Bill Cosby Is A Rapist, Now What ???

Young bill cosbyBill Cosby is a rapist, now what? That’s a serious question. Bill Cosby is a rapist, now what? 

White America does not care about Bill Cosby or the women that he potentially harmed.  In fact if the women that appeared on CNN were women of color I’m certain CNN wouldn’t care one bit about the hurt, harm, or their misfortune.

I hate to make wrongdoing a matter of black and white, but everything in America is black and white.

Bill Cosby admitted to drugging a woman in a 10 year old deposition. Bill Cosby worked with a cast full of beautiful women who were never drugged and raped by him, but why not?

Why wasn’t Phylicia Rashad raped and drugged?

Phylicia Rashad was never drugged and raped because she wasn’t some playgirl with whorish behavior having drinks with Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby has been married to Camille since 1964, so every woman who sat and sipped with Mr. Cosby was in the face of a married man!

I personally don’t go in private places with married men!

I’m sick of the media feeding us these old age stories about these women as if they care – Now, the white man cares about his white woman, but he’s the same white man that didn’t let her vote, didn’t let her run the marathon – he’s the same man that thought her existence was solely to stay at home and take care of this children.

I never expect a white man to report a story on a black man without biasness.

The jury of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have announced Bill Cosby guilty on all counts of rape, but I won’t.

The media will allow Lil Wayne sit and discuss “success” with your children while high off syrup and codeine. An old white judge, so bitter at Bill Cosby’s success or hypocrisy agreed to release a 10 year old deposition.

I listened to the interview of Patti Masten and she stated, “I don’t have any memory of that night at all, but I do know I was brutally raped.” She continued, “Everyone will remember him (Bill Cosby) as a serial rapist.”  If you don’t have any memory of that night, you must provide details of what made you conclude you were “brutally” raped. Were you sore? Anderson Cooper didn’t ask that follow up question because it’s impossible to defend rape without harming the victim.

Those sentences alone has made me conclude, this story, this interview is not about her or her pain. This story is solely about the legacy of Bill Cosby.

Ladies, don’t be bitter at me about this, I know how evil a woman can be, and I know what it means to be hurt, but you must understand this, “there’s no way for a man to defend a rape allegation, it’s impossible.”

If a woman calls you a rapist than you are a rapist.

The unanswered question remains “Has Bill Cosby drugged and raped every woman that has made the claim?”

I’m not certain, but I do know raping and drugging ONE woman is far too many!

Rape is a horrid experience for a woman and an horrible allegation on any man besides a rapist, and if Mr. Cosby is a rapist, Now What?

-Madam Prezident



  1. will says:

    I don’t understand why Bill Cosby had to engage in a sexual act with white women anyway? I’m so tired of white women crying rape and the one they say that raped them are a black man. They better have some damn good evidence and not some rigged up shit just to hang a black man.

  2. Back when we were colored ,our women were taught to be mote conservative especially concerning not going out with or flirting with married men.
    In college I had many offers from professors who wanted time with young ladies outside the bounds of marriage, a car, Miss ROTC title etc.!,but I knew how to act like a lady because the women who were my role models were ladies.
    When we desegrated our young ladies were exposed to many ways that were not our ways and we then too got sucked into the cess pool.
    I always wandered how Nicole Brown parents allowed her to live with a married man as young as she was and supported that relationship. I don’t care who he was and how much money he made ,my mama would have sent him home . Bill Cosby ,Bad Idea!!

  3. childofthesixties says:

    Due to his being so popular, Bill Cosby forgot he was still a Black man, who for centuries have been accused of rape by White women, my question is….why would you go to a hotel with a married man in the first place unless you were expecting something in return. All of the Bunnies thought they would become “TV stars,” they gave it up after popping a few pills and he did nothing for them so now it is rape! Now Bill is an old man and the whores have come back to bite him in the butt! As for Beverly Johnson, I thought she said he did not rape her, that she left, which is it Beverly? No, don’t tell me, it is all about the dollars you plan to obtain in the civil suit…..along with the money you will make off of the book you have written. True or false, Mr. Cosby has now learned in his old age that when you play with fire, you are subject to get burned! I feel sorry for his family having to deal with this mess!

  4. Wanda says:

    I’m not angry with you. I agree with you.

  5. sillyus says:

    Like all those rich black men out there (celebrities, politicians, athletes, and businessmen….) once you have money, you all are drooling after white women. The white men are waiting for something bad to happen to put a noose around your heads and white women are waiting to empty out your pockets. If you watch “Birth Of A Nation” You’ll know what I’m talking about. Black men are considered Coons, Bucks, and Brutes that want their white women. And that is exactly what all those black men are doing. Good luck Bill.

  6. Keith McCain says:

    Bill Cosby is not a rapist and been proven!

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