Actress Tasha Smith Talks Stereotypical Roles & Protecting Her Brand With Black Enterprise

Tasha Smith, whose show ‘For Better or Worse’ has recently been picked up for a second season, recently sat down with Black Enterprise to discuss her role on the show. She also dished on the criticism of playing in [what some may consider] the stereotypical  ‘angry black woman’ role as well as the best advice she has ever received.
Check out the excerpts:

On how she deals with the angry black woman stereotype criticism
Any woman who has been in a relationship and has experienced anything close to what [my character] Angela and Marcus have knows things happen. Angela’s passionate, and if people give [the show] a chance, they will see how she matures as we all do. [Audiences] are going to identify with a lot of the different relationships. I want them to enjoy, laugh, and be inspired.

[This season] They are going to see more of a balance. She won’t just be going off and acting crazy, which I don’t really feel is her going off and being crazy as much as it is that she’s passionate and committed to her husband and marriage. Of course, Angela has some maturing to do, but a lot of women are insecure and fearful of abandonment, which makes them destructive and reactive. So people will see her as a wife, entrepreneur, and mother as well as see her trying to change and do what’s right.

On the best advice she has ever received
Best money advice was to save! Take an extra 10% and put it away. It’s not always about having a lot of money, but [being] responsible. If we can go to the mall, then we can save. Also, we have to choose our alliances carefully. I say this as a celebrity entertainer; we have to protect our brand. If you have a brand of integrity and character, the wrong person can contaminate it if you don’t screen everybody who tries to approach you with a proposition. This can apply to anyone who is starting a business or brand.

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