Behind Every Rich Black Man There’s A White Woman!!!













I was recently contacted by the creator of A field  and he shared some interesting things to me about the black man. Below there are lots of pictures of America’s prestigious African American men, and with them all you will find a white woman!!!

What does this mean for the black woman? What does this mean for the mothers who birthed these men?

The black woman is the last woman to try interracial dating-this collage should show all black women that finding a brothers love is no easy task-it’s time that black women start exploring all races for dating?

I’m not sure if I’m being safe about my stance against interracial dating- but I’m not for or against it. I know that I’m for Happiness, family, and love-but as a black woman these pictures “WILL MAKE YOU THINK”!


Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls with his wife
Boston Celtics Coach Doc Rivers and his wife

Kobe Bryant and his wife

Michael Jordan and his fiance

NBA star Baron Davis and his new girlfriend

Chicago Bears Coach Lovie Smith, and his wife

NFL Coach Herman Edwards, and his wife

NFL Coach Dennis Green, and his wife

Reggie Bush and his lady

Baseball star Derek Jeter, and his lady

My boy Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band with his wife

Rapper ICE T with his wife, and son

Keenen Ivory Wayans and his new lady

Actor Derek Luke and his wife

Taye Diggs and his wife

Terrence Howard and his lady

Wesley Snipes and his family

Wesley, and his wife

Randy Jackson from American Idol, with his wife Erika

Civil Rights Leader Julian Bond, and his wife

Danny Glover and his wife

Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson with his wife

NBA All Star, Tim Duncan and his wife

NFL receiver Randy Moss with his wife, and family

NFL player Tiki Barber with his wife, and family

NFL player Ronde Barber with his wife

Dave Chappelle with his wife, and kids

Comedian Eddie Griffin and his wife

Comedian, actor David Alan Grier and his wife

David and his family

Ahmad Rashad and his new wife, she’s a Billionaire

Russell Simmons and his new girlfriend

Russell and his lady, enjoying a stroll

Raphael Saadiq and his girlfriend, Joss Stone

Rapper Kanye West and his girlfriend

John Legend and his girlfriend

B2K Member RAZ and his girlfriend

Neyo and his lady friend

James Earl Jones and his wife

Montell Williams and his wife

Terrell Owens and his lady

Seal and his wife

Shemar Moore and friend

Black Race Car Driver Lewis Hamilton, and his fiance

Attorney Vernon Jordan and his wife (He’s Bill Clinton’s Advisor)


Kofi Annan of the United Nations, with his wife

Barack Obama’s father and mother

Black Playwright August Wilson and his wife

Civil Rights Leader Harry Belafonte, and his wife

Don Cornelius of Soul Train, with his wife

Bob Marley’s son Ziggy, with his family

Babyface and his lady


My hero, the greatest of all time

Prince and his new lady


Eric Benet and his lady


Brian McNight and his new lady


Johnny Gill and his girlfriend

NBA player Raji Bell, and his family

Mekhi Phifer and his fiancee

NBA star Tony Parker and his wife

Charles Barkley and his wife

Music producer Rodney Jerkins and his wife



Music producer Dr. Dre and his wife


Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife


Comedian Wayne Brady and his wife


Actor Ernie Hudson and his wife


Actor Eriq LaSalle of ER with his wife

Michael Vicks brother Marcus and his girlfriend

Lil Wayne and his baby mamma, she’s Asian

Michael Jordan’s son


Greenbay Packers player Will Blackmon, and his girlfriend

Boston Celtics player Gabe Pruitt, and his girlfriend

Hey what’s going on here


Model Tyson Beckford and his lady

Tyson with his kids mother

Dallas Mavericks player Jason Terry, and lady friend

NBA star Dwight Howard

Dwight and his new girlfriend


NBA player Glen Rice and his lady

TUPAC briefly dated Madonna (she said she wanted to have his child)

Fredrick Douglas was a great Black leader, that fought for Black people. This is a picture of Fredrick Douglas- and his wife


Booker T Washington and his second wife

NFL Coach Marvin Lewis, that’s his wife in the Brown

Baseball star Frank Thomas and his wife

Our great brother Earl Woods and his family

Soccer great Pele and his wife

Major League Baseball player Andrew Jones, and his wife

Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard with his wife, and family

NFL player Jason Taylor and his wife

NFL great, Larry Fitsgerald and his kid’s mother

NBA great Dr. J and his wife (she seem to be Indian, or Middle Eastern)


NFL Pro Bowl receiver Chad Johnson, and his lady

Philadephia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett, and his fiance

NBA player Rick Fox and his girlfriend, Eliza Dushka

NBA player Ray Allen and his wife

Barry Bonds, and his lady

NBA All Star Reggie Miller

NFL player Larry Johnson

Michael Jordan (This train is leaving the station)

NBA player Greg Oden (watch out)

Michael Jordan son

NBA player Richard Jefferson and his girlfriend

NBA player Boris Diaw

Dallas Mavericks player Josh Howard

Rapper Stacks and his girlfriend Brooke Hogan (she’s Hulk Hogan’s daughter)

NFL player Shannon Sharpe and friend

Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith and his family

Congressman Harold Ford and his wife

Newark, New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker, and his girlfriend

Soap Opera star Kristoff St. Johnson, and his family

Actor Giancarlo Espostio and his wife

Rick James and his lady

Jazz great Herbie Hancock and his wife

Jazz great Ramsey Lewis and his wife Janet

Sidney Poitier and his wife

Our great brother Sammy Davis Jr and his wife

The Greatest comedian ever brother Richard Pryor, and his wife

Gordon Parks and his wife


Jimi Hendrix and his girlfriend

Adam Clayton Powell was one of our first Black Congressmen. This is a picture of Powell, and his wife

Edward Brooke was our first Black elected Senator, and he dated Barbra Walters

Duke Ellington and his wife

FOX News analyst Juan Williams and his wife

Mayor Willie Brown and his girlfriend, Sonya Molodetskaya

Supreme Court Judge Thrugood Marshall, and his family


Music great Quincy Jones and his new girlfriend

Music producer Nile Rodgers and his wife Nancy

Baseball star, Alex Rodriquez

Black Rock musician Lenny Krativz, and his girlfriend

Rock singer Darius Rucker, and his family

Rock musician Ben Harper, and his wife

Rapper, producer Juelz Santana and his girlfriend Angie Martinez

Puff Daddy and his new girlfriend (she’s Filipino)

Damon Dash and his lady


Rapper Flo Rida and his girlfriend Brenda Song

Superbowl Champ Michael Strahan

Superbowl Champ Amani Toomer, and his lady

Detriot Lions player Ronyell Whitaker, and his girlfriend

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrad, and his family

Rapper Q Tip dated Nicole Kidman. He said they are still good friends

Rap producer Polow Da Don (said that he loves White women, because they’re easy to get along with)

Will I am, of the Black Eyed Peas with his girlfriend

Ray J and his girlfriend, Tila Tequila

Hip Hop choreographer, Shane Sparks and his girlfriend

Rapper Fabolous and his lady friend, Adrienne Balion

CEO and Investment Banker, Andrew Shawn and his wife

Popular Hip Hop DJ Irie and his girlfriend

Kwame Jackson of the Apprentice and his girlfriend, she’s a Latino model

Mario Van Peebles

NFL player Robert Griffith and his wife

Byron Allen and his wife

Actor Dennis Haysbert and his girlfriend, Sandra Vidal

Actor Donald Faison and his girlfriend

Actor Henry Simmons of NYPD Blue, with his fiancee (She’s wearing the Brown shirt)

Actor Dule Hill of the West Wing with his wife

Singer Howard Hewett and his wife



music producer Chris Ivery and his girlfriend Ellen Pompeo (of Greys Anatomy)


Singer Craig David and his girlfriend


French Olympic track star Ladji Doucoure, and his fiancee (she won the title of Miss France)


NBA player Rashad McCants and his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian

Jason Kidd and his new girlfriend

NFL player Terry Kirby and his lady friend

Vin Diesel, and his girlfriend

Eddie Murphy with some females friends, on his Yacht

Fashion Designer Ozwald and his wife (some of his clients include Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Russell Crowe, Mick Jagger and Laurence Fishburne)


Actor Gary Dourdan, of CSI and his girlfriend


Lamar Odoms and his new bride Khloe Kardashian

NBA player Baron Davis and his new lady

New York Giants player Brandon Jacobs and his wife

Jimmie JJ Walker and his girlfriend Ann Coulter

NFL player Kellen Winslow and his wife

NBA player Wayne Ellington and his girlfriend

NFL coach Mike Singletary and his family

NFL player Keyshawn Johnson and his lady friend

NFL player Ronnie Lott and his family

Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman and his wife Rouaida Achkar

Ray Parker Jr and his wife Elaine

Baseball player David Justice and his wife

Bob Marley’s son Damian and his girlfriend

Eddie Griffin

Actor Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear) and his wife.

NBA player and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and his fiancee

Fashion model Mehcad Brooks and his girlfriend Serinda Swan

Rapper Xzibit and his new girlfriend

Our great brother Redd Foxx and his wife Kaho Cho

Music producer Ryan Leslie and his girlfriend Jaslene Gonzalez

Cuba Gooding Jr and his wife

Attorney and Civil Rights Activist Van Jones and his family

Judge Alan Page and his wife

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  1. class of fitness says:

    Man this list is all kind of funny LOL.

    • BigWill says:

      Racist caucasians have created a stock pile of dangerous weapons with the intent of killing you know who! The only response from AA’s to this serious threat is to continue buying more gold teeth, tattoos, hair extensions, alcohol, tobacco products, crack and other BS. Caucasians created a fake god- a white man to whom black ppl pray to each day and night. The book associated with this fake god- the Bible instructs black ppl to “Love thy Enemy” and “Slaves obey your Masters”. Black people, your enemy is planning to wage an all-out war against you and your response is to- Love and Pray for them. Black ppl, please realize you must overcome your fear of cacasians which is responsible for your paralysis to this eminent violence. The time has come for black ppl to stop being slave minded drones to this wicked nation and fake religion.

    • DestinyCampbel says:

      Of course it’s funny, because no matter how many pictures this guy posts of black guys with white girls, the TRUTH remains that STATISTICALLY the MAJORITY of black men STILL MARRY BLACK WOMEN! In fact, most people marry someone of their same ethnic background, including both black and white women. There are less than a million interracial marriages involving a black man, yet there are 40-45 million black people living in this country. The focus that blacks and people, in general, put on interracial relationships is ridiculous. Besides, many of the women in these pics are not even confirmed wives or girlfriends but labeled as just ‘friends’, many of these black men have actually dated or married black women in the past (Michael Jordan) and/or actually currently with a black woman (Neyo, for example). Still, the majority of brothas, INCLUDING THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ONES, still want sistahs. PRESIDENT OBAMA, WILL SMITH, DENZEL, SAMUEL L. JACKSON, JAY Z, LEBRON JAMES, DEWAYNE WADE, CARMELO ANTHONY, MUHAMMAD ALI, and many more of our uber rich and famous brothas have loved black women for YEARS! Cut the crap!

      • yolonda says:

        Thanks for that one:)

      • Jems says:

        Barack obama. Jay z.

      • Sandra says:

        @DestinyCampbel and all the other black women haters….I’m married to a black man for 8 yrs and 2 children…We dated a yr an was married….He was with black women an didn’t marry them an wasn’t successful…He’s had more with me…So get your facts straight hater….There’s a lot of black men with white women…In the last yr there’s 30% on the rise of black men with white women….You don’t hear white women complaining that white men are with black women…FYI we don’t give a shit who white men date!!!!

        • Brick says:

          I see you popping a few kids out for him has given you poor grammar and an excuse to play the “Honorary Sister Card” too. And can you give a source for your “30%” statistic?
          Because it sounds like a hollow boast to me which is cute. You get offended that people make a big deal about a black men marrying a white women but then use it to gloat. You do realize that type of behavior causes so called “haters” to find even more fault in you because you try to flaunt it as some achievement or special badge.
          “He was with black women an didn’t marry them an(d) wasn’t successful…He’s had more (success?) with me” which translates as “Black women couldn’t do s** for him and he didn’t have s*** but look at him now. I did that. ME!”
          Like really? You just took a shot at all the Black women he dated and put yourself above them and took credit for his success what ever that may be. Yeah you might want to evaluate your train of thought.

        • HBT says:

          Shame on you for speaking with such venom. Don’t you know that most American black females like me don’t even care? Live your life. I sure hope you don’t carry us around in your head every day.

      • Chris says:

        It seems to me that you have a problem with black men being with white or other race women, is that the case?

      • Nicole says:

        I love how people always bring up how Obama married a black woman. Obama was was raised by his white mother and grandaparents. His black father abandoned them. So if it weren’t for an intelligent white woman he would not be where he is today. So who he married makes no difference.

    • CM says:

      We forget Barack Obama. He married a black woman not a white woman. Clearly, love has no discrimination!

    • FaReal says:

      I see a lot of Asian and Latina women and a few Caucasian women. Im calling BS on this article.

  2. Tart says:

    Slaves; Slaves; Slaves!

    • sandy says:

      WHITE WOMEN ARE NOTORIOUS GOLDDIGGERS!!! Look at some of these BLACK celebritys ball players,singers.acters and just flat out WEALTHY BLACK MEN who are they with greedy golddigging white women living in $150 million dollar luxury homes/mansions and a Bently in the drive way! these black men will shower her with lavish gifts, trips, and expensive restarants! these women will do anything for money often they are broke!!! if she has a husband or boyfriend if he’s making minimum wage or have a well paying job a Doctor,soft ware developer esc. this will not satisfy her needs! when these women find a man that will cater to HER NEEDS she will DUMP HIM IN A NEW YORK MINUTE!!! when a black man gets sucsessful if he’s already married or have a girlfriend expecially if she’s black they will attempt to steal him from her.(this also apply to single men) by appearing to be overly nice well mannered soft spoken women that will readaley submit herself to do what EVER he wishes! she will even be a down right flat out slutty whore just to get what she wants sometimes she will even try to keep it all in the family thats if your in to sharing LOL.this all a part of the game! then when she gets you where she wants YOU ! Now that you are married she will stay merried for at least 10 years or more even if this marriage have went south she will remain adsolutly cluless (”play dumb” this is also a game).these women will sleep around while married until she finds another wealthy man to leach from and marry and guess what the game starts all over! the children will come as fast as she could spit them out if their yours LOL having 2 or 3 maybe 4 if she can’t have kids she will be willing to adopt or go to a fertilty clinic this is to assure her that when she gets a Divorse she will get dubble the money meaning that she would get both child suport paymens and alimony paments also get the house and the car retirement esc ! for black men you will be made to pay her the maximal amount of money this just another form of lyinching the black man for being with the white man’s so called precious white woman! CONGATULATIONS!!! this white woman is no longer ”BROKE” AND HAVE SERVED HER PURPOSE!! buy making her self very welthy and her family for generations to come now set for life!!!! one wrong move from this black man and her family would surely try and strip him of everthing!! LOL is this is a another form of SLAVERY??? I BE GOOD NI**ER FOR YOU MASTER!!! from the old made for TV show ( ROOTS )!!

      • Brian says:

        “these black men will shower her with lavish gifts, trips, and expensive restarants! these women will do anything for money often they are broke!!!”
        Then, it’s time for the black women to do anything for these men. These men are at the height of desirability, and they are well sought after. To get a high caliber man, you have to do things to please him.

        “by appearing to be overly nice well mannered soft spoken women that will readaley submit herself to do what EVER he wishes!”
        And if he’s not pleased at home, then this will definitely make him feel like a king. If the man is making king dollars, he may want to feel like a king. If that’s what these women are doing, then more power to them. Time to take a lesson and not hate, but learn from it and appreciate.

        “she will even be a down right flat out slutty whore just to get what she wants”
        And if that’s what the guy wants, then both parties are happy. Typically men of power and money love sex. I know if I were to make millions of dollars, I would definitely want more of it.

        “when she gets a Divorse she will get dubble the money meaning that she would get both child suport paymens and alimony paments also get the house and the car retirement esc !”
        Yes, that’s how the game is played. Too many black women choose to get knocked up and are satisfied with being one (of many) of an athlete’s conquests. But when you are baby momma #6 out of 9, and the guy is washed up, there isn’t much money coming in. It’s best to get married to the stable guy and have kids.

        “CONGATULATIONS!!! this white woman is no longer ”BROKE” AND HAVE SERVED HER PURPOSE!! buy making her self very welthy and her family for generations to come now set for life!!!! ”
        Exactly! Evelyn was with Chad for one reason. Once his job was over, she was going to be gone too. We all knew it. Chad got cut and no more money is rolling in, so she bounced. She played it smart and didn’t have any kids for him. He’s reckless and she knows he’s not stable enough to pay support for the next 18 years. And she’s making more money than him anyhow with her reality show, so bye bye Chad.

        White women are better at playing the game than black women. And it shows. Don’t hate the players (white women), hate the game (how to hook up with a rich black man).

        • Barbara says:

          Black women should NOT try to emulate White women. Black men try to become White men by erasing their Black identity through breeding the Blackness out of themselves. Your Black father ancestors are rolling in their graves. Always wanted to turn into a White man, eh? Go ahead. Seriously, go ahead. There’s no need for Black women to debase themselves for money. There are plenty of decent men left.

          • Elaine Z says:

            Very will said, Barbara! There is no need for any women to debase themselves for money. There is plenty of money and men to go around that would treat women as equals.

          • j dog says:

            Emulate white women you say huh, let me ask you oh wise one if you believe that lie then why do 99% of black women perm their hair ?? One of the biggest reasons why the average black woman has weight issues is not just nutrition, BUT BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO SWEAT THEIR PERMS OUT!!!!!

          • Princess P. says:

            @Barbara…I agree with your comment.

          • j dog says:

            Did you know a black woman named Mildred Loving went all the way to the Supreme Court for the right to marry a white man???

          • ann roberts says:

            They hate their mothers and their roots these black man hate themselves.

          • Chris says:

            When you are rich and successful you have more options and therefore you have more women of every race available to you. You will come in contact with many kinds of a attractive women and many of them will not be black. I don’t know what kind have hate filled world you mind is stuck in, but no one is required to date and marry the person that you think they should be with.

        • Roy says:

          Way to go Brian promoting folks to use black men for wealth however let’s not forget about karma how (what goes around always come back around to bite you in the ass) every cause has an affect, all action is followed by reaction, oh & did I mention consequences & repercussion. There is no such thing as gaming someone when the end result is you playing yourself after karma get thru letting you get a taste of your own medicine when a user come knocking at your door since after-all you attract what you are. Unfortunately you have it twisted if you think that money is what makes a better man when a good heart is where his true wealth lies not his bank acct that’s filled with nothing but green paper with a white man face on it & if a black woman prefers to love him for his heart worth rather than his bank acct worth, no need to put her down for letting love rule over money & praise a white women job well done for using him for whats in his bank acct. That just show your lack of wisdom & love. It’s interesting how you somehow overlook the fact that the blk man comes directly out of the blk woman, so why in the world would she wanna use him heartlessly if she created him, so to be frank this is not a game to her & never will be, for to use him will be to use herself & what sense does that make NONE. So this game you talk about is only played by white women which will only result in her playing herself for lacking simple wisdom known as karma (what goes around must come back around) no exception to the rule NOOOO not even if your skin is white Sorry (Oh Ye little faith)

      • Amy says:

        I disagree with this. I am a white woman. I have been married to my husband, who is black, for 12 years. We have 3 children, and we are not wealthy at all. I love my husband for him, not for his money. We often joke that there is no one else that we would rather be broke with. He could be purple with pink polka dots for all I care. I love him, not his money. My children can marry any color they choose, as long as that person makes them happy, why should I care?

      • j dog says:

        I can honestly say I would never mess with a black female ever again, all the bullshit drama, STD’S, CHEATING, DRAMA PERIOD. There is a reason why 80-90% of black women are single and will never be married!!!! Even Oprah did a show on why 90% of black women will NEVER be married in their lifetime. I was once married to a black female, WORST MISTAKE of my life, bitch got me kicked out of the military, stole money from me , stabbed me, bite me, and she had two kids by two different men and I took care of them!!!! I’m currently married to a latina like a lot of brothers are BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. She is 100% faithful, actually works, no children by multiple men etc. Almost forgot my ex also lied about being pregnant. There is a reason why most successful black men don’t waste their time with black women, ne-yo’s false baby mama is a prime example, hell look at Urlacher’s black baby mama she’s another example straight gold digger. Puffy’s baby mama is another example too many too list you get the idea.NEVER EVER AGAIN.

        • Princess P. says:

          @jdog…..Your comments are sad and bitter. It’s not the black woman you are angry with…it is yourself and your own shortcomings. Sure, blame the black women for all of your mistakes instead of looking in the mirror. It is obvious you have a hatred for black women…which means you hate yourself because you are black. Maybe your ex wasn’t a good wife or maybe she felt dealing with you was enough misery for her. All of your comments are sad.

          • j dog says:

            Nah I just don’t like phony bullshit females like you that have to justify their own insecurites whenever they see a brother with a female that isn’t black, and yet garbage hypocrites like you see Halle Berry with white men and you applaud them. I have yet to see or hear a black female condemn women like her who have openly declared they’re done with black men. The angry bitter black women is alive and kicking. The sad part is when you just parrot the same garbage as every other bitter female.

        • Chrissy says:

          There seem to be a lot of brothers carrying baggage these days. One woman does him wrong and he condemns all black women. Quite often, black men have played a role in these bad relationships or they were a bad judge of character in the first place. Loyalty, honesty, faithfulness have nothing to do with race. Have you ever noticed that you have never heard a white man proclaim how much he just loves white women because they have all of these wonderful qualities? Never! Do you think they made abortion legal as a service to black women? Do you think they keep Planned Parenthood open for sisters? And they invented Weight Watchers especially for black women right? And white women don’t have affairs, huh?You my friend have drank the koolaid. We live in the U.S. of Amerikkka and black people are not the deciding majority for the establishment. What brothers need to do instead of running to seek approval from any woman who will co-sign them, wrong or right, they need to up their wake. Stop acting on pure emotional wounds and baggage. Once you have knowledge and understanding, you will see the world from a different space.

          • j dog says:

            I find it pretty ironic that you say black men carry around ” baggage” when this very site was put up by a black woman debasing black men for their choice of mates, you are kidding right??? I find it even more desturbing that you say ” one woman does you wrong and you condemn all black women” seriously you need to come back down to earth and get a reality check FAST AND IN A HURRY!!! unless you are talking about a preteen I honestly don’t understand why you would say someone is basing their life experience’s off of one relationship. Most people base their views off of their own experience’s, their family’s, friends, co-workers, neighbours etc. FYI planned parent hoods abortion clinics (80% which are in minority areas) were created by Margaret Sanger ( who believed blacks were inferior and was an advent believer in eugenics) opened the first clinic in Harlem to help blacks do what the KKK could never accomplish, eridicate the black community, but I’m sure you’re already versed in the origin of planned parent hood and already knew that. As far as a bad judge of character I wouldn’t be so quick to state that when every single day black women in the US get 1,800 abortions. Now if you’re using the bad choice of character as a plattform, what does that say about black women and their choices of characters???? Since 1973 black women have had over 16 million abortions and counting, the KKK could never have killed that many Trayvon Martins in that time span!!!! I also don’t understand why you said white women don’t have affairs either, no one ever said they didn’t (you have to be careful, comments like that have the sound of bitterness) but amerikkka doesn’t come into your home make you spread your legs and have sex with worthless men either.

          • Chrissy says:

            Jdog….the point is that it takes two to tango. Maybe you should be asking why are there so many worthless black men? I’m confused about something that you and the stats say….on one hand you say there are too many single black mothers yet on the other hand black women get the most abortions. So are black women having babies or not? You can’t have it both ways. Furthermore, if you’re meeting that many horrible black women, you might want to reevaluate yourself. I thank God I’m not in the dating pool because do you know how hard it is to find a single black man with no kids, educated, no criminal record, decent credit and employment that pays him well enough to at least support himself, let alone being able to afford to do something extra special for me or with me. I don’t think that’s asking a lot but a lot of black men seem to think so. A lot of black men are 30, 40 and 50 years old still living in their mama’s basement. So this is the real reason why a lot of black women will never get married. I’ve never limited my dating pool to black men. As a result, I wouldn’t know about actually experiencing this dysfunction that goes on in the black community. So personally, I don’t care if black men want to date or marry other women. The average black man you see with a white woman is no prize. These stars are a small percentage and don’t rep the masses. It’s ironic that I have met some really successful black men and they don’t have this drama…..and they exclusively date and are married to black women! However, quite often when I hear a brother saying he doesn’t “like” black women….I look around him…..and 9 times out of 10 he’s lacking some serious ish. Just saying.

          • Think says:

            Well said Chrissy. I fully agree with your comments

        • Renee Henderson says:

          I’m glad you’re happy. I hope you let the bitterness go. It’s over, it’s all right. You’re not with a black woman. You can calm down now.

      • j dog says:

        You are absolutely right, black women aren’t gold diggers at all. What a dumb ignorant fuck. You honestly can’t be serious.

      • Daniel says:

        There are no classy black women – that is why these guys look to white women. Black women (most) are angry, loud, abusive and just plain ugly.

        • sinnappan says:

          It has to do with the spirit of the flesh, he black man, he gets a little money he buys a big fancy car ego, then he goes out to play the neighborhood, he wants to look good he buys fancy clothes to look as dapper as possible,and to look better, he gets a blonde, girl , who gives him all the sexual fantasies he dreamed about and membership in the social system he craves the political standard he debased, uneducated as he is, he dwells in his false consciousness, he is a hypocrite. then to make himself look good gives away turkey dinners once a year ……what a turkey, he talks loud and says nothing, remember he is uneducated.. how can he understand what the holy holy scriptures says to him..God is spirit ……… not white……..need I say more God have mercy on your people, I mean mankind,,,,,,,,,,black yellow pink white n all colors

      • j dog says:

        Did you know a black woman named Mildred Loving went all the way to the Supreme Court to fight the right to marry a white man, and she was actually banished from her home in Virginia. I thought you should know.

      • boston says:

        WOW… could you be any Dumber?? learn how to Spell..Dumb Nigger!!!:)

    • j dog says:

      You know tart bitch I show Dick slap yo hoe ass you know that u uncle tom black ass kissing biacth!!! 5 more minutes I woulda been yo daddy biacth, ask yo nigga ass alley cat mama how my shit taste

      • Lala says:

        Great and very accurate portrayal. Well said, just look at Tiger Woods, she was a nanny! It is painful and insulting to see though. WW love to prance around naked for attention too. I think the black women are out numbered in the circles these AA men are running in now.

      • Lala says:

        Really Jdogg? How necessary is this vulgarity and cruelty? White, black, I hope you are better than this poor representation.

      • solo cee (aka) gummy bear luv says:


        You are fine! Love this site!
        White women “tend” to be “a bit” overrated.
        Honestly, I think white women see the $$$ and that is the
        primary attraction and incentive.

      • sinnappan says:

        J dog………that kind of talk is not necessary….the sista just gave her opinion, be respectful

    • David says:

      No slaves, you are simply jealous. I love interracial marriages.

  3. Eric Wright says:

    White supremacy at its finest…When will relinquish this slave mentality?

    • Princess P. says:

      Very true. The new slavery…black men drooling over white women. It’s kind of embarrassing to the black race. The Kings of the black race are so quick to crown and claim their White Queens…the fairest of them all!! Not….

      • j dog says:

        The only embarrassing statement is your stupid,ignorant,flawed statement. I can guarantee you that you are the SAME GOOFY black female if presented the chance to meet Obama you would be going gaga over him, yet if you were to have met his mother and father you would have smelled shit !!! Obama’s mother was as white as snow, yet black women and men worship the ground he walks on. Obama doesn’t know what it is to have a black mother AND he never will, period. He was raised by a strong single white woman, but I already know because he married Michelle almost every single black female in America seems to overlook that part for some strange reason.

        • Princess P. says:

          Barack Obama is a beautiful man. He is gorgeous. He is a proud, strong, intelligent, suave man who is brilliant. I don’t care what color his parents are….Barack Obama is a beautiful man.

  4. gwen says:

    You are right. It makes one think.

  5. Katie Lindsey says:

    The beauty standard is white skin, blonde hair in this world.Men no matter what they say want close to the standard as much as possible.Also thin is in.The women with the standard carry a certain attitude and behavior that men find attractive.

  6. david jones says:

    maybe you’re unaware, but jason terry is married to a black women. been with her for years

  7. 2ysur2ysub says:

    I was shocked when I saw the list. I used to get angry, but now I take the position that I wouldn’t want to be with any of these men, if being with a white woman is their predilection. What it really says to me is that these Black man, who have climbed to the top, now reject being affiliated with poverty, struggle, and prejudice, choosing to be “accepted” by the majority. What it says about the women, is another story: suffice to say that Black women will always be outfoxed by a White woman in any race to financial security. Black women will always be independent, as we’ve had to be throughout slavery, which mindset continues to this day. So, sisters, keep on truckin.’

    • MiMi says:

      I love it Sis!! You are so on point. I, too still get annoyed with this trend because there is an expectation that we are to support these people when they are called ni as and discriminated against. Black men are in fact, the reason for the disdain of Black Women! They are the ones who have made the World see us as attitude driven, head bobbing, loud mouths who can’t be satisfied but in essence, I have seen so many be disrespected by White Women and we all know how they are financially drained after divorce. I was honestly, shocked by this list because there are some “brothers” that I would’ve never guessed. However, Quincy Jones, Shemar Moore and athletes of any sport are not a shock at all. White women are trained to get their dumbasses! John Legend was definitely a shocker!! Michael Jordan?? Naaaaaaaaaaaa-

    • MC says:

      So you think that black people are the only ones that are associated with poverty, struggle, and predudice? It’s nice to hear that these are the only qualities that you associate with being black. And what sense does it make for you to say that you wouldn’t want to be associate with them as if you really have a choice?

    • DetLight says:

      Thats the problem our black women are taught to be independent,when the very nature of a woman is to be dependent.

      • that still doesn’t matter. Why do these black brothers found it necessary to marry a white woman when there are strong independent black sisters out there ready to assist them when they leave the their sports occupation, Yes many black sisters are independent because if we are waiting for a black athlete or professional to take care of use , then we would die. My son is a professional athlete but it is his choice to date and marry whom ever he want.

