrested and it would have been just as wrong as him attacking the six year-old,” says Armstrong.

Police have interviewed the nine year-old boy and his mother. It’s unclear if they’ll face charges.

Trevillion was being held on a $2,656 bond Friday evening.

Williams’ court date is set for later this month.

The Department of Human Services is also investigating the incidents and other charges could be filed.

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  1. kimberly valentino says:

    They should put him in the middle of a circle and let all the little kids @ the day care attack his ass!I bet he won’t do that again!

    • Ellis A. Edwards says:

      Good Idea! I was thinking that they should pay a bigger kid to beat the shit out of him, but your method seems to serve justice more, and it would teach some of tomorrow’s citizens the benefits of teamwork! It would teach him some respect for others, too.

    • i wanna fuck him up that fucking bitch is an fucking idiot i wnt him to go to hell and die u fucking bitch stabbing him in the tummy

  2. Erica says:

    No home training

    • Ddjs says:

      This is sad. This type of behavior starts at home. These parents need a better education but I guess they are too busy getting their nails done or eating chicken “Wangs” and a 40oz. Paid with their EBT card. This is what is wrong with our country . Ignorant people who don’t want to better themselves or progress. Have these people create jobs or pay out entitlements out of the welfare fund! Exactly ! They can’t. Now we are getting a mandatory welfare healthcare insurance. This is ridiculous. This type of behavior really makes me mad, yet we can’t say anything or exercise our freedom of speech right because well be racist. Grow up people! It’s the truth , accept it.

      • nelly says:

        How do you know they are on welfare ? Not once did the arcticle mention such details. Thats what makes it racist. Your ignorance is fully noticed in your statement maybe you shold be the one better educated. Pitty .

      • pamla says:

        You are coming off as a total fool! How do you now all of these things…soothsayer? As for the boy, his parents need to be beaten about the face and neck!

      • BigWill says:

        Racist caucasians have created a stock pile of dangerous weapons with the intent of killing you know who! The only response from AA’s to this serious threat is to continue buying more gold teeth, tattoos, hair extensions, alcohol, tobacco products, crack and other BS. Caucasians created a fake god- a white man to whom black ppl pray to each day and night. The book associated with this fake god- the Bible instructs black ppl to “Love thy Enemy” and “Slaves obey your Masters”. Black people, your enemy is planning to wage an all-out war against you and your response is to- Love and Pray for them. Black ppl, please realize you must overcome your fear of cacasians which is responsible for your paralysis to this eminent violence. The time has come for black ppl to stop being slave minded drones to this wicked nation and fake religion.

        • dj says:

          Its been over idiot. But please keep bringing it up. Angry and hate is all u got. You need to get ur facts straight. Your own people sold u into slavery. White people were slaves too. America will never change bc people like u. Biggest racist I know

      • Trish says:

        You had me until welfare, which has nothing to do with this child’s behavior. His parents are probably beating him on a daily for stupid shit because they can’t be bother to pay attention. Fact, they admitted he was bad, meaning that they’ve had to decipline at some time. And she stated that he don’t even beat on his own brother which I betting is either 1. a lie, 2. A false comment due to her not paying enough attention to either kids therefore she really would know, or 3. Because her two year old is always with her while she neglects the nine year old because he’s the “problem child.” I have 5 nephews all around this boy’s age and they absolutely love my two year old son. And they enjoy playing with kids on an occasional basis, due to them being older of course they’d rather be with kids there age, but still they are kids and playing with a two year old isn’t beneath them. This boy does not live in a good environment. And that is why he is capable of this horrible act. His parents need to be arrested and he needs psychological help.

  3. realman says:

    Just Another future inmate society will have to pay for.

    • his future should be right now for that little mean bastard.

      • Chelsea says:

        Its obvious that Thing has Severe Mental Problems and a # of other Scientific issues going on. That It is the Spawn of the Devil or some Experiment gone horribly wrong. I agree 100% with this comment, because that monster will continue to be a menace to society and terrioze our country with tragedys that we are facing today. Colorado Movie Massacre for example. The courts allow ignornat criminal minded adolescents like this to be repeat offenders until a Homicide occurs. He couldve killed one of those defenseless babies. Utter Shock, Speechless, by that sorry excuse for a 9yr old boy. Its horrible, terrifiying, and scary to watch esp. Being a parent. Its hard enough on parents to leave your baby in the arms of a stranger, This is a Parents worse nightmare. I say take himout of his misery and a Gold Medal to J.W. for being Herioc and running to his childrens defense. I only wish he had Slapped the right kid. I wouldve killed that kid, breathe liFe back into his pathetic body and Killed him Again. Now really check that experiment back into a lab where he belongs with rats. Inhumane MF

