Oscars: The Illusion Of Inclusion, Tricks the Negro Every Time

Viola Davis holding Oscar award for best supporting role in Fences.

Viola Davis holding Oscar award for best supporting role in Fences.



Is the black community the battered black woman who is never going to leave her white abuser?

Are we the battered women who are psychologically defenseless against abuse, so we provide our children with the insane excuse of “he loves me, I know he does?”

He, “America.”

Last year, black people were boycotting the Oscars due to the deliberate lack of acknowledgment of people of color in the film industry, so we formed #OscarsSoWhite to express our disappointment.

Although last year was a year of rebellion for black people, last night, we were all at attention in a state of satisfaction, due to the inclusion of this year’s Oscar nominations. We cheered at our televisions when they announced Viola Davis as the winner, and as she delivered her speech, we cried with her for accomplishing the dream that Sandra Bland could not achieve.

After viewing hundreds of “congratulations” post for black Oscar winners through social media, I couldn’t help but wonder – Is the Oscars enough? Is that enough for us to not have rage? Is it enough for the night? The year? Another four centuries?

Is this false perception of acceptance and victory enough for black people?

Last year, the Oscars were backed into a corner by black rage, with boycotts and tweets that coerced The Academy into a response of including black / brown people – qualified people nonetheless, but what’s the end goal here?

Will it be a year of rage and a year of acceptance? A year of one black woman delivering the speech that the other black woman should have had the privilege of reciting two years ago, but that wasn’t the year blacks were winning, so she cheered on white women instead.

Why are we excited?

The Civil Rights Movement was created for equality – laws were passed to integrate schools, then white lawmakers created another system of segregation to fund schools by the bias housing laws, and accept students by zip code, so we still ended up in all black schools with defunded education.

Why can’t the black community just be real with white people and say, “I AM YOUR NEGRO”?

Not only am I your Negro, my rage in on the contingency of how well you accept me. I guess it is true, the black community is like a battered woman, waiting on the day America loves her back, or finally kills her for good.

-Madam Prezident



What’s the use of natural hair when you have a processed mind?










Natural hair does not make you the conscience Negro!

Yes-I said it. Many men and women believe that natural hair sets them apart from people with processed hair. I am here to inform you that it does not! The saying “hair doesn’t make a person” is a very true statement.

The woman with the natural hair isn’t more confident as the woman without, nor is she more beautiful, intelligent, or stronger. Why must the African community separate one another as often as they can.

Women have enough pressure in the worlds as mothers, daughters, and sisters. Any way a woman wants to wear her hair is perfectly fine! Hair doesn’t make you kind or considerate. Hair doesn’t make you friendly or generous.

“what’s the use of natural hair when you have a processed mind?!?!!”

Madam P



20 Year Old Arrested for Threatening To “Kill Whites” In La Plata Maryland

Carlos Hollins


20 year old Carlos Hollins has been arrested for threatening to kill white people in La Plata Maryland. The young man went to his Twitter account on Tuesday and stated, “I’m not gonna stand for this no. more. Tonight we purge! Kill all the white ppl in the town of La Plata #BlackLivesMatter.”

This young man was arrested and charged with threats of mass violence.

Although, Nathan Ener – white, racist, male out of Texas made the same threat to African Americans and there was no arrest made.

Who’s more likely to kill – a 20 year old with a tweet, or an old white man in a video with a shotgun?



Fox, Empire, & The Role It Plays In The Death Of Sandra Bland

sandra on fox

When The People’s Scholar Dr.Boyce Watkins discussed his disinterest in tuning into the hit TV Show “Empire” – I didn’t get it.

Dr. Watkins stated, “Fox is not known for producing the most favorable images of black people, so I figured this show wouldn’t be any different. For some reason, black dysfunctionality makes for great television, and there is a long line of white guys getting rich off of our willingness to celebrate all that makes us miserable.”

That statement – I understand clearly; however nothing Dr.Watkins stated made me want to STOP watching EMPIRE.

I believe, there are a multitude of dimensions to “black people.” I work in Hollywood and I know, that leading roles for Taraji Penda Henson won’t come across a creative executive desk as often as leading roles for Jennifer Aniston.

