Why Can’t Black Women Find A Good Man???

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“Charlamagne tha godless” Will Praise Kylie Jenner’s Beauty But Insults Lil Mama

chlalamagne and lil mama

Rapper Lil Mama stopped by the Breakfast Club to discuss her new single “Sausage.”  I’m sure that’s the real reason she stopped by, but “Charlamagne tha godless” thought it would be best to discuss what he considered to be her career failures and her facial features instead of her music.

I wrote an article about Charlamagne’s response to Kylie Jenner’s poolside picture – which he retweeted to his twitter followers saying, how attractive she was.

However in his interview with Lil Mama you will see that he (a black man) never uplifts Lil Mama (a black woman) on her beauty, Instead he insults her appearance a number of times. “Chalamagne Tha godless” argued with me via twitter about his “right to consider whoever he wants beautiful” and he is absolutely correct.  He does have a right to decide what he considers to be beautiful, but don’t you find it odd – when people find beauty in every other race besides their own?

The interaction between the two is a direct result of 245 years of slavery amongst black men and women. Chalamagne the godless could have glorified Lil Mama’s beauty the same as he did Kylie Jenner’s days ago, but he didn’t.  Subconscious self-hate isn’t as identifiable as one would believe.

Slave Masters from the 16-1800’s  demoralized black men and women along with the construction of our families. Black people have always been considered “ugly” in America; however hearing it for over 200 years is the reason you see men like Charlamagne the godless praise a 17 year old white girl but insults a young black woman.




My only opinion about Jay-Z & Tidal is…


Yo Jay-Z we know you got the Tidal facts

We just trying to see 

why none of your employees are black?

Aye Jay, 

You know niggers died for Equal Pay, Right? 

What’s funny iz

every time a nigga get richer

he don’t never play right

& Niggas still Jukin & Jivin & high fivin 

Now, they call it the Nae Right?

They put you in the frontline of the battlefield

dropped hot bars 

& Tidal thought you were gonna be a niggas satisfaction 

but tell em – Knawl Bra…

“We the people” still need affirmative action 

Mr. Carter ….You got Further 

Could have rebuilt Marcy 

But I’m sure you said, “Fuck it Why bother” 

Let’s just deal with the Tidal Facts

Drop a beat & lyrics on them niggas & they don’t know how to act

True, you aint NO token Nigga

Nor are you the Chosen Nigga

That’s gonna do more for our Community 

You gon sell out arenas, smile with rich folk, & “act more stupidly”

Nigga(s) buy iPhones from Steve Jobs

But at Apple – Niggas got Jobs

& We don’t give a fuck about Phil Night – We know he aint right

We’ll place nikes on our ancestors grave so they can run in heaven just a little faster

& Tidal sent a black face to spread the word about their business like you da the fuckin pastor

That shit may work for some 


Spotify can spot me visiting Mike Brown, Freddie Gray & Alfred Wright’s grave 

& Us Niggas that was marching for justice

we know where we can find you at 


Written By: Madam PreZident


MiMi Faust: Black Women On The Modern Day Auction Block !!!


MiMiI stopped watching reality television about a year ago. Although I’ve chosen to stop watching reality TV there are millions of African American women who’ve chosen to support the sad, uneducated, angry, and fighting image of the black woman.

When I heard about MiMi Faust’s sex tape – I thought it was a joke or rumor.  Well, maybe I was only hoping it was a joke or rumor. When I think of MiMi’s role on the show, I always considered her to be one of the more grounded women on the show in comparison to some of the other women.  Also, MiMi always stated that being a mother was the most important role that she played, despite being on a television.

Now three seasons into the toxic display of television – she has a leading role in porn.

Black women have always played the role of the help – our ancestral blood line in America has produced an unconscious lack of self-worth – Our masters use to rape us while our men were forced to watch or die.  Our children were snatched from us, now we have a society – where our men still watch our suffering, parenting no longer holds significance in a woman’s life, and every chance we get we have to be “Auction Block Ass Niggers.”

Many people have argued that MiMi’s sex tape is a replica of Kim Kardashian’s.

It’s NOT!

Here’s why?

Kim Kardashian came from a family of wealth and not the wealth your “good aunt has with the good job.” The Kardashian clan had enough money to party with “A” list celebrities, judges, doctors, and the HILTON franchise.