        • jacky says:

          i truely agree with you and many other people who commented! True, there is something wrong with him, but baby, there would really be something wrong with him if that were any of my kids or grandchildren!!! I would have fucked his ass up then his mama and my nephews and brothers would have gotten his dad. He will be a mass murderer when he gets older, mark my words. What kid bites a baby for the fun of it??! He should be put down now!!!

        • Moncia Jones says:

          I love your comment . I say something went horribly wrong durnig conception with this child cause now he is the devils spawn . or i say i would have taken that little boy and beat the shit out of the teacher with his ass. or i say his mother should have swallowed that load . But then reality kicks in and i think that that was learned behavior and that whole family needs to be shaken down and some one needs to find out who has been doing this to the boy at home . The Aunt sounded more retarded then she claim the boy is

        • Bruce says:

          I totally agree with all comments on here pertaining to public hangings and dearly love Chelsea’s comments. I have to agree that their is no intellect in this family and the reporters wrote it the way it was explained. Just AXE them…lol

        • Dee H says:

          Hell hath no fury as this mother’s protective instinct had it been one of my children he would have put his little “Ghetto” hand on. I would have gladly have taken a charge as long as I could have BEAT HIS LITTLE ASS!!!

        • bobbypa says:

          Are you kidding me right now everything that all of you are saying is exactly what’s wrong with this country it’s truly the words of uneducated ignorant ppl I don’t think for one second this boy should just get off but kids only know what their taught it’s the parents that should be held accountable for this and the daycare theirs no reason a 9 year old should have even been in the same room with babies the boy needs help not more violence and the fact that yous ppl all said that makes you no better than him or his parents you should be ashamed of yourselves

          • Chelsea says:

            @#bobbypa Are you kidding me right now.? Are you kidding me right now.? “HELL NO” We aint kidding you right now. Lol and where is the humor in your comment.? Oh here it is “Are you kidding me right now” Yeah real comical.!!! Lighten the Fuck up, I believe some of the comments are posted in humor, you know meant to be funny, I mean read some of them. Kill the kid, kill the kid, kill the kid and what do we have here.? Hmmm to No suprise Kill the FN Moron.!!!! (Crowd Cheers) No really I think alot of us spoke out of anger and humor so like the boy dont hold us accountable for our actions we are just a bunch of ignorsnt, angry, foolish adults. (Yawns) We All know God protects fools and babies, which explains why none of those sweet and innocent and might I add Beautiful Angels werent killed by this Evil Demon Lab Rat Hell Boy from a third world country called HELL, we obviously have gathered intelligence and figured thats were this HellYun came from, now thst explains his behavior. No respect for human Life, a disgrace to humanity, poor excuse gor a 9yr old human being, ie Yeah sounds like the thing is from HELL. (Go figure.?) So the why not hold the Evil Spawns who carried this creature to ruin and destroy the lives of our precious baby angels accountable for his actions.? Hmmm maybe because we dont have thdm on tape going haywire and abusing kids for All we know the parents ard hardworking citizens, pilars in the community, educated people who put “IT” in daycare to make a living and were unaware of this problem until it became national. Quote: Its parents did issue an apology and say they were embarassed by the event. His aunt was the retard interviewed saying Hes just a Normal kid. (Yeah FN Right) Normal kid my Ass. Personally I have a 11yr old son and I asked him to view this with me to serve as an explanation for his murder or the muder of an individual who would carry out this kind of insanity. Basically I would Kill my kid if hed done this to someones child. My son being a victim of abuse at 6months old at the hands of a daycare worker, hes too young to remember. “Thank God” reaction explains that of a normal child. He was in tears as he said Mom I dont want to see anymore. Now @#bobbypa I wont even elaborate on what I think the pa stands for (Pain,Ass) (Joking) please dont take that to heart. but anyway my guess is you dont have kids of your own yet and if you do their not biologically yours, because Hell have No Fury on the emd results of what will intel if this were my baby. All that being said; OFF WITH ITS HEAD.!!!!

