Bobbi Kristina And Brother/Boyfriend Nick Gordon Hang-Out With Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa

Bobbi Kristina And Boyfriend Hang Out With Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose

Bobby Kristina Brown is now keeping company with the Taylor Gang.

The all grown up wild child recently tweeted pics of her and her brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon hanging with Taylor Gang records piff-puffin’ HNIC Wiz Khlaifa and his faded up lil banger boo Amber Rose.

Could Bobbi Kris be headed to join the Taylor Gang? This photo had fans wondering…

More from Bobbi Kris and her late night out with Wiz and friends.

Images via Twitter

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  1. jacky says:

    They r not real brother and sister. He was there for her while growing up, best it be someone she was comfortable with.

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