20 Year Old Arrested for Threatening To “Kill Whites” In La Plata Maryland

Carlos Hollins


20 year old Carlos Hollins has been arrested for threatening to kill white people in La Plata Maryland. The young man went to his Twitter account on Tuesday and stated, “I’m not gonna stand for this no. more. Tonight we purge! Kill all the white ppl in the town of La Plata #BlackLivesMatter.”

This young man was arrested and charged with threats of mass violence.

Although, Nathan Ener – white, racist, male out of Texas made the same threat to African Americans and there was no arrest made.

Who’s more likely to kill – a 20 year old with a tweet, or an old white man in a video with a shotgun?



Fox, Empire, & The Role It Plays In The Death Of Sandra Bland

sandra on fox

When The People’s Scholar Dr.Boyce Watkins discussed his disinterest in tuning into the hit TV Show “Empire” – I didn’t get it.

Dr. Watkins stated, “Fox is not known for producing the most favorable images of black people, so I figured this show wouldn’t be any different. For some reason, black dysfunctionality makes for great television, and there is a long line of white guys getting rich off of our willingness to celebrate all that makes us miserable.”

That statement – I understand clearly; however nothing Dr.Watkins stated made me want to STOP watching EMPIRE.

I believe, there are a multitude of dimensions to “black people.” I work in Hollywood and I know, that leading roles for Taraji Penda Henson won’t come across a creative executive desk as often as leading roles for Jennifer Aniston.

Hollywood depicts black poverty, black homosexuality, black hardships, and black wealth, and some of these depictions are a “true” replica of black life.

“Empire” is an exciting show to watch and what I find the most interesting about “BLACK TELEVISION” is…it’s usually WRITTEN by a large group of WHITE PEOPLE.

So, I’m cutting off EMPIRE this season and it has nothing to do with the cast, the storyline, or anything to do with its creative structure.

I was working out a few days ago and FOX News had three middle age caucasian women discussing the ‪#‎DeathOfSandraBland‬ and their description of her was so horrific it almost brought tears to my eyes…I wanted to defend Sandra some kind of way, I wanted to protect her image from people who have never met her, but would potentially take on the same point of view of her as these conservatives.

That’s when it hit me..Sometimes we support the blackface and our oppressor at the same time. Fox could care less about the progression of African American people – they mock the deaths of our youth by justifying each pulled trigger, and it’s okay – as long as we tune in and watch “Empire.”

Fuck Fox & Fuck Empire! You will NOT humiliate a dead black woman, my dead sister, my dead cousin, and my dead friend and expect me to show some kind of support to your black tv show!


Bill Cosby Is A Rapist, Now What ???

Young bill cosbyBill Cosby is a rapist, now what? That’s a serious question. Bill Cosby is a rapist, now what? 

White America does not care about Bill Cosby or the women that he potentially harmed.  In fact if the women that appeared on CNN were women of color I’m certain CNN wouldn’t care one bit about the hurt, harm, or their misfortune.

I hate to make wrongdoing a matter of black and white, but everything in America is black and white.

Bill Cosby admitted to drugging a woman in a 10 year old deposition. Bill Cosby worked with a cast full of beautiful women who were never drugged and raped by him, but why not?

Why wasn’t Phylicia Rashad raped and drugged?

Phylicia Rashad was never drugged and raped because she wasn’t some playgirl with whorish behavior having drinks with Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby has been married to Camille since 1964, so every woman who sat and sipped with Mr. Cosby was in the face of a married man!

I personally don’t go in private places with married men!

I’m sick of the media feeding us these old age stories about these women as if they care – Now, the white man cares about his white woman, but he’s the same white man that didn’t let her vote, didn’t let her run the marathon – he’s the same man that thought her existence was solely to stay at home and take care of this children.

I never expect a white man to report a story on a black man without biasness.

The jury of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have announced Bill Cosby guilty on all counts of rape, but I won’t.

The media will allow Lil Wayne sit and discuss “success” with your children while high off syrup and codeine. An old white judge, so bitter at Bill Cosby’s success or hypocrisy agreed to release a 10 year old deposition.

I listened to the interview of Patti Masten and she stated, “I don’t have any memory of that night at all, but I do know I was brutally raped.” She continued, “Everyone will remember him (Bill Cosby) as a serial rapist.”  If you don’t have any memory of that night, you must provide details of what made you conclude you were “brutally” raped. Were you sore? Anderson Cooper didn’t ask that follow up question because it’s impossible to defend rape without harming the victim.

Those sentences alone has made me conclude, this story, this interview is not about her or her pain. This story is solely about the legacy of Bill Cosby.

Ladies, don’t be bitter at me about this, I know how evil a woman can be, and I know what it means to be hurt, but you must understand this, “there’s no way for a man to defend a rape allegation, it’s impossible.”

If a woman calls you a rapist than you are a rapist.

The unanswered question remains “Has Bill Cosby drugged and raped every woman that has made the claim?”

I’m not certain, but I do know raping and drugging ONE woman is far too many!

Rape is a horrid experience for a woman and an horrible allegation on any man besides a rapist, and if Mr. Cosby is a rapist, Now What?

-Madam Prezident


Nicolle Wallace’s White Supremacy Appeared On The View Monday July 05, 2015

Raven Symone and Nicole

Raven Symoné and I are both twenty-nine years old, so I’m always interested in her insight or opinion on the hit television show “The View.”