          • Chelsea says:


          • cheche says:

            Yes BobbyPa, unless it was your child that got punched or bitten !!! But seriously…someone from his family stated he was on daily meds!!! He clearly should not have been in a day care for babies and the teachers should be the one to get their asses kicked. I was just as angry as most of you but truthfully we cannot beat a 9 year-old like you would a adult. I hope his parents are charged because they knew something was wrong with this boy!

      • Chelsea says:

        Those worthless Care Givers need to be charged with every count of child abuse in the book. Wait tillJ.W. see the video of what really happened. Im lifting this family and all other families who have to leave our loved ones and babies in the hands of the criminals. May God Protect and Watch over them.

        • jacky says:

          Oh and yes those care givers are shit. A child that age should’nt even be around that age group of children. The care givers should be beaten and hung!!!

      • hkenn says:

        Racist Cauasians, you say? Do you even know where firearms even came from and who it came to first? China… the Middle East, then Europe. Also, slave trade happened long before it became a white and black thing, to which Africans sold other Africans part of the slave trade. Caucasians just got in on a lucrative industry that already existed. Furturemore, they were not all, as you say, Caucasian… that is a modern American convention. I’m sure you never have generalized a European to heir face because they’d be the first to slap you in the face to even suggest they one European is like another; it’s been like that for thousands of years, even in the time of slavery. Firearms are used to kill people in general, not a certain race – you ignorant fool. As for the white man religion, um, you read the description of Jesus and look at the region he is from, definitely is not and would not be white. There’s a reason for that, which is not so much racist as it is hundreds of years of warring with Middle Easterners, who were just a powerful back in the day.

    • PRINZEZ says:

      Hate to agree, but its true.

  4. Pissed off just watching says:

    His ass would have to be in protective custody if that was my kids. Hi ass needs to be beat down severly

  5. Nedrea says:

    The makings of a thug…..

    • brit says:

      My ass its making of another muthfucka thats gona be locked up u say that like its cute ur probly getto as hell too

  6. John says:

    Insane! This is animal needs to be lobotimized. No amount of medecine can change his behaviour. Imagine what he will be capable when he is full grown.

    • PRINZEZ says:

      OMG! This is not funny. But, everybody should not be allowed to have children. I mean if you have to test for jobs, and …, both men and women should be tested to see what kind of offspring they would bring forth. This is just unacceptable.

  7. brit says:

    I would have fucked that little kid up and his parents or whatever he has!!! No one touches my daughter n thinks they can get away with it!!!! That little boy should be gettin charges too!!! If they dont they are dumb what happens if he does it again,n cause serious damage or kills one of those baby??? I highly doubt he doesnt beat up on,the kids at home that boy is out of control n need special help if his ass is on,med what he doin round people any way??? Or in a toddller room at the daycare. His aunt is right they should shut it down n keep that kid in a straight jacket!!! Phsyco as kid

    • Latiesha Clark says:

      So many good comments. He’s just lucky that it was’nt any of my kids.. I would of 4got that he was 9!!! Ijs…. And that daycare provider would of gotten her behind whooped…

  8. tianetta says:

    I don’t give a fuck what his Aunty mammy whoever say I would have slapped every bitch in the Daycare chocked the shit out of the child and been ready to fight the police bout mine that bad lil banana head bitch wouldn’t get away with that. We need to protest to get his fuck ass locked the fuck up

  9. Brandon Brown says:

    This is just another wakeup call for parents that send their children to the daycare !!! >:|

  10. krys says:

    I don’t understand why the boy isn’t being charged. They keep claiming since he’s under the age of 12 they can’t charge him, BS!!!! he might not go to jail but you can charge his little bad ass and scare the crap out of him. His mother needs to be punished as well. If i had saw that and those were my children he hit, punched, and kicked, that little boy would have gotten the beating of the century. I don’t even have children and this was an eye-opener for me. Parents please be aware!!!

    • Dee H says:

      I agree…


      what happened to the juv . homes that they use to have for bad ass little kids like that and when they got older they then serviced time because i remember serveral cases that were a 11 yrs. old took advange of his sister little, this kid shouldn’t be able to get away with this and his mother also needs some much needed brain help along with her kid and other sponds she has .

      • MISHCHEREL MAYE says:

        my kids were bad also but u couldn’t pay any of them to do no shit like that i don’t care how bad they are right is right so what kind of bad was that did it come in a bottle that day or once a mo. lady it was then that you should ‘ve been looking for help for his ass before it got this bad we blame you more because your his mother and somethings should’ve made you aware of his behavior you think .

