“Basketball Wives” Newest Addition Kenya Ball’s Husband Is Trying To Beg For Money!!!

Wow-it’s true. Guys gold dig just as much as women!!!
According to TMZ: The estranged husband of “Basketball Wives” star Kenya Bell insists … he supported her for YEARS with his NBA salary — but now his cash supply is running low … and it’s her turn to keep him financially afloat.

Former NBA player Charlie Bell — who filed for divorce from Kenya earlier this year — filed legal docs, claiming he’s been low on cash ever since the NBA dropped him last year.  Charlie’s been playing pro ball internationally ever since, but the money’s just not the same — not nearly.

Charlie concedes he’s got over a mil in the bank, but claims Kenya’s the one who’s hit it big with her role on “Basketball Wives” — even releasing music on iTunes — so it’s her turn to lend him a helping hand, in the form of spousal support.

Charlie claims he only makes $100k a year playing basketball in Italy — while Kenya rakes in three times that amount on “Basketball Wives.”

Kenya shot back calling BS on Charlie’s cries for help — denying she earns $300,000 on the VH1 show.

Kenya also wants a chunk of Charlie’s 7-figure savings.

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  1. lyla thomas says:

    The newbe “Bambi” on BWLA has stolen the identity of my girl Bambi Daddabbo her name and image (being a model turned rapper) and now on the show that Bambi Daddabbo turned down 3 times. Bambi Daddabbo is a signed rapper to a pop girl group and is engaged and has a child with her basketball player fiance Marcus Banks. Bambi better known as Adiz B on BWLA is living a fake life through Bambi Daddabbo.

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