        • j dog says:

          Did you know a black woman named Mildred Loving went all the way to the Supreme Court to marry a white man? A black man has never went to the Supreme Court for interracial marrige. I thought you might to know and to educate yourself.

    • Jerome says:

      I love my Sisters and all women. Sin is what has caused us to fault find as we do and all do it both black and white, male and female. Men and Women lust…and of course that lust leads to many things but at least with me make no mistake Black women whether my Mom, Grandma (biggest infuence Church Woman) Aunts, Sisters, Cousins they all contribute to who we are. So pay no attention to the silly men trying to throw in your face that many Black men are dating White women. It’s simply because they can and desire to. Just as Black Women will do what they desire to do. Nothing but love for you and Mi Mi who posted after you. In the end whether black or white we all return to the dust….Christ is what matters most.

    • Beltina says:

      It’s all of the TV commercials, magazines, videos, print ads, movies that cram the image of White women to every TV-watching soul in America. The brainwashing never ended; the plan to keep Black people in an inferior status did either. TAKE NOTE: You RARELY see Black women anywhere in commercials, magazines (except for Essence/Ebony), and if you do, their hair is always big, overly curly and/or uncombed, looking terrible, and the Black women are never that pretty. I DEFY ANYONE TO GIVE AN EXAMPLE OF A PLACE OTHER THAN A BLACK NETWORK OR PUBLICATION, WHERE BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN ARE PRESENTED ON A REGULAR BASIS.
      Now, I guarantee you, if beautiful, kind Black women were always in TV commercials, movies, ads, etc, there would absolutely be a different dating reality for these Black male stars. ABSOLUTELY. Black men are MEN, and men being visual creatures drool at what’s in front of them. All they see are White women, in bathing suits, taking off their clothes on TV and movies, etc and subliminally, the message everywhere is that White women are the image of beauty. * By the way, i’m not making a point here but I want to mention that Frederick Douglas married a white woman AFTER his first wife, a Black woman, died.

  8. Sugafree says:

    These men are wealthy and thereby exposed to a greater pool of women than the average cat. Needless to say, many of them are going to, at one time or another, date or marry a woman of another race. It doesn’t mean black women are out of the question. If it could actually be proven that these men find white women and live happily ever after…that’d be one thing. But this is just a collection of photos featuring black men that are, in some cases, just posing with a white woman. Sistahs, let us not be deceived. We still have value and worth to our black men that no other woman can replicate.

  9. Will says:

    While I will admit that some Black men seek the ‘status’ they perceive a white woman can bring them, I must also admit that this list is cherry picked and in alot of cases, inaccurate. Many of the men have been in multiple marriages and have been married to Black women, as is the case with David Justice & Michael Jordan. There are many more on the list. This list only contains high profile athletes or celebrities. It’s inclusive of the First Lady’s brother & Barack Obama’s parents without highlighting that Barack & Michelle are together. I’m a Morehouse grad and know of plenty of wealthy Black men with Black wives. We outnumber those on this list.

    Many on the list are athletes who had to play ball at predominately white schools under the NCAA system which forbids athletes from working & making money. There is a phenomenon that occurs on these campuses. Black athletes come in looking for Black women to date. But since the athlete is basically broke, the Black women have a hard time dealing with having to pay for dates, etc. I can hear it now. “You the star of the basketball team and can’t take me to a movie???” Meanwhile, the white girls INVEST in these athletes banking on the future returns once they go pro. It happens all the time. You don’t see this glaring disparity with athletes from HBCUs.

    • Lala says:

      As you said, predominately white schools. The number of black females is extremely low compared to white women out numbering the black female. And the rest they say is history….

  10. vanesca says:

    It is sad to see that my brothers really hate themselves to that level. What should we black women do? should we cross over to the other side? what a shame!!!

    • Brotherscoe says:

      Sisters! do you think whitemen will be exclusive just to you only? White men are not monogamous creatures, he goes with anything and wont take care of his children and nothing is said about it by some of you sisters. During slavery until now, whitemen have fathered children with you and then turned his back on them, he acted like he didn’t know them. Lets face it sisters most of you don’t want brothers until he is rich and then when he marries non/whiteman, your insecurity that you don’t have a man to control goes through the roof.

      So go ahead and get you a whiteman sister, you will find he has his faults like any other man ask Halle Berry, remember when she met that whiteman and she eventually had his child. He moved on
      when it looked like she wanted to start a family with him, she paraded him around like a prized trophy.
      When you have money your choice broadens of whom you want to be with.

      • sandi says:

        Same go’s fore ESPECIALLY the brothas do you think WHITE WOMEN will be exclusive just to you only? WHITE WOMEN/NON BLACK WOMEN are not monogamous creatures ESPECIALLY WHITE WOMEN ! white women will go with anything most are just sluts they are no prize for no man with 70.5% of white women are in the porn industry! black men have the nerve to think when their with a non black woman ESPECIALLY when their with white women they act as if they have won the lottery or hit the jackpot !they will PARADE their non black women ESPECIALLY THEIR WHITE WOMEN AND THEIR CHILDREN! around black women then try to act as it their FATHER OF THE YEAR when they have children with these women! but in reality he has 4 or 5 children or more by MULTIPLE women and have turned his back on his own children ESPECIALLY if these children are with black women! then he will act as if he don’t know them these children will grow up with no father or never know their father! but as for the ”PRIZED TROPHY TOKEN” WHITE WOMAN/NON BLACK WOMAN she will always have a father for her children even after they have parted their ways! black men will act as if white women/non black women have ABSOLUTELY NO FAULTS!!!!!!!!!!! EVEN WHEN SHE’S A SINGLE PARENT AND HAVE CHILDREN BY” MULTIPLE MEN” (YES WHITE WOMEN /NON BLACK WOMEN DO IT TO) EVEN IF SHE’S A KNOWN PROSTITUTE OR AN EX PROSTITUTE, A KNOWN RACIST ,A LOUD MOUTHED NAG, GHETTO,DOING PORN OR HAVE BEEN IN PORN,OR A FLAT OUT SLUT, HAS A VERY NASTY ATTITUDE,GOLD DIGGER,OVERWEIGHT,MATERIALISTIC ,AGGRESSIVE,SPREADING STD’S ,UNSUPPORTIVE , A SLOTH ( LAZY), TRIFLING AND NASTY,CONTROLLING,AND THE LIST GO’S ON!!!! AND MOST BLACK MEN FIND THIS CUTE OR DON’T WANT TO HEAR OR SEE THE TRUTH FOR WHAT IS !! BROTHAS JUST BECAUSE SHE’S WHITE/NON BLACK DON’T MEAN” SHE CAN’T HAVE STD’S” JUST BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS PUTTING IT OUT THERE THAT MOST BLACK WOMEN HAVE STD’S OR SPREADING STD’S DON’T MAKE IT TRUE!!!! I DON’T KNOW IF YOU HEARD>> but college aged WHITE females age 18-25 are now the top CATCHERS,CARRIERS, and SPREADERS of HIV/AIDS now let’s spread that f%&king word around!! DON’T EVEN TRY TO GO THERE AND SAY THAT MOST BLACK WOMEN DON’T WANT BROTHERS UNTIL THEIR WEALTHY ! FOR THE RECORD THAT’S A WHITE WOMAN’S GAME!!!!!!! WHY DO YOU THINK WHITE WOMEN/NON BLACK WOMEN LEAVE A BROTHER AFTER THEY DRAIN THEM OUT OF ALL THEIR MONEY AND LEAVE THEM BROKE THEN FIND ANOTHER WEALTHY BLACK BROTHA TO MAKE THEM EVEN WEALTHIER THEN THEY WERE BEFORE HUMMMM!! AND WHO HAS TO PICK UP THE SLACK AFTER HE’S BROKE BLACK WOMEN! AND WHO’S THE FIRST ONES HE TURNS TO AFTER HE’S BROKE BLACK WOMEN! AND WHO’S THE ONES THAT GETS HIM BACK ON HIS FEET BLACK WOMEN! BUT WHEN HE STARTS DO WELL AND GET BACK IN TO THE JOB MARKET FIND A JOB THAT MAKES 6 FIGURES THEN HE BUYS A NICE HOME,CAR, ETC FOR HIM AND HIS BLACK WOMAN. GUESS WHO’S NOT FAR BEHIND A JEALOUS WHITE WOMAN/NON BLACK WOMAN!!! SO WHO’S THE GOLD DIGGERS???

  11. DS9Sisko says:

    When you take out all the women of color, i.e. the Latinas and Arab/Middle Eastern women and Asian-Pacific Islanders and multiple mixed raced ladies, then the headline and premise of this blog entry makes sense. LOL

  12. reggie green says:

    I have a daughter I just want her to find a decent man no what RACE!!!!!

  13. The Black Man have to find a way to come back to being the great man that god made you to be. the black man has to get back to a natural spiritual oneness with the creator and stop worshipning these idols. ( white women, cars yatchs clothes, money etc.) Be a real man. Half of these brothers on this list do not deserve a queen like myself. They couldn’t handle it because most of them are trying to be queens themselves which why they prefer the other races. Other races especially the white women are down with anything. They let the weak brother try any and everything on them. My brothers have to get back in the spirit with the creator. When the black man truly knows himself and the greatness that he is, he would take better care of the black woman. Peace.

    • denise says:

      AMEN! lots of them are messed up!

      • lon20 says:

        I absolutely agree & would like to add not all black men settle for less just the weak ones. There are strong well respected ones all around who truly knows & honors black woman as his most precious jewel. So let’s not let these weak ones be an example to all black men. Let’s keep it fair peace!

  14. MiMi says:

    As a Black Woman who has dated outside of my race I can say that I more so appreciate being in the presence of a Black Man more so than any. I am an only daughter of a great man and love all of my brothers tremendously. It is a sad day whenever you see more and more Black Men deciding that they are more relevent to White America because they drone the trophy however, White Men are far less submissive to their women then Black men. In fact, you’ll find that White Men do not desire nor do they worship White Women as do Black men. Black men are trmendously decieved and unfortunately, will continue this error for generations to come. The good news is that Black men-in the real World-love Black Women more than its reported. My brothers, father, Uncles and men in my everyday life far outnumber the odds of this article! I love Black men and my appreciation of them has nothing to do with what I read or see on t.v Its because of the love I get from them is right near me :) Sisters stay encouraged. The real Brothers are here at home.

    • Slimmiejen says:

      I loved what you said about Black men in the real world love black women and I’m honestly tired of these articles that keep showcasing successful black men with their trophies. We should have an article that showcase successful black men with black women because there are many of them out there as well: Denzel Washington, Derek Fisher, Omar Epps, Morris Chestnut just to name a few.
      Besides if a man can’t appreciate me as a black woman, then he was never worth my time.

      • linda says:

        I agree & with Roy as well for my idea of successful blk man is not measure by whats in his pocket but rather whats in his heart which could only be found among Black men in the real world not the weak paper chaser in hollyworld cause if you keep on chasing that green paper with the white man face on it called money, its only a matter of time before you chase his women, its all really psychological. Its pretty typical from men who let money define them to turn against whats more important which is their own kind. A word of advice: Don’t let that which didn’t make you (money) change you!

      • cheche says:

        Derick is married to a white women I believe

        • j dog says:

          Lol the real question is where the hell you got your stats from, mine actually came from two reputable sources and if you actually took the time to read it and comprehend it you would already know I named one source, Howard University, yes the historically black college. The other is black, with numerous inputs from civil rights leaders, preachers and black doctors. I know that black women only account for 13% of the population but 36% of the abortions is eye popping to most people, but its not something most females come home and talk about, its one of many deep dark taboo subjects in the good old US!!!! Most black women would rather still put up websites like this so they can still bash black men about who they are currently screwing instead of the real issues facing them every single day. It’s truly sad how the average black women preoccupie’s herself with anothers sexual activity, when everyday almost 2,000 black children are murdered in the womb.

  15. Chaos Theory says:

    Single, wealthy, famous and powerful people (especially men) date who they want because they can. I don’t think it’s much different for women to do the same, but in my experience black men typically don’t worry about what races of men black women (celebrity or not) are dating. So I’ll keep my topic to the interracial dating habits of the black men here.
    No one cared who these men were or who they were dating until they came into the public eye. I’d bet that most of these guys who are dating interracial are on their 2nd or 3rd non-black girlfriend or even wife. Their dating habits didn’t matter to black women before they became public figures and they shouldn’t matter now. Still, it is very interesting.
    I’ve never wholly bought into the idea that people who date or marry outside of their race simply have issues with their own people, themselves or their mothers/fathers. Perhaps an exclusive outside-the-race dater should examine themselves but I think for the most part there’s a more simple explanation. I believe that men who perpetually date outside the race is typically the exact reason that black women are beginning to explore options with other races. They harbor some resentment and/or frustration towards their own because of past transgressions with them. Many people consider these stars to be ‘relevant’, ‘influential’ or the ever-wonderous ‘Alpha Male’ (largely because of their tax bracket) and begin to put them on a godlike pedestal while at the same time claiming some semblance of ownership on them because they happen to be fans who belong to the same race. Human beings seem to have affinity toward their own race and in turn expect cooperation, love and loyalty. However, frustration often sets in after years of failed dating and people naturally tend to explore their options. When we do this we don’t have the same lofty expectations or resentment toward other races as we do our own. Low expectations equal less disappointment and create an open-minded environment. Combine this with the newness from the different race in your partner and there you have it…A potential interracial couple.
    I say this mostly because this was my own reasoning when I began to explore non-black women in the dating game. What I learned was that non-black women had more similarities than differences to black women and to each other. I’d still date non-black women but I’m by no means a serial non-black woman dater. For me, familiarity is very attractive.
    Though this list is extensive I still believe that this is still somewhat of a phenomenon. There are still more black/black couples than not but it would be interesting to see the stats with marriage regarding black men of high income.

  16. EducBlkMan says:

    Stirring the pot of racial discord,huh? What did y’all do google every picture of a black entertainer or athlete with a white girl? And, they weren’t even all white? Are you so racist that any race other than black is considered the enemy and part of some nefarious plot to break up the black race? Well I have something that will make all you racists happy. Guess what the children of all those couples will be considered? Black!! So, ironically enough as you complain that these interracial relationships are bringing down our race, they are actually helping to make the rest of the world blacker.

    • Daniel says:

      You are truly educated brother after I read your response I decided you spoke for me as well touchez!

    • Kim says:

      You would be incorrect. Their children will not be Black. They will be Biracial, which I am not, nor my children. They will never be one of me, my children, Michelle Obama, Gabby Douglas and the list goes on. They will be Biracial and with the way that many Black men hate other Black men and women(Black men are the leading killers of both), your Biracial children will learn to hate me and my children.

      • HR-Booom! says:

        Technically biracial, but APPEAR black…and when they check that biracial box on an app, behind the scenes, guess how they’e identified? So, darkies can’t escape.

        • Specom says:

          I’m so sorry you see blackness as something to be “escaped” Bro. Are you the Official “Darky” Catcher or something.?

        • Stevie says:

          Wrong. They will be called biracial. I have had many white men simply tell me that black people are worthless and that our genes are improved by the white men which is why mixed people can achieve anything. I’m sorry but this line of argument–that blacks can be biracial–is demeaning to black people and counterproductive. They will merely attribute black achievements to white people’s.

          • j dog says:

            Hey dumb ass, quick question retard do you refer to Obama as black or bi-racial??? Lol the reason I have to ask is because I already know you consider him black and you don’t go around calling him our first bi-racial president idiot.

          • sandi says:

            EXCUSE ME DUMB ASS WHAT WAS THAT ? black people are worthless and that our genes are improved by the white men which is why mixed people can achieve anything??? BUT “ENGLAND’S AND THE WORLD SMARTEST FAMILY IS BLACK”!!!! NOT MIXED 100% BLACK!!!! Excellence in Education must be recognized at every opportunity…the reason the US is falling behind is because we’ve embraced a culture of mediocrity. Nobody wants to be exceptional anymore…everyone is satisfied with just getting by in order to get paid.
            Not this Nigerian family now living in the UK…they have produced a family of exceptional children…How? Because their standard is EXCELLENCE. THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF WE SHOULD BE HEARING ABOUT IN THE NEWS ABOUT OUR BLACK CHILDREN! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A ”REAL BLACK MAN” STICKS BUY HIS WOMAN AND RAISE HIS FAMILY!!!!!!! SO BLACK MEN TAKE NOTES!

      • Specom says:

        Why would they want to be one of you, hateful shrew? I hate hateful people like you. DAMN, It’s catching, get away from me delusional hater!

    • Elaine Z says:

      Just love a deep thinker. So very well said!

  17. Niel says:

    The objective or intent of this article is not clear. If it is to stir up emotional reactions of a subject that is irritating to many black women (as well as many black men) or to showcase one side of the black man/white woman saga without any significant analysis or reasoning – those objectives have been achieved.
    First of the all the prominent men that are featured, save a handful, are men who are wealthy from the sports & arts sector. There are black men who are wealthy that are in business, medicine and other areas. Several who are married to black women. The culture and environment of “showbiz” and sports lends itself to becoming involved in inter-racial relationships whether you are a black woman or man. Many of the black women musicians and actors were married to white men. (Lena Horne, Pearl Bailey etc.)
    There is no question there is to some degree the psychology of “white” being the ideal and easier to be in a relationship with. But really is that all there is to it?? I doubt it!! Is the history of the Black woman having to be independent and strong affecting their ability of allowing a Black man to “feel” like a man – and the white woman has learned to finesse that?? (I have heard some brother say this) Are there some other factors to think about?
    And as someone noted many of these pictures are misleading. A good number of these featured wealthy black men had black wives at one time (for many years who received very large divorce settlements) – Is there something to think about when it comes to the fact that in their second or third go round they marry a woman who is not Black??
    This topic does highlight an interesting phenomenon – but is weak on real deep thought and analysis and balanced assessment of the full panoply of wealthy Black men from all areas/industries.

  18. Samdromeda says:

    A culture of assimilation dictates that acceptance is evident when, just for the sake of survival, my son can marry your daughter and vice -versa. Humanity trumps race. Slavery was a two way street. To bring slaves to the Americas was to bring genetic stock to add to the indigenous genetic matrix. This is why many Americans have Native American,Black and White genetics all in one family. Welcome to the emergence of a new race. There is nothing new under the sun.

    • Stevie says:

      There is no culture of assimilation unless people allow it, and slavery was not a two way street. White Americans barely have black ancestry; the original intention of the one drop rule was to maintain white racial purity. And it worked. A minority of white Americans have Native ancestry and barely any have black ancestry.

      • Specom says:

        Of course they don’t have black ancestry, they wouldnt be white if they did. Whiteness is seen as a state of purity that is contaminated and negated by the introduction of anything else. Blacks OTOH have adopted their former masters “one drop rule” and demand that any person with a single drop of black blood identify as black in order to get their numbers up and identify with the acheivements of mixed race people.

  19. Tyrone says:

    A lot of the pictures are old and need to be up-dated; I don’t look at Latino, Asia or any other third world person of color as a white woman. What I would like to know is where are all these so called wealthy Black men are to meet the Black Women you think they should be dating? Maybe the should have a special mixer,

  20. Russell says:

    What does these picture make you think about? I am confused? So what if a black man dates/marries a white lady or vise versa for that matter. That is one of the main problems with our world today we are to stuck on color, but I guess that is from hundreds of years of it being taught to generation after generation. I wonder how many of you on here who don’t like what they see are Christians? Think about that!?!?! There is not a black and a white heaven! it’s one heaven for everybody. Please stop the nonsense, and let people be with who they choose to be with; I promise you this would be a better place to leave in!

    • Kim says:

      I know this is ment to be a serious subject, but I have to just tell you, I kept clicking the page down button thinking I was going to be at the end soon and it just kept coming. I’m over here with tears flowing from my eyes because of laughing so much. It is what it is folks. People are going to do what they want to do no matter what.

    • Kim says:

      people have every right to be with the folks they want to be with, Christian or otherwise. I believe once some black folks who prefer to marry, have children with, etc. with nonblack folk stop expecting other black folk, especially women, to support their work, vote them into office, have their back when the nonblack folk turn on them, then I think everything will work out. You don’t look to people that you do not love, protect and cover for anything. Once WE as a people get that and stop automatically thinking that someone black should be there for you, than the animosity and tension will subside. We will simply live and let live without expectation. But, it is extreemly hypocritical for some of you to think the very people you choose to not be with owe you something. And if you are in denial about this phenomena in the AA community, then I can pull case after case to prove my assertions.

    • Trina says:

      Yeah, the notion of everybody sitting in a circle singing Kum bah yah, loving up on everyone is OK in a perfect world. But at the end of the day, there are deep rooted differences, beggeting hate, that exist and will exist. Get used to it!

  21. shamar says:

    Black men in this society have been programed by the european standards of beauty, and some of them, (not all) also have feelings of self hate, dont want to be black, wants to be accepted by european sociey, these men need to have a sense of self, and also need to know their history, some of them are systemacially brainwash……

  22. Gwenette Collins says:

    Well being a black woman,I say live and be happy with whomever makes you happy.We as blk women have to get out of the habit of staying racially faithful to a race of men who in most cases want to uphold the very mentality that we are still trying to escape.White women have always been looked upon as the angelic creatures of the planet.We have to broaden our horizons too.Stop being afraid to venture outside of your race zone.I know that there are some good blk men out there who only wants to date a woman who gotta tie her hair up at night.But the pickings are few.So I follow the lead of the blk man I have opened up my mind and heart to other races as a way to find what i might need to fulfill my dreams for security in my life.Most of those women wouldn’t have anything to do with them if they were the everyday working joe. Thats the sad part that they don’t recognize.But when they didn’t have the money or fame they were dealing with black women, who would have them that way.Cause you better believe they didn’t have no white women when they was living in the hood,that most might have come from. I say get over being angry and follow their lead.

  23. Eric Wright says:

    For all of you who seem to be confused about the article and what it says about African American culture, I suggest that you re-educate yourself on African American History. There are black men who are wealthy and have married black women. However, there is a prevalence of black men who are dating outside of their race, and this is no organic phenomenon. This has to do with the socialization of African Americans by the white supremacist social institutions, and the indoctrination of white supremacist beauty standards in Africans Americans. It’s that simple. And it’s a phenomenon that is unique to African American males. Of course everyone should know by now that people are people, and race is falsified social construct. Therefore, if a man and woman are naturally attracted to each other, than this is OK (if it is truly organic). But African Americans have yet to relinquish the yoke of a white supremacist mindset, and a lot of these men are looking outside of their race because their conditioning tells them that African American women are insufficient for their status. And this is true for a lot of black men who don’t have money that will parade around the most unattractive and un-kept of white women. This is a psychological disorder, and it should be treated as such. We need less unsubstantiated discussion about a Utopian society that doesn’t exist where people fall in love with who they fall in love with cause that is some Bullshit!!!! Black men and women must unlearn white supremacy on all levels, and if one has done this and they still fall in love with someone outside of their race then so be it. Until then , African Americans will still manifest self-hate and self-loathing characteristics on all levels including our pursuit of a mate.

    • Rick says:

      Eric: your response is the most accurate and cogent of all of those that I have read. I do take issue with one point – that this corruption is the illness of Black men only. A couple of points: (1) I live in Washington DC and, in this metro area, there are more instances of Black women dating (or otherwise involved with White men; (2) this might be attribute to an unreported and unalyzed pehonemna – i.e. the over proliferation of Black female divas that you see, on the screen, with White men who are there romantic interests. This list is, well like I said, prolific. A short quick list? Here goes: Halle Berry; Sanna Lathan; Rosario Dawson; Kerry Washington; Vanessa Williams; Tarahji Henson; Eva Mendes and on and on. If you are a Black diva, you have to take these roles. Have you ever seen Julia Roberts romantically involved with a Black man on screen. How about Sandra Bullock; Michele Phiffer; Kim Bassinger; Sharon Stone; Anne Hathaway? Do you my point? Hell, even TV ads are full of this interacial thing: Black women White man. The overall theme of it is that White men are more considerate, romantic and heroic. It is the epitome of the White supremist doctrine.

  24. Rudy says:

    Hmmm … interesting. No — behind every successful black man is a Black woman who helps him get where is then he flips the script. You can have that history lesson for free. As for the psychology of it — weak minds, psychological slavery, looking to gain self worth through the perception that anything other than a Black woman proves you are somebody. Maybe its us Black women (who have brand loyalty) that are stuck on stupid. Maybe we need to start getting with white guys who can elevate us to another playing field — at least beyond what we are doing for ourselves and continue to do for our men.

    • black men unite says:

      No doubt you would never make it pass Harvard’s admissions test, I’m quite sure a Harvard grad would know how to spell cesspool and circumcise, when you are truly educated you don’t have to make excuses for poor spelling and grammar!!!!

  25. lolo says:

    i did not know ann coulter was dating a blackman. Boondocks be on point like a muh.

  26. gee says:

    ALL THOSE BLACK men with WHITE women…I see as HOUSE NIGGERS!! SELLOUTS!! IF they didn’t have Money…those women wouldn’t give them the time of day!!! WHAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF WAS SEEING HUGGY BEAR..50 CENTS..ED MURPHY…BABYFACE AND VAN JOHNSON A “CIVIL RIGHTS” LAWYER.


    • Brotherscoe says:

      @ gee, your mouth, is what keeping you from having a blackman. Just reading your post tells me everything about you, You are one of those who confuses being a strong independent black woman for ignorance on how to keep a man.Those asian women, really know how to pamper their men regardless of color. Black men with money are doing the same thing rich whitemen are doing.Take Hugh Hefner, that old rich white man has been with every woman God has ever created and he is just happy as a lark.

  27. gee says:



  28. Still hopeful says:

    Can we get a list of black men dating or married to a black woman? We now need positive images to offset these discouraging ones.

  29. ALICIA RAE says:

    A wise old black man once told me that fooling with white folk will get you killed. Don Cornelious can attest to that.

    Years ago, black men dreamed of going “up the country” to have a white woman and drive a white cadillac. Even though the women would look like a 55 gallon drum with a rope tied around it and the cadillac would be beaten up and eaten up by salt.

  30. BRUFF says:

    This is the modern day reality of being in and helping to shape Americam society. We’re live in a country that brings together many different cultures and races. I do find the the opinions of these web blog psuedo-psychologist comical on one hand and pathetic on the other. The reality on face values in regards to population is, Black Americans make up about 14% of the U.S. population. This means that theres 86% of the population is non-Black. Out of an approximate U..S. population of 315 million people. There are ares of this country where a Black man might see 100 non Black women for every black woman one he may see. Depending on socio-economic status, the numbers may be even more stark. What I always seem to see missing on these blogs, when this topic comes up, is a ommision of evolutionary biology. Men are primordially programmed to be attracted to females, “PERIOD”. meaning that if most single men had their way, they would pursue any race of woman on the planet. Culture, history, religion and racism are buffers against this behavior. In America Black men are exercising their rights and freedoms by dating whoever they like. All of this clap-trap about these Black men being self -or race haters, for the most part is just plain silly. Men are creatures of convenience and will seek out women who are receptively warm to their conversation and who are available. Those on this blog who make the claim that these featured Black men are somehow brainwashed to a Eurocentric standard of beauty, are being somewhat disengenious with that remark. Clearly there wasn’t an historic Eurocentric standard of being hansom, sexy and desiruos, attributed to Black men. If anything, there was systematic campaine of debasement and degradation directed at Black men. I understant the fact that this country didn’t lay out a bed of roses for Black woman either, but that was then and this is now. Black men have become an object of strength, macho swag, self confidence and sexual mystic, (real or imagined). Now with number of black men who are cronically unemployed, incarcerated, gay or lack a series desirable traits, that Black women seek, leaves the pool of available Black men somewhat shallow. This coupled with the fact that some women of other races find Black men disirous, poses even more challenges to finding a mate. I’m now going to piss many of the Black women reading this off and draw bolts of flames. I really don’t care about what the reaction is, my intention isn’t to coddle or condenm but to express an inform opinion.

  31. BRUFF says:

    Sorry, I somehow hit a key that posted my above comment before I was ready to submit it. Like I was about to write. What I noticed and seems to be a commonality of all of the non Black women featured with these men, few of them are overweight. Even after they’ve had children with these men. For the record I’m a strong Black man with a banging Black lady, who’s intelligent, outgoing, hard working, physicaliy fit and so feminine she makes me melt. We disagree on some things but we disagree without being disagreeable. It had been at least a year or more since my previous relationship, (another black woman) and I was definitely getting a bit lonely at times. Not because I wasn’t meeting black women but because the ones that I was meeting, were unsuitable to me. I’m an honest, intelligent, gainfully employed, home owning, financally stable, decent looking brother. So it wasn’t like I didn’t get any action but I knew I had options. I wasn’t looking for sex, I was more interested in a relationship that stimulated my intellect as well as my libido. I’d be lying if I said that some degree of physical appearance and grooming, didn’t factor into the equation. Even still, I don’t think I’m much different than many other men that I know and am acquainted with. We’re amazed and dissapointed with the numbers of overweight Black women. yes, I know the defensive script that will be shot back, you’re shallow, immature, you lack the depth needed for a strong black woman, yada-yada-yah-yah-yah. Say what you want but if a man doesn’t see a sensual, sexual, female component, when they look at you, it’s dead at first glance. Complicating the matter even more, is the number of women who are raising children alone. Yes, I know it took two to make those children but the father was your choice to make. The reality is, most men don’t see many up sides to dating single mothers. It really doesn’t matter if the reason is because of divorce, drugs, death or a deadbeat, because at the end of the day, the children are going to be there. Being third, fourth or more on the priority scale, doesn’t hold much appeal for most men. I’m not even going to go into detail about the lack of time, money, privacy, babies dad and as I found out misbehaving children. If you think a real man (as some women like to refer) is your savior, you may be deluding yourself. I know and work with some Black women who spend hundreds on their grooming; the hair, clothing, nails you name it, no expense is too much. Most of these women are single and in search of relationship happiness. I’ve offered several times to meet and work-out with a few of them if thay joined my health club. Unfortunately for them, the miriad of excuses they gave me, as to why the had to decline the offer, were weak and illuminating. Actually, it’s kind of sad, because a few of these women that I’ve known for years, could make good mates. If I was brutally honest with them, I’d ruin my relationships with them. They could’nt handle the truth about how many men feel about overweight women. No one wants to occupy the bottom 20% of desirability. i really believe these issues immediately knock a large number of Black women out of contention, for higher earning Black men.