  11. Kellie says:

    No charges filed against the 9 year old or his mother…What is wrong with this picture? This young boy is extremely violent and he’s going to get off free….if at 9 he is acting this way I can only imagine what he will be like as a teenager….I don’t care if he’s on meds or not, if he has a history of problems why is he allowed in a room with infants and toddlers? What kind of daycare allows this?? This place should be shut down immediately or at least be reevaluated to make sure they are following proper procedures….Prayers to all those young innocent children:(

    • David says:

      It doesn’t say no charges. It says their trial is to be held at a later date. so chance are he is getting charged with something. Look at the way he glanced around avoiding detection and striking when he knew it was safe. He obviously knows right from wrong and is just being vicious. thank god may kids are far away from him.

    • Dee H says:

      I agree

  12. Jenna says:

    That aunt made it sound like he didn’t know what he was doing. The kid waited until workers weren’t looking,to attack the babies, because he damn well knew it was wrong.

  13. Tiffany says:

    The devil is busy and he’s using children. This little boy knows wrong from right. He cannot be charged but his parent(s) / guardian should be charged and fined. Child protective service should step in. Looks like he has been treated like this or has seen someone treated this way. The daycare woman who was suppose to be watching the kids shoils be charged and daycare shut down.

  14. Tasha says:

    He is a future murderer and women abuser, and needs to be stopped right now. I have a 2 yr old and if that was my child they would be planning his funeral arrangements along with his sorry ass parent, and the piece of shit workers at the daycare.

  15. jay says:

    the aunt says the daycare should be shut down, true but that little bastard needs to be locked away, it’s obvious things are happening to him at home.

    • Ellis A. Edwards says:

      I agree with that. He’s LEARNING that crap from somebody. At the very least, nobody’s teaching him differently.

  16. Annette says:

    Charge every daycare worker on the payroll, this is a monster in the making, because when he kicked, or punched a child he pretended to hug the child until he could get another punch in so he knew what he was doing and why were no adults watching the children and no activities going on at all? Why were the children grouped together and not separated by age? Put that child in a mental institution along with his parents because he is 9 now, and he will soon be 16. Get this monster now.

  17. Ellis A. Edwards says:

    The offended parents should all get together and file a class-action lawsuit against the bully’s parents. Several thousand dollars later, they’ll have good reason to teach him respect for others.

  18. slim says:

    im srry but i woulda beat hiss ass point blank

  19. Unknow says:

    I think that some of your methods are ridicolous. Having a older boy or even the group of kids beat up on him is not going to teach any of them anything. I realize that what he did was wrong and i feel for the little girls that were beat up on. But i think the parents should be investigated, he learned this from somewhere. He shouldnt be locked away, he should be put in counseling so they can figure out why he is doing these things.

  20. georgette says:

    this child is not craxy. the parent probably gets a check so they can put him on meds. he knew what he was doing. he punch a baby in the walker with his fist. i’m sorry he needs to be lock up. if they let it go he will continue what he is doing to children. someone needs to ask questions at his school. i am sure he is doing the same to the kids at school. the mom needs time as well.

  21. Ayn Taylor says:

    Um yeah the daycare dropped the ball but this little boy learned this behavior somewhere I think it is time for an in home investigation

  22. Robin Allen says:

    He may be too young to charge with a crime, but he is not to young to be institutionalized… There is obviously something majorly wrong with this child… Not only should Child Services be sent to this child’s home over and over again… But the parents of the little ones attacked need to band together and push to have him admitted to a mental institution…

  23. Ellis A. Edwards says:

    I’ve been advised by another commentator that I am wrong in suggesting that the little prick should get his ass beat by a bigger kid, or as someone else here suggested, let the gang of kids that he abused work him over as a team. I am told that he should receive counseling.

    Counseling my ass! Counseling equates to a slap on the hand that says, “We don’t approve, but you’re free to continue, little darling.” Certainly counseling is needed, but the idea that it alone will solve anything is ridiculous. I was a kid at one time, just like everybody else, and I got my ass beat severely for a lot of things (which most of the time I deserved). I never would have needed an ass beating for what that kid did, because I never harbored ill will against anybody that I didn’t feel had it coming to them; but there are other things that I would have done if there wasn’t that little voice in the back of my mind saying, “Better not.” I remember the first time I heard of counseling. I was in about second or third grade, and a kid told me he never got spanked. He pretty much laughed about it and said, “I get counseling instead.” I marvelled at the thought, and drooled like Homer Simpson over the idea of being able to get away with “counseling” instead of an ass beating. Counseling? Nothing will help him understand what he has done like being on the receiving end. He is not going to change without help one way or another, and my money says talking aint gonna do it.