Hollywood depicts black poverty, black homosexuality, black hardships, and black wealth, and some of these depictions are a “true” replica of black life.

“Empire” is an exciting show to watch and what I find the most interesting about “BLACK TELEVISION” is…it’s usually WRITTEN by a large group of WHITE PEOPLE.

So, I’m cutting off EMPIRE this season and it has nothing to do with the cast, the storyline, or anything to do with its creative structure.

I was working out a few days ago and FOX News had three middle age caucasian women discussing the ‪#‎DeathOfSandraBland‬ and their description of her was so horrific it almost brought tears to my eyes…I wanted to defend Sandra some kind of way, I wanted to protect her image from people who have never met her, but would potentially take on the same point of view of her as these conservatives.

That’s when it hit me..Sometimes we support the blackface and our oppressor at the same time. Fox could care less about the progression of African American people – they mock the deaths of our youth by justifying each pulled trigger, and it’s okay – as long as we tune in and watch “Empire.”

Fuck Fox & Fuck Empire! You will NOT humiliate a dead black woman, my dead sister, my dead cousin, and my dead friend and expect me to show some kind of support to your black tv show!


Sandra Bland “Ain’t I A Woman”


Tribute to QUEEN SANDRA BLAND “Aint I A Woman.”


http://abc7chicago.com/news/road-trip… to ABC7:

“CHICAGO (WLS) — Newly obtained video shows the arrest of 28-year-old Sandra Bland, a Naperville woman whose death at a Texas jail is being angrily questioned by her friends and relatives.

Sandra Bland was found dead in a Waller County, Texas, jail cell on Monday at 9 a.m. after being arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer during a routine traffic stop, the I-Team has learned. Authorities say her death appears to be suicide.

In numerous emails and phone calls to the ABC7 I-Team, her friends and relatives say they do not believe the official version of what happened and say this is a case of foul play in a county with a history racial intolerance.”




Video: Cincinatti Police Officer Shot Sam Dubose In The Head

sam dubose


What does the KKK and the Police have in common? They all want to see the “ni$$a” dead. This story brings another set of tears to my eyes. After crying for Sandra Bland, Ralkina Jones, Kindra Chapman, Walter Scott, and our brothers and sisters in Charleston; I’m not sure if I can take anymore of this injustice.

In the words of Claude McKay, “at least let us die a noble death.” The hashtag “blacklivesmatter” will not suffice for every ounce of blood that’s being smeared on pavement, and marching will not suffice nor will it omit the the morgues high occupancy of black bodies coming in and out like an Indiana to Illinois toll.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. The fight for freedom is invisible and impossible. Have you ever leveled with the devil? That’s what you have to ask yourself when you ask the people who kill you to grant you justice.

Racist white people, do not view black people as human beings.

Blacks have been called monkeys, gorillas, and niggers, for many years, so when you’re pulled over and you’re treated less than human – that’s how you’re viewed. You’re viewed, less than human.

Poor black people, you will never get justice in America because there’s no such thing.

No Justice It’s JustIs!

-Madam Prezident

R.I.P Mr. DuBose


Madam Prezident: Know The Difference Between A Relationship & Partnership



The Difference Between A Relationship & Partnership is you.
Most women settle for a relationship when it’s the partnership should be the goal….

We have relationships with everyone we deal with on a consistent basis, but we only have a partnership with those who are in our lives – long term.



Sandra Bland Dashcam Released & Yep, They Killed her…



They Killed Sandra Bland, and they will kill you too. Fight for justice and fight for righteousness – How a person is treated shouldn’t be determined by their skin color.

Sandra Bland will never be forgotten and as you can see from this 14 minute video – she should have NEVER been arrested. In the words of Marvin Gaye, “Make me wanna holla the way they do my life.”

Bill Cosby Is A Rapist, Now What ???

Young bill cosbyBill Cosby is a rapist, now what? That’s a serious question. Bill Cosby is a rapist, now what? 

White America does not care about Bill Cosby or the women that he potentially harmed.  In fact if the women that appeared on CNN were women of color I’m certain CNN wouldn’t care one bit about the hurt, harm, or their misfortune.