    • Harvey says:

      @Bruff I agree with a lot you said but what can also be stated is that heterosexual men just basically just dig women. I know I do black white brown whatever. But men who marry usually because that woman touched them emotionally and made them feel good bout themselves easy to get along with.
      Most men in a relationship want to lead or at least feel like he is (LOL) equally dominate personalities clash and they don’t last long
      It may not be fair but out wedlock births in the black community is also a factor for every single mom there s a dad his plate maybe full all things being equal he could have gutted it out with his ex. Why is it so prevalent in our community, what other people don’t have sex yeah right single women black or white have an edge

    • Oh Snap! says:

      @ Bruff

      And what of these overweight, unemployed, 3 and 4 baby momma having, bad hygeine, arrogant, think the world owe them something BLACK MEN???

      Sorry but you self grandizing types make me puke. Its always that one negro that think he is God’s gift. You better wake up and thank the Lord your behind aint sitting in a jail cell or the victim of racial profiling or just plain unemployed because nobody wants to hire you for fear you will rob them or just not show up to work on schedule.

      Whatever negativity you find with black women understand that the same negativity can be found with black men and its usually twice as bad.

      • Specom says:

        Enjoy growing old with your 10 cats…

      • j dog says:

        I have this weird feeling you are one of the obese women he was talking about which is exactly why you got pissed at that brothers statement. Anyone who reads his statement wouldn’t come away thinking he was “god’s gift to women” he sounded very humble and sincere. You on the other hand sound like a bitter b@#!h!!!

    • queen says:

      @ Bruff and anyone who disagrees with his comment; For the record i am a married successful Black woman who happens to be married to a handsome black,well educated man,whom i have been with for 19yrs and we are pushing 40 years of age and have two beautiful black children. Anyway i totally agree with what your saying because i also look at our black woman and wonder why they let themselves go. I workout 6days a week, eat healthy as possible,and just take care of myself. Not only do i do this for myself but for my husband and my children. Every day that i walk out my front door i am a representation of my family. Yes i am starting to notice a heavier flow of color stepping into the gym these days. To the Black women, if you notice he did say that his lady was black. he was trying to educate you on what black men are looking for. I am taking any sides to this but what he is saying is true. Stop with the excuses of why your overweight. Yes black men and any man loves a women with a big butt, but a toned big butt…lol.

  32. DESIREE says:


    Just pure rubbish! Just wish you had hit the delete key first.


    A black woman with nappy hair that eats hemp hearts and yogurt for breakfast, does a 30 minute work out at 5:30am and then again before bedtime. Never set foot in a gym and never was an athlete, but got abs to make white women envy me and believe me, they do. But, if I did carry a few extra pounds and if I had a relaxer, I wouldn’t gladly pass on the chance to be with a man with your mentality and gladly hand to over to the first obese pale trash that you deserve

  33. ALICIA RAE says:


    I totally agree. I think there is an Uncle Tom posting comments on this site. You know, the one with all the statistics that he learned from white folk. lol

  34. DESIREE says:


    correction: I WOULD glad pass up an opportunity to be with a man with your mentality and hand you over to the first obese pale trash that you deserve

  35. Smith says:

    I think Madam Prezident as she calls herself is a disgusting non-talented writer, who doesn’t have a man, can’t get one, and blames black men for all of her man problems. Where’s the pictures of Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Alfred Woodard, Sanaa Lathan, Kelly Rowland, Tamera Mowry, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Garcelle Beauvais, Pearl Bailey, Janet Jackson, and Venus Williams, just to name a few? This lady is so full of shit like so many sisters that complain about black men. Please get a life!

  36. JT says:

    Here are my thoughts on the matter! Check me out! Black Men…just be with who you are going to be comfortable, happy, and satisfied with! THAT IS ALL…

  37. Tiamette says:

    I am a black woman who does not have a problem with this. I also am involved with someone outside my race. I have no interest whatsoever in any of these men. I don’t care what some might say it represents. It says nothing negative about me and I know for sure that I am a wonderful, loving, supportive and caring person and the man I am with completely thinks so also.
    We believe the purpose of articles such as these is to continue to create this anger and separation between black men and women and make the black woman feel inadequate and make black men feel that we don’t love them, and they can only find true happiness in the arms of non-black women; further dividing our community, which is absolute bull. Who and why these men choose to be with the women they are with is their decision and does not reflect the opinion or desires of most African American men.
    Black men have a really tough time in this country and I for one am not going to jump on the bandwagon and bash any of them. I do not agree with the title of this article. There are many wealthy black men married to black women, they are invisible just as the wonderful black fathers and educated, good hearted black men who make a difference in our communities every day.
    I hope these men are happy with their choices and hope the females actually love them for who they are and nothing else, which is what every human being deserves.

    • Princess P. says:

      Speak on it. Love your comment and complete agree!!

    • MillieG1 says:

      I definitely agree with your comment and I would like to add to it by saying that not all interracial relationships are a fabrication of greed, lust, phoniness, and loveless. True love had so color boundaries and we all deserved to be loved, treated with respect and dignity and supported and nurtured for who we are. I have engaged in several interracial relationships and I don’t have a problem with others who have done the same.

  38. Mike says:

    most of the brothers have kids by sisters,,first,,but the white ladies i see here,,dont look good at ALL,,wait till they turn 40 and their skin sag along with their boobs,,wake up one morning and go back to the hood to find a dip..

  39. Well... says:

    Man, OJ & Kobe haven’ttaught these fools sh!t. #carryonkoons

  40. It is what it is. Get over it. White Skin is in all over the world. This will probably change but don’t hold your breath.

  41. The message was wrong, although the facts are almost right. White men have been having their way with black women throughout history because of their power. Now, the power is shifting, those who have been held down, namely white women and black men, are now flexing their muscles.

  42. chibi says:

    Wow this is really pathetic…who the fuck cares if they with white women. How bout us black women getting fucking smart for once and actual excercise your options as well..the world is a lot bigger than just blk woman…the pity party has been dead for years..cut the shit out..kill the blk power mentality forreal. You dont own them and they dont own us..we just happen to have the same pigment. We blk women get a clue. I’m happily married to an Asian man…wake up! There are plenty of non black men who are attracted to us to..exercise your options..good gracious

  43. moonhead says:

    Contrary to the title, not all of these women are white. Also, Booker T Washington’s wife was not white, she was light skin. If he had married a white woman back then, they would have lynched him. But going back to the title, these men did not marry these women for money, because most were already wealthy. Black men turn to these women, because they are freaks in the bed, and a lot of black women are not. End of story.

    Bill Cosby, is rich as hell, but his wife Camille, is black.

  44. Doesn’t bother me one bit. You like head. Go grt it.

    • moonhead says:

      You damn right I like head, and I wouldn’t date any woman, that doesn’t give it. But, it is a two way street, so I love to give my woman it too.

  45. The ones who are stressing over this have the bigger problem.

  46. Oh Snap! says:

    Since when did Asian and Latina and Mixed Race women become white? I swear some folk stay in the dark.

    George Lucas (big time movie maker) is with a black woman. As you pictured here, David Bowie is with Iman who is African (can’t get no more black than that) and there are other black women in mixed race marriages and relationships.

    I think the bigger issue is that black men seem to date down regardless of what ethnicity the woman is. For some reason, black men don’t recognize quality when they see it. To most, light skin and straight hair are all the qualifications needed for a good spouse/life partner. Speaks volumes about how they view themselves.

    I bet half those couples are not even together now.

    • Stevie says:

      There are Asian and Latino people that do not even like blacks. It is common in East Asian and Latin America countries. They are only colored when it benefits them. Generally white men do not date black women and it does not excuse black men. I’m a black man and many of you, I’m sorry to say, are sellouts.

  47. Oh Snap! says:

    Rick Fox used to be married to the gorgeous and successful and still getting paid Vanessa Williams. Now he’s with this D-list chick. Wow, talk about taking two steps back!

  48. Oh Snap! says:

    And Eric Benet’s wife, the ex-wife of Prince, is half Black so lets get our facts straight. Their kid will be black as well.

    • konaman says:

      No kid will not be black eric benet is not even your typical black man (in terms of ancestry) and his wife is likely more white than black unless her black parent is a full blooded African.

  49. I have seen some black gold diggers, too. I think they are better off than the women that have baby after baby for man after man, and end up forever on welfare, and with a string of offspring with felony records.

  50. I don’t Have s problem with interracial dating, which is good because it is inevitable. I do have a problem with black women, who I think are the sexiest creatures on earth, thinking so slight of themselves. The main reason many black women cannot land a husband in their early twenties is because by then, too many of Them have too many babies. Most men would like to start their own families.

  51. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Some of these posts about black women are so ignorant that I cannot respond to some of these posts. Black women are beautiful, intelligent, sexy, tough, and the backbone of the black community. W
    here would we be without the black woman?

  52. ana says:

    I can just imagine how the Mothers of These Black MEN must really feel. ..It Literally Almost Killed O.J. Simpson’s Mother. Most Black Mothers are Totally Against Their Sons or Daughters Marrying Out of Their Race…I’m Just Keeping It Real…Just Saying.

    • Oh Snap! says:

      Some of these black grandmothers want light skinned, curly haired grandbabies so I wouldn’t say they are all against their sons or daughters marrying outside the race.

    • j dog says:

      What do the black mothers say when their daughters screw white men, you spiteful bitter broad.

      • curious says:

        @ J dog
        you seem to either be bored or jobless. While you are on line responding to every ones comments, where is this LATINA woman of yours. Im not trying to be funny but, you seem to be angry. your on here all times of the day and night. Latina women loves attention and good loving, so if your online what is she doing…..hum

  53. LeeLee says:

    It’s pitiful, that this. I am a beautiful black woman inside and out and I am not desirable to these black men because according to the world they live in anything lighter than a black women is better. I must look at both sides of the coin. Even though a lot of black women are conditioned to be a total bish due to poverty and social cultural dictates.. This is designed to be this way.. Rich black men with white women. I would not say I’m prejudiced but I have been around enough to know self hate is the premise here.. Most of us still suffer with a slave mentality. Nothing wrong with seeing how others live. But also economics say, it’s probably better to have a non-black women in your corner, You look better at the company parties. Disgusted with the economics of black america. Wonder if these men remember where they came from and remember to give something back.

  54. Don’t sell black women short. Some of them can dig too .. And please a man to boot. The white woman thing is more of the “variety is the spice of life” kind of thing. Black women can hold on to a man when they have one worth holding on to.

    • Teresa says:

      This is so true. My first so-called love left for a white woman, and several other relationships that I’ve been in, followed the same suit. They were MOST DEFINITELY doing things I was not willing to do.Malcolm X admitted that he saw many a black men practically trampling down black women to get to a white woman (with their weak asses). It’s getting harder and harder for me to respect black men today. I view them as very weak, very whimpy and whiney. I have 6 black grandsons, oh! boy I know where that’s headed. To my black sisters I say stay strong!

      • linda says:

        But Teresa don’t forget it is us black woman who give birth to these black men & raise them so obviously we can raise them however we would like them to be instead on being so quick to write them off like a bad check because of a few bad experiences with them, that would just make us just as weak as some of the weak men you mentioned about. The power is in our hands & always was its just that some of us forgot who we truly are as well and then we wonder why we see a undesirable outcome. let’s build with each other instead of continually tearing each other down. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel like any of us came this far just to give up on each other!

      • j dog says:

        Lol “with their weak assess” just another bitter,single black female I honestly could throw a rock out my window and hit a bitter chick just like you. Full of hate and ignorance, I have two words for you “sista” and I use that word VERY LOOSELY, Eunice Rivers. You have probably never heard this name in your misearble life. This was also a black women she was the head nurse of one of the most hideous experiments in American history called the tuskegee experiment which lasted from1932 to 1972. She was involved in it for 25years, where she gained the trust of 400-600 “weak ass” black men and lied to them ALONG with the white man about them having “bad blood” when infact they injected them with syphilis!!!! And this bitch knew all along and she said absolutely nothing. Even when the cure was available she still didn’t tell the ” weak ass” black men. They accourse passed it on to their wives who were black and their unborn children. Even as these men started dying this lovely strong independent black women kept on keeping on. So please excuse the next “weak ass” brother the next time you happen to see him with a non-black female, he might have a little bit of trust issues. PS the last few survivors didn’t even speak out against this evil bitch before they died, now how’s that for forgiveness?????

  55. Those pictures only prove one thing. White women are not nearly as ashamed to be seen with black men as white men are to be photographed with black women. It is undeniable that there has been a long history of sexual liaisons between black women and white men. I am not talking about slavery. I am talking about things I’ve seen with my own eyes. How do you think “SUGAR HILL” in Manhattan got it’s name?

  56. One thing for sure. This topic can go on as long as there are black men and white women, and white men and black women. Hey, we haven’t even touched on the Asians, East Indians and Polynesians yet.

  57. Disko says:

    First of all there are several things wrong with this article.
    Number one this article is about black men dating white women but you have Iman and David Bowie in the title picture.
    Second of all White men have held the ultimate power if interracial dating for black women started later than that of white women then blame white men it was their choice. White Women like black people have been oppressed by white men as well.
    Black Women were brainwashed to value their men based on finances not on potential. White Women stick in there and fight with their man to build life. I am not suggesting there aren’t sistas out here that can stick in there. There are just a lot more White Women that will without having an attitude. Black Women’s attitude is not a streo-type it’s a majorital reality.
    Why do successful black women bleach their skin? It makes it hard for all the natural sistas when those in the spot light denounce their own natural beauty.
    All this assuming and finger pointing was based on emotions. Jealousy and Hatred won’t prove your point. Articles, interviews and facts will. What evidence do you have that there are more interracial couples than black couples. Maybe if you focussed on successful black couples it would be more supported in society. Halle Berry Cut off her nose and constantly has white boy friends be mad at that. Cause right now you are mad at god not white women. White women can help being white about as much as you can help being black. It’s a good thing white women aren’t racist to the degree of their male counter parts. White women are the largest population in America. How do you think we’re getting it all done with out white women? I don’t think so.
    Lastly if you want to be a legitimate blog you might try talking to the source instead or making wild accusations. Cause If he liked ya then he would have put a ring on it. Sometimes you have to look at your own house.

    • Disco, you are so right about the attitude thing. I wish it was not true but it is what it is. As much as I like black women, some of their attitudes turn me off. I’m sure I am not the only one. Black men are partially to blame for this. We have too many deadbeat dads and men who judge their masculinity by the number of women they can screw.

    • Lala says:

      You made some good points until “Black Women were brainwashed to value their men based on finances not on potential. White Women stick in there and fight with their man to build life”. You cant be more wrong, in fact you have that backwards, especially if a white woman expects to bring a black man home. He’d better be prepared to discuss his current and future $$ making goals. Black women and black men have both had to stick in there and strive hard to be successful in life, so the black women is naturally supportive with any man to achieve his goals.

  58. Disko says:

    Ps Hedi Klum has three times more money than Seal could be how she was in a position to meet him.

  59. cheche says:

    This kind of stuff use to make me mad but no more! If you don’t like me than I don’t like you. I refuse to allow these type of men difine who I am or what the standards of beauty are!

  60. Black Male, Asian Wife says:

    If “black on black” is such a positive thing that every black male should strive for … why does this combination lead the nation in divorce rates? Based on the 2009 census 47% of black women’s marriages will end in a divorce. Why not try something that works. The problem (as I see it) is that in a marriage one has to lead and one has to follow. We always hear this “strong black women” sayings spouted here and there … but what does this mean? That you want YOUR way … that we have to hear YOUR mouth … that we should marry you and if not we’re weak. Nope … we’ve simply evolved and you haven’t. You can’t have two people who want to lead or you become another statistic. Most people here are just talking … i’m stating the FACTS.

    • Have A Seat says:

      To the black male, asian wife”

      So are you suggesting that black women married to white men are thus married to weak men because black women have to have it THEIR way and the white man has to hear THEIR mouth? Do you realize how incredibly ignorant you sound and full of self-hate? So your mother didn’t have a black husband and that was her fault huh? And you are so certain your asian wife doesn’t secretly wish she could have snagged a white man with more status and so her kids wouldn’t come out dark?
      YOU have no facts honey, just delusions and misinformation.
      The bottom line is people marry for 3 reasons: security, social status and the illusion of love. Has nothing to do with evolution and black women aren’t the problem any more than black men, white women, white men, asians, hispanics and everything in between.

  61. cheche says:

    BM/AW You are the most ignorant person to come arcoss this blog in a while. I think you forgot that your kids will be more than likely considered Black…but your beliefs and if your children agree with them will make them laughing stocks. Also when a man needs a subservant women ………..feel like a man…something is wrong. I know I want my partner to take the lead when I need it and to follow when he needs too. Because you hate Black people so much(that would include yourself)just stay away!!

  62. Get over it people. All the ranting and raving isn’t going to change a thing. Try to find a way to be happy while minding your own business.

  63. leroylobster says:

    So when a Black woman gets a non black man, other black women clap for her and congratulate her. But when a black man gets a non black woman everybody has something stupid to say?? Why is this?

  64. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Black women are beautiful. It’s shameful that black men don’t treat black women like Queens because they are certainly Queens. Black women are the heart and soul of the black family and black community. If a black woman decides to lay down with the beast (white man), so be it. I am not a black woman. But based on the horrible racial history of jim crow, degradation, rape, and many other autrocities by the beast on black women, how could they lay with the beast!!!

  65. Deron says:

    Idk, this is a tough one for black folk. I’ll say it straight up. I prefer light-skinned black ladies to the dark skinned, I’m sure that’s already well known in the black community. But I prefer white women over the light skinned black girls. Black women just annoy me sometimes because they don’t behave the same as white women do, so this kind of thins the field for me, so I seek out only white ladies as girlfriends the older and more successful I have gotten. Once you kind of leave the hood or hood mentality, and get opportunities, you can’t really help it. White blonde women just seem more attractive. I wouldn’t have believed I’d be saying this ten years ago, but that was before I left the hood for college and moved on to a great university. I don’t blame these cats for doing what they are doing, most black men would do the same, I know I would. It kind of tears me in half because of all the criticism I get from “some” family and friends, especially with my ex-fiance who did not want to be part of that, and that kind of ended everything. So everybody should stop being so critical, because we don’t understand how much pressure is being put on men like this to “be black”. I am black no matter who I marry! I really wish all of my relatives would stop bugging me about all of these matters, I am 29, finished law school etc. If I marry a white woman, why won’t they accept me?

  66. If the point of this topic is to highlight the fact that we are, indeed headed toward a TRUE melting pot, then it has succeeded.

  67. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    I love black women. Their strength is their independence. Black women are the backbone of the black community. I feel sorry for the “Uncle Toms” that lick up a white woman’s ass.

  68. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    j dog to quote money mayweather- j dog you aint shit!

    • j dog says:

      Hey tart boy, if you are going to “quote” someone PLEASE learn how to spell, it’s screwed NOT srewed. Ignorant NOT ingnorant, so this is english 101 tart boy. Your pathetic sentence sould have read like this, j dog I screwed you and your mother in the ass you ignorant piece of shit. It’s absolutely insane how many stupid people black people are quick to insult someone with bad grammar, that has always blown my mind. I can take a insult as best as the next man but when the retard can’t even spell then it becomes a laughing stock.Seriously tart boy PLEASE use spell check.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        p dog (mitt) sure i can accomodate an ass kissing, white women, loving uncle tom any day – ba (economics/statistics) MRP (planning) – plus i love and respect black women!! merry christmas representative scott!

        • j dog says:

          Lol, did you obtain your “BA” from Devry, there is absolutely no way you can be an educated person and you can’t even write at the eight grade level. You couldn’t even spell the word screwed or ignorant!!!! If by some miracle you actually did obtain a degree you need to ask for a refund, because the education system has failed you. If you are a example of a educated black man then we are FUCKED!!

    • j dog says:

      Lol, I am a gansta so such? Wow now I know why you can only get a black female, tart is that by chance ebonics? That would explain how you are able to communicate with the sistas. I have a question,what is the highest level of education you have obtained? PS I have been showing everyone your illiterate responses and everyone is on the ground laughing in tears, no one can believe someone who talks so much shit about caucasians would actually quote of all people Mitt Romney, OR a man who has been convicted of beating up black women ( Floyd Mayweather!!!)

  69. cheche says:

    Deron….you can’t be serious…..why should you care if your family accepts you and your bs. If you truly love blond white women because black women are stupid and ghetto; to you then date whoever you want…but don’t think your family would be stupid enough to accept your demeaning comments about black women, you mother being one of them!

    • Deron says:

      NOBODY said black women are stupid and ghetto! Its jealous insecure individuals like yourself who bring out all the hate with issues like this! The point of this article is not to name call and be racist like most of the people making comments. Why don’t you try to understand that there may be a different point of view than your own, just because I am black, does not mean I think like you do. Why the hell is everybody subjecting all those men in the photos to YOUR criticism and YOUR ways of thinking???

      I think I had a great point which nobody wanted to comment on, MOSTLY ALL black men prefer “light skinned black women to dark skinned. Now wtf is so wrong with me preferring a white woman to a light skinned black woman? And if I do and I marry one, why is all the black community looking at me like I am uncle tom? There is something absolutely hypocritical in this thinking, but we really can’t bring it up around family and friends, because everyone gets crazy! I love my family, but I very likely will not marry a black woman, BUT I WANT us to be accepted.

    • j dog says:

      Before you respond to a statement it would behoove you to actually read the statement. Deron never said black women were ghetto or stupid. The fact that you interjected those two words makes you seem very stupid. The first part of any debate is the ability to comprehend. Obama’s mother was white and this strong, single white women produced America’s first black president, but I’m sure of course you already knew that. The last parting question I have for you is what would you have done if you had met Obama’s parents?

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        p dog (clarence thomas) – i have met the president’s mother – her name was angela davis troll!

        • j dog says:

          When you met her did you said her “uncle tom” husband was licking up her ass? I guarantee your hoe ass wouldn’t have dared because Obama would have knocked you straight the fuck out. Tart out.

    • cheche says:

      Deron if you think I’m jelous of black men who choose white women over black women you’re sadley mistaken. I have no problem with loving who you love white black asian, but I do have a problem with black folks who demean black men and women so THEY FEEL GOOD ABOUT DATING OUTSIDE THEIR RACE…SOMEONE LIKE YOU. I grew up in the civil rights era and witness terrible things that were done to people of color. So I’m entitled to my opinion just as you are!

      • Deron says:

        … Ok… so why does the “black community” accept the fact that black men prefer light skinned women, meaning they are pretty much half white! What is so wrong with being attracted to one more skin tone that is a little more white? How is that demeaning to the Black race. If it is true, than all black men are demeaning to the black race, because they prefer light skinned women over dark skinned. I don’t know ONE of my friends that prefers dark skinned women, not that they are not attractive, but they just don’t appeal as attractive as the light skinned black women.

        I say 95 percent of blakcs, are not even black! Africans are black, we are MIXED to begin with. What is so wrong with continuing that mixing. By the way, that civil rights stuff has nothing to do with anything… White people aren’t even racist like that anymore, though there are some.

  70. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    p dog (JC Watts) if you judge a person’s educational credentials based on this site it is understandable why you lick the crack of a white woman’s A hole!!

    • j dog says:

      Well Mr. Tart man the reason why I said something about your education is that if you were truly educated you would know that people all over the world judge you by the grammar you use either written or spoken. I didn’t know that writing a statement on this website was any different. You must really fantasize about licking a white women’s ass every other sentence includes that sorry statement. I’m truly sorry that some white women turned you down before and I can see that it has tramatized you, but you need to get over it. You shouldn’t let that effect you with this blind rage about ass licking.

  71. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    pee dog (Rep Scott/Mandingo) – I am recommending you to all the white women you UT. I know your a fool if you compare stuff that’s written on this site to educated prose – Back to the subject Ass licker – boot licker – knuckle dragger – chuckle head –

    • j dog says:

      It’s “you’re” NOT your, why can’t a idiot with an alleged BA in economics spell at the fourth grade level? I’m honestly getting tired of schooling you in the English language, this is getting ridiculous. I want to personally apologize to you for the education system that has obviously failed you. Asslicker out tart boy!!!!

  72. Sheila says:

    I looked at the many,many couples over time. I’ve read posts of how black women aren’t smart enough,how black women are too “ghetto”. I do believe black women need to smarten up. Stop breeding these black males. If you should find yourself with child and it is male…terminate. Think of the power you could have! They have no need for you. What do you need with them. Black males have not been in your corner for some time. Wake up. Think on it long and hard.
    Some will say I speak self-hate. I think not when I see those pictures above. I see that black women need to love, look after and protect themselves.


    • j dog says:

      LOL, oh sheila I don’t think you are preaching self hate but one thing I would like to point out is black women are the number one ethnic group in the abortion game. If black women stopped getting abortions shit planned parent would go out of business tomorrow!!!! Every single black female I know has had at least 2-3 abortions already, including my mother. Trust me black females have been taking your advice for at least 50yrs already, lol.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Shiela – You must be out of your mind fool! Terminate your life you nut. Please don’t be influenced by the ignorance of piss dog (Mandingo/white woman ass licker). Hey piss dog – How that white ass taste??????

      • j dog says:

        Lol dumb black bitch advocates abortions and its because of my ignorance??? Wow and you wonder why I would NEVER fuck with a black female again lol… and to answer your question it taste great!!!! I betcha dear old Sheila’s probably already had 2-3 abortions just ask her tart-tart.

        • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

          piece of shit dog – please dig your nose deep into your white queens A Hole – you deserve her with all of her whiteness -lickedy split – go get it you hate yourself ignorant mandingo –

          • j dog says:

            First question tart-tart, with you having a BA in “economics” shouldn’t your broke ass be at work slaving for the “white man?” Secondly you need to make up your dense mind about what type of derogatory type I am, first I’m a “uncle tom” now today I’m a mandingo warrior!!!!! Man honestly you are one dumb fuck, first its an insult then it’s a compliment. WTF????????? What college did you say you graduated from?

        • cheche says:

          Wow…..self-hatred is bigger then ever. How would you like someone calling your female family members black bitches???? And thank you for not having anything to do with a sista…does this include your female family members?????? Sad

          • j dog says:

            Wow this coming from the same female who said you “used” to get mad whenever you saw a black man with someone who isn’t black, you honestly can’t be serious? I had a aunt who had me locked up when I was living with my grandmother (when I was 17) just because she could, major Cunt bitch. My ex bitch of a wife stabbed me, bite me AND lied to me about being pregnant!! Then the hateful bitch had me kicked out of the military even though I was taking care of her two bastard children (by of course two different men) her own mother told her she was a stupid bitch for that move !! My lovely dipshit sister has called the police on me AND my brother for dumb shit because she’s a hateful bitch. My cousin who is white as snow had the nerve to tell me why I didn’t have a black female , when this goofy bitch works around nothing but white folks AND lives in Orland Park!!! I have been burned twice with STD’s fucking with black females, not to mention your girl Sheila on this very site advocated ONLY ABORTING BLACK MALES, and I’m full of self hate???? Another dumb bitch on this same site said she’s going to boycott brothers who date outside their race yet she totally forgot to mention black chicks like Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan etc. You seem to feel some sort of entitlement because you grew up during the civil rights that you have a right to judge people on the choosing of their mates. No I love myself just fine It’s bitter black women like yourself who need a reality check, seriously since 1973 black women have aborted between 10-13 MILLION CHILDREN, I don’t know what planet you are from but if that by itself isn’t the very definition of SELF HATE I don’t know what is!!!!!! Of all the millions and millions of black women in America the first black president of the United States wasn’t produced by A BLACK WOMEN!!!!

  73. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    p dog – you uneducated white woman ass licking fool – don’t you know history – Mohammed Ali called Ken Norton “Mandingo” prior to their fight because Norton played a slave in a blaxploitation movie – SUNY at Geneseo and UNC Chapel Hill – boot licker!

    • j dog says:

      Retard Mohammed Ali took the word from the Mandingo tribe in Africa dumb fuck since now you’re giving history lessons. Ali who is also a draft dodger turned a proud symbol into a derogatory term, you would know that if your dumb ass saw roots. Man you are one dumb misinformed idiot. Ass licker out……lol

  74. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    p dog you been outed as a ass licking troll – Mohammed Ali a draft dodger??? – You must be a troll – Ali is a hero in the black and progressive community for taking a stand against that sensless war – go lick some more ass you dumb troll – you been outed!!!

    • j dog says:

      Lol let me clarify dipshit I didn’t agree with Vietnam the genocide of all those people, now with that being said I also don’t agree with a grown man running to Canada like a straight up coward either. The viet con didn’t call the other blacks nigga’s either and those black men didn’t run to Canada like BITCHES!!! He might be YOUR HERO but he’s not mind, my hero is Jack Johnson the FIRST BLACK HEAVY WEIGHT BOXER (blacks worshipped the ground he walked on) and jack married three white women in a time of extreeme racism.Boo-yah!!!!!!!! Those brothers went to war and fought like soldiers they didn’t tuck their tails between their legs like cowards, I hate COWARDS they could never be someone I look up too.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        I know troll you would never look up to Ali – You prefer a white woman’s A Hole lickety split. Whatan ignorant scumbag you are?

    • j dog says:

      Whatan???? I have repeatedly tried to correct your illiterate ass and your poor grammar, there is a saying that if you continue to argue with an idiot then you become a idiot. I will not respond to you anymore, I’m tired of trying to uplift you to improve your english. Peace out this will be my last response to you.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        well good bye p dog – king of the uncle tom white woman ass hole lickers – sho taste good don’t it pure uncle tom!

  75. Kace Merryl says:

    Marcus Garvey said if the white man came and took your black woman then go and take his white woman… you see its karma, what goes around comes around. Black women have been used raped and impregnated for more than 400 years by the white man. Its payback time for the black man and paybacks a bitch.

  76. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Sistas – Please don’t concern yourself with regard to the illiterate rants of piss dog – This troll is a self hating; white woman A Hole licking troll – He is nothing – Hold your head – Piss dog is small rotten potatoes – piss dog equates to prick!