Half of you niggas can’t get a room at the HITLON without checking for the best rate – and this white woman Kim Kardashian grew up with “HILTON’S” children!

Mimi’s world and Kim’s world will always be far apart.  Kim Kardashian will always get paid 100,000 thousand to attend an event and MiMi will always get 10,000 thousand to attend that same event.

How much is a nigger worth?!?

A SLAVE AUCTION in Savannah Georgia during the year of 1859 SOLD A WOMAN with a lame left foot for 695 dollars. (Equivalent to about 15,000 dollars today)

How much is a Nigger Worth?!?!

How much is a Nigger worth?!?!

Auction block ass thinking amongst black women must stop!

Why must black women put a price on everything? We’re willing to fight on television, we’re willing to be the side chick on television, and we’re willing to share our intimate sexual moments on television!

The difference between MiMi Faust and Kim K isn’t solely race, but  Kim K will leave her daughter generational wealth, her children will stand on a house hold name built from the labor of her father, but niggers like MiMi Faust will only leave a legacy that can pause, rewind, fast forward, and play on a television!

Emmitt Till’s mother was asked by the President of the United States – to not have a funeral with an open casket, but she declined – because some things in life don’t have a price to it.

African Americans supposedly make up 12% of this Country, but we’re 90% of America’s poor and 100% of America’s whore. Black women numbers take the lead in reference to newly HIV cases, but go ahead – reality TV stars – keep encouraging and promoting sex before marriage, shame in the name of fame,  keep promoting every negative thing that keeps our sons locked up and buried and our daughters pregnant in their teens!

Keep Being Niggers!

Keep the Auction block thinking, and one day MiMi’s daughter will follow in the same footsteps as her mother because the mother is the first teacher of every child!

MiMi Faust could have used her platform for anything in this world, but all she could come up with was “sex on camera.”


Kanye West Performs ‘Black Skinhead’ and New Slaves on Saturday Night Live

kanye 1 kanye 2

Kanye West Album is dropping this summer and he want you ni**as to be ready! He’s hitting us with songs titled ‘Black Skinhead, and New Slaves’. I’m not sure what Mr. West mental space is, but I’m assuming he’s on a mission to do what he do best and that is…express himself NO MATTER WHAT!

He took to the stage of SNL to perform. Supposedly he’s calling himself Yee-zus…Is he trying to call himself Jesus?!?!  (could be interesting)

He performed “Black Skinhead” standing in front of a “Not For Sale” sign which turned into a barking three-headed dog.

Pardon I’m gettin’ my Scream on
Enter the kingdom
But watch who you bring home
They see a black man with a white woman
At the top floor they gone come to kill King Kong
Middle America packed in
Came to see me and my black kin
My homey was number one draft pick
They still burned his jersey in Akron
If I don’t get ran out by Catholics
Here come some conservative Baptists

Tell me what you think Kanye West object is?

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Kris Humphries’ Parents Are Filing For Divorce Too!

The Kardashian Kurse?

Via TMZ reports:

Love is elusive for the Humphries family these days — TMZ has learned that Kris Humphries’ parents are going through a divorce of their own.

According to documents filed in Minnesota, Kris’ mom Debra filed for divorce from husband William earlier this month. The couple has three adult children — Kris and his two older sisters, Krystal and Kaela.

There will be some serious burger money up for grabs in the split — William owns several Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurants throughout Minnesota.

It’s pretty ironic … Kris is fighting a divorce from Kim because he says it goes against his religious beliefs. Perhaps it’s time to take a cue from mom?

Well damn, looks like no one in this family can get this whole marriage thing right. We just hope their divorce isn’t as drawn out as their son’s.


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LaLa Anthony’s “Full Court Life” HEADS To London’s Olympics

According to theybf: LaLa Anthony will soon return to TV with season 3 of her reality series “LaLa’s Full Court Life.”

LaLa Anthony has already begun filming season 3 of her reality show “La La’s Full Court Life,” and this year they will head to London for the Olympics.  We posted pics last week of La filming with her girls Trina & Vanessa Bryant, as well as her own fam Po, Dice & her mom and brother.

We’ll get to see LaLa, Po and Dice cheer on Carmelo Anthony as he and the rest of the Dream Team cop their the gold medal.

Also, we’ll get a sneak peek at her Motives for La La line in the UK, and a crash course in how she hobnobs with London’s elite, this according to the press release.