  24. rose says:

    I am so disturb by the images of this video, it is ridiculous that there are adults in this room which by the way isn’t too big to ignore a child’s pain cry, kids have a distinctive cry to them when they are in pain, there is no way shape or form that the care givers did not hear their cries… specially as he kicked them, this kid, and his parents should be countable for those actions, it all starts at home…. with that being said he is 9 not 4 to not know that what he is doing is wrong, and he knows its not like he is mentally ill he, waits till no one is watching to proceed with the abuse!!! HE NEEDS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS CONDUCT AND ACTIONS, NOT JUST A SLAP IN THE HAND AND MOVE ON…NOOO THIS IS WHY WE HAVE CHILD ABUSE AND CHILD MOLESTERS BECAUSE NO ONE DOES SHIT ABOUT IT!!! STOP ABUSE AS A WHOLE

  25. Dontay Atlanta says:

    Oh my God…watching that video was an absolute disgrace. Reguardless if the boy WAs only 9…he had plenty of sense to what he was doing. To even abuse those poor, innocent, helpless babies was a Hot mess! somebody please tell me how the hell did the daycare worker not have a clue the shit was happening in her face. If u ask me, she got a thrill out of the abuse. Please get that boy counseling along with punishment. Reguardless of his age…what goes around comes around. karmas a BITCH. in conclusion, this is just a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors all day everyday. Sad sad sad world. Poor babies. Gods gonna make it up to yall!!

  26. thelma says:

    Most of you are as sick as him to fix your mouth and wish death upon this boy.It’s evident that something is wrong with him mentally.As a mother of 4 it was hard to watch this video.I’m sure he abuses animals as well and will more than likely grow up to be a killer.We don’t know him from Adam.He may be an abused child himself or has to witness his mother get beat up on a daily bases.He should be dealt with and get the mental help that he needs but like I said previously you all wishing death upon him are as sick in the head mentally just like him or worst and that really scares me.My heart goes out to all the victims he hurt and him and his family but I hope he gets what he deserves because he is in desperate need of help.

    • Lynette says:

      When I saw this video my heart broke for this little boy. Yes I think he is a monster, but I told my husband I think he is a child of abuse also. This is just sad all the way around. I know what he did was wrong and I know he needs help. I think the majority of the blame is on the adults at the daycare and his parents. They all need to be brought up on charges. This boys mother knew he was out of control, but she still sent him to daycare. The daycare knew what he was doing and lied to that little girls father.

  27. Lynette says:

    I think all the parents with kids that went to this daycare need to sue the daycare. This place needs to be closed down and all the adults need to be charged with felony child abuse. This a fucking joke…That little boy and his parents need to be charged also. How in the hell does no one know how a child got a busted lip and a bite mark on her cheek…Come on people lets use some damn common sense here. The only two places I bet that little girls goes the most is home and daycare, and if you ain’t doing that shit to your child common sense says it’s happening at daycare. The father should have called the police and gotten a lawyer. I don’t agree with what he did but I understand it.

  28. Aleksandra says:

    Obviously he is learning this somewhere. Hitting someone smaller than him and then trying to comfort the baby. Did you see the part where he leaned in and kissed the baby on the mouth. Obviously he is being abused himself. If he just gets a slap on the wrist now, he will murder someone by 12. They will find a baby dead, maybe even his own little brother. Someone needs to lock this freakshow up right now.

  29. mrmilnot says:

    Whats sad is I bet our tax dollars are paying for that boy to be at that daycare. I hope they hold the mother responsible for his actions.

  30. HB says:

    JOURNALIST! Madam Prezident: Why do you have the celebrity kids photo as the photo for this story?? That is horribly misleading and is stereotyping. So now all young dark skinned black boys with bald heads who look like the kid in the video are abusive children with problems?? Please take it down. I realize the actor plays a stubborn/spoiled kid in movies but I don’t think I’ve seen him go ape-$hit on any little girls. This is the crap we had to fight back in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Simply use a good headline and the video. You’ve seen the other picture with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog right? With the caption “Only one of them is a Convict”. Don’t take us backward.