  77. Think says:
    • j dog says:

      Holy shit even I was blown away from the black women dating white and other ethnic groups, WOW !!!! I truly wish you had posted this list earlier for dipshits like Sheila, cheche, tart boy, leelee, dark chocolate, Teresa etc, unfortunately most of the ignorant rants on this site are from black women who are scorned by their own ignorance. There was one comment about how black women were the last to date outside their race, another said how white men were embarrassed to take photos with black women, I mean straight bullshit lies!!!! The black woman in America is the first person to get angry if you label them as “angry, bitter” yet there are hundreds and hundreds of sites just like this that proves just that!!!! Irony at it’s finest. The truly sad part is you have people like dear old Sheila who grew up during the civil rights era who completely missed the WHOLE POINT OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ERA, civil rights gave blacks the right to live their lives as they so chose to, NOT to be shackled to some crazy insane notion that a black could only marry another black only.

      • Think says:

        As I mentioned back in August along with a few others, this article is just designed to stir up emotions and lacked any honesty, truthful analysis or depth. You can find as many black women of wealth who have white husbands as there are black men of wealth who have white wives. Black women of wealth have been marrying white men for decades – starting with Lena Horne, Pearl Bailey and Dorothy Dandridge – just to name a few. This (interracial coupling) is a simple issue from certain vantage points and complex issue from other vantage points. Too much of the dialogue on these postings, like the article, has more emotion than sensible, reasoned discourse on all the potential factors that contribute to the choice of interracial coupling. There many and varied reasons why these choices are made.

        • j dog says:

          I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart you are one of the most intelligent brothers I have ever met on the internet, now with that being said I am in a interracial marriage (five years strong with a latina) even before I ever layed eyes’s on my wife when I did see black women with other ethnic groups IT NEVER BOTHERED ME, so the question I have for you is why do most black women have a stick up their ass about black men dating other ethnic groups even in 2012 when our own president came out of a white women????

          • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

            piss dogg – i have never in my life experienced an insulting scumbag like you – I am so grateful that a black woman with luck never permanently layed down with A Hole like you. You don’t have a stick up you ass – it’s cock while you are licking a white woman’s ass. You are a disgrace to manhood –

          • Think says:

            Thank you for your kind compliment. Decades of being on this planet (almost 6 decades) and years of life experience and exposure, along with a learned habit and proclivity to think deeply and broadly about issues that affect humans and black folks allows me speak probably with intellectual honesty rather then emotional rhetoric and reaction. To your question about “many” black women reacting so strongly to black men with women of other ethnic groups. The reasons are many. Some black women are angry and hurt because they feel they are being rejected outright because they are black. Others resentful that they are blamed for the reprehensible behavior of some black women and feel they are rejected on that basis. Others have been treated violently, unfaithfully, cruelly by a black man and believe that the same black man treats a white woman in the opposite fashion. Some rightly so, know that certain black men prefer lighter complexions, straight hair, finer lesser “negroid” features and see that as a rejection of who they are and are angered by that. Available Black women outnumber available black males because too many, younger ones especially, are incarcerated, under/unemployed, under skilled/educated and downright immature (unprepared to be full time fathers, full time spouses and full time committed to one woman and being at home with family) – and seeing the few black men that are the opposite with a woman of another ethnicity or race hurts them. Some women are just plain angry, hurt, pissed off by their history or past because a black man has selfishly and hurtful taken advantage of them and put up with it and being resentful will lash out at anything that is positive. Then there are the women who from a political, social, cultural belief system (as many in all ethnicities or race) think that there should be no racial or ethnic mixing because it results in some type of dilution.
            There is no singular answer. Some women are impacted by a number of the things I mentioned and don’t even know it. For me whenever I hear a black woman express strong reactions or responses to a black man with a woman of another ethnicity or race, I calmly try to explore the reasons with them rather than engage in rhetoric or emotional word throwing.
            As for personal disclosure, I was married for 21 years to a brilliant, well educated, professional and accomplished black woman who was very strong and a great mother to my children. I am a widower. Prior to being married while in college, I dated a very nice white woman and we just did not work out. After becoming a widower, (14 years now) I have dated a Latina, white, asian, and black women. They had their pluses and minuses. I just have not found the right match to marry again. When I do, regardless of whether they are Latina, Black, Asian or White, if they are the right one I will marry. Also my eldest son is with an Asian woman who he met while at college and they have been together for 14 years (married for 4) and have an 18 month old daughter. We are not there yet because of the history and horrendous conduct and behavior between peoples – but the reality is we are the human race. All this other stuff is noise and emotion and a need to heal from our illness intellectually, emotionally, politically, culturally and socially. You should choose to be with your Latina wife because of who she is and how she and you meet each other’s needs and wants – not because you disparage or dislike other women of other ethnicities or because of a bad history or past of any specific woman whether she is Black, White, Asian or Latina.
            I probably have given you a longer answer or response than you expected….but these are my commiserations.

          • Think says:

            May I encourage that both Mr Bond and Mr. J Dog discontinue the vile name calling between each other?? It is not useful or respectful discourse.

  78. j dog says:

    That clown is irrelevant I told him yesterday I would no longer respond to him anymore and I won’t he can literally drop dead for all I care, but I do have more questions for you, why are black women 3-5 times more likely to have an abortion than any other ethnic group in America? Black women aren’t the only females getting abused or mistreated. “Several years ago 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los Angeles California, some 12-15,000 were observed to be black” -Erma Clardy Craven social worker and civil rights leader. “The most dangerous place for an African-America is in the womb” -Pastor Clenard Childress, Jr.

    • Think says:

      According to a study done by the CDC and another organization, the reason why the abortion rate is so high among black women (particularly those between ages 15 – 25) is primarily because of a lack of health insurance to make contraceptive care unaffordable resulting 3-4 times more unintended pregnancies. Sadly….Abortion becomes their birth control. The other reasons is lack of education reducing their outlook on life, learning culturally from older women that it is “OK” to be a single mother(it has become a mantra and statement of pride & boasting by older black women), conceding to the pressure of men who don’t want to use condoms, health issues because of he pill (most trials are done with white women and therefore potential health issues for black women are not discovered) and lastly esteem issues because of missing fathers and working mothers resulting in feeling fulfilled in a baby.

      • j dog says:

        I am 100% confused how it can be the education factor when everyone knows that black women graduate from high school AND college at a much higher rate than black men, roughly 40-45% of black women graduate from college compared to barely 30% for black men. Most universitys across the country you would be hard pressed to even find a black man on campus!!!!! My own mother was a double major at Northwestern University in the 70’s when it was almost unheard of for blacks to attend that school ( even till this day when I tell people that they look at me in amazement) and she’s had 3-4 abortions in her lifetime AFTER college. My brother who is a foreman making around $70,000 a year and was taking care of his ex-wife and her other kid after she had my nephew then preceded to have not one but two abortions against his will!!!!! I think its easy to make excuses by blaming it on education but that’s simply not true. When he met this women she already had two kids by two different men when he met her, he became the third “baby daddy” 80% percent of planned parenthoods are in minority neighborhoods!!!! Margaret Sanger realized this in the 60’s 70’s that’s the reason why she opened the very first planned parenthood in Harlem (Dr. Martin Luther King was a huge fan of hers)

        • Think says:

          Your points are valid however missing some key elements. Let’s talk about what percentage of black girls who graduate from high school that go to college. One report stated that only 38% of black women high school graduates go to college. That leaves 62% who don’t — so for many reasons including life outlook, financials etc. a significant percentage black women are not getting college educated. (the number is dismal for black young men)
          Now when I use the word “education” – I use it beyond academic achievement. Education is not simply hearing or acquiring information or knowledge, but the discipline and practice of applying the same. Discipline and practice around family planning is rarely part of the regular discussion, decision and agreement with too many black couples. (Especially those of lower middle/lower income & religious). There is no reason in the 21st century why there are multiple unintended pregnancies – that then too often as you highlight end with abortion. True education was missing. In the example you sighted of a relative, there clearly was missing discussion, decision, agreement regarding pregnancy or termination of the same. There is obviously rigid discipline and practice amongst white females and their partners compared to Black & Hispanic females and their partners when in I believe in 2010 the contrast of unintended pregnancies between the two are so starkly different. 9000 – white females 33,000 Black/Hispanic females. Lastly economic education is lacking. To effectively raise and educate each child through college today takes 250K. If you already have two children – can you actually economically afford more?? Is that discussed in an educated way???

          • j dog says:

            I would agree with some of your statements but there are still some unanswered questions such as why do hispanic women from third world countries with even less education on average still have a lower abortion rates?? The average Latin family has almost double the amount of offspring yet they don’t kill their children as often in the womb. Secondly I wish I could agree that it boils down to money but in the instance of my brother and his wife who had two abortions she then decided to have my second nephew!! Most of China is also a third world as well but they don’t line up to have abortions (the government has a one child rule, they force them to have abortions against their will) Third this is actually the MOST DEPRESSING the “back bone” of the black community usually not always but usually have MULTIPLE FATHERS of children, I still don’t get that part. A Mexican female might have anywhere from 4-6 kids but its usually by the same man, I know many personally. I can count on 4-5 fingers the amount of black women I can say that about.

          • Think says:

            Couple thoughts…..I think you are seeking singular simple answers to a very complex matter that has intertwined with it culture, religion, education, health insurance and economics. Latin or Hispanic (especially outside the US) culture and religion play a significant role in their sexual behavior, pregnancy, relationships and abortion. You cannot compare to that to African American females.
            With regard to your brother and wife my reflection in my earlier post had nothing to do with “money” but a deficit of discussion, decision, agreement together with regard to family planning, pregnancy and abortion. Money is very minor in their situation.
            Your information about abortions in China is not correct. Abortions in China is the highest in the world. 13 million a year 1 out of every 40 women compared to the US 1.2 million or 1 out of every 180 women.
            The matter of children with multiple fathers is culturally accepted by lower income black women according to several reports I read more than any other. Upper income black women do not do this. Again as I pointed out earlier, this cultural boasting by too many black women of being a “single Mom” contributes to that. Men and fathers are irrelevant. There isn’t even a consideration as to whether the man they lay with would make a good father….he is just a sperm donor who made them feel good. I know of women who have children with men who do not take care of or have relationships with children they had with a former wife/girlfriend. How ridiculous !!! It is however sadly accepted and praised by our culture and women in our culture. You only practice many times what you see and know. In other cultures it is very important that all children come from the same man (even if the relationship is not good). And they do it for the children’s sake.
            Lastly, I am not sure the situation regarding black women having children with multiple fathers is as bad as you described. It is bad but not as bad. I know a significant amount of black women who only have children from one man. I do have to admit that the majority of black women in my circle are well educated (degrees), economically advantaged and have an ambitious outlook on life for themselves (including my daughter who possesses her undergrad from Yale and her MBA from Harvard B. School). I reprise, education as I defined education earlier, formal education & life outlook, culture, religion, healthcare and economics plays a significant role in behavior.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        Think – I am not going sit by and tolerate piss dog making derogatory statements about black women. Black women are the backbone of our community. I am not going to let this scumbag continue making these statements without a response. Piss Dog is a coward. You know it. He would never speak a black woman using that language. Piss Dog is a lousy white woman A Hole licker who hates himself. Piss Dog (coward) screw youtself troll!

        • Think says:

          I am fully supportive of pushing back hard on anyone who makes rude, derogatory, pejorative, broad swiping negative statements about black women. Especially based on one’s personal negative experience with a poor decision and choice of a woman one had a relationship with.
          Response and reaction MUST and should happen when this kind of communication takes place.
          However, I question the manner and language used in responding and reacting to such horrendous and despicable statements about black women. Calling that person names, berating white women or using rude rhetoric and commentary to push back and challenge these kind of statements is just as bad, does not educate, does not inform, does not teach, and does restore. I simply encourage a different manner and approach.

          • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

            If you want to sit by and accept the degradation black women by this piece of trash so be it. Piss Dog is pure trash! He is a white women A Hole licker! Piss Dog is a ignorant coward!

        • Think says:

          I do not know J. Dog at all. Further I do NOT accept his or anyone else’s degradation of black women. My grandmothers, mother, sisters, wife and daughter are beautiful, intelligent, educated, loving, giving, spiritual, gracious, gentle and strong black women. I hold black women in high esteem. I will kindly, gently and honestly speak critically to decisions, behaviors and practices of some black women as I would to that of men and respectfully speak of what corrective measures can be taken. What I will not do is rebuff or reject anyone’s degradation of black women by calling them pejorative names, use vulgarity to communicate my rejection or join with use of debasing language of the offender or the women he chooses to be with.

          • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

            When you exchange with this scum you are giving him a forum to spew his degrading hate of black women. I refuse to give him any respect – Black women have beeh through hell in this society and I REFUSE to let some self hating AHole licker degrade Sistas. Your an intellectual, why are you wasting your time on this bum. Piss (coward) Dog should be tar and feathered then drawn and quartered immediately.

  79. Think, your post on this subject made more sense than most on this site. A subject like this on a site like this serves mainly to elicit negative responses from angry people. If this continues, this site will just turn into a place to rant, blow off steam, or whatever you want to call it but it will not serve as a source of enlightenment, which should be it’s purpose.

    • Think says:

      Thank you. The author ended her article (filled with what were supposed to be thought provoking questions) with a slew of pictures and suggested “thinking” should be the outcome. Quite honestly, the pictures agitated more than resulting in “thinking”. The pictures provided an incorrect and non-factual image regarding what “all” or “majority” of who wealthy men wed, and opened a forum for rhetorical angry statements rather then serious reason discourse. Hopefully it will change

  80. j dog says:

    One of the points I pointed out about China that you seemed to overlook was that they have a “one child policy” meaning the government FORCES them to have abortions, because of over population. This is well documented, China leads the world in human rights violations, once again these women ARE NOT lining up for VOLUNTARY ABORTIONS!!! Secondly the stats for hispanics was from the United States NOT MEXICO, black women in America still out pace Mexicans in the US in abortions.Blacks in America make up barely 14% of the population out of that percentage black women make up between 7-8% of the black population. Also one more critical point please don’t forget the Chinese have a billion people, America only has about 330 total million people, once you factor in the huge population difference AND the fact that one is involuntary and the other is strictly by CHOICE you will notice black women still lead the way in abortions. That fact that you say its culturally acceptable for black women to have multiple fathers of their children and this is learned from the “back bone” of black society speaks for itself.

    • Think says:

      Whether forced (China) or voluntary (AA females in US) the reports say the same as to the reason for the very high number of abortions – lack of available contraception. China still proportionately regardless of population size still outpaces the US in abortions.
      There is still the sad & painful fact as you point out very well, Black women have an outrageously high number of abortions compared to all other groups in the US. As one preacher called it – black self imposed genocide. What I will NOT do is put the sole responsibility for unintended pregnancy and thus abortions squarely on black females. For every unintended pregnancy of a black female there was a black male who had sexual intercourse with her. Why is it that black males are not practicing birth control??? Why are there so many black males with so many different “baby mommas”? Look at the athletes, the rappers who multiplicity of baby mommas!! For me the matter of unintended pregnancies and abortions is NOT singularly a black female matter. It is also a black male matter. It is a black community matter. This was not always the case. The trend began in the 70s and has become increasingly horrendous in 80s, 90s and the last 12 years. The positive news is that since 2009 the numbers still high are beginning to show a downward trend. Condemning and berating black women as solely responsible is wrong.

      • j dog says:

        I absolutely agree that all the blame shouldn’t be placed solely on the backs of black women, but with that being said the women and only the women has the final so say about her own body. A man has absolutely NO SAY SO ABOUT IF THE FEMALE CAN HAVE THE CHILD OR TO ABORT IT. That awesome responsibility rest squarely at the feet of the woman. If a woman let’s the man decide if he’s going to wear a condom or not what do you even say to that? Women not only have the pill they also have female condoms!!!! As for your examples of athletes having numerous baby mama’s that is yet another example of women seeking their next jack pot. One of the females on this very site said white women are notorious gold diggers yet black women do it every single day. They say the female body is her temple yet its up to the male to chose if he will use protection??? They say women mature faster than men yet now the man chooses for her???? I just don’t get it.

      • Chrissy says:

        I still can’t understand why so many black men can’t comprehend that birth control is a male and female responsibility. Black men say they want to be the HNIC but yet when in comes to controlling whether a woman is impregnated with his child, he says he was defenseless. Condoms, condoms, condoms! At least pull your **ck out! This wouldn’t be a big issue if more black men took precautions too. It wouldn’t matter if she said she was on the pill and wasn’t or if she miscalculated ovulation. Condoms work almost 100% of the time. Their failure rate, when used correctly surely doesn’t rival the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions. Black people act really primitive when it comes to sex. Why would two people having a casual encounter or in otherwise uncommitted relationships want to risk an unwanted pregnancy? Black men and women need to wake the hell up. The reason behind the abortion rates among black women are only a symptom of a much bigger issue within the black community. High abortion rates among black women would coincide with the low marriage rates, the high incarceration rates among black men, therefore the breakdown of the black family unit. White women do have unplanned pregnancies but it is much more likely that a white man will marry her because whites are more inclined to still support and encourage a traditional family structure. It would be interesting to see if marriage rates for blacks increased, if abortion rates among black women would decrease. A large number of women who have abortions overall are women who are already single mothers.

        • Think says:

          Chrissy I appreciate your well thought out dialogue on these matters. I fully agree that these issues are to be shared by black men and the black community. I have tried to communicate these messages in this blog.

  81. j dog says:

    Lol I always find it amusing when spiteful blacks chicks try to tell me I hate myself, just because I state my views.When dear old Halle Berry said she was done with black men and only dates white men not one black female had shit to say, fucking hypocrites. Eve dates white men,Tuna Turner,Zoe Saldana,Tyra Banks,Kelly Rowland,Lil Kim,Stacey Dash,Kerry Washington,Serena Williams,Debra Wilson,Venus Williams,Kim Wayans,Susan Rice,Tatyana Ali,Garcelle Beauvais,Tamara Gray,Whoopi Goldberg,Pearl Bailey,Dorothy Dandrige,Janet Jackson,Naomi Campbell,Heather Headly,Golden Brooks,Veronica Web all love the white man, do they all hate themselves???? Black women abort their children every year in record numbers more than any other group in America, does that mean they hate themselves??? I’ve never aborted any kids. The one thing I’ve learned in my time on earth is that when people say you hate yourself It’s usually a direct reflection on themselves. When the Dalai Lama spoke out against the genocide in China he instantly became the most hated man in china. Martin Luther King was one of the biggest supporters of Margaret Sanger(who believed blacks were inferior to whites, and was a huge advocate of sterilization) who created planned parenthood, did King hate himself? People that hate themselves commit suicide, I love myself, I just chose someone who I can build a life with just like all of the black women I mentioned above. It’s a funny thing when I saw all of the pictures of these wealthy women with black women I never asked or cared if they hated themselves, I guess that only applies if you have a penis, LOL!!!!

  82. Think, your posts are one of the few that I enjoy, and you are so right about the use of vulgarity, which, in my opinion, serves only to ghettoize this site.

  83. Princess P. says:

    jdog is a hateful, spiteful, insecure person whose joy in life is to argue with people on message boards. No wonder his wife left him.

    • j dog says:

      Lol actually I had the welfare bitch convicted of a felony when the savage bitch assaulted me (I sent her and her two bastard kids by two different men packing) so I don’t know why your dense ass assumed she left me, you know what they saw about people who assume. If I’m insecure why do most black women smell shit when they see me with my wife in public??? LOL

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        Folks please don’t respond to piss dung – This guy is a fake and a pure white women A Hole licker. Don’t give this scumbag a forum to spew his racial hate!

    • j dog says:

      I know you can talk to yourself, but doesn’t it take two to argue? Lol

  84. j dog says:

    ” The most dangerous place for an african-american is in the womb”-Pastor Clenard Childress, Jr (A very well respected black preacher) I guess he was spewing hate.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      “The most dangerous place for an african-american is is on this site exposed to piss dung (p dog) spewing his racial hate”- Please repudiate this white women loving, self hating, ass licking, cxxk sucking scumbag!!

  85. The only point this subject has made is that some people can be hateful.

  86. j dog says:

    “Several years ago when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los Angeles, California, some 12-15,000 were observed to be BLACK”-Erma Clardy Craven social worker and civil rights leader. Abortion the ultimate found of true self-hate, just ask Sheila.

  87. j dog says:

    Ultimate form, correction.

  88. j dog says:

    If you truly want to see a prime example of self imposed self hate just scroll up to Sheila’s statement about only aborting black males (on Christmas day), LOL tell me what cha think about absolute true self hate.

  89. j dog says:

    “The great irony is that abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of.” -Dr. Alveda King (niece of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Piss Dog = Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker, Scumbag A Hole licker!!!

      • Specom says:

        Nigger you are truly unhinged. Take that shit somewhere else. You are cancer on this discussion, not to mention a pimple on the ass of progress. Do you really think the black women in this thread, who you claim to champion, want to read that vulgar garbage you’ve been posting? Take a hike foulmouthed jiggaboo…

  90. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Specom is a jiggaboo and his MaMa too!

  91. j dog says:

    Let me one thing clear most of my comments, not all, are meant to bring the uncomfortable truths to the surface. Many of my statements most don’t want to hear them back I feel that god put me in this position for a reason, Jesus was crucified for his statements as well, many in his time didn’t want to hear him either, many tried to silence Malcolm X as well as many others when what they were saying what wasn’t popular but still needed to be said anyway, and they died for their beliefs. There is a systemic problem that still persist within the black community and unfortunately our president hasn’t done anything about it but stick us with 6 trillion more debt in less than four years. We still have a whole lost generation of deadbeat low life illiterate low life men. A whole generation of women with the men who have the highest rate of STD’S, you misunderstood me trust I’m not just blaming the women, you got it twisted. The whole reason I let the ladies have it first was because of this ridiculous site putting brothers on blast because they love who they love. You have famous wealthy women such as Halle Berry, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson Alfre Woodard, Kelly Rowland just to name a small few, hell Venus and Serena date white men!!! Progress what progress you are delusional, if you dont like what I say tough shit, I’m not in here for a popularity contest, you can ride out or act like retart boy and just post mindless statements cause he’s mad like a bitch cause I won’t write to him.

  92. j dog says:

    Whoever said the pen was mightier than the sword was a genius!! With just a few strokes from the keyboard all the bullshit comments about interracial dating cease and decist, hit on the real issues affecting the black community like the 1,800 a day black abortions and suddenly poof all the hateful irrelevant comments dry up!!!!! My goal was very successful in basically shutting down spiteful, irrelevant sites like this one, unfortunately there are thousands of sites like this one, so as you can imagine I have a lot of work left, one site at a time.

  93. j dog says:

    Minority women constitute only 13% of the female population (15-44) in the United States, but underwent 36% of the abortions, still think I’m drinking the koolaid. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than 5X as likely as white women to have an abortion. On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted EVERY DAY IN THE UNITED STATES. The incidence of abortion has resulted in a tremendous loss of life. It has been estimated that since 1973 black women have had 16 MILLION ABORTIONS!!!!!! Since the number of current living blacks (in the US) is 36 million, the missing 16 million represents an enormous loss, for without abortion, Americas black community would now number 52 million persons. It would be 36 percent larger than it is. Abortion has swept through the black community like a scythe, CUTTING DOWN EVERY FOURTH MEMBER. A highly significant 1993 Howard University ( yes The Howard University) showed that African American women over age 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get BREAST CANCER if they had had any abortions compared to women who had not had any abortions!!!!!!! Most people know black women have much higher rates of breast cancer AND die at much greater rates of breast cancer, but most have absolutely no clue as to why. I personally believe this trama of killing ones offspring also leads to to social as well as the mental breakdown of the black community. There is no way a women can love herself or the black man when this genocide is repeated over 1,800 times a day. You have black women still in the 21 century who fixate and focus on which brother is screwing who when there is a much more setups dilemma right under their very own nose. I’ve heard comments about how black women in the US don’t have access to contraceptive’s, that is literally one of the biggest jokes I’ve ever heard. Every cornerstone, gas station, grocery store etc sells condoms, hey if you are too damn broke to afford a condom, YOUR ASS SHOULDN’T BE HAVING SEX!!!! That’s another reason why stds are also much higher in the black community as well. Another crazy ass notion you can try waiting to marriage too, lol sound familiar??? Before I part ladies here’s another CRAZY TIP, if a man can’t wear his pants on his ass ( you know how Negros love showing their boxers) maybe just maybe you might not want to give him any ass and that will probably cut the abortion rate in half.

    • cheche says:

      Non-Hispanic white women account for 36% of abortions, non-Hispanic black women for 30%, Hispanic women for 25% and women of other races for 9%.[6] Please tell me where you got the stats which says African American women receive more abortions than any other race! I don’t advocate abortion as a means of birth control and I certanly don’t support women having babies to snag a man but you really need to stop beating up on Black Women! If you prefer white women that is your business but to sprew that hatred you have on this web site towards black women makes me think you are a white male! Some black women I have spoke to regarding interacial dating do it because they are not accepted because of their looks or the shortage of elgible black men. (not in prision,gay, or addicted to drugs.

      • j dog says:

        Lol now I’m white, wow just call me Michael Jackson next. I am curious whenever I bring up the high rate of abortion, why is that considered spewing hate when its true????

      • Think says:

        Cheche……sadly the information that “J Dog” presents regarding the number of abortions that black women have is true. The information can be validated by a number of government, academic and social sites. It is a topic that should be seriously and separately discussed by concerned members of the black community. This forum and blog probably should not be the forum for such a topic. More importantly, the number of abortions by black women should NOT be a reason to dishonor, disparage, denigrate, and spew hatred for or towards black women!!!! It requires serious communication as to why this very unfortunate and horrendous phenomenon exists in our communities (especially in poor urban and rural ones) – serious analysis as to reasons why – serious discussion and action to solve and resolve this matter.
        It is reprehensible that such a serious situation in our community is being blasted in this blog as an attack solely on black women. There are many complex and varied reasons why abortions are so disproportionately high among black women. Needs to be comprehensively and seriously addressed and fixed.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Folks please don’t respond to piss dog – Don’t give this coward white woman A hole licker a forum to spew his hate!

  94. There appears to be a few people on this site with axes to grind. That’s alright with me but could they do so without the debasing, vulgar, ghetto language. This particular topic is provocative. I guess that was intentional in order to draw response but could the responders please show respect. Some of these posts are downright putrid.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      I don’t have a problem with so called “ghetto” language. At least the language is authentic compared to some lunatics who post on this site!

    • j dog says:

      Clap, clap, clap. Clap can we give a round for dark chocalate, say amen. Putrid is the correct terminology I would use!!! Unfortunately when one has a very limited vocabulary this is usually the outcome. Negate the fact that its also from the very person championing the “backbone” of the black community, this same person subjects you to putrid postings!!!! Hey you gotta love irony at its finest.

    • Think says:


    • Think says:

      Agreed Dark Chocolate

  95. Think says:

    This topic of black men dating/marrying outside their race on this blog has certainly exposed a number of things:

    1. A number of black women and men who are accepting of interracial coupling as the right and choice of those individuals involved as long as it is created and based in love and happiness for the couple
    2. A number of black women who have personal commitments to dating only black men for social, historical, cultural, political reasons.
    3. A number of black men and black women who have raw, vitriol, bitter, anger and resentment because of personal ugly experiences with relationships they have had with a black woman or black man.
    4. A few black men and black women who have used this topic as a forum to express their anger and disappointment about other serious topics unrelated to interracial coupling. (e.g. “Self hatred”; “Abortion”‘ etc.)
    5. The dishonest manner in presenting the topic by the author as if only black men date/marry outside their race and black women don’t or rarely do. Fact is that black women in significant numbers do date outside their race even though black men do so at a 2:1 ratio over black women.
    6. The unwillingness of most contributors to discuss this topic that is more complex than the surface reveals in the multi-faceted manner it deserves. There hasn’t been any serious input of a study of interviews done with interracial couples (if there is any I do not know) as to why they chose to marry/date outside their race.

    ……I may have left out one or two things……

    However the saddest exposure and revelation for me is our failure to engage and communicate in a civil, gracious, non-vulgar, non-putrid, intellectual manner with each other on such a “provocative” (to quote one of the contributors) topic. We do not all need to agree. We should want to inform, educate, share, express, enlighten – but do so without rudeness, name calling and disrespect of each other, of black men or black women or white women or anyone else. I would hope we could do better.

  96. j dog says:

    Wow think I will reinterate you are a genius, but I will to respectfully have to disagree when you say this isn’t the forum for the topic of abortion in relationship to the black community. As far as I know there has never been a study with correlation to abortions and the overall impact of relationships. The reason I keep harping on this is because I believe there is a direct link between abortions and the relationships within the black community. The female body was designed to reproduce, not kill, this is a fact. When a female has an abortion how could this not affect her mental state of mine? How could this not eventually affect the way she views men and not harbour resentments? When the female becomes pregnant her body automatically produces more estrogen to facilitate the coming of her baby, once the baby is murdered, the extra estrogen is more likely to start producing cancer cells, which of course the 1993 Howard University found out. Unfortunately Planned Parenthood is a multi billion industry and these findings are supressed.

    • Think says:

      Your effort to highlight and inform regarding this quiet and unspoken calamity of so many abortions in the black community is a necessary one. Your message is lost and hard to receive because you align it with vitriol, uncouth, rude broad swiping statements about all or most black women. The fact that disproportionate to their numbers compared to any group of any other women, black women have more abortions needs to be talked about – but NOT as fodder to condemn black women or speak disparagingly of most or all black women. Black women, black men and the black community MUST discuss this serious matter – but not by solely making wholesale negative comments about black women.