Monday July 05, 2015 on The View, Whoopi Goldberg, Raven Symoné, Nicolle Wallace, and special guest Candace Cameron were discussing Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson who wrote an article stating  “that he was no longer taking selfies with people.”

During this conversation on the View, Raven-Symoné stated, “I mean, I don’t have a problem with selfies as long as you ask me first, I actually don’t like signing my name anymore because my hand gets a cramp. If you want me to vote for you—”

However Raven Symoné couldn’t finish her sentence without Nicolle Wallace, (white republican analyst)  interrupting her to ask, “Are you that famous?” while bursting into laughter.

Raven Symoné responded, “And that’s why I love you, Nicolle,” “Keep me in check, as you should. Keep me right in check.”

I cringed when I saw Raven’s response to Nicolle Wallace. Raven Symoné can’t identify when white supremacy is a seat away from her.  Nicole’s response to Raven Symone was very rude, but it was genuine. 

Nicolle Wallace thinks Raven Symoné is solely the Disney star from “That’s so Raven” or the African American who don’t identify with her black culture, but oddly it was Whoopi the other black woman on the show who came to Raven Symoné’s rescue as she was being nicely insulted. 

Whoopi Goldberg said, “You still got a TV show. You’re on this one.” 

Nicolle Wallace wouldn’t know anything about “Olivia” the black child star from The Cosby Show, who memorized monologues at the age of three and four with more charisma as a child than Nicolle has an adult. 

Lights, camera, and action has Raven Symoné out of touch with the realities of black and white, and it doesn’t matter how often Nicolle and Raven Symoné share laughs, or how often Raven doesn’t want to be identified as black, it showed Monday, Raven “you still a ni#$a, even on prime time television.” 

Madam Prezident

Young black girls mimic the behavior of Reality TV Stars

black kids and white kidWhen I watched the video of the thirteen year old black girl from Texas beating up another teenager who apparently didn’t want to fight, I instantly thought of the barbaric behavior from reality tv shows like Love and Hip-Hop, Atlanta Housewives, and Bad girls club.

We may all turn our heads from the viral videos that are constantly being passed around as if they are achievements, but for whatever reason black women refuse to turn their heads from reality tv.

It’s time we all wake up and start raising more bail money because if our children are consistently exposed to this behavior than we’ll consistently have a problem in the black community.

Life in America After the Removal of the Confederate Flag

confderate flagWritten By: Derrica Wilson

Approximately 150 years after the ending of the Civil War, the unthinkable finally happened. Gov. Nikki Haley called for the removing of the confederate flag from it’s statehouse, in wake of Charleston, South Carolina’s most recent tragedy. The AME church shooting still burdens the hearts of many across the country, while also sparking this seemingly simple action. Before, and shortly thereafter, the terroristic event transpired, the confederate flag continued to wave at the full staff… being offensive to some, and a banner of pride and honor for others. Nine African American lives had to be taken, through an act of hate, in order for this to happen; yet the problem still remains. Does this act signify change?

Several groups, including the NAACP, fought for years for the removal of the confederate flag and had been unsuccessful. Now, several politicians in various states are now following in Haley’s footsteps. So, what caused the change of heart? Some may say it’s being under scrutiny by millions of disgruntled American people. Others believe that the eyes of conservatives are finally starting to open after years of ongoing hate crimes and injustice against blacks. Does this mean racism no longer exists?

Of course not, and the fact that it took this many years for action to be taken proves this. The late Gil Scott-Heron said, “The revolution will not be televised.” Meaning: The change needed will not be something we’ll ever see on any screen, that’s including social media. The real change must happen in the minds of all mankind first. The true issue at hand dates back further than the Civil War and runs deeper than the colors dyed on each flag.

“Hate can not drive out hate. Only love can do that.” It’s obvious what we all need more of.




Chicago Drug Dealer Has “Crack Addicts” Lined Up Around The Corner


Chicago drug dealer ‘James Tripplet’ has a line around the corner for his drugs. It seems as if Mr. Tripplet is truly setting the standard for dope business supply and demand

According to My Fox Chicago:

Now 42 people are facing state or federal drug charges for their alleged roles in supplying and distributing heroin around West Grenshaw and Independence in the North Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Among them is the 33-year-old Triplett, also known as “Trell,” who authorities said controlled the drug market in the area.

Investigators even included a photo in a federal criminal complaint spanning more than 200 pages. They said the photo depicts a line of people waiting on June 16 to get their hands on heroin supplied by Triplett’s organization in the 3700 block of West Grenshaw.

The photo was taken just south of the Eisenhower Expressway, which has come to be known as “Heroin Highway.”

trap2The feds said Triplett’s suppliers sometimes put the heroin in bags with logos that included green Playboy bunnies, Hershey kisses, basketballs, Batman, black pandas or “purple ladies.”

“Early this morning, they woke me up,” said North Lawndale resident Precious Archer.

Archer said around 7 o’clock, four agents were knocking on her door near the 3700 block of West Grenshaw, which is ground zero of the alleged drug ring.

“They had pictures of people, basically asking did we see this person,” she said.

Authorities say the heroin was diluted to increase profits.

“This is one of those locations that we always talk about, a drive up location on the West Side where people come in from the suburbs to buy narcotics and return,” Supt. Garry McCarthy said.

The DEA said the drug was obtained from Mexico. Its sale generated nearly a quarter of a million dollars every month.

“This multi-agency investigation…represents a