  31. Mz JuC says:

    That couldn’t of been my child that he did that too cuz I would be like Bernie Mac and fucked his lil ass up on site. Fuck wat his momma or daddy got to say about it. Hell he probably gets it from home watching his dad or mom’s boyfriend beat up on her. As u can see he was only beating up the little girls. And they have nerve to say that he can’t be charged. Bring his ass too Florida he will be charged and sentence. Lil’ sick in the head bastard.

  32. Amanda says:

    That mother is completely stupid. She obviously does not spend enough time around her child to teach him the right things. Alsooooo I love when she says he doesnt do that to his two year old son. BULLLSHITT, I bet he has been beating up his brothers too. I do not care how old he is, he should be put in jail. Those daycare providors better never be aloud to work in a daycare again. I do not care if it is a poor daycare or ghetto daycare, those kids in the daycare should always feel safe no matter what. If you do not love CHILDREN, YOU DO NOT BELONG AT A DAYCARE. i am so thankful that my mother in law runs her own daycare in her basement, after watching this, I would never let my daughter be put in any other daycare

  33. matt riley says:

    There would have been a week full of funerals I cant believe this shit and what was there to talk about i’d of tied all them bitches up and dragged them by all of the families of those baby’s houses.55mph try and catch up bitches!

  34. Dannielle says:

    What’s a shame is. There is no real legal action being taken. The daycare was unprofessional, ignorant, should be shut down. Sandra Trevillion should serve jail time with a fine. The mother of the 9 year old boy, should serve jail time as well and the 9 year old needs to be taught a lesson and institutionalized. Clearly if the boy does not learn consequences he will be in prison shortly!!!!!! I feel extremely bad for the little girls that had to endure the abuse & that will carry the abuse. Black people in MS get educated!!! Advocate for your children.

  35. karma says:

    not pressing charges on the boy that did this is stating message tha hey im a kid i can get away with anything that lil boy knew right from wrong he was clearly waiting till no one was looking clearly he knew if he was caught he would get in some kind of trouble that child needs to be punished and obviously you cant rely on his parents to punish him because if he was properly raised this wouldnt happen id punish the parents too and people wonder why our prison system is so full because parents dont take responsabilty for their child and give them proper structure a child blooms and prospers with structure give them none and they will fail

  36. Rachael says:

    Heartbreaking. On all counts. That boy clearly doesn’t know right from wrong. He is probably abused at home. The patents need to be investigated. Normal 9 year olds do not act this way.

  37. lovekids says:

    lets take a moment to breath and pray……………………..ok now this little boy has shown us ANGER, RESENTMENTS, FEAR, AND DISTRUST OF OTHERS in all of what he did in this video we can say that we would kill him but we know for a fact we wouldnt now nobodys talking about the parents of the kid he has no father and his mother is young and ignorant she talks crazy so you van imagne what his homelife is like either this is being done to him or he is seeing it be done to someone he LOVES and he is frustrated I’m not saying hes and ANGEL but clearly this is DEEPER THEN WHAT WE CAN SEE JUST IMAGNE THE CHILDREN THAT THIS IS HAPPEN TO AND WE WILL NEVER SEE PLEASE GROWN FOLKS PAY ATTENTION TO OUR YOUTH AND LETS TAKE CARE OF OUR FUTURE WE ARE THE VILLAGE. IJS

    • Mz.Lacy says:

      they need to put his ass to death ,and make sure him mammie can NEVER have another fool like his crazy ass

  38. Black says:

    he should be place in a darkroom with all the kids and beat the hell out of him until his body swell and then after put salt on the wounds and then take his hands and place fire on his hands ensure that the skin cuts slightly……..i can go on and on and on

  39. Mz.Lacy says:

    Fuck that lil Crazy Motherfucker Up kick his ass and his mammie ass as well,that lil fucker need to be put to death before he kill smebody baby,his ass knew what he was doing look how smooth his ass was and how he played the stupied ass woman that need her ass beat too,his ass acting like he didn’t know why that baby was crying,then she turn away and he hit that baby.I don’t feel sorry for his ass,that Father should be still looking for his ass and kick his ass,a lil crazy bastered.

  40. Quetta says:

    I agree with everyone that bad ass little boy needs his ass kicked then off to jail he goes. The parents should be ashamed. There’s no excuse as to what he had done to those kids, matter a fact love to kick his but myself especially if i was the Childs parents. And then again the way the law works now of days let them take care of it and i hope the family of the children that got abused seek justice!!!!!!!!