  97. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    To Think – You respond your way to piss dog and I will respond my way – I will not tolerate some fool denagrating black women without a response. I wish you would speak at length about the terrible history of black women in our society i.e. rape; murder; lack of marriage; lack of eduation; physical abuse; diet; health; crime; respect for one another; business development; self esteem….. I am from the city Buffalo ghetto – You handle this troll like a peacenick which is fine – I will respond to this troll like a gangsta which is fine – Black women are the Queens and backbome of our community – They should be held in great esteem not spoken about like slaves – So Think you deal with piss troll your way and I will handle the coward my way.-

    • Think says:

      Mr Bond…I can assure you as one who is from the South Bronx, I am not a pacifist. And it is your right to respond to agitative, foolish, cruel, angry, brutish, rude, pejorative comments regarding black women with name calling and equally toned statements. I simply was encouraging vigorous debate and strong rebuttal of denigrating statements without abusive and crass language.
      There is no argument or no question that in history, culture, education, schools, and family, black women have been leaders, builders, supporters, strength to their black men, their black children, their churches and their communities. As there is no question or no argument that historically and today, black women have been the target of all the horrific experiences that you mentioned and more. I can speak at length about the horrific experiences of black women as well as the great and wonderful value and contributions of black women. And I will continue to do so – but will do so, along with controversial topics, using civil language even when I am angered by atrocious statements made by others. Others bad behavior will not dictate that I should behave badly.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        Think – I appreciate your words but we must protect and support our black women under all circumstances – As far as the abortion discussion, I would like to see what women have to say, not piss dog the troll! Think – you handle piss dung your way – I want to respond to piss dung like the Crips, Bloods, GDs and P Stone Rangers respond to snitches!

  98. j dog says:

    While reading these post I actually had a epitome, terrible history of black women, rape, murder, lack of education, physical abuse, diet, health, crime, business development, self esteem etc……. Every single atrocity that was enacted against the black woman was ALSO done to the black man as well!!!!! Earth shattering and mind boggling I know right? Homosexuality has existed since the beginning of man. If the slave masters were raping women who were their property, why would the men be exempt? Every black man isn’t 6’6 250 lbs, and if we were anyone can be overpowered with enough people. Homosexuality is just as prevalent today in the black community as it always has been. Unfortunately it’s another taboo subject like abortion is. The point being I think a lot of blacks are ignorant to this often overlooked subject in relation to the men. Black men are raped everyday just like other men are. Rape isn’t just a female issue, anyone can experience this.

  99. Alexander says:

    Lol, sucks to be black women eh? LOLLLLLLLLLL

  100. Terrance says:

    I am a black male … I’ve been around black women my whole life and i have no issues with them. When I date Thai, Japanese, Philippine, Malaysian, etcetera … I’m not ‘hating’ my roots. I simply prefer something exotic … Something different. Something I never had the opportunity to explore while I was growing up.

    • Chrissy says:

      Terrance, I respect that at least you’re honest about your desires. I appreciate that you’re not dating non-black women then going on some kind of inner guilt trip then justifying your choices by accusing black women of being inherently bad women. That’s keeping it real.

      • j dog says:

        Wow, Lol wouldn’t one HAVE to assume that the other person has feelings of inner guilt to begin with?

        • Chrissy says:

          Sadly I don’t believe many people are in touch with their innermost feelings which often include feelings of pain, resentment, and yes guilt. Victims of trauma often feel that they could have or should have done something to prevent the assaults and crimes against them. Feeling guilty somehow makes a person feel as if they were wrong in some way. No one wants to be wrong or feel as if he/she were wrong. When you know better, you are expected to do better. The problems within the black community seem insurmountable. So it’s easier for many black men to take a hands off approach. Think about it, men are the leaders in their communities in every other race except the black community. For the most part, white, Asian and Hispanic men still out earn their women. It is in the black community that black women have become the bread winners. The reason that black women have become the bread winners in their households is due to the significant absentee of black men in the homes or the abundant unemployment and underemployment of black men. Yet still black women are the poorest among all women because they are mostly likely to be single with children. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Don’t just talk about the problem, be about fixing it. Your proclamation that you will never date black women again because they are all so awful does nothing for anyone–perhaps not even you. I don’t know you and I can’t pass judgment on all that has happened in your life, but if you are honest with yourself I’m willing to bet you had a hand in allowing some things to happen. Because we have all made those mistakes. We have all been there. Don’t be bitter and angry. Don’t become closed. Don’t become blinded and shallow. Learn the lesson and never repeat the lesson. And if you think the lesson was “don’t date or marry black women”, then you didn’t learn the lesson.

          • j dog says:

            Weird you give a lecture about someone’s preference for whatever the reason, yet Sheila declares black women to only abort male fetuses!!!! WTF??? I haven’t learned the lesson? I swear these females on this site are mind blowing!! Females have said on this very site how black men have “weak assess” and I haven’t learned the lesson??? Black women on this same site have said “white women are notorious gold diggers” talk about selective reasoning. Lol straight hypocrite mind blowing.

  101. j dog says:

    Irony, most women will not comment on abortions which is a badge of shame and genocide, much safer to bash men in interracial relationships.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Ironically piss dog you are scum of the earth. A Hole licker you are shameful – What’s your facination with abortion? Do you understand a woman’s right to choose? Because of your ignorance, maybe you wish you should have been aborted!!!

  102. logical says:

    Why do black men hate their own black race and ignore their own black females going for the white race females that was created specifically for white males? Had the mistake of slavery never occured 500 years ago and tribal chiefs not sold off their rejected to the white elite who needed slaves like a hole in the head, the 3 races would still be pure as they were intended. Mutation of the races is evil. We need a time machine to erase the mistake of African slavery to the west and hopefully scientists will secretly do this in the not so distant future to return all Africans to Africa and eliminate the catastrophic mistake of black slavery.
    White on white slavery built Europe over thousands of years and maintained it without a single African slave. Africans were never needed in the west. It was all a colossal error that needs to be corrected in order eliminate interracial slavery although slavery within ones own race is not an abomination according to ancient jew writings in the the Book they wrote that formulated white man religion.

    • Think says:

      I am appalled at the deficit of critical thinking and reasoned discourse and contributions in this blog by so many. It is frightening to me and I am dismayed that in a day when a wealth of information and data is available on the range of subjects herein discussed that some of us resort to reprehensible personal attacks, denigration of black women, debasing of black men, horrendous comments about other cultures rather than considered thoughtful factual communication of the issues affecting our black community.
      RACE has no biological or scientific basis or evidence. Race is a social construct evolved by people over the eons of time to essentially create power and greed for oneself. There is only the human race! The colorization of the human race has taken many forms to bolster greed and power by individuals. In certain groups peoples over the centuries of time the darker your skin the better. In other groups of peoples over time and today, the lighter your skin the better. In many groups of people, the lighter skin you were indicated wealth and higher society because you did not work in the fields or outdoors causing the sun to darken you.
      Three races??? That is ridiculous!! What three are there in the world ??
      Slavery as practiced in the last 500+ years by Europe was despicable. Making deals with African leaders the Europeans bought humans to bring them to the so called new world to work the land and enrich themselves. They used “color” and the marketing and debasing of darkness as a means of advancing the success and rationalization of slavery. They took people of the human race who happen through genetics to have more melanin in their bodies and enslaved them for their own greed and increase. The same practice continued after slavery and until today in lessor degrees.
      Unfortunately today some of us still fall into the colorization trap. We hate darkness as it is found in one another or love lightness as is found in one another. Really??? Is that the problem?? That is so superficial and ignorant. The issues in our “black” community are a social, economics, education, cultural, medical, emotional and behavior and shared by both men and women. Those of us who have the larger percentage of melanin in our skin have to admit we are impacted in every way because the history of slavery and treatment of colorization. We disrespect each other, we are educationally and economically deficient, we don’t marry, we have poor family planning, we are even having less children than those of other “color” or cultures, we are angry, we are bitter, we get convicted and incarcerated, we attack each other and kill each other, etc. this is the pathology of those who have melanin – who are darker. A shared pathology and one that only a shared approach can be addressed and fixed. I wonder if we are up to doing so.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        Sure we are up to it – I know many black folks that are doing great things in our society – Piss dung is an outlier – I know very few black men who denegrate black woman like this scumbag piss dung. Our negative pathology goes back to slavery. Based on how far that we have come, the future is bright for black folks. The key is education. As long as we don’t forget that educating all segments of our community should be our number one goal, things will get better.

      • Chrissy says:

        Excellent!! You couldn’t have summed it up any better. Unfortunately, this is not the conversation most black people want to have. As you stated, many blacks would rather spend their time insulting and degrading one another. Since we have lost our roots, we grab onto a false sense of pride and esteem even if it is at the expense of a another brother or sister. The idea is if I can’t be better than “them”, at least I can be better than YOU. Blacks are always looking for approval from “others”, something to make them say, “oh he’s different. he’s not like the rest of them.” One of the problems we have had as a people since the beginning the time is the inability to recognize the common enemy. Just like rats in a cage, we turn on each other when we can’t see a way out. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, many blacks do not have this knowledge about their history. Then you have those who do have some knowledge but find the task to daunting to teach and help others, so they instead decide if you can’t beat ’em you might as well join them (so be it the ignorant blacks or whites). When you look at other cultures, they actually have a homeland to go visit. The Irish can visit Ireland. The Italians can visit Italy. Even Latin Americans can go back to their home countries to visit or live. But Africa….if you were to ask most African American people where they were planning to go on vacation, how many African Americans are lining up and boarding planes to vacation in the Congo or Ghana? They certainly aren’t planning to go live in these places. Because the reality is that African Americans have been colonized and stripped of their connection to the motherland. Because of this, most African Americans COULD NOT adapt to living in Africa. I wholeheartedly agree with you Think. This issue is so much deeper than the shallow, simple-minded and mean-spirited comments being made on this commentary. Since more than half of the comments have been of the shallow and ignorant type, it’s scary to think that this actually might rep the mindset of so many blacks.

    • j dog says:

      At last the angry bitter black women strikes again, mutations of the races is evil? I have a list of “evil people,” Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Shemar Moore, Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Parker, Barack Obama, Sade, rapper Drake, Victoria Rowell, Rick Fox, Tiger Woods, Kelis, Ananda Lewis, Jasmine Guy, Derek Jeter, Jordan Sparks, Faith Evans, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, Leona Lewis, Amerie, Tony Parker, Mariah Carey, Phillip Michael Thomas, Christopher (kid) Reid, Tim Duncan, Hines Ward, Mya, Tatyana Ali, Mel B, Hoopz, Blu Cantrell, Rock, Lisa Bonet, Jason Kidd, Melyssa Ford, and civil rights leader Frederick Douglas just to name a few. A time machine??? Whatever crack you have been smoking has rotted out any ounce of brain cells, you should hook up with tart boy, your offspring should you choose not to abort it would certainly go far in life. The question you should be asking is why do black women hate themselves by having over 1,800 abortions a day????? Margaret Sanger was the ultimate racist who believed blacks were inferior and yet black women utilize her facilities every single day in record numbers.

  103. Netta says:

    j dogg-Brother-You could do so much if you would just let go of some of the negativity. Looking at this thread, you seem to be very articulate and when commenting with Think, you were able to say some thought provoking and intelligent things. Why do you have to respond to the negativity with more negativity? Let the negative people talk and let your intelligence and the facts be your argument. Don’t lower yourself to name calling just because someone disagrees with you. Yes, abortions have gotten out of control but as others have said, black women aren’t the only ones to get them. Yes, black women seem to have a higher percentage than other races but ALL black women don’t fall into that category. There are many black women that are highly educated and doing great things for their community to help the problem; not just blasting the ones that have the problem. I’m not sure what kind of comment I will get for this post, but I’m not an angry self hating black woman. I’m just a black woman that sees another brother that could do so much good letting the actions of a few bad sisters taint his image of his beautiful race. And as for your Latina wife, people always lump Black/Hispanics together until they want to use it for some type of hate mongering. If that’s the woman you love and she loves you, do your thing brother. Love her and cherish her as she loves and cherishes you. A lot of the men pictured are of Hispanic/Latino heritage but they are considered “Black” but in the next picture a black man with a Latina girlfriend/wife is considered wrong. Come on people. We have to get it together. And finally, Tart, please don’t comment on anything that I have said because you lost any credibility that you might have had a long time ago.

    • j dog says:

      OMG, I think you are a very special women. I’m almost speechless, I’m not used to hearing these beautiful words. Wow where have you been ????? The reason I keep talking about abortions in relation to the black community is because I am a part of the black community, the number one reason why black people are still a minority is because of the 4 million abortions in the US EVERY TEN YEARS and no other reason. People cry and get upset everytime another Trayvon Martin is killed, but most don’t know that same day we also lost 1,800 potential Trayvons in the womb. As for my wife I’m quite aware she has black ancestry, all hispanics do. It just took her country till 1992 to publicly acknowledge this fact, can you guess which country?

  104. j dog says:

    I am curious “who” is the common enemy, let’s explore who the common enemy is……..1) who first sold blacks to the slave traders. 2) who didn’t declare war on the slave traders, jump in their ships and bring back their captured people 3) who has killed more of their own people than the KKK, gun violence, crack epidemic and the ENTIRE SLAVE TRADE put together? 4) who was the first ethnic group to literally spend billions on chemical bleaches to relax their hair to “blend” into caucasian society. 5) when we were going to finally get our first black supreme justice, who was there to tear him down and humiliate him? I actually could name many more examples but you get the point, most blacks even into the 21 century still don’t have a freaking clue who the common enemy is, yet they look at it every single day. A prime example is the Tuskegee experiment that went on from 1932-1972 most blacks look at the government with distain because the government was injecting poor share croppers with syphilis and denied them the cure which was penicillin. What most blacks don’t know is that the government wouldn’t have been able to carry out this hideous act without the support from blacks themselves!!! Eunice Rivers was an educated young black nurse who over saw and was instrumental in gaining the trust of these poor souls for over 25 years!!! She stood by and watched as these very men put their trust in her as they passed on this horrible disease to their women and children, and not one time did she tell these men the truth, she actually had the audacity before she died to proclaim she never mislead anybody!!!!! Most blacks have absolutely no idea the extreme repercussions because of this women within the black community, because of this one women almost 90% plus of blacks are NOT DONORS OF THEIR ORGANS TILL THIS DAY. If you are black and looking for a kidney, liver, eyes etc you are pretty much screwed. I said this because most blacks including the so-called educated ones seem to think the white man is the common enemy, white folks could never have done what they did without the help of blacks, period. Abe Lincoln struggled with his own racist beliefs, but in the end he still pressed congress to pass the 14 amendment. John Brown is another historical figure that blacks should revere, most have no clue who he was or what he did, and Harriet Tubman loved and respected him.

    • Chrissy says:

      It seems that you have decided that the black woman is the enemy no matter what. You are entitled to feel this way. I don’t know, perhaps you don’t have any female relatives who have inspired you either. That’s a shame. With all the atrocity of the Tuskegee experiment, I find it odd that you have chosen to lay more blame on a single black woman than even the U.S. government. I gather from all that you say that you expect whites to mistreat you but it is more egregious when a black person mistreats you. I understand that you would expect more from your own people, however, not everyone is good people no matter their race. If you have never met kind, intelligent, generous and positive black women in your life, I have to ask where are you from? I don’t know how old you are but based on your conversation you don’t seem to be a cub. So how is it in all your travels you have never met good black women? Or perhaps you have not traveled so far? I know I have certainly encountered some unsavory black men with questionable character, however for every one of them I have certainly met some really good black men including black men in my family. Your reasoning is along the same lines as the black women who state black en aren’t ish and black men are weak and black men are no good, etc. These black women usually have not been exposed to any positive black men in their lives–not a good father, brother, uncle, grandfather, friend, boyfriend or husband. So their attitude about black men is very negative and dysfunctional. Again, not judging you, but I have met a few black men who are very down on black women as you are. What they all seemed to have in common was issues with their mothers or other female relatives. And by the way, do you realize that a number of black men actually encourage their women to have abortions every day? They even accompany her to the clinic. I know a guy who actually admitted to beating his girlfriend to make her get an abortion. Once again, this abortion issue is much deeper than women just not caring and getting pregnant and using abortion as a method of birth control.

      • j dog says:

        I don’t even know where to begin with you there is definitely something off about you, the first thing I would love to correct you on is the Tuskegee experiment. I know you completely missed the point of why I brought up Eunice Rivers (if you had comprehended my earlier comment, I wouldn’t have to repeat it, comprehension is the most underated part of learning) is to emphasise how the government COULD NOT have carried out the experiment for 40 years without the help of blacks. This wasn’t to demonize black women, this women gained the trust of 400-600 black men, these are facts. Unfortunately most blacks feel that another black shouldn’t call them out when they are foul, I do not hold these ideas, nor will I ever. To me that is the most dishonest, dangerous thing one can do to themselves. Most blacks in this country have barely even heard of the Tuskegee experiment let alone Eunice Rivers name, this women was pure evil and she let her own damn people die like dogs. As far as me accepting white people abusing me, that was truly a retarded statement to post. When the last surviving men from the experiment learned Eunice’s true involvement, do you know not one had any bad comments to say about her? I also am tickled at the fact that you used the word encouraged abortions, that tells me that you do understand that a man can’t make a woman have an abortion, this subject went all the way to the supreme court, Roe vs Wade. A man has absolutely no say so either way and you already know this, this is also a fact. Less than 1% of abortions are to save a women’s life, 3-4% are for rape and incest, that leaves 95% for inconvenient purposes. As far as accompanying the women to the abortion clinics I have experienced that first hand, I saw many of my fathers girlfriends and wife go to the clinic as a child. These women were already preprogramed to use abortions as birth control, they would come home like nothing ever happened and continue to have sex with him AND then have another abortion!!!!! I couldn’t believe a woman would subject herself to this time and time again. These same women will most likely develop breast cancer later in life and die, unfortunately most black women don’t know this cause dear old planned parenthood will not tell them this. As far as me not having any positive female role models, that’s simply not correct I don’t understand why you would assume that. The traveling part, the ironic part I’ve probably traveled more than you, but I’m curious is there perhaps a secret magical place for people that act different from anyone else???

        • Think says:

          To classify Nurse Eunice Rivers as a sole villain with regard to the infamous “Tuskegee experiment” and hold her as playing the key role in using 400 uneducated, poor, rural men for syphilis experiment and study is not understand and be ignorant the lack of power nurses in general and black nurses had specifically from the 1930s – 1970s, to be ignorant of the place of blacks in the south and to intentionally want to isolate single individual in a conspiracy led and controlled by the US government, white doctors and black doctors. My grandmother was a nurse in NY in the 20s – 50s. Black nurses fought to be accepted by their peers as well as doctors. They were trained to do as the doctors directed, and if they were to keep their jobs they obeyed. If the black nurse had such difficulties in NY, I am sure it was magnified in the south. A large number of respected historians having researched and studied the Tuskegee circumstance and Ms Rivers role in it have been loathe to label her as a villain. She was a nurse not an activist. She was not Harriet Tubman. She was a simple nurse in the south under the authority of white doctors & black doctors acting under their orders and believing that what they were doing was alright. Nurse Rivers is not innocent. But to castigate her as you have and categorize her as a singular active leader villain at Tuskegee goes against any knowledge of the times and evidence uncovered by esteemed historians.

          • j dog says:

            Lol the one thing I will agree with you is Eunice Rivers wasn’t Harriet Tubman, Harriet Tubman actually cared and loved her people. If there is a hell I’m certain Eunice Rivers is currently rotting in it. Eunice Rivers was a very sick evil woman who knew exactly what she was doing, it is truly sad and disgraceful that you give her a pass because she was a woman, you probably thought OJ was innocent too. I never said she was the sole perpetrator either, if this was a debate you would have lost badly. I will say this for the third time, Eunice Rivers was instrumental in gaining the trust of 400-600 innocent black men. I can’t understand why you can’t comprehend that, if a nurse were to do that and let’s say this time it was babies yours is one of them, you wouldn’t be trying to hear some bullshit about she was just following orders, you would want that bitches head on a stick. I don’t like phony people who try to justify bullshit with more bullshit. The only reason the experiment ended in 1972 was a journalist from Europe came to the US and when he found out he went straight to the media, a damn European yet this evil vile women let the government exterminate her own people. Eunice Rivers took an oath to protect and save lives, to justify anything else shows your complete lack of morals.

        • Think says:

          In your effort to draw attention to the detrimental and horrendous epidemic of the large number of abortions that black women have in the US, your passion refuses to see this as more than a “black woman” issue but also a black man and black community issue. There are a number of real and factual reasons that the number of abortions is disproportionately high among black women. To make this epidemic about “pre-programmed”, murderous, horrible, ignorant black women who are worse in character and morals than women of other cultures is narrow minded, lacking in critical thinking and analysis, absence of knowledge of what happens in the black community and to refuse to seriously want to determine and discuss solutions. Of course legally a woman has control about what happens to their body. But this is not the reason why abortions so high in the black community. The CDC and several other organizations have sought to understand this horrific phenomenon. And thy have found in their surveys that the reasons that both Chrissy and I have advanced along with others have contributed to abortions at the numbers that exist in the black community. It is easy to blast off about this epidemic. It is far more challenging to seriously work at understanding the many and complex reasons why and then determine and advance solutions. The continued haranguing solely of black women as being singularly at fault or majority at fault of the abortion epidemic in the community screams of despise of black women rather than seeking to holistically looking at this problem.

          • j dog says:

            Well I will tell you this every single woman I know that has had an abortion has had more than one. This is the very reason why black women are 3-5 times more likely to have abortions in the US compared to other ethnic groups because whenever someone speaks up about the genocide that person is immediately attacked. It doesn’t surprise me that you would assume I don’t know the black community, I’ve seen at least 5-6 women have numerous abortions each. Hell I went to the clinics with my father to drop them off. I’m willing to bet money you have done the same, I understand this is a touchy subject within the black community but so is homosexuality. It’s really simple the whole purpose of sex is to procreate, if you don’t want to have children don’t have sex. Blaming men is insane, men were put on earth to procreate, that’s the reason men can’t have abortions. I’ve seen grown men cry like babies because the female decided she didn’t want to keep the kid.

        • Think says:

          You must not have read what I wrote very carefully. I did and would not give Eunice Rivers a pass. I sought to deal with her and the circumstances comprehensively by outlining the time that she lived in, the geography she lived in and the pressures of those who were in authority over her. To not give voice to those other contributing factors is incompletely and unfairly judge the matter at Tuskegee. I fully agree that nurse Rivers was instrumental in advancing the atrocity at Tuskegee. I clearly said she was NOT innocent. I address these subjects with some level of critical thinking and analysis and seek to communicate a balanced judgment and accountability to them. You have failed to contextualize your assessment and rightful castigation of nurse Rivers complicity in the experiment and death of 400 men – and have communicated a full court press primarily on Nurse Rivers using her act to build a case that the majority of black women are demagogic. My desire was to bring a balanced assessment to what nurse Rivers did and temper it as many esteemed historians have within context.
          To your sarcastic comment regarding OJ, I personally think he was guilty. However, the prosecution failed to present a case that left no reasonable doubt and so thus in the context of criminal law he was declared not guilty. Regardless of the truth or my feelings that is what transpired. It would be more effective if you would not let your feelings overshadow the truth and facts of several of the important issues that you raise and should be discussed and considered by those in the black community.

          • black men unite says:

            There are actually numerous reason OJ wasn’t convicted none of which had anything to do with the prosecution not proving their case:

            1) OJ Spent between 3-8 million on the “dream team”
            2) The racist Mark Fuhrman planted and tampered with evidence
            3) OJ didn’t have an all white jury, blacks were still pissed about Rodney King
            4) His lead attorney found out OJ was on an arthritis medication, and that when he didn’t take it his hands swelled up hence “if it doesn’t fit you must acquitt”
            5) If the prosecution had know about the medication, which was deliberately kept hidden, he would have been convicted a long time ago.
            Not to mention OJ actually wrote a book years later describing ” If I did it”, simply put his dream team simply out smarted the prosecution with OJ’s medical records.

        • Think says:

          Again you deal with this horrific situation of the large number of abortions with black women without any serious well thought out context. You argue and present this matter as if it is a self-contained phenomenon. The majority of black women do NOT have abortions. As you stated it is usually the same women having abortions over and over again. The majority of abortions among black women are in a specific age group and economic status. Research has shown what are the contributing factors to unintended pregnancies and their consequent abortions. You fail to address the role of men, religion, culture, lack of healthcare, lack of learned personal discipline that impacts the large number of abortions in our community. Your passion to highlight the disgusting statistics obfuscates critical thinking and analysis on the matter, balanced determination and communication as to the reasons this epidemic is in our community and provide solutions. You cannot any women to engage with you on this topic with your vitriol attack on black women. You cannot expect to have dialogue on this topic when you wrongly communicate this is primarily a black woman fault and matter. You cannot effectively be a part of a solution by making draconian statements like if you don’t want to have children don’t have sex. Come brother, you are more intelligent than that. Balance your passion and feelings with some intellect and a spirit and heart to provide solutions to a serious problem in our community.

          • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

            Think – Why are you engaging this dude – It’s obvious that he has a hatred of self and black women – He will not accept anything you say – Why are you wasting your time? This guy is thrash and a troll. Maybe it’s a bourgeois thang. This guy should not be responded to accept in the harshest terms. He should be repudiated and called out for what he is: a self hating coward. I am not trying to earn anyones credibility – I have nothing but true love for black women – I am old school – I call a troll a troll. Think please drop the hammer on this pig!!!

        • Chrissy says:

          Okay J Dog, you are talking out of the side of your neck now. You’re on here continuing to rant about black women having abortions. Frankly I don’t even know how this topic matter became a discussion about black women having abortions. You seem to have chosen this platform to vent your own personal frustration about this issue. Maybe you’re secretly one of these pro-life activists who has infiltrated this website. Maybe you’re not even really a black man. You’re coming off kind of shady because it seems that no matter what anyone says, you continue on this rant about black women and abortions. I mean, this would be the perfect platform for a person with such a bigoted and sexist agenda to target black women.

          If indeed you are a black man who just has some deep issues about black women, it seems that you have been traumatized by your childhood experiences with your father. Your own father has taught you that a man has no responsibility in family planning and making sure that he does not impregnate women. While it is a woman’s body, therefore a woman’s choice, men have choices too. That choice is call using a condom or perhaps abstaining from sex. Yes, men can choose to not have sex too. It is not the position of a man to procreate with women when there aren’t any intentions of raising a family together. Do you even watch the news and see what’s going on in the world? Do you hear all the countless stories about babies being discarded in trash cans, being cooked in microwaves, being beaten, molested, starved, mutilated and killed? Sadly, most of these children have been black! So what their mother’s didn’t abort them. What sense does it make for a woman to give birth to a child only to have that child live in poverty, neglect and abuse? I honestly get so sick of people with their “right to life” bull ish. People like you are complaining about abortions yet on the other hand you would complain about having to support all of the neglected and thrown away children with your tax dollars. With black men being the most absentee fathers on this planet, how dare you complain about black women choosing to have an abortion! Perhaps some women do mistakenly believe that they have found the right man to “procreate” with and after becoming pregnant, realizes her mistake and opts not to go down the road of ultimately being another struggling single black mother with a child. I have seen men turn into a different animal once they learn the woman they claim to have “loved” so much becomes pregnant. Should women do more to make sure they don’t become pregnant in the first place? Sure. I’m not saying women aren’t responsible. But what I am saying is that men are equally responsible. It takes two to tango. When both people do their part, this is not an issue. You said you’ve seen grown men cry like babies because a woman didn’t want to have their child. Hmmm….you might wonder why is it that a woman doesn’t want to keep the kid in the first place. Most often, when a woman really loves a man and wants to be with him, the last thing she would want to do is abort his child. Quite often, if a woman wants to abort your kid, it’s most likely because she really doesn’t want any type of permanent connection to YOU! Now that’s real talk.

          Okay J Dog, you are talking out of the side of your neck now. You’re on here continuing to rant about black women having abortions. Frankly I don’t even know how this topic matter became a discussion about black women having abortions. You seem to have chosen this platform to vent your own personal frustration about this issue. Maybe you’re secretly one of these pro-life activists who has infiltrated this website. Maybe you’re not even really a black man. You’re coming off kind of shady because it seems that no matter what anyone says, you continue on this rant about black women and abortions. I mean, this would be the perfect platform for a person with such a bigoted and sexist agenda to target black women.

          If indeed you are a black man who just has some deep issues about black women, it seems that you have been traumatized by your childhood experiences with your father. Your own father has taught you that a man has no responsibility in family planning and making sure that he does not impregnate women. While it is a woman’s body, therefore a woman’s choice, men have choices too. That choice is call using a condom or perhaps abstaining from sex. Yes, men can choose to not have sex too. It is not the position of a man to procreate with women when there aren’t any intentions of raising a family together. Do you even watch the news and see what’s going on in the world? Do you hear all the countless stories about babies being discarded in trash cans, being cooked in microwaves, being beaten, molested, starved, mutilated and killed? Sadly, most of these children have been black! So what their mother’s didn’t abort them. What sense does it make for a woman to give birth to a child only to have that child live in poverty, neglect and abuse? I honestly get so sick of people with their “right to life” bull ish. People like you are complaining about abortions yet on the other hand you would complain about having to support all of the neglected and thrown away children with your tax dollars. With black men being the most absentee fathers on this planet, how dare you complain about black women choosing to have an abortion! Perhaps some women do mistakenly believe that they have found the right man to “procreate” with and after becoming pregnant, realizes her mistake and opts not to go down the road of ultimately being another struggling single black mother with a child. I have seen men turn into a different animal once they learn the woman they claim to have “loved” so much becomes pregnant. Should women do more to make sure they don’t become pregnant in the first place? Sure. I’m not saying women aren’t responsible. But what I am saying is that men are equally responsible. It takes two to tango. When both people do their part, this is not an issue. You said you’ve seen grown men cry like babies because a woman didn’t want to have their child. Hmmm….you might wonder why is it that a woman doesn’t want to keep the kid in the first place. Most often, when a woman really loves a man and wants to be with him, the last thing she would want to do is abort his child. Quite often, if a woman wants to abort your kid, it’s most likely because she really doesn’t want any type of permanent connection to YOU! Now that’s real talk.

          • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

            Thank You Chrissy – This guy is pure self hating scum!!!

          • Angela says:

            I am a black woman, but I find your comments that you are sick of ” right to life” as bullshit quite disturbing. While I don’t agree with everything j dogg has posted, I find it inconceivable that you actually justify killing innocent children because because one or both parents are immature. Just because the man turns into a different animal or beats a woman when she becomes pregnant, you don’t run to the abortion clinic!! The whole purpose of sex is to procreate, period. Condoms, pills, even getting your tubes tied are not 100% The one thing I admire about Steve Harvey is the 90 day rule, which Steve directed towards black women, because most sistas don’t even come close to that standard.

