A Ghetto Message From MiMi Faust!!!

According to Theybf: In a new clip, conveniently posted by Jermaine Dupri, Mimi Faust lashed out at “b*tches’ who have been making negative comments about her life with Stevie J. Find out the foolery she said inside and get the deets on Karlie Redd talking about her daughter and Benzino’s cheating.

During a likely alcohol fueled rant, “LAHH ATL” star Mimi Faust lashed out at haters–referring to them as “b*tches”–for talking about her.

She screamed at the camera, “You act like I’m the only bitch that’s been cheated on.  All you Muthaf*cking b*tches been cheated on.”  She added, “F*ck ya’ll  and ya’ll m*thaf*ckin opinions about my life.”

JD and friends urged her to continue as folks in the room made jokes about “Steebie.”

What Mimi doesn’t see is that even IF most women get cheated on (a separate yet foolish argument), most women wouldn’t allow dude to cheat on them for 15 years and blatantly disrespect them in public….to their faces.  Guess that’s too much like right. Sigh…….
Watch the video here:


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  1. Sue says:

    Wow! Not only is Mi Mi a damned fool who is regularly exposed to STDs including HIV; she’s also an ignorant, low lifed, classless. Hood Rat. No wander Stevie J is always searching for a better option.

    • Mona Scott Young Promotes Ratchetness says:

      You speak the truth! Mimi is foolish, ignorant. delusional and its only a matter of time before Stevie J gives her herpes or HIV if she doesn’t already have it. Its a shame she has a daughter because she is eaching her daughter to act a fool and allow a man to disrespect her.

  2. Brotherscoe says:

    ” As a woman thinketh, so is she” theres a vast difference between a ignorant black female and a strong black woman. Pray for all the misguided sisters like her. who bring children into the world.

  3. I thought MiMi had more class then any of the housewives on love and Hip Hop. However, I see a young woman with very low self esteem. She will do anything for a man who clearly does not love her. As one of the viewer wrote, no wonder Stevie J is always out there looking fro another woman. Mi Mi need to grow up and be the young black , smart woman has called her to be .

    • mrs reddick says:

      i thought she had some sense too, steebie does whatever he wants cause she let him do her like that, i hope when their daughter grows up she doesnt look for a man like her father and dont become a woman like her mother.

  4. Erica says:

    You teach people how to treat you, and Ms. Mimi taught Stevie shat she was worthless and did not deserve respect and monogamy so that is what she will continue to get, Joselyn on the other hand needs some serious counseling because she had a hard upbringing and she had to survive on the streets so she doesn’t know better, but she too will learn. Another show on tv with less that stellar examples of our women. Very sad indeed.

  5. takeithia thomas says:

    Mimi grown do as she pLease, he was her man at the time he’ll we all take chances for our mate…I bet stevie j and j got more sex tapes then a lil bit. I bet mimi video ain’t got shit on them anal sex I bet stevie j nutten all ova j face and some Moe shit, mf need too stand down actin like they shit don’t stank….we all done been a Damn fool for somebody this life. And most of these men need too check between they legs and make show they got a dick, cuz y’all mf act worst then us females gossiping ass bitches.. hate a man wit bitch tendency mimi fuck them u still gone get paid and got these haten bitches wanting to see what tat pole like on they “so called faithful man dick” Take this as a lesson learn, we learn some knew everyday no matter how old you are…

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