And you can expect more appearances from Ludacris, Ciara, Estelle and Charlamagne Tha God.

The show premieres early 2013.

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Cam Newton Gets Sexy For GQ Magazine & He Is Fine!!!

According to theybf: Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton covers the September 2012 issue of GQ where he dishes on playing with Tim Tebow (who landed the other cover for the month) in college and mistakes he doesn’t plan to repeat.

Yes please! Cam Newton, the 23-year-old Carolina Panthers quarterback with a smile that will melt even a non groupie’s panties off, shares a dual cover with Tim Tebow for the latest issue of GQ.

Inside, he revealed that he wishes he was as focused at Tim was, and that he could have used their time together in a more productive way.

“If I had said to Tim, ‘Man, can we spend some extra time to study the playbook?’ he would have done it. I didn’t take advantage of what was right in front of me. If I had, maybe his mentality would have hit me sooner. Basically, I was immature and unfocused. I would never, ever make that mistake again.”

Also in the mag, he sang the praises of his father Cecil saying, “He was like my superhero.  If something was broke, he could fix it. If I was lost somewhere, he would find me. If I was crying, he could cure it. I knew that if I had my father with me, everything was going to be all right.”
Cam also expressed why he keeps his ego in check saying, “If I come out and say, ‘I will be the greatest to ever play this game,’ that’s a no-no. If I come out and say, ‘I will not be stopped this year,’ that’s a no-no. People want to see humble.”

Well said cutie.

See his football & fashion focused spread below:

Don’t do it Cam!

Sexy pics!

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Really?!?! Black Fox News Radio Host Criticizes Gabby Douglas For “Not Being Patriotic Enough”

More Faux News fawkery…

Fox News Radio Host Criticizes Gabby Douglas For “Lack of Patriotism”

And now for your morning dose of random ridiculousness from the folks over at Fox News...

Conservative radio host David Webb recently slammed Olympic star Gabby Douglas, suggesting that the gold medal winner and her teammates aren’t displaying the appropriate level of patriotism at the Olympics. Webb criticized the gymnast on Fox News for not wearing an American-flagged themed leotard or draping herself in the flag while on the podium accepting her medals in London.

The Fox News host complained that Americans at the Olympics are not chanting U-S-A, uniforms are not carrying the American flag look as they have in past year,s and that American-flag-themed attire had been replaced with yellow shirts, gray track suits, and pink leotard.

“Gabby had that great moment everyone was so excited and she’s in hot pink,” she said. Webb joined the conversation complaining about the “soft” displays of patriotism at this years’ Olympics.

What we’re seeing is this kind of soft anti-American feeling, that Americans can’t show our exceptionalism. And frankly, if they are offended about us showing our exceptionalism, then they have that right and I don’t care. And neither do most Americans. That’s a fact.”

He pointed out that the Chinese athletes were wearing red and asked why Americans haven’t consistently worn red white and blue. According to Webb, when American athletes aren’t draped in the flag it takes away the feeling of a unified American team:

“We’ve also lost over time that jingoistic feeling. You know, the National Anthem, we sing it at baseball games. I think the National Anthem should be followed with, “Play ball.” It’s kind of an American thing. We’ve lost a little of that, you know, saying The Pledge of Allegiance. And I think that plays over into some of this soft acceptance. You know what? Red, white and blue — wear it. Wave it. Be proud to be an American. It’s not a political issue. But they make it a social issue.”

First she’s under fire for her hair, and now for her clothes.

It’s really a shame that Gabby’s fashion choices are getting just as much shine as her historic victory. SMH.


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The Game Says “That Wedding Snafu Cost Me $100k”

The Game is less of a rapper and more of a Bull Sh*ter!

According to TMZ: The Game is psyched his wedding is back on … but his wallet, not so much … the rapper tells TMZ rescheduling his cancelled nuptials set him back a cool $100k!!!!!

We caught up with Game and his fiancé Tiffney Cambridge outside Hennessey’s Tavern in Hermosa Beach this weekend … if you recall Cambridge pulled the plug​ on the couple’s wedding back in July, but then changed her mind.

In the video … Game — still sporting a broken thumb​ — says they DID reschedule the ceremony, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Game says all the venue changes cost a whopping $100k … but you gotta check out his reaction to the setback … ’cause it’s PRICELESS.

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