          • j dog says:

            I remember when I got to the end of your rant about if a woman really loves you the last thing she would want to do is have an abortion and thinking to myself at the time that honestly doesn’t make any sense. Here my brother was taking care of the female and her other child along with his child by her, she then preceded to have back-back abortions, then 3 years later she had my OTHER nephew!!! The reason she had the other two abortions was because she was cheating on my brother and she wasn’t 100% sure he was the father. She already had a permanent connection to him with the first child, lol. I know many, many women who already have children by a man, have abortions, then have more kids by the same man. Abortions have no bearing on creating a permanent connection with someone, that is simply deeply flawed thinking if you really think about it.

    • Specom says:

      J-Dog: WHO “tore down and humililiated” Thurgood Marshall, our first African American Supreme Court justice? Trying to take your side, but get your facts straight!

  105. j dog says:

    Outlier- a person whose residence and place of business are at a distance. Something (as a geological feature) that is situated away from or classified differently from a main or related body. A statistical observation that is markedly different in value from the others of the sample.

  106. j dog says:

    ” As always there seems to be one of us conspiring with our enemies to bring ” the sheep to slaughter”.And so it was with the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.”

    There was a black female who was a nurse during the study from day one who’s job was to ensnare all black males seeking medical help for their condition into the program.

    Nurse Eunice Rivers was an African-American nurse who trained at Tuskegee and was recruited from the John Andrew hospital when the study began. Dr. Vonderlehr became a strong advocate for her role. As the study became a constant fixture, Nurse Rivers became the chief continuity person and was the ONLY staff person to work with the study for all 40 years of its existence. By the 1950s, Nurse Rivers had become pivotal to the study-her personal knowledge of all the subjects allowed the very long follow up to be maintained. Nurse Rivers would often work with the white doctors ( there were no black male doctors involved in the experiment) to develop systems for persuading the men to continue coming to the office for exams and ‘treatment.’ The most sucessful ploy was called ‘ Nurse Rivers Lodge,’ a chance to reward the men with free food if they came on time for their appointments, along with gift certificates to downtown stores in Macon County. Rivers also provided the men with transportation in her car to and from the doctors office!!!!! For many of the earlier years, Rivers thought she was doing well by her people by giving them medical treatment, but when funds later disappeared, she was forced to lie to them about what was really happening. Rivers watched her closet friends fall apart physically and mentally by the disease, a disease that she had inadvertently worsened. Nurse Rivers could have abandoned the program after having discovered its deadly turn for evil, but by that time she felt so guilty that she felt it incumbent upon herself to stand by the men as they slowly and painfully were put to death. Her friends didn’t believe Nurse Rivers and the US Health Department were capable of doing what they did. A part of them worried about their physical health, but were constantly reassured that the government was protecting them. The 399 men actually thought they were being cured due to brain washing and frequent lies.

    40 women and 19 babies were also infected.

    • Chrissy says:

      I suppose this is your “proof” that all black women are evil and out to destroy the black man. This is the reason why you do not like black women. Oh, and let us not forget about your evil and vindictive ex-wife who is not present to defend herself, therefore, we are only getting one side of the story. This is so sad. As I said before, I have doubts about your legitimacy. The article was actually calling attention to what seemed to be an interesting trend among affluent or famous black men–marrying non-black women. I think if it suddenly appeared that rich and famous white men were opting for black women, it would get a lot of attention and the outrage and hatred would be overwhelming. If whites thought their finest famous white men and women , e.g. Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Matthew McConaughy, Tom Cruise, Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, to name a few were marrying black people almost exclusively, you would see how many whites would just look on silently. Not too many. You don’t have to like black women. You can prefer non-black women for whatever reason. Black men who choose non-black women always assume that black women speak unkindly about these unions because of jealousy and hatred. Actually, the real reason that these union often infuriate black women is that you berate black women as justification for why you chose the other. There is no reason for that. If you are completely honest and satisfied with your choice, it’s really no one’s business why you made that choice. It doesn’t have to be a choice between good and evil. If you are comfortable and have good conscious about your choice, you should feel no need to villify a black woman to make your choice appear to be the more acceptable choice. Black men incite the anger within black women when they act as if the white woman is an alternative to a black woman. This is not only degrading to black women but other women as well because you are essentially objectifying women as something to only be used for your pleasure. You don’t see women as individuals and as a person. Otherwise you would see that each woman, no matter her race, is her own person and within that a different person. I find most men who take your approach to women and relationships are just lazy. You don’t want to invest the time and committment to truly understanding a woman to become first her friend then her lover. Finally, if you have some personal thoughts on abortion that are that close to your heart, that sounds like a different blog. Why don’t you go there and vent those opinions or hell….start your own blog about it!

      • j dog says:

        Lol, congratulations chrissy you seem hell bent on constantly putting words in my mouth. Of all the postings I have never said “all black women” I even double checked my postings just to make sure I wasn’t crazy. You have officially been put on the no-response list as Mr. bond who now wants to sodomize me. I don’t have the time nor energy to waste on a person who keeps parroting the same irrelevant non-sense. Have a nice life and god bless, remember chose life not abortion.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      I wishIi could sodomize you slave style you self hating coward scumbag!!!

  107. j dog says:

    I would now like to take the time to introduce one of my heroes who actually kicked off the civil war to free blacks in America:

    John Brown ( Abolitionist ) consider the most radical white Abolitionist of them all, John Brown.” Now, if it is deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood further with the blood of my children and with the blood of millions in this slave country whose rights are disregared by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments, I say, let it be done.” Henry David Thoreau went on to compare John Brown with Jesus of Nazareth, who had faced a similar death at the hands of the state.

    When Virgina executed John Brown on December 2, making him the first American since the founding of the nation to be hanged as a traitor, church bells mourned in cities throughout the North.

    “The gaze of Europe is fixed at the moment on America,” wrote Victor Hugo from France. Hanging Brown, Hugo predicted, ” will open a latent fissure that will finally split the Union asunder. The punishment of John Brown may consolidate slavery in Virgina, but it will certainly shatter the American Democracy. You preserve your shame but kill your glory.”

    Nevertheless, southern slave owners were appalled at the show if Northern sympathy for Brown and resolved to maintain slavery by any means necessary, including quitting the Union if they lost the next election.

    Not until the civil rights movement of the 1960s was white America freed from enough of its racism to accept that a white person did not have to be crazy to die for black equality.

    No black person who met John Brown thought him crazy. Many black leaders of the day-Martin Delaney, Henry Highland Garnet, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and others-knew and respected Brown. Only illness kept Tubman from joining him at Harpers Ferry. The day of his execution black owned businesses closed in mourning across the North. Frederick Douglas called Brown ” one of the greatest heroes known to American fame.”

    • Specom says:

      Always wondered why there has never been a monument to John Brown…

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        wow – are you not the intellectual!

      • j dog says:

        Hopefully I got my facts straight on this- statues and monuments stand in honor of John Brown and the men who fought with him on the site of the Battle of Osawotamie in Eastern Kansas, as for who humiliated Thurgood Marshall I honestly don’t know who you are referring too, but I do know who humiliated Clarence Thomas and tried her best to derail his confirmation hearings, a lovely black woman by the name of Anita Hill. She stands out in my mind because I remember my mother saying at the time that if she and Clarence were asians they would have slit her throat rather than allow her to denegrate that man on national tv like that. True story.

        • Specom says:

          You said;
          “. 5) when we were going to finally get our first black supreme justice, who was there to tear him down and humiliate him?”

          Our first black supreme court justice was Thurgood Marshall. Clarence Thomas is a bootlicking Sambo and is an embarassment to black people. Scalia does all his thinking for him.

  108. j dog says:

    Can anyone please explain to me what the hell pro-life even means? Everytime I seem to hear that statement its from someone who is alive.

  109. j dog says:

    ” Those who desire to serve the Negro people, MUST be prepared for criticism from his own race”-Marcus Garvey

    Famous elite white people who date blacks, Boris Becker, David Bowie, Marc Ecko, Ted Danson, Robin Thick, Wolfgang Puck, Roger Ebert, George Lucas, Robert De Niro ( he said the only thing a white woman can do for me is show me where a black woman is !!!! ) Victoria swim suit model Heidi Klum, Barbara Walters, etc.

  110. j dog says:

    ” Perhaps some are confused because they have stereotypes of how blacks should be and I respectfully decline, as I did in my youth, to sacrifice who I am for who they think I should be”- Clarence Thomas

  111. latina lover says:

    I said on December 31, 2012 my goal was to shut this black man hating site down, finally I have accomplished my goal. No comments are always better than incoherent fruitless comments, of course some dumb bitch will post something to try and prove me wrong. Lol suckers!!!!!

  112. Daniel says:

    Plain and simple, white women are more attractive. Show me a good looking black woman and I will show you a black woman with caucasian features.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Hey Prick – You saw a good looking white woman when you looked in the mirror!!!

    • ISAIDIT says:

      Lmaofff!! Why white women want a big a$$, big lips like black women??? Cauz we ROCK! PROUD AfRICAN AMERICAN ( BLACK ) WOMAN!!

      • keith "fag ass" killer says:

        Too bad they don’t have the brains to go with the big ass, big lips lol. Correction also dipshit every black man doesn’t have a black mother idiot, Barack Obama. LMFAO!!!

  113. ISAIDIT says:

    Noooooo booboos behind every black man is a black woman that had him and don’t ever forget it… The seed of a BLACK woman you heard me??? Yaw got it twisted think outside the box and look at the BIG picture and keep the white woman insults cauz its the black woman seed at the end of the day. LOL!

  114. Chrissy says:

    What’s really sad is that black men and women are on here ripping into one another over this topic. All the name calling and disrespect is senseless. It is obvious that both sexes harbor a lot of resentment for one another. Fortunately this sampling here is not a reflection of the majority of black men and women. Furthermore, I don’t believe that any white woman who truly has anything positive contribute to society and is truly against racism would even date or marry any black man who disrespected or berated black women or any woman the way some of the brothers have on here. Therefore these men are only attracting certain types of white women who are in theory no better than the black women they have chosen. It’s about the character of a person, not the color.

    • Netta says:

      Chrissy-I have only commented on this topic once before, but you definitely hit the nail on the head. The disrespect is really out of hand. People have gotten so color struck that they don’t see the true person underneath. I know some outright devilish black, white, asian, hispanic, and every other “color” people in the world. I also know some of the most intelligent, beautiful, and respectable people of all colors. Real love doesn’t need to be justified based on color. Most people don’t pick the person they fall in love with; it just happens. If I chose to be with someone, it’s not because he fit some particular mold. It’s because he treats me the way I want to be treated and I’m truly happy. If he isn’t black, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love black men; it just means I found the person for me and the package (skin) that he is wrapped up in really doesn’t matter. Some refuse to understand that. You definitely get it.

      • Amy says:

        Netta, I wish I could like your comment!

      • thomas j says:

        Netta, netta netta- I don’t think there are many people on Earth who don’t know that Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods cheated on their wives, that wasn’t the point baby girl of why I asked that retard of how they disrespected their ex-wives. The reason I asked that moron how they disrespected their ex’s was so he would have to admit it was infidelity and not domestic violence in front of their children. Keith for some disgusting reason equates money with domestic violence as acceptable, but the even more appalling FACT is that black women such as yourself read his comments and say nothing, yet when I try to make him put his foot deeper in his mouth then and only then does a black women answer one of my questions???? You sit on the sidelines reading the retarded shit he writes, with absolutely no feedback for him, even though in your heart you know he’s dead wrong.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Hi Chrissy – I have no resentment towards black women or black men. What I do resent is the negative, disrespectful comments made by some black men towards black women. I cannot take it and i will not stand for it. Any man that makes degrading statements towards black women must be repudiated!!! That’s how I feel!!!

      • jessica johnson says:

        I’m curious Mr. Bond as a black man you by far have been the most disrespectful person on this site. Almost every other post has been “white A hole licker, uncle tom, ignorant etc you keep saying you respect black women, yet you are the biggest instigator with your heinous, insensitive disrespectful comments. You say one thing, then as soon as a brother says he prefers a white woman you immediately attack the person, you should practice what you preach. As a black woman, it pains me to read your post above all. I think specom said it best, you truly are unhinged and a cancer on this site.

        • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

          Hi Jessica – I apologize to you for my foul language but I disgree that I was instigator. I would never have used that type of language if I was not responding to piss dung. Where I come from we do not tolerate speaking to or about black women in such a degrading, dismisssive, disrespectful, cowardly way. I have never in my life heard another black man talk about a black woman the way piss dung does. So I apologize to you and all who I have offended but I meant every single word that I have spoken in reference to piss dung. This guy is a cowardly scumbag!

  115. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    To black men unite: Oh I really feel real bad that some “C Sucker” revolked my so called man card. Join piss dung under the bridge!

  116. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    my address black men unite???? just think about what you are requesting – you must be insane!!!

    • black men unite says:

      It’s like the terminator movie there are unfortunately a lot of Keith Bonds in the NY area we do NOT want to take out the wrong person that is all.

  117. j dogg says:

    Chicken shit who is the coward now, internet gangster!! LMFAO

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      piss dung – you crawled out from under the bridge!!! I sho am scared of you!!

      • jessica johnson says:

        Mr. Bond your apology is duly noted, but I do have one question what are your views on interracial dating for black men AND black women especially seeing the fact that our president comes from a interracial background?

        • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

          Jessica – I am a black woman’s man. I don’t care who a person dates i.e. gay, straight, bi, transgender, black, white, asian, spanish – It don’t matter to me. I do have a real problem with idiots disrespecting black women. As far as the President being from an interracial background. I don’t really view the President as interracial. Most black folks in this country are interacial. Most of us have white bloodlines in our history because of the atrocities on black women that took place during slavery. In many southern states (Miss, SC,Ga, Ala, NC) you will see a big distinction between the dark skinned and light skinned blacks because of race mixiing. President Obama is married to a black woman and has a beautiful family and black women especially love him – 97% of black women voted for President in the recent election. I hope I answered your questions.

          • thomas j says:

            It’s interesting you claim you don’t have a “problem” with interracial dating when you consistently use deragatory comments towards people who date others who are not black, you have this weird idealogy that even though Obama’s mother was white somehow you don’t consider him an interracial person, because he’s married to Michelle. You have this deep rooted notion that a black man can’t express his feelings toward black women, yet a black woman can disrespect black men???

            1) Sheila said black women should only abort black male fetuses
            2) Teresa called black men that date white women “weak asses”
            3) Vanesca said brothers really hate themselves
            4) Gee called black men “house niggers” and to boycott black men
            With all of the hostile criticisms catapulted towards black men you have remained silent, you only have something to say when men say something, the hypocrisy of your idealogy is extremely narrow minded and one sided. You are a fraud who consistently tries to suck black women’s asses in hopes of being captain save a hoe. Netta even said you have no credibility and she’s a black woman!!!! How can someone who “claims” to be so open minded call someone a “white a hole licker?” You are extremely confused like a dog chasing his tail, who has no clue. Peace out ” brother” in the loosest term possible. You are a shame to the entire human race.

  118. black men unite says:

    Mr. Thomas you speak for all of the real black men, very well spoken sir.

  119. j dogg says:

    Lol thomas you took the words right out of my mouth. You hit the proverbial nail on the head dude!!!!!!!!! I’ve been saying all along tart boy is f@!ked up in the head.

  120. moonhead says:

    You stupid ass negroes, have been commenting on this stupid ass subject since August, 2012. Don’t any of you have lives, or worry about important things like getting an education, receiving training for today’s job market, crime in our neighborhoods, or starting your own businesses? It’s shit like this is what is keeping us lagging far behind every other racial group. Try concentrating on positive subjects, instead of worrying about who’s screwing who, or who’s the baby’s father. Instead of striving to be a damn rapper, a damn basketball player, or a damn hair stylist, why not strive to be a nuclear scientist, a surgeon, or a engineer? This subject, is hallow, and has no value accept to it’s author.

    • j dogg says:

      Thomas, black men unite and I have not made one single comment before December, you dumb fuck on the other hand were one of the original retards that HAS been commenting on this site since August 2012 as your dense ass pointed out!!! Lol Then when you did make your fruitless comments all you could muster up was black men marry those women because they are freaks and black women aren’t, what a fucking idiot if I must say so myself. Then your goofy ass talks about how you like getting “head” and you have the audacity to claim this is why blacks are lagging behind? I can’t believe you are still commenting on this site 5 months later then preaching about someone not having a life!! You my friend are pathetic, I didn’t think it was possible to find someone denser that tart boy, yet you have proved me wrong. As far as having employment, I can guarantee your broke ass isn’t, posting comments at almost 3am, these wack ass niggers be killing me.

  121. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    To thomas j: fool stop crying and whining – are your feeling hurt because some black women choose to be critical of some black men – Oh we don’t take care of our children; we don’t go to school. we fill up the prison industrial complex, drug abuse, child abuse, murders, thieves, or just plain abusive, can’t speak English, lazy, jealous, Uncle Toms – oh wow – We sure put out some great products for black women to marry – I am not trying to build credibility – to and for who???? Get off the interacial BS – It’s old news and nobody cares – the President got overwhelming support from the black community in both election cycles – as far as piss dung is concerned i meant every statement I made about him – he a troll and a c

  122. black men unite says:

    First off Mr. Bond I would like to correct you on a couple of fallacies that you keep putting on this site. Black men were NOT put on this earth solely for black women, nor were black women put on this earth solely for black men. Secondly the ENTIRE black population in this country is less than 20%, if every single black man,woman AND child voted for Obama that still wouldn’t have been enough to get Obama in the white house. You can keep preaching about overwhelming support from the black community all day long, but it was the combination of the white,latino and asian vote that propelled Obama into the white house, period. The same southern states you mentioned above don’t allow convicted felons to vote, which of course most not all blacks have. I was one of the first people to say that if Obama had married a white woman like his father did, he would have been a “sell out’ and every uncle tom in the book. If you look at Obama’s administration its comprised almost entirely of white men, except for Eric Holder!!!! Obama’s track record for blacks and latinos has been deplorable since he has been in office, to date not one single black person has been able to point out any meaningful progress in the black community contributed to Obama, what does that tell you?

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      hey Man – you are a fool – facts matter – no one said blacks should only marry blacks – obviously President Obama needed a coalition of folks to get elected, then reelected – but blacks votedin his favor 97% in 08, 93% in 12 and black women voted 97% in 12- Without the black vote he would have lost Ohio and PA – I’m not going to litigate with you the litany of programs the President has put forth that affect blacks – Think! Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!

      • thomas j says:

        Hey fool numero uno, you actually consider extending welfare benefits and unemployment a litany of programs? Wow

        • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

          Extending welfare and unemployment benefits for the working poor and middle class are small potatoes Punk!!! What about the Affordable Care Act, Financial Reform, the Auto Rescue, and reviving this economy. Knucklehead: Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!!!; Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!!!;Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!!!

  123. black men unite says:

    Tell me Mr. Bond exactly how does that Obama kool-aid taste?

    1) The “affordable” Obama care you are referring to once it is fully implemented is going to add trillions more to the already 16 trillion dollar deficit, any and everyone who doesn’t have health care are going to have to pay thousands of dollars in penalties in taxes if you don’t have insurance.

    2) Reviving the economy you claim, it took 4 years for the unemployment to get under 8%, latinos are over 10%, blacks are still over 14% !!!!!! Mind you these are the very people who voted for Obama and will be the same people to get fucked when Obama care is fully implemented with EXTRA TAXES.

    3) Financial reforms, if you count 5 trillion in bailouts to banks, GE, Fannie Mae, American Express, General Motors etc you are even dumber than you sound. Not to mention that not one single person has even been charged or convicted for the housing and financial market scams that drove the economy into the ground!!!!!

    4) I have finally figured out what you were referring to when you said its not illegal yet, STUPIDITY!!!!

  124. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    To black men (uptight) unite: I am not even going to respond to your nonsense. The election is over and your savior Romnut lost. By the way troll, I love the taste of President Obama’s kool aid. It tastes sooooo good. I want more and more. I am proud to have been a part of the electorate that put the first black family in office as President of the worlds most powerful country for two terms. Your man lost thus your a loser. So just sit on the sidelines and “carnival bark” – you are a nonfactor and irrelavant. Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!!!; Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!!!; Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!

    • Redneck Hillbilly says:

      Hey there ole Keith im like u i love the smell an taste of black women they cook like heaven an squirm lik alley cats in the sack!! like deniro said white gals cant do shit fo me put sho me wherr the sistas at im wit cha bro man

  125. Chrissy says:

    Angela- I am not justifying or promoting killing children. But I find it strange that so many people are so concerned with the choices a woman makes concerning the decision to bring forth life yet pay very little attention to all the children being murdered after they are born. True, sex is for procreation but most of the time the intention is for recreation–only. Another thing, did sisters really need Steve Harvey to tell them they should wait to take their panties off for some dude they just met? Perhaps more black fathers should be around to tell their daughters this so they don’t have to wait until they are 30-40 year old women and a black comedienne tells them in a book. That might be a little too late. So who becomes responsible for the children of these irresponsible parents? Quite frankly, yes I do have a problem with people just “procreating” and then the responsible people have to pay the price in terms of putting up with their unruly and disrespectful offspring because they lack love, attention and discipline and seeing a disproportionate number of our children caught up in the system.

  126. jessica johnson says:

    Chrissy and your co-signer tart bond are quite disengenious in reference toward Steve Harvey. You literally with the stroke of a key board put this man on the same level as Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Eddie Murphy, Red Fox etc. Allow me to educate you on the many hats Steve wears, he is a actor, author, radio and tv personality, philanthropist and a comedian. While it is quite true Mr. Harvey used comedy as a platform to introduce himself to the world, this great man has evolved into much more than a comedian as you stated. The Steve Harvey mentoring weekend for young black men includes life-affirming sessions and team-building activities to address common risks young men face on the journey to adulthood, focusing on personal responsibility, dream building, nutrition, physical fitness, and positive leadership to equip them with support and inspiration to realize their potential and build the future they want. You actually replied to Angela that men should pull their **cks out, honestly that was one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard from a woman in a long time, would you actually tell that to your sons and daughters???? I don’t expect you to have a PHD in biology to understand procreation, but that was ridiculous. It literally only takes a drop of semen to come in contact with the egg and pregnancy begins, I’ve actually heard men saying pull out but I never thought the day would come when a woman would say that. As for your comments on did it really take a “comedian” to tell sistas not to have sex with a man before 90 days, ah yeah all you have to do is look at the high rate of abortions within the black community to figure that out. Most black homes are raised by single black women, mine included, the vast majority have NEVER told their daughters this. This reason Mr. Harveys book was so powerful was because it illustrated the supreme power women have but don’t exercise. A man will only continue to do to you what you allow him to do. How can a man beat you if you’re not there to be beaten, how can a man continue to cheat on you if you are not with him to allow that? These are valid points that a LOT of black women are not teaching their daughters, hence the need for Harveys book, if you actually take the time to read his book you will notice he basically laid out the blue print for us. As for your comments on why very few are willing to speak up against abortion, murder is murder, inside or outside the womb it doesn’t make a difference.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Hey Jessica – A lot of folks may need Steve Harvey’s advice – I really don’t!!!

      • black men unite says:

        The only way Mr. Bond you wouldn’t need Mr. Harveys advice is if indeed you are gay.

        • Damn – You homophobic troll – By the way I am not gay but what’s sexual orientation have to do with anything ? Why would I need Steve Harvey’s advice??? I am not knocking Steve but I don’t need him!!!

          • black men unite says:

            My I remind you Mr. Bond that you are the one who said you wanted to sodomize j dogg?

      • angela says:

        Inquiring minds want to know what makes you so special that you don’t need Harveys advice? You actually wait 90 days before you have sex?

        • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

          If I am special because I have my own mind, make my own decisions, and can think for myself – I will take it? For those who need Steve Harvey’s advice, I encourage them to go buy his book and go see his movie with the quickness!

    • Chrissy says:

      Jessica—While you were consumed with taking up the defense of Steve Harvey, you missed the key points. This was not an attack on Steve Harvey. The point was why are there so many black women who do not understand how to have a meaningful relationship with a man? Why do women think that it’s cool to have sex with a man whom they know nothing about? I didn’t call it a 90 day rule but I surely didn’t give away my cookies to a dude I met that same day as some women do. And even if I did have a jump off I damn sure wouldn’t let him knock me up. A lot of these women are getting preggers by dudes they don’t have any kind of serious relationship with. That dude hasn’t as much as committed to showing up for a date at the movies let alone anything more serious. As far as the pull your **ck ou comment, it’s clinically called the withdrawal method or coitus interruptus. Sex Ed 101. If used correctly is has about a 25-27% failure rate which means approximately 75% of unwanted pregnancies could be prevented with proper use of this method alone. Based on this comment YOU made, I can attribute the high rate of abortions among black women have much to do with ignorance about birth control and their bodies. You just said you are a single mother. Well Jessica, I am a mother but I am NOT a single mother. I have been married for several years. So I apparently know a thing or two about obtaining and maintaining a long-term relationship with a man. And I knew this before Steve Harvey wrote the book. Jessica, I’m not putting you down for reading Steve Harvey’s book. Btw, I read it too. I was interested in what he had to say. He gave a lot of good advice to women. And information and good advice is good no matter where it comes from. I understand that you have to have a variety of mediums to get information to all types of people. The reason I pointed out that women waited for a black comedienne to write a book to learn this information is because this information has ALWAYS been available to black women. I get tired of black people not reading, learning and paying attention to anything useful unless it’s delivered to them via comedy or music. As a matter of fact, there have been other black writers who have written about this same subject matter (e.g. 10 Bad Choices that Ruin Black Women’s Lives, Grace Cornish, The Conversation: How Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships, Hill Harper, The Love Ethic, A. Butler/K. Butler to name few) because they are not comediennes a lot of blacks never even heard of those books, let alone read them. For that reason, black people will remain behind the eight ball.

      • jessica johnson says:

        The arrogance, you think you know how to keep a man because you have been married ” several” years baby I was married 15 years, until he started showing his ass. When you make it to at least 5 years, you come Holla at me. You think you know, let me tell you,the best better than you and me have tried and failed. I could guarantee that if you hook that negro you with right now up to a lie detector he wouldn’t pass it if his life depended on it. Church.

        • Chrissy says:

          Now Jessica, this is exactly what I mean. You must pay attention. Please tell me what I said to give you any idea of how long I have been married? I said several years, usually meaning more than 2 and more than a few. This could mean five, ten, fifteen, maybe twenty. I’m sorry your marriage didn’t work out after 15 years. And I’m not sure who “the best” are, but personally I consider myself to be pretty damn good. Jessica, all men are not liars and cheaters. So many women adopt this “all men are dogs” and “all men are no good” attitude because they have been hurt by other men. It’s baggage Jessica and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. When you don’t trust, you operate in that mindset. So you will always want to hook the next man up to a lie detector. That’s no good and if you live in fear of being open, loving and trusting to the next man, you will like live unhappily and alone. But hey, I’m not a famous black male comedienne telling you this, so I’m sure my words have no merit with you.

  127. j dogg says:

    Gasp…….Jessica you mean to tell me the pull-out method doesn’t work? Lol

  128. black men unite: boy you are dumb!

  129. Chrissy says:

    Apparently many of you must have sex with a person you meet I’m gonna say within the first 2 weeks and perhaps I’m still being generous. Many of you perhaps have practiced no form of birth control. No pull out method, no condoms, no pills, no diaphragm, no iud, no ovulation monitoring, no natural herbs…..nothing! Just get preggers, have the kid or abort it. Wow, incredible!

  130. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Hey Chrissy – Based on my experience of living in the Hood and daeling with the folk for 30 plus years. One thing I firmly believe is that we must educate ourselves and make sure our children are educated. Remember during slavery it was against the law to educate a slave. Fast forward to Jim Crow and separate but equal, busing, and charter schools. A good education has to be the foundation for improving the quality of life in our community. Many of the salient problems in our community i.e. crime; single heads of household; underage teenage sex; child/sex abuse; alchoholism; rape; drug abuse; obesity and other health issues; nonpayment of child support; depression; anger issues; hopelessness; unemployment; thrive in our community because the populus is not educated in the basics.

    • Chrissy says:

      I agree Keith. It’s funny that is seems like the comments which are tainted with the most obscenity, the most profanity, and are the most insulting get the most response. Don’t stoop to that level. you seem to be much more intelligent than that. If they can’t match you or surpass you with their own knowledge and reason, they resort to more name calling and childish insults. Again, the inability for black people to have a serious discussion about serious issues is another reason we as a race will continue to be left behind.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        Hey Chrissy – I know a lot of brothers and sisters that are prosperous and doing well. I have friends that have 30 plus years marriages that are great. My own mother was married three times to disfunctional black men but she left them when it became apparant they were not trying to move forward. Keep hope alive – Education is the key to our peoples progress.

        • thomas j says:

          I would first like to acknowledge the extreme accomplishment your mother was able to pull off by now only getting married in her lifetime, but accomplishing that feat three times!!!!! ( 70-80% of black women never make it past the status of ” baby mama” in their lifetime, the other 50% will be divorced before their 5th anniversary)

          Have you ever heard the phrase, fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me? Anyone can make a mistake once or twice, but for a female to KEEP picking losers over three times obviously indicates there is a problem with her. It demostrates a serious lack of judgement ability on her part to constantly keep putting herself in the exact same situations. If a woman had three abortions the same views would be expressed. I would also bet with her poor decision making abilities she has also been a client of Planned Parenthood numerous times also in her lifetime. People can bash black men till the end of time, but what do you honestly say when women line up consistently to lay down with these same men, over and over and over again?

      • angela says:

        Chrissy-so let’s put this myth to rest once and for all. A woman can still get pregnant even before her guy slides his penis out, before he ejaculates, before he releases his flood of possible progeny, thereby making the pull-out method as certain as Russian roulette. Even if he backs out of the tunnel of love before he ejaculates, there is enough sperm in pre-cum, the clearish liquid that oozes out when some dudes become sexually aroused, to knock a female up. I repeat: Pre-cum can contain sperm. So if he’s inserted and he hasn’t ejaculated yet, his pre-cum is still liable to contain floating semen that can impregnate you and make you a mother well before you are good and ready. It can ALSO happen if your lovers semen gets on the OUTSIDE of your love dome. Stranger things have happened than a women finding herself with child because some random sperm with amazing willpower and Ripley’s Believe It Not navigational skills and managed to funnel in from the outer part of her vaginal area. Coitus interruptus my friend has been around for over 2,000 years. This also says nothing of STD’s, Coitus interruptus by no means and under any circumstance should ever be advocated as a logical form of birth control. Over 25% of Planned Parenthoods new clientele are a direct result of the pull-out method.