  41. vee bee says:

    send that kid to my house….. meds or no meds……scare the bee-geez-us out of IT

  42. Speciallady says:

    This little bad ass bastard and those sorry ass daycare workers need to be put in a “PIT BULL DOGG PIN” for the abuse of those little babies… Let the bull dogs do their job, by eating that ass up

  43. crystal brown says:

    This is sad. I am a mom. I can not believe that the daycare lady was not watching these babies. Why was this child even at the daycare is my question? He is 9 years old he should of been in school. It’s sad that these babies had to go through this. You mean to tell me you arrested and charge this man for hitting the wrong kid, but you will not charge this bad ass child and his mother for the beatings he put on these babies. That’s not right, there is something wrong with this picture. If that was my child that was being hit on I can guarantee I was going to jail, I would of beat the childs ass as well as everyone else who was responsbile for my child injuries. You know what if no justice is going to be done then sue the parents. Do anyone know how the babies are doing? I hope there was not life threating injuries.

  44. RODNEY MAXWELL says:


  45. Sharra says:

    How come no one said anything about the care givers. They are sorry as hell they need to be shut down.

  46. #Ghefos says:

    If I spoke my true mind it would be worse than what this little boy did to those children. But I still say I’d kick his little ass and deal with the consequences. The daycare worker also needs her ass kicked. I would say this about both the boy and daycare worker…. #BOYAS. Both Of Y’all Aint $#%t.

    Ghefos Man

  47. wina says:

    i would beat the damn shit out this boy. oh hell naw. he beating the shit out them kids. i work in a daycare and id ont play that mess when it comes to kids. this is wrong. he need a taste of his own medicine.

  48. Nicole says:

    this damn boy needs his ass whooped my heart goes out to the kids that went through this tragedy !!! it hurts my heart so bad i want to punch kick & smack his ass all around and see how he like it & then i’d be ready to whoop the mothers ass LOL !! where is that bitch she hasnt taught him anything jst to be a damn BULLY this is so disgusting !!


    don’t want to see any more this is disturbing enough now what i think is tis mothers and fathers in all that we have seen on this video and all the children are killed each and every only makes me pull the reins tigther on my grans . because my children are grown and married with children of there own IT’S THIS NEW AGE that’s coming up like that mother had no control over her child and my guess is that he;s fighting her back .

  50. Miss T says:

    Crack baby!

  51. Tedly Tee says:

    ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS whooping had one lately I would have gave him the business out of control meds or not he’s aware of his actions because he stopped to conceal his actions ASSSSSSSSSSSSS whooping heel noooooowwwwwwwwww that’s why mine only went when they could talk those people in charged need they Ass kicked

  52. shawn says:

    i think he should be killed… he is gonna grow up and do harm to people.. That boy know better and he should be held until he is 18 and then shipped to federal prison or in my opinion should be killed ASAP.. put to sleep like the dog he is.. Oh i would also take out a civil lawsuit on the parents and have that sorry ass daycare shut down

  53. Candice says:

    What concerns me is what is going in that 9-year old’s household. Too often, that type of behavior is symptomatic of abuse (sexual and/or physical) at home. We must begin to heal the adults who are parenting these children. His anger is coming from somewhere. Beating him will fuel his anger.

    How can this be healed. I kept thinking, while watching the video, “he is going to grow up and be a predator!”

    Breaking the cycle of brokeness, low self-esteem, is of paramount importance. How many men have come up in his household? Has he been abused in any way? While he could have behavioral/mental problems that come from nowhere, there is usually an environment that fosters this type of rage, confusion and ignorance.

    From the videos where we see women being disrespected, men without education or direction belittling women, to parents that use profanity, excessive abuse and shame to raise their children and “make them act right.” We need to begin to develop another ideal of what healthy child rearing is. This child is a product of all of that. Hopefully, he will be able to sit with someone trained to get to the core of what is propelling him to act without conscience.

  54. concern mom says:

    wow!!!! where are the workers? and why is this kid even allowed in this day care centre. looks like, a victim of abuse himself, tht is the reason he is reacting this way. poor babies!!!! they sound bring in workers who are sound mind and alert at all times. not dead beat workers!!!

  55. fuck u you fucking bitch idiot fuck ufuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. i hate u

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