I hate to make wrongdoing a matter of black and white, but everything in America is black and white.

Bill Cosby admitted to drugging a woman in a 10 year old deposition. Bill Cosby worked with a cast full of beautiful women who were never drugged and raped by him, but why not?

Why wasn’t Phylicia Rashad raped and drugged?

Phylicia Rashad was never drugged and raped because she wasn’t some playgirl with whorish behavior having drinks with Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby has been married to Camille since 1964, so every woman who sat and sipped with Mr. Cosby was in the face of a married man!

I personally don’t go in private places with married men!

I’m sick of the media feeding us these old age stories about these women as if they care – Now, the white man cares about his white woman, but he’s the same white man that didn’t let her vote, didn’t let her run the marathon – he’s the same man that thought her existence was solely to stay at home and take care of this children.

I never expect a white man to report a story on a black man without biasness.

The jury of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have announced Bill Cosby guilty on all counts of rape, but I won’t.

The media will allow Lil Wayne sit and discuss “success” with your children while high off syrup and codeine. An old white judge, so bitter at Bill Cosby’s success or hypocrisy agreed to release a 10 year old deposition.

I listened to the interview of Patti Masten and she stated, “I don’t have any memory of that night at all, but I do know I was brutally raped.” She continued, “Everyone will remember him (Bill Cosby) as a serial rapist.”  If you don’t have any memory of that night, you must provide details of what made you conclude you were “brutally” raped. Were you sore? Anderson Cooper didn’t ask that follow up question because it’s impossible to defend rape without harming the victim.

Those sentences alone has made me conclude, this story, this interview is not about her or her pain. This story is solely about the legacy of Bill Cosby.

Ladies, don’t be bitter at me about this, I know how evil a woman can be, and I know what it means to be hurt, but you must understand this, “there’s no way for a man to defend a rape allegation, it’s impossible.”

If a woman calls you a rapist than you are a rapist.

The unanswered question remains “Has Bill Cosby drugged and raped every woman that has made the claim?”

I’m not certain, but I do know raping and drugging ONE woman is far too many!

Rape is a horrid experience for a woman and an horrible allegation on any man besides a rapist, and if Mr. Cosby is a rapist, Now What?

-Madam Prezident


Nicolle Wallace’s White Supremacy Appeared On The View Monday July 05, 2015

Raven Symone and Nicole

Raven Symoné and I are both twenty-nine years old, so I’m always interested in her insight or opinion on the hit television show “The View.”

Monday July 05, 2015 on The View, Whoopi Goldberg, Raven Symoné, Nicolle Wallace, and special guest Candace Cameron were discussing Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson who wrote an article stating  “that he was no longer taking selfies with people.”

During this conversation on the View, Raven-Symoné stated, “I mean, I don’t have a problem with selfies as long as you ask me first, I actually don’t like signing my name anymore because my hand gets a cramp. If you want me to vote for you—”

However Raven Symoné couldn’t finish her sentence without Nicolle Wallace, (white republican analyst)  interrupting her to ask, “Are you that famous?” while bursting into laughter.

Raven Symoné responded, “And that’s why I love you, Nicolle,” “Keep me in check, as you should. Keep me right in check.”

I cringed when I saw Raven’s response to Nicolle Wallace. Raven Symoné can’t identify when white supremacy is a seat away from her.  Nicole’s response to Raven Symone was very rude, but it was genuine. 

Nicolle Wallace thinks Raven Symoné is solely the Disney star from “That’s so Raven” or the African American who don’t identify with her black culture, but oddly it was Whoopi the other black woman on the show who came to Raven Symoné’s rescue as she was being nicely insulted. 

Whoopi Goldberg said, “You still got a TV show. You’re on this one.” 

Nicolle Wallace wouldn’t know anything about “Olivia” the black child star from The Cosby Show, who memorized monologues at the age of three and four with more charisma as a child than Nicolle has an adult. 

Lights, camera, and action has Raven Symoné out of touch with the realities of black and white, and it doesn’t matter how often Nicolle and Raven Symoné share laughs, or how often Raven doesn’t want to be identified as black, it showed Monday, Raven “you still a ni#$a, even on prime time television.” 

Madam Prezident