  131. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    piss dung – your mentor the “Redneck Hillbilly” called you a porch monkey!!!! What are you going to do about it? Maybe you will accept your new name “Porch Monkey”!

  132. MCG says:

    The beauty of this endangered white.

  133. j dog says:

    Lol if the shoe fits wear it, smiley face!!!!

  134. Chrissy says:

    Angela–First I will start by saying that I am not the one who needs a lesson in birth control. I have that under control. Furthermore, I am very well aware that it only takes one drop of semen to impregnate a woman. One of the last things you stated was that 25% of Planned Parenthood’s new clients were as a result of the withdrawal method. You only reiterated the statistical number I discussed in my previous comment. I stated that this method has about a 25% failure rate. So, I am not quite understanding why you are commenting as if I said this was the best method of birth control or the only method of birth control. I never stated that this was the best method of birth control, however, I was stating that this method was better than no method at all. One thing for sure is if you are a reproductively healthy female and male, and you continuously have sex and your partner ejaculates inside of you each time without the use of a condom, pills, IUD, or other barrier or family planning precaution, you are almost 99% certain to eventually end up pregnant. Too many black women are on the oops plans. And there is always an excuse for why they end up accidentally pregnant,. Now this is where my sisters have to do better. While I do believe it is the joint responsibility between men and women to avoid unwanted pregnancies, as a woman, it is your body and you will ultimately be the most affected by an untimely pregnancy. Whether the choice is to have an abortion or have a child, the woman will have to suffer the most physical, emotional and financial costs for her decision. A couple doesn’t have to opt for the withdrawal method because it certainly may not be the best method for many couples. However, there is, out of the choice of a variety of other methods, a birth control method that will be effective. Blacks have this notion that birth control is somehow not in their control. Believe it or not, there are many black men and women who do not have unplanned pregnancies. Yes, they do exist. Family planning is not a white thing. It’s a smart thing.

    • black men unite says:

      I couldn’t happen but to notice that Angela raised a extremely valid point how Coitus interruptus still leaves both partners extremely vulnerable to STD’s, it can take years for the HIV virus to show up in the body. You seem to conveniently not address that issue in your rebuttal to Angela.

  135. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    redneck hillbilly: Hey Man – Please don’t forget to remind your Ma to take out my slop jar!

  136. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    redneck hillbilly: Hey Man – Don’t foget to tell you Ma to wash her ass – She smell like fish!

  137. j dog says:

    Chrissy is so far to the left she wouldn’t see right even if it smacked her in the face. Lol I thought the bullshit pull-method died when AIDS came on the scene in the 80’s, hey chrissy come into the 21 century.

  138. Chrissy says:

    The problem is you all can’t stay on topic. This went from interracial couples to an issue about abortions and now to birth control methods and stds. I didn’t address Stds because the issue that had been raised was about unwanted pregnancies. Now when I stated that perhaps men should wear condoms more often, no one had any comment. But because I mentioned the withdrawal method, some of you want to keep harping on how this method “doesn’t work”. Maybe it would not work for you and as I stated, it isn’t for everyone. First, it is not for those who wanna kick it with somebody they just met yesterday. You should not use this method when you visit your jump off tonight. When I stated that black men need to wrap their ish up, I could hear the birds chirp. Nevermind the fact that condoms are very effective in the prevention of pregnancy and STDs. But now I’m waiting for one of you to rebuttal this with the old “the condom broke” cop out. You even had dumb ass black men running around talking about they’re “too big” for condoms. The bottom line is nothing works when you don’t use it. Black people are dying of AIDs because they are having sex with any and everybody and not using ANY protection. As long as black people keep making excuses the less prosperous black people will be. Honestly it makes no difference to me if stupid black people want to keep screwing and have 25 kids. I just don’t want to have to pay for them with my money, time and resources.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Hey Chrissy “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Education is the key – Education is the only way to defeat the illiterate and the morons and save them from themselves.

  139. thomas j says:

    Hey Chrissy common sense dictates use condoms to prevent STD’s and pregnancys, lack of common sense even mentioning pull-method. I’m just saying, really chick catch a clue.

  140. black men unite says:

    I’m a guy and I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out you would mention the pull-out method my damn self, I’m honestly speechless……..

  141. victor v says:

    Keith- I’m quite sure you have heard a mind is a terrible thing so much growing up it has been drilled into your head.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      You are so right Victor v – My grandmother drilled in my mine from the time I was a child. Education is the key. I know many black folks who have educated themselves are living exciting, prosperous lives. I dismiss these illiterate morons on this site. Everyone I touch I preach education – education is our saviour. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet! Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet! Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet! (George Clinton)

  142. thomas j says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with black love, but when you get that white girl, you can get that Obama baby.

  143. Moonhead, you said it. This subject has been going nowhere for too long. I refuse to lower myself to the level of name calling and profanity. I am ashamed of this site. It is a disgrace. Dr. Watkins gave It a try but it has become a failure. I believe Watkins really wants to help his people but some of the people posting on this site seem to be beyond his type of help. I hate to say that they are hopeless but it seems so..

    • victor v says:

      If finally took someone 5 months to say this was a bullshit site, I’m actually wondering a site that was created solely to bash and degrade black men, what did folks actually think this site would ever amount to. Anyone who actually thought this site was quality to begin with……………..

  144. Chrissy says:

    A lot of you are very ignorant. Very ignorant. I’m sure a lot of you black men on here have several children that you don’t raise or support and you probably even have kids you don’t even acknowledge or know of. Many of you don’t wear condoms and you have likely have been to the clinic for treatment so many times they know you when you walk in the door. The reason why abortion is such a hot topic for some of you is because that is a way of life in your world. Of course withdrawing your penis would seem absurd to you because many of you lack the discipline and self control to do such. This is the reason you end up with a woman who disrespects you, who doesn’t care about you and aborts your child. This is the reason men will have sex with you, impregnate you and then leave you and never look back. You f**k like you’re animals because you pay no attention to your impoverished and humble existence. Many of you should never reproduce if you by some miracle already haven’t. I stated a lot of other facts about birth control and the importance of family planning but you’re focused on the thought of withdrawing your penis. If you tried it in the 80’s and it didn’t work for you, then I guess you’re part of that 25%. Because if you take a 100 people and it fails for 25 of them, then it worked for 75 of them. In school, 75 is not a very good grade but it’s a passing grade but if you score a 25 you fail. Therefore, the failures are the 25%. So typical of people like you to f**k up then blame the system and other people. As I said, I don’t care if ignorant black people want to keep making kids they can’t pay for. I just don’t want to have to pay for them.

    • thomas j says:

      You actually brought up a interesting point, 75% is barely passing, but would you want to see a doctor you knew that passed med school with a 75% grade avg? Would you want an eye doctor operating on your detached retina who graduated with a 75% avg?

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Chrissy – I have concern about all folks who want to keep making kids they can’t pay for. I also don’t want to have to pay for them. Don’t stop hammering the ignorant concerning birth control. It will get through. Knowledge is power. victor v – the reason that black men get bashed so often is we do and participate in so many fxxked things i.e. crime of all times in our own community, not taking care of our parental responsibilities, lack of education, beligerant and threatening, ignorance, physical, drug and alchohol abuse…….. Note: There are a lot of black men doing positive stuff — we just have deal with and educate those of us who exhibit horrible behavior. Think, Think, It ain’t illegal yet!

  145. thomas j says:

    First its the white mans fault, now its the black mans fault……who’s next?

  146. Chrissy says:

    Thomas J- I hate to be the bearer of bad news–but there are some doctors who graduated from med school with a C average. Do you ask to see transcripts before you go to a doctor? Some black men feel as if they are being bashed when they are critiqued. The fact is that we all have faults and there is always room for improvement. Until you recognize your faults, you can’t become a better person. It’s applies to black men and women. No one wants to feel wrong even when they are. But it is only when you start to feel wrong that you try to do what is right.

  147. thomas j says:

    I’m confused chrissy, I thought you said 75%, a C average isn’t 75%????

  148. Chrissy says:

    Umm…..Thomas j, what kind of grade did you get with a score of 75? Now in the world of academia as I know it, any grade between 70-79 earned a student a grade of C. Perhaps a C+ over 75 if an instructor is feeling generous. Wow, so is the reason black children are failing? Is it because they don’t even understand how they are even being graded?

  149. Chrissy says:

    Btw, that is based or the standard U.S. grading system. It can vary in some states and other countries. A grade of 75 could be considered as low as a D. But we do know that a grade of 25% is an “F” everywhere.

  150. thomas j says:

    Just wanted to make sure in the academic world that a C was still 80% thats all, cause you started of saying 75% then you jumped to C avg for doctors.

  151. Chrissy says:

    For most U.S. states school systems, 80% is considered a “B”. Some states may use a variant of this grading system and perhaps you are from one of those states. These states or school systems use a 6-7 point grade system instead of a 10 point system. Many universities and school systems use the standard grading scale. Some use the plus and minus system, e.g. B+, C- while others don’t. Sometimes a particular instructor can measure scores differently. As I stated earlier, students must understand how they are being graded. If you are debating whether 75% is a qualifying grade or not, the answer is yes it is usually a passing grade whether it’s a C or a D. Is it a good grade, no. But it’s better than 25% which is a failing grade everywhere. Therefore, if you receive 25% and your friend receives 75%, your friend may not be a genus but he passes and you fail.

  152. Chrissy says:

    A genius that is.

  153. thomas j says:

    Last time I checked every school in the US 80% is a B avg, but I already knew that. What I was actually getting at was the comment you made about people not knowing if he/she graduated with an C avg. A C avg really isn’t much better than a B avg, what ultimately matters is the overall competence and bedside manner, and the ability to approach other forms of medicine besides pills or surgery. Whether the doctor has an A, B, or C avg is irrelevant.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Hey my man – usually overall competence is based on the grades you receive – Our society is merit based. Whether your an A, B, or C student is very relevant. The bedside manner does not matter.

      • thomas j says:

        I finally have figured out why Keith and Chrissy don’t get it, you two have never heard of a person with book smarts and no common sense!! I actually had a doctor to tell me sweat was bad for humans, and that humans shouldn’t sweat. You actually think bedside manner doesn’t matter, that means you’ve never had a Asian or Indian doctor, lol.

      • black men unite says:

        I have finally after much soul searching finally decided to agree with your statements against black men, and here are my reasons for agreeing with you:

        White men take care of their women not just emotionally, but financially too.
        White men have family values. It’s not often that you’ll see a white man with 11 “baby mamas”
        White men know how to manage money.
        White men prefer that their women stay at home and will do anything to create a comfortable life for her.
        White men know that there are ways to make a lot of money legally.
        White men are very easy going and laid back.
        White men are gentlemen.
        White men cater to their women.
        White men live longer. They take care of themselves, eat right, exercise and go to the doctor regularly.

        So after looking at all the information I say black women absolutely should seek other ethnic groups at a much faster rate. This isn’t a knock to brothers, but sistas need to wisen up and open their eyes to the much bigger picture.

  154. Chrissy says:

    That’s right Keith. Society is very merit driven. Some employers will ask for your transcripts and your GPA. Most would consider the candidate with a 3.0 over the one with a 2.0. The only time you will fare better is if you are in the top 25 percentile of your class ranking.

  155. victor v says:

    Who is prettier Katherine Webb (miss Alabama) or Beyonce?

  156. black men unite says:

    I have an even better example of why bedside is extremely important, you think if Dr. Conrad Murray had proper bedside manner Michael Jackson would still be alive?

  157. j dogg says:

    Three failed marriages? That’s Elizabeth Taylor status, no wonder tart man has hostilities toward black men geez!!!!

  158. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    piss dung – I have no hostility towards black men – To the contrary I just call a spade a spade – the truth is the truth – a lot of black men are uneducated and just wonder through life with no purpose – Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!

  159. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    thomas j: What’s this obsession with Planned Parenthood – I don’t get it – From what I hear – Planned Parenthood provides a variety of essential health services to poor, working and middle class women. Did you vote for Romney? Are Ric Santorum? Oh now I understand your lack of knowledge and ignorance – Your with the Tea Party!

  160. thomas j says:

    From what you hear? Bro if you truly want to know what Planned Parenthood provides as services all you have to do is ask the women in your family, look at the reaction on their faces when you do. I did.

  161. black men unite says:

    The ignorance of most people is mind boggling, essential health services WOW Planned Parenthood doesn’t even offer breast mammograms!!!!! How the hell is this lie still being perputrated in 2013? The technology for mammograms has been around for 40 years, and Planned Parenthood still till this day doesn’t provide them, and yet you literally have MILLIONS of ignorant people who still don’t know this basic FACT. Abortions are more profitable than mammograms, that’s why Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide them, AND you will never find a woman on Earth who has had one by them, all those low-lifes will do is refer you to someone who actually does!!!!! Planned Parenthood always says abortions are only 3% of their business, well that 3% equates to 330,000 plus abortions annually.

  162. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    To: thomas j (Romney) and black trolls unite (Santorum) – You warts lost the election – Like I said previously – Whats your obsession with Planned Parenthood – Come out from under the bridge in 2016 and try again! Troll – Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet! Wart – Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet! Troll – Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!

  163. j dog says:

    Lol it least we now know which side tart gets his stupidity from, lol think think its not illegal yet lol I crack myself up

  164. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    victor v (santorum), piss dung (clarence thomas) – You Planned Parenthood haters lost the election. You romney, tea party, ignorant, carnival barking, self hating neanderthols just don’t get. It’s over fools! Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet! Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet! (absess) Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!

  165. thomas j says:

    Well now that we have established that your genes are void of common sense let’s move on to why you keep bringing up the election. Dude nobody cares who won or lost the election, either way the US is still headed toward bankruptcy with 16 trillion in debt, 6 trillion of which Barack racked up in 4 years by himself. As for Planned Parenthood if you would actually notice black women look at this site EVERY SINGLE DAY, and not one has repudiated the comments about the so-called health services Planned Parenthood suspposedly provides. Don’t you think that’s kind of strange all these women with something to always say have miraculously remained silent??? Think, think even your dear buddy Chrissy hasn’t came out and said hey that’s a lie Parenthood does offer mammograms, no female can.You have to learn how to read between the lines, all of these black women that you whorship the ground they walk on have remained silent on Planned Parenthood for a reason.

  166. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    thomas j: OMG you are a true fool – I can’t speak for black women but with everything that have going on in their lives, they don’t have the time or inclination to respond to a dolt like you. Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!!!

  167. thomas j says:

    Sadly you are correct, its not bashing black men or white women time so yeah they wouldn’t have any inclination to say anything. I never though about it from that point of view.

  168. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    This is to all the losers and dolts that insist on the Planned Parenthood and abortion discussion: Troll – Think! Think! It ain’t Illegal Yet!!!; Dolt – Think! Think! It ain’t Illegal Yet!!!; Wart – Think! Think! It ain’t Illegal Yet!!!

  169. thomas j says:

    This coming from the unemployed, loser offspring from a woman with 3 failed marriages, geez

  170. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    thomas j: Dolt – unemployed??? You must be looking in the mirror – I bet your an intellectual – I can tell because all the research you have done on Planned Parenthood – I’m jealous of you troll – Think! Think! It ain’t illegal Yet!!!

  171. victoria says:

    Keith straight up no disrespect, but you are a fucking idiot. All you do is keep writing bullshit think think it ain’t illegal yet, you are one of the dumbest black “men” that I have come across on the internet in a very long time. You literally have absolutely nothing to contribute to society meaningfully but stupid cliches and constantly insulting black men and trying to ass kiss black women.

  172. j dog says:

    I second that emotion once again, running away with me, it was just my imagination.

  173. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    victoria: I must be doing something right if you think I am insulting Black men for holding them accountable for their historically self destructive; self hating behavior! Chicago CY 2012 over 500 murders in the black community! Think! Think! It ain’t Illegal Yet (George Clinton used those words relative to our community in 1979!

  174. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    piss dung = shuckin and jivin!

  175. victoria says:

    You claim you respect black women and education is the key, please then explain how an educated man quotes Floyd Mayweather who was convicted of beating up his childrens mother ( Josie Harris, yes she is a black woman) in front of their two children? You then turn around and use George Clinton as another role model, this man owes the government over $115,000 because he refused to pay his taxes.

  176. angela says:

    My god I knew Floyd went to jail but I didn’t I didn’t know it was because he beat up the mother of his children!!!! Self hating and to think the man who said he won’t allow black men to degrade black women, actually quotes this monster is a travesty. Shame on you Keith Bond, you honestly couldn’t use a honorable person to quote?

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Victoria and Angela – It’s obvious that you are both confused on the facts. I can’t find where I quoted Floyd but …..Floyd did indeed attack Josie Harris the mother of his children. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail for the attack. Floyd was wrong and he paid the price. During the time he was waiting to be incarcerated, Floyd fought and made $40 million. Floyd takes care of his children. He is not running from his child support responsibilities like many black men.
      Victoria you are criticizing the great George Clinton because he did not pay $115,000 in federal taxes. Is that all that you got? We just went through a national debate on fairness and tax rates. Do you read the paper or watch the news? No one likes to pay taxes. You failed to respond to the 500 plus blacks killed in Chicago in CY 2012. That statistic is a national tragedy. We are literally killing ourselves. Why don’t you talk about the myriad of problems of the black male. It’s not all the Govts or white man’s fault that the Prison Industrial complex is filled with black males.
      I love and am supportive of black woman. They are the backbone of our community. We have Michelle Obama – First Lady as a roll model for black women. Note black women voted for President Obama at a 97% rate in the last election. Victoria and Angela – A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!!!

  177. andre3000 says:

    So why are y’all so concerned about RICH black men and who they date?? And all these women ain’t white!!! You got cassie in the pics. She black. Y’all say if these black men wasn’t rich these women wouldn’t want them, but y’all wouldn’t be concerned about who they with if they wasn’t rich either. And when black men see black women so concerned and mad about RICH black men with nonblack women, it makes them look like a gold digger. How can it not??

    • j dog says:

      I think you answered your own question, it does make them look like gold diggers. Most men black, white, brown and yellow don’t want a woman with 4-5 kids by 3-4 men and a chip on her shoulder because she’s too stupid to find a quality decent man. Ask Keith tart Bond his goofy ass mama has been divorced 3 times already, perfect example of failure.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        piss dung – I love it when you post! You are truly an intelligent troll! I am jealous of your knowledge dung!

  178. victoria says:

    Keith- you are truly something else, now you ” claim ” you don’t remember quoting money mayweather, please allow me to jog your memory you quoted this convicted female abuser on December 24, 2012 @ 1:17am. It’s funny how amnesia creeps into the human mind once the truth comes out!!!!! Floyd takes care of his kids you say, does that include beating the shit out of their mother in front of them? You are quick to point out homicides, yet you forget most of the people killing other people grew up in abusive homes like Floyd Mayweather created in his home!!!! As far as George Clinton, who doesn’t dislike paying their taxes, if you make millions uncle Sam ALWAYS gets his cut. The debate in Washington was about raising the tax rate for people making over
    $400,000 plus a year , NOT avoiding paying your taxes geez. The more you talk the more ignorant you sound.

  179. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Angela – Amnesia, I don’t think so – Floyd did his time for his crime – No one is supporting what he did. But the mother of his children is getting paid big time. The children are being taken care of and well educated. Ask the mothers of Evander and TO’s children why they have to go to court for child support. Fathers not taking care of their children is a major problem in our community.

    You sure that the individuals that comitted the majority of homicides came from abusive homes …. Please with all due respect you don’t know what you are talking about. The debate in Washington was about raising the tax rate for people making over $250,000. The $400,000 rate was agreed to after compromise. You are wrong again.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet.

  180. victoria says:

    So because Floyd is forced to take care of his kids all is ok huh. Man you truly have a warped sense of reality, first off Evander AND TO HAVE NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF BEATING UP BLACK WOMEN IN FRONT OF THEIR KIDS EITHER, you left that part out. You are right about the homicides, most of those grew up in stable homes, lol. They just decided to kill people for the hell of it, no prior violence in the home necessary. Keep digging amnesia man.

  181. black men unite says:

    The moral barometer of a man is measured by his ability to admit when he is wrong. By knucklehead bonds own admission when a man beats, rapes and molest people, as long as he goes to jail all is forgiven.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      lack of knowledge unit: fool – when folks break the law they do the time – troll were you aware that the judge in Vega let Floyd put off doing his 90 days for as you say (man beats, rapes and molest people) so he could fight. The fight brought in over $100 million for the city. Floyd took home $40 million. Everybody got paid. The capitalist way. Evander and TO’s children – nobody is getting paid.

  182. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    To: victoria
    Why you keep taking about Floyd – He served his time – He is paying the cost for his transgressions – Everybody is getting paid – Evander and TO are broke – They both have children each by multiple women and pay no child support. Who would you rather be Floyd’s woman who is getting paid or Evander and TOs’ women who get nothing but the check is coming? You make the choice!
    Why don’t you discuss the homicides????????? You don’t get it and you don’t want to get it. Why don’t you talk about the lack education,unemployment, no skills, single heads of household, STDs, poor communication skills…… Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet! I like communicating with you – real challenging!

  183. victoria says:

    Wow would I rather be beaten and disrespected in front of my children, and let my sons and daughters see this abuse as well, just for the almighty dollar. You are one fucked up motherfucker dude, money isn’t shit if you don’t know your own self worth, I would rather be one broke ass female as long as at the end of the day I could hold my head up with dignity. That paper dollar you obviously worship over self respect, you can’t take it with you when you die. Dr. Martin Luther King once said that the United States was a very wealthy country but it was morally bankrupt, you are a prime example of what this great man was referring to. If your father would beat the shit out of your mother it would be acceptable, as long as he rained money on her and you right. What a fucking disgrace.

  184. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    To: victoria
    I really love talking wih you. You are impressive. I know you would rather be beaten and disrespected in front of your children, and let your sons and daughters see this abuse as well and not get nothing out of it. You are a true trooper. Tiger Woods disrespected his wife and she took home a kool $100 million. Micheal Jordon disrespected his wife and she took home $37 million. I understand your point, forget the $$$ and focus on your self worth. Screw the the almighty dollar …
    “money isn’t shit if you don’t know your own self worth, you would rather be one broke ass female as long as at the end of the day you could hold your head up with dignity.” Now that you made it clear where you stand broke – You never continued your discussion of the 500 murders in Chicago. If my father beat the shit out of my mother it would not be acceptable but when he left I’m sure she would be most happy to take a golden parachute of $25 million rather than self worth and pride. I learn something new everytime we communicate. Think! Think! It ain’t illegal yet!

  185. thomas j says:

    how did Michael Jordan and tiger woods disrespect their wives?

    • Netta says:

      thomas j: I think he was referring to them cheating on their wives as the disrespect but you never can tell what he means.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        does it take a rocket scientist to know or you may not consider cheating on wife and family disrespect. A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

        • thomas j says:

          Exactly the point I was making retard, INFIDELITY not DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. NOT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, NOT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, NOT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. One day you will possibly have a daughter and she will possibly marry someone with money and he will possibly beat the shit out of her throw her some millions so she can live lavishly and you will possibly say to her baby at least you did what a good black girl does and got something out of it, I’m soo proud of you, you took those punches to the face and body like a champ!!!!

          • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

            thomas j: What a fool – A typical response from black men who do not want to pay child support or raise the children they fathered illegitimately. One of the main problems in the black community is fathers who abandon their children and refuse to pay child supporit. Infidelity vs domestic violence??? Whatever the reason black women should be compensated??? As a person who dates exclusively black women, I have listened to many tails of lack of payment of child support by deadbeat Dads. In a lot of instances the women just say screw it and stop trying to get the support. The great thing about New York State is that they hound the deadbeat dads into the ground until they get their money. Again if my daughter was in a physically abusive relationship and got divorsed, I want her to get paid big time. Bankrupt the MFer- Too many black women are raising kids by themselves with no support from the Deadbeat Dads. Black women – Get that money – To be sure if it was a white woman – She would get paid. Think! Think! it ain’t illegal yet!

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      How stupid are you? A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  186. Mark Anthony says:

    Children universally prefer to live in peace, non-violence, and comparative security. Even if it means living with only one parent. Children who grow up in violence…

    In 41-55% of homes where police respond to domestic violence calls, children are present in the home

    50% of children risk neglect or physical abuse sometime during their childhood

    53% of children witnessing abuse acted out aggressively with parents

    50% of these children acted out aggressively with their peers

    60% of these children acted out aggressively with their siblings

    63% of ALL boys, ages 11-20, who are arrested for MURDER have killed the man who was assaulting their mother.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Hey Man – please provide stats on black single heads of household and if possible the amount of black single heads of household that recieve child support. Appreciate it!

  187. stacey says:

    Keith perhaps you should also visit one on the hundreds of of domestic violence shelters in NY state, and then you should promise to not procreate, with your views you are more money hungry , perhaps this has rubbed off on you from your 3X divorcee mother.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      You miss the point – the issue is not about domestivc violence – it’s about getting paid for the cruelty wraught on you – then maybe they would not be in a domestic shelter – furthermore I could not be more prouder of my 3x (as you say) divorcee mother – she did not contnue in abusive relationships and live through years of horror – when things got bad she moved on – a lot of Sistas would the wiser if they followed her path – get rid of the abusive, alchoholic, drug addicted, know it all, unemployed bums – don’t let them suck the life out of you – by the way I love money, I am a capitalist, I love and cherish black women, i’m educated, I’m employed, I am not a deadbeat dad although I have taken care and raised families deserted by deadbeat dads – I am not broke and a joke. Think! Think! it ain’t illegal yet!

  188. Mark Anthony says:

    Keith- this is what makes this country so unique, the 1st admenment giving folks the ability to speak their minds without fear of repercussions from the government. What I do hope with you on the other hand is that you are an anomalie, when anyone is raped, beaten, verbally abused there isn’t enough money to ease or erase that pain. The simple fact that you think money which is made out of trees, can somehow right the atrocities committed against someone is what I affectionately call ” niggerish mentality.” Rodney King “got paid”, look what hapoened to him, Native Americans got their bullshit stipends and casinos, they still haven’t recovered from the atrocities committed against them. The Vietnamese received millions from the US for the atrocities committed in Vietnam, they are also still reeling from all the land mines and Agent Orange we sprayed in their country. Money is the root of all evil, not the answer. A woman that has been beaten will never fully recover emotionally, psychologically or mentally, getting paid will never erase those scars.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Damn your a fool – I am not going to respond to your ignorant quotes – We have expressed our opinions – I think black women should be paid handsomely for any atrocities wrought on them – You don’t. FYI Troll – A couple of years ago a Cop in the DC area killed a black woman and her 11 month child. The case is now going to trial. The Cop shot the woman and left the baby in a car with the temperature at 95%. DC has hot humid summers. The Cop was married. He had a extramarital affair with the woman and she had his child. The cop killed them both because she took him to court for child support. True story – Google it! Think! Think! it ain’t illegal yet!

  189. Mark Anthony says:

    Don’t understand your point retard , Rae Curruth did the same thing, jovan Belcher killed his child’s mother also because he was cheating and didn’t believe the baby was his. Do you really think money is healing either parties pain you idiot? Oj Simpsons ex-inlaws won millions from OJ in the civil trail, does your dense ass think for one fruitless second they wouldn’t want to give that money up to have their loved one back dipshit.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Mark Anthony – Your right Simpson’s wife’s people won millions – it does not make up for the loss but it sure helps – that’s why folks get insured – that’s why you have ambulance chasers – You and Angela are fools – Lets just leave it at that! By the way, have you paid your child support – Think! Think! it ain’t illegal yet!

  190. Angela says:

    Mark don’t even waste your time anymore, the rest of us understand what you are saying, I’ve established that Keith is a moron. He is more bitter than most women I’ve met in my life, his idealogy is really off-balanced.

  191. j dog says:

    Lol what the fuck does insurance and ambulance chasers have to do with child support and domestic violence victims?

    Answer: absolutely nothing

    It is fun going back and forth with a imbecile, but its just like a dog chasing his tail fun to watch at first, but after a while it gets old. Unfortunately as you can see with your own eyes, this goof ball types incoherent statements that will definitely leave you scratching your head saying WTF?!?!?

  192. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    piss dung – who let you out from under the bridge? okay you been out long enough – now go back to picking your toes!

  193. black men unite says:

    Child support is a system where you go through the court system for pre-arranged payments, does this idiot know that not everyone goes through the courts to support their kids? Does this idiot Keith also know that many ratchet women misappropriate the funds on things not related to child support, ( hair, nails, partying, drugs etc???) and many, many cases of men that have paid child support for kids that weren’t even theirs? Women like Puffy, Nas’s children’s mothers who were getting 10,000-20,000 a month in child support payments AND still took them back to court to recive MORE money? The singer Ne-yo gave a woman over $500,000 for child support and the kid wasn’t even his, now the black bitch is coming after him for more money cause he called her a gold digging tramp on tv !!!! My own brother gets screwed every year cause his hoe ass ex-wife files the kids on her taxes and the kids live with him!!!! That ratchet black tramp doesn’t pay a penny in child support, but in keiths FUCKED up eyes because she has a pussy thats ok, continue to bash the men.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Sistas beware and watch out – But you all ready know about this kind of ignorant fool! Turn out the lights when this werewolf is in the area. This monster is one of the reason why the Prison industrial Complex is thriving!!!

  194. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Black Women – This an alert!!! Read what this monster “just men unite” just posted. Why do you think I rail against the fools (deadbeat dads) that resist paying child support, abandon their childran and disrespect black women. This thing is real – Give the deadbeats no quarter – get that money before the white women do!

    Author: black men unite
    Child support is a system where you go through the court system for pre-arranged payments, does this idiot know that not everyone goes through the courts to support their kids? Does this idiot Keith also know that many ratchet women misappropriate the funds on things not related to child support, ( hair, nails, partying, drugs etc???) and many, many cases of men that have paid child support for kids that weren’t even theirs? Women like Puffy, Nas’s children’s mothers who were getting 10,000-20,000 a month in child support payments AND still took them back to court to recive MORE money? The singer Ne-yo gave a woman over $500,000 for child support and the kid wasn’t even his, now the black bitch is coming after him for more money cause he called her a gold digging tramp on tv !!!! My own brother gets screwed every year cause his hoe ass ex-wife files the kids on her taxes and the kids live with him!!!! That ratchet black tramp doesn’t pay a penny in child support, but in keiths FUCKED up eyes because she has a pussy thats ok, continue to bash the men.

  195. victor v says:

    This is an alert!!!! Add me to the alert too you illiterate stupid fuck, yes a lot of black women are ratchet as fuck get that child support to buy that fake ass busted weave, sipe on that yak, and get busted down, then run to the abortion clinic and kill the little black monkeys!!!!!

  196. thomas j says:

    Keith is a racist black bitch who could only dream of getting some fine white pussy, instead he only fucks with section 8 crack head bitches.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Sistas beware and watch out – But you all ready know about this kind of ignorant fool! Turn out the lights when this werewolf is in the area. This beast is one of the reasons why the Prison industrial Complex is thriving!!!

  197. j dog says:

    OMG they are eating yo bitch ass for breakfast porch monkey!!!! Dude I literally have tears in my eyes reading this shit go get him boys, full this hoe ass site madame prezident black man hating site and all the hoe ass black cunts on it too, real talk stupid bitches!!!!! White pussy for life, welfare hoes

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Sistas beware and watch out for piss dung – But you all ready know about this kind of ignorant fool! Turn out the lights when this werewolf is in the area. This Ape is one of the reasons why the Prison industrial Complex is thriving!!!

  198. j dog says:

    Shut the fuck up you stupid fuck before I gag you with my cock, these black hoes don’t care what you have to say your black nappy headed queens have abandoned you LOL

  199. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    piss dung is a sodomite!!!

  200. j dog says:

    Tart boy is a queer ass faggot just like his daddy, if he knows the fuck

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      piss dung quite the homophobic troll you are – I’m a troll ; I’m a sodomite; I’m a beast; I’m a wart; I’m dumb; I’m a rat; please someone from prison abuse me!!!

  201. j dog says:

    Phobia- a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

    I keep trying to tell the illiterate about using words they don’t understand the meanings to. In order to be homophobic I would have to be scared of homosexuals. I am not nor have I ever. I get so sick of bullshit people saying anybody that doesn’t agree with homosexuals lifestyles that they should be demonized. Let’s take religion out of the picture for one second because everytime someone throws religion into the debate, peoples minds automatically shut down. Let’s interject something anyone can understand, Biology, two homosexuals can not procreate, which by the way IS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF SEX!!!!! Crazy fucking notion huh? There has never in the history of mankind been two homosexuals that have procreated together, there is a reason why this has NEVER happened because nature NEVER intended for this union. If two homosexuals could reproduce, I wouldn’t have shit to say. You don’t have to love someone to procreate, hell you don’t even have to fucking like the person, but once again two heterosexuals can reproduce, two homosexuals can’t, which once again is the WHOLE PURPOSE OF SEX!!!!! Anyone who would dare to challenge biology, look at it from this point of view if both of your parents were strickly homosexuals your ass wouldn’t be here on earth, and they wouldn’t be your parents either. Homosexuality is a birth defect just like being born with diabetes, down syndrome, six fingers, autism etc. Every single fetus starts out with a female brain, somewhere along the development the correct hormones are not delivered at the correct time thereby a boy is born with male genitals but he still has a female brain, and vice verus for girls. I understand that homosexuality will never ever be classified as a birth defect, because of the stigma associated with it, but it is. I always said if it were the natural order of things, then two homosexuals would be able to reproduce with each other. Why people always are quick to say someone is scared of homosexuals amazes me, just think about if homosexuals could reproduce naturally who would have shit to say?

  202. j dog says:

    It’s amazing how biology and chemistry is now irrational, if you notice the one thing you couldn’t say was I was wrong. That’s the main reason I said take religion out of the homosexual debate.

  203. black men unite says:

    If there is one thing even I learned in high school and college you can’t argue against science or biology, this round definitely goes to j dog. J dog 1 point, tart 0 Lol.

  204. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Hey jessica – Wrong about what? That black women should not be degraded and disrespected? I am not wrong about that. That one of the major problems in our community is fathers abandoning their children then resisting payment of children support? I am not wrong about that. That during CY 2012 there were over 500 murders of black men in Chicago mostly by black men. I am not wrong about that. That we as black people need to try to address the myriad of problems in the black community ourselves i.e. drug abuse and alchohol addiction, morbid obesity, lack of skills, mental health issues, high unemployment, high school dropouts, child abuse, high crime, murders….. I am not wrong about that. That piss dung is an ignorant, self hating coward and a jock strap. I am right about that.

  205. victor v says:

    Jessica if you notice everytime he gets boxed into a corner he always changes the subject, yesterday he went from domestic violence victims getting paid for getting beat up by black men, to insurance and ambulance chasers!!!!!!

  206. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    Hey Jessica – I have no comment about homosexuality. I don’t really care how a person lives their sexual life. I don’t have problem with the gay/lesbian lifestyle. People can marry who they want. The gay/lesbian lifestyle is not what is destroying the black community.

  207. jessica johnson says:

    I am curious Keith do you know the root cause of why the black man has declined in the black family?

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Jessica – there are many reasons for the decline of the black family – You should have a good idea how i feel. What do you think if I may ask?

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Jessica – That’s simple to respond to your request – I am not going to right a dissertation now but the main reason is the effects of slavery where the white man stripped the black of all his dignity, manhood, and means of educating himself. All of our problems evolve from slavery and go back 400 years. Now please provide your insite!

  208. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    victor v = intellectually bankrupt scumbag!!!

  209. jessica johnson says:

    I find it intriguing that I ask you for one of the root causes for the decline of the black man for the black family and you state there are numerous causes, but you can’t name them. If you feel so compelled to “rail” against black men, shouldn’t you be able to name the factors? It’s called cause and and effect, for every action there is always a reaction.

  210. jessica johnson says:

    There is a reason that is intertwined actually in the 20th century Keith, like you always say think, think. I’ll give you a HUGE CLUE it has absolutely NOTHING to do with slavery. As a matter of fact it still exist, its 100% legal, and it pushed the black man out of the home, it destroyed the black family. It also prevented the black man from taking care of his family, eventually causing the mindset that you always refer to!!!!!!! Think, think, think Keith

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      jessica – say what’s on your mind so i can respond. you gave me a clue – lets not play games – come with it!

  211. jessica johnson says:

    Keith- you seem very content on dragging down black men by systematically saying that they are deadbeats who murder at will without any clear understanding as to why blacks are in this position to begin with, allow me to educate you on the cause’s and more importantly the effects that you are quick to cite:

    Most of the major problems that many black people face are not amendable to political solutions and government anti-poverty programs. Let’s look at some. In 1940, 86% of black children were born inside marriage, and the illegitimacy rate among blacks was about 15%!!!!! Today, only 35% of black children are born inside marriage, and the illegitimacy rate hovers around 70%. Today’s breakdown of the black family is unprecedented. It began in the 1960s with the War on Poverty and the harebrained ideas of the welfare state. By the way, the welfare state is an equal opportunity family destroyer. Today’s illegitimacy rate among whites, at nearly 30%, is higher than it was among blacks in the 1960s!!!! The tragedy of government welfare programs is not just wasted taxpayer money but also wasted lives. The effects of welfare in encouraging the break-up of low-income families have been extensively documented. The primary way that those with low incomes can advance in the market economy is get married, stay married, and work-but welfare programs have created incentives to do the opposite. Before the welfare state, there existed incentives to have children and insure your own future. Now, we have incentives to break the family apart. TANF actually gives more money to single moms. This may seem like a great program to help single mothers in need, but in reality, the program makes it easier for the man in the family to leave!!! It reduces the man’s practical responsibility to stay and raise the child, sound familiar Keith? The program creates more single mothers!!! As welfare contributes to the rise in out-of-wedlock births and single-parent families, it concomitanly contributes to the associated increase in criminal activity, does this also sound familiar Keith? Secondly, welfare leads to increase crime by contributing to the marginalization of young black men in Society. There are certainly many factors contributing to the increasing alienation and marginalization of young black men, including racism, poverty, and the failure of our Educational system. However, welfare contributes as well. The welfare culture tells the black man he is not a necessary part of the family. They are in fact cuckolded by the state. Their role of father and breadwinner is supplanted by the welfare check. Although arithmetically most AFDC recipients were white, it had a disproportionate effect on the black community, where it almost destroyed the family. Between 1962 and 1972 the number of AFDC families tripled from 1 million to 3 million. By 1994, 66% of AFDC families were headed by never-married mothers; in 1975 the figure was only 33%. In certain inner-city areas the illegitimacy rate for black births was 80% ( in 1950 the figure for the black community overall was 20%). 30% of all welfare recipients go on welfare because of unwed motherhood. This was moral hazard on the grand scale, welfare dependency as a child has a negative effect on the earnings and employment capacity of young black men. The more welfare income received by a boy’s family during his childhood, the lower the boy’s earnings will be as an adult, even when compared to boys families with identical non-welfare income.

    So in summary Keith as I stated yesterday its really, really easy to ” rail” against black men, but once you educate yourself as to how blacks came into this position that you refer to constantly,you will be enlightened as to how this even happened in the first place. The backbone of the black family is the black man, the government has tried at every avenue to strip our men of their dignities at every turn. As a black man if anyone in America should understand this dilemma, if should be you.

    • Jessica – I appreciate the time you put in to make your case against the welfare State. I disagree – All of the problems in our community come from the dehumanizing practice of slavery i.e. marginalizing of black men, rape of black women, lack of education, break up of the family, no family structure, no pre-nadal care, no education for the children, no skill development. I could go on and on but what’s the point. You sound like one of my white Urban Economics teachers from the late 60s. I rejected their propaganda then as a young student and and I really reject that premise now. I rail against the black men that are the users and exploiters of black women. I rail against black men that are thieves, murderers, rapists, pimps, and abusers. I rail against black men who fathers who abandon their responsibilities, don’t take care of their children and run from paying child support. I rail against black men who sell dfathers who abandon their responsibilities on

  212. jessica johnson says:

    Thank you for your opinion, unfortunately you know what they say about opinions they are like assholes everyone has them, no pun intended. You should have listened to your Economics teacher, instead of being argumentative, you probably would have digested the information you missed out on. I have been a social worker for the last twenty-five years, so I saw first hand the atrocities that the welfare system did to the black family, I’m not here to convince you, once a fool always a fool. If I saw any indication that a man was living in the home, by law we had to cut the family off of welfare. If the mother married, we cut them off, period. Of all my years of dealing with the public, the one thing I learned is you can’t get through to everyone, when people have an idea in their head even if there is no substance to it, most people would rather go down in a ball of flames whether than change course. I’m not expressing my opinion, I’m stating the facts. Good luck to you too, trust me you need it.

  213. jessica johnson says:

    Unfortunately your ” facts ” are unsubstantiated, if you would actually have comprehended the facts I presented, which actually can be verified, black men weren’t abandoning their families until AFTER the welfare system was created. The simple fact that you actually contribute the modern day decline of the black community to the oppression from over 400 years ago demostrates a serious deficit in logical thinking. What you are doing is demostrating the combative mentality that a lot of blacks exhibit. My grandma god rest her soul used to always tell me, there is nothing new under the sun. Why do you surmise so many black men are incarcerated, for exactly the mentality you have, no one can tell them anything!! I don’t really expect much from someone who quotes a convicted woman beater out of one side of their mouth, then on the other side they bash men who also do the same action. I also forgot ” he did his time” all 90 whopping days of it by the way. You actually think Ms. Harris’s scars, and the trauma inflicited on the kids healed in 90 days too obviously

    • Jessica – I am not going to respond to you because you are gone!!! You don’t even no the facts concerning Ms Harris. Floyd did 60 days based on the crime he committed. I stand by my assessment of the situation, Ms Jones is getting paid big time and their children are being well educated. I am happy for her. She does not have to complain, work like a dog, get on welfare and bitch about not getting paid child support and being abused and abandoned. As for your fans black men unite and piss dung. You could not be blessed a more sainted crew of WWAL. This how they describe black women i.e. bitches, hoes….. What a team of rivals you have mentored.

  214. black men unite says:

    Preach on sista Johnson, preach on. This idiot will never catch a fucking clue, he is a RETARD, trust me I’ve vetted him, I know.

  215. j dog says:

    Lol they say when life gives you lemons make lemonade, what do you do when life gives you shit like retart???? 400 years of oppression keeping the black man down!!!!

  216. angela says:

    Keith- I work in an office of 15 women and I showed them your comments condoning floyd beating up a women and getting paid big time, and three women were so pissed they looked like they were ready to vomit, five said you were a complete asshole who has no clue of the lasting effects of domestic violence, and I can’t even write what the rest said. I think a man should beat you up really bad and then throw you some money, just so you could see how it feels.

  217. Chrissy says:

    There is a bit of irony in this dialogue. First let me say that black women are phenomenal. And yet it’s quite sad. Black women have once again come to the defense of the black man in spite of all the negative comments made on here about the undesirability of black women. One guy on here said he simply thought white women were more attractive than most black women. Others surmised that the majority of black women are liars, cheaters and do nothing but have abortions as a method of birth control. There was no understanding of the problems black women face in this world, no compassion, no excuses, no forgiveness. Just blame. Yet, still, black women have found understanding and compassion for the plight of the black man. He is understood for leaving his family. He is not blamed for not being able to provide for his family.

  218. Chrissy says:

    While there have been some valid points made, especially by Jessica, I just can’t help to wonder why is it that so many black men do not seem to understand how these factors have played a role in the present condition of black men and women? Black women can continue to be sympathetic and understanding towards black men but as long as black men continue to say the hell with black women, I’m opting out, our condition with continue to deteriorate.

  219. angela says:

    It cuts both ways chrissy, black women on this same site have called black men ” weak asses”, they should boycott black men, they should only abort male fetuses etc. You do understand there are just as many black women that abandon their kids also? I’m sorry that I’m not willing to dump on black men like you and Keith, we have just as many ratchet black women as men. Weren’t you the same person who told j dog it takes two to tangle, since you want to talk about irony.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      Angela – You don’t get it because you can’t get it. No one is condoning was Floyd did – do you understand – no one is condoning was Floyd did – What he did was cowardly and repugnant – But Floyd is walking around with over $100 million and is going to make another $100 million in 2013 – Get some of that money for pain and suffering and child support – That’s how I feel – One good thing about the majority of sane, rational, well educated Sistas I know that have been physically abused and abandoned by their men is that they make sure they get court ordered child support (mortgage, clothes, healthcare, college, food, vacations, etc,).

    • Chrissy says:

      Angela–I am not bashing black men. I happen to have the privilege and pleasure to know some of the most responsible and loving black men in this world. They are good fathers, husbands, brothers, and friends. They are not a abusive nor do they condone abuse and they are very supportive of their women. Also, there are many black women who love and support their men. I am one of them. The problem is that the men who degrade black women and the women who bash black men are actually two of the same people. Yes, that’s right, they are the same. Both are people who have been hurt or feel they have been taken advantage of by a black man or woman. If you really read/listen to their stories, and there is always a story, you will see their pain. Unfortunately too often, people do not find a healthy way to come to terms with their internal pain. As a result, they lash out at the perceived perpetrator. Their own personal experiences become universalized. I have met so many wonderful black men and women who are doing great things not only for themselves personally but for the community. My advice is if all you’re surrounded with is negative black people, it might be time to look in the mirror and make some changes. Like attracts like. The people you attract likely have some elements of you!

  220. angela says:

    I’m very sorry that you Keith feel that I don’t get it, but I don’t give a shit about how much money he is walking around with. The true essence of a man isn’t measured by the zeros in his bank account. The mentality that you possess is the same mentality that gold diggers possess. I see it all the time women that fall for drug dealers, sports stars, entertainers etc and in the end these same women sell their souls and in the end they fell empty and shallow. Everytime you state she’s getting paid it makes it seem like she is cheap and a prostitute. I dont know if you understand Keith, ms. Harris already has two kids by Floyd, she didn’t need to get beat up in front of her kids to get paid, she was already set for life anyway. To say she’s getting paid for a beating is just plain ignorant.

  221. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    I am sorry if you have been the victim of abuse!

    Common in “LUV”

    It’s tempting – and perhaps not wholly inaccurate — to consider “LUV,” the impressive new feature from young African-American director Sheldon Candis, in demographic or sociological terms. Many scholars and commentators, both black and otherwise, have discussed the relative absence of fathers and positive male role models within the African-American community, and “LUV” depicts that problem in its most toxic and ruthless form. (These days, you can no longer say this issue is limited to the black community, if you ever could.) Candis spins an archetypal fable about a wide-eyed 11-year-old kid (Michael Rainey Jr.) who spends one disastrous day with his charismatic Uncle Vincent (the Chicago rapper Common) absorbing a full dose of seductive and destructive lessons on how to be a man in inner-city Baltimore

    • angela says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the 25 year veteran social worker jessica explain the cause of the decline of the black family, don’t understand how a movie/documentary or whatever you want to call it could be anymore relevant than what she already explained in great detail by the way, Keith you still didn’t address the point I made about Ms. Harris already being set for life by having two of his offspring already and not needing that ass whooping!!!!! 100 million!!!!! Keith I believe in putting your money where your mouth is, which female in your family would you be willing to let Floyd Mayweather beat on for 2 mins for 25 million?

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        Angela – Let the Social worker counsel you because you need guidance. How do you know Ms Harris is set for life? Floyd may be like a lot of brothers who give their baby mams the minimal amount of child support. Plus your missing the point – What about all the Sistas that are not in Ms Harris’s position. My Sister’s boy friend abused her mentally. In many instances the mental abuse and anguish is more devestating than the physical abuse. Thank god she got the court order for child support immediately. Angela – We view the world differantly. I am a money man – You are who you are – But in any event, I am sorry if you have ever been mentally or physically abused. I hope all goes well for you in life.

  222. j dog says:

    You see this clown didnt answer the question?

  223. angela says:

    I’m curious why do you assume I’ve been abused? Typical chauvinist true colors finally bleeding through.

  224. Jessica Johnson, your experiences as a social worker, and my experiences as a journalist have sent us both into the heart of some of the problems being lamented on this site. Some of the men who Deserted the families serviced by people like you, were interviewed in jail by people like me. Many posters on this site have made up their minds about what they want to believe. They have closed the door of knowledge and hung out the sign: DO NOT DISTURB.

    • jessica johnson says:

      Trust me I know, I’ve literally seen three generations of men from the same family be incarcerated, its truly heart breaking. I’m torn between wanting to help my community and yet faced with the realization that the very system I work for is the root contributor for this disaster in the first place. When the father figure is driven out of the home, its devastating, you can turn on any news channel in any innercity and see the effects of fatherless homes to see the impart. Unfortunately people like Keith want to solely fixate on the aftermath, instead of how we got to this state in the first place, and trying to reverse the tide. I don’t believe in giving someone a free pass, I absolutely believe people should be held accountable for their actions, but building more for-profit prisons isn’t going to solve the problem either. Black men bashing black women, black women bashing black men, that’s not going to solve the problem.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        Hey Jessica – We disagree with the reasons for the disfunction in a lot of black families. You blame the problems of the black family on the welfare state – I feel that the institution of slavery is the root of the problems in the black community. There are plenty of folk out there trying to reverse the tide. I agree that black men bashing black women, black women bashing black men, that’s not going to solve the problem. But black men have to be held accountable for their actions. Too many times we are given a pass and excuses made for our bad behavior!!! We must make sure our children receive a quality education. We must not abandoned our children and be resistant to providing financial support.

  225. angela says:

    Wow now I’m surrounded by negative people, more assumptions. I’m going to start calling you Dr. Phil, yep you got me all sumed up!!! Lol I am cracking up, I really needed that laugh, thanks Keith, you are super. Smiley face

  226. j dog says:

    You have to take it easy with tart he’s really really sensitive….. I think you hurt his feelings

  227. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    A Prince George’s County jury found a D.C. police officer guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his mistress and their infant child, News4’s Jackie Bensen reported.
    Richmond Phillips killed Wynetta Wright because he was facing a paternity lawsuit and didn’t want to pay child support for a baby girl he fathered out of wedlock, Prince George’s County prosecutors said. A defense lawyer had countered that his client “didn’t do this thing” and there wasn’t evidence for a conviction.

    Phillips was also convicted of other counts, including possession of a handgun and child abuse.

    • victor v says:

      Where I’m from they call that karma for sleeping with a married man, a little play ground justice, in Saudi Araubia they would have beheaded her. True story.

  228. j dog says:

    It’s too bad your cop buddy still doesn’t have as much blood on his hands like Eunice Rivers, oh well.

  229. j dog says:

    Bernice King just said on CNN Obama has been inadequate towards the black community in his first four years, tart boy she was part of that 97% voting block.

  230. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    piss dung/Ape – now you are listening to a Fox News consultant-Did you notice she is black – WWAL!!!

    • jessica johnson says:

      Keith- Bernice King is actually the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr, this goes back to what I said earlier about being argumentative and combative, as soon as j dog said her name your mind closed down and you immediately went into attack mode, instead of thinking who he was actually talking about.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        Your right I shut down anytime an avowed degrader and insulter of black women speaks. Piss dung is a coward, scumbag, jock strap, and a WWAL. The reason I mentioned Fox is that they trott Bernice King out to spew commentary of the black community. You got a great mentor!

  231. j dog says:

    viva la blanco mujuer!!!!!!!!

  232. j dog says:

    Jessica-now you already know anyone over the age of 40 should know who Bernie King is, and yes magically she is black, eureka, can’t pull the wool over tarts eyes. Here is a descendant of one of the greatest products this country has ever produced, allowing Obama to use her deceased fathers bible for his innaguration and stating on tv for millions of viewers that Obama has been inadequate towards the black community and you have ” people ” like tart who can’t believe/handle the truth. The very idea that blacks could continue to vote in record numbers for a president who was inadequate towards them baffles someone like tart, he literally can’t comprehend/digest that. In his dense mind he equates mass voting blocks from a specific ethnic group with satisfaction for his job performance , he doesn’t understand that most blacks only voted for him because Obama is half-black, or mulatto, and has charisma. If you were to ask the avg black person how much debt Obama has racked up in 4 years, they wouldn’t be able to answer even if you put a gun to their head. It’s all about singing snippets of Al Green and parading around with Michele.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      piss dung/Ape: you lost the election – it’s over!!! Plan another strategy in 2016 with your father Romney!

  233. j dog says:

    Did you know Obama has never held a job in the the private sector BWAL?

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      piss dung/Ape/scumbag/coward/WWAL: you know Romney you lost the election – Oh you sho is dumb!!!!

      • j dog says:

        Your innocuous sentiments toward me are quite adulatory!!!!! I’m not a Republican either, I’m like Judge Greg Mathis, I’m a independent. Independent true thinker, don’t vote down party lines. Viva la blanco mujuer por viva!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    piss dung = WWAL

  235. j dog says:

    Now gather round boys and girls I have a story to tell about another of my heroes first I bestowed upon thee John Brown, now I shall inform my little negro friends which sex from the black race was actually banished from the state she lived in, just so she could have the right to marry a white man!!!! Mmmm you say, this sounds intriguing, Mildred Loving is the name, marrying the white man was the game. I often wonder if most black folks actually knew their American History, would the majority of our prejudices would dissipate. Do you actually think most black women in the country have ever heard of Mildred Loving? Why else would misinformed black man hating sites like this even exist, especially with some of the most heinous comments coming from black women. Mildred Loving a black woman was once again, BANISHED from her home, just for the right to marry a white man. This women was so impassioned about her right to interracial marriage she took her case all the way to the Supreme Court!!!!! A black man has never went in front of the supreme court for the right to interracial marriage. I know this is going to stick in your crawl tart boy but facts are facts!!!!!

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      pis dung/WWAL – you sho is smart!; pis dung/WWAL – you sho is smart!; pis dung/WWAL – you sho is smart!; pis dung/WWAL – you sho is smart!; pis dung/WWAL – you sho is smart!; YOU MUST HAVE GOT YO B.A. AT THE LOCAL COMMUNNITY COLLEGE! I JEALOUS pis dung/WWAL!

  236. j dog says:

    This is a site about interracial dating I was just trying to illustrate who actually kicked it off in America, A black woman named Mildred Loving ( loving is her married name). I am quite sure millions and millions of black women and men in this country are unaware of this magnificent black queen named Mildred Loving!!!!!!!! Black people should rejoice at the very mention of her glorious name!!!!! No one was going to deter this very determined woman from her white groom, not even the state for Lovers, Virgina, ironic I know.

  237. Keith "Tart" Bond says:

    pis dung/WWAL – you sho is giv out some good information. What about Nat Turner or Gwen Ifill? Oh Boy yous smart!

  238. j dog says:

    I didn’t put Nat Turner because although both Nat and John Brown were both religious, Nat Turner heard voices in his head and ” saw ” visions, John Brown was completely sane, but most southern whites believed him insane!!!!!! How can a white man slaughter for blacks right???? Plus John is more famous for his offensive attacks against southern whites, he also lead defensive attacks as well. Don’t know your Gwen chick

  239. j dog says:

    Besides her looking like a gorilla, she a left wing leaning nut job, she has absolutely no relative significance to history besides writing a book to promote Obama, big deal.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      piss dung – That’s why you are a low down WWAL punk. Gwen Ifill is one most well respected journalists in the country. She is one of the few women journalists to moderate a Presidential debate. You don’t get it jock itch.

      While at Simmons, Gwen Ifill interned for the Boston Herald-American and was hired after graduation by editors deeply embarrassed by an incident during her internship in which a co-worker left a note for her that read “Nigger go home.”[6] Later she worked for the Baltimore Evening Sun (1981–1984), The Washington Post (1984–1991), The New York Times (1991–1994), and NBC.[7]

      In October 1999, she became moderator of the PBS program Washington Week in Review. She is also senior correspondent for the PBS NewsHour. Ifill has appeared on various news shows, including Meet the Press.[8]
      She serves on the board of the Harvard Institute of Politics, the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Museum of Television and Radio and the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism.[8]

      On February 7, 2011, Ifill was made an Honorary Member of Delta Sigma Theta during the sorority’s 22nd Annual Delta Days in the Nation’s Capital.

      With Kaitlyn Adkins, Ifill co-hosted Jamestown LIVE!, a 2007 History Channel special commemorating the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, Virginia.

      The Ombudsman for PBS, Michael Getler, has twice written about the letters he’s received complaining of bias in Ifill’s news coverage. He dismissed complaints that Ifill appeared insufficiently enthusiastic about Sarah Palin’s speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention, and concluded that Ifill had played a “solid, in my view, and central role in PBS coverage of both conventions.”[9]

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      The Republicans despise too, you ignorant WWAL.

      • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

        You stupid one way thinking WWAL Ape – do some research on the Southern Strategy – you may find out why the South will under no circumstances vote for a black man for President. Thomas Jefferson = Sally Hemming. How do you think the Civil Rights Act of the 60s got passed? You are so smart!

        ape – r resea some

  240. j dog says:

    She’s a well respected journalist for the democrats, republicans depise her. I see you copied and pasted the Google link wow. You are digging deep

  241. j dog says:

    History lesson today, did you know one of the biggest slave owners in the SOUTHWEST United States was president Thomas Jefferson??? Did you know Jefferson hated blacks and Indians with a passion? The Seminole Wars, yeah that was Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson created the Democratic party. The Republicans, such as Abe Lincoln freed the slaves eventually, most blacks were Republicans until a president named Woodrow Wilson came along, he was a low-life Democrat!!!!! I already told you like Mathis I’m an independent thinker, not Republican or Democrat.

  242. j dog says:

    I actually do know how the civil rights act of 1964 was passed, most folks don’t know that the ghost of Abe Lincoln was resurrected and passed into another of my heroes Lyndon B. Johnson. This man worked tiredlesly for the passage of the Civil Rights Act “ending” discrimination in public places. Most blacks like whites worshipped the ground the degenerate Kennedy walked on but Kennedy gave two shits about civil rights. Kennedy actually tried to stop Martin Luther King from having the march on Washington, where he gave his famous I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH. He also had his brother the US attorney general Robert to wiretap King 24/7. The person who gets no true credit especially from blacks is Lyndon B. Johnson.

    • Keith "Tart" Bond says:

      piss dung – WWAL Ape – Discuss the Southern Strategy!!! Why is it called the Souther n Strategy. Your hero Lyndon Johnson also escallated a senseless war in Vietnam that tore this country apart; got thousands of people killed and maimed; bankrupted his “War on Poverty”; forced him not to run for re-election and ushered in the Nixon/Reagon years of the extreme right.

      • j dog says:

        Ok I am perplexed first you ask who was responsible for the civil rights act of 1964-1965 , I tell you it was Lyndon B. Johnson, then you rip into him for Vietnam??? Did you know that not only has Obama not scaled back the drone strikes on tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, drone strikes have increased ten fold under his watch, killing thousands. Let’s talk about deportation, under Obama’s watch I.C.E raids more the quadrupled uprooting thousands of immigrants from their families??? You want to talk about atrocities associated with presidents, only one doesn’t have blood on their hands, and that’s because he died from the flu right after his inauguration, every single president besides him has mass blood on their hands including your god Obama.

  243. j dog says:

    The Obama administration, having killed a 16-year-old American boy, refuses to explain why in court.

    The boy, Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi, was born in Denver and lived there into he was 7, when his family moved to Yemen. Like many American kids, he had a Facebook page and a love of the “Simpsons.” No one ever accused him of any wrongdoing, yer on Oct 14, 2011, a U.S. drone missile killed him and his teenage cousin while they were eating dinner at an open-air restaurant. I bet a billion dollars Obama didn’t shed any crocodile tears for these two innocent victims!!!

    On Dec 14, 2012, the Justice Department asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit in which Abdulrahman’s grandfather, Nasser Al-Aulaqi, is asking for an official explanation about why the boy died.

    I’m not even going to mention the ” Fast and Furious” gun smuggling operation from the US into Mexico, that was another hare-brained debacle, that cost untold lives on both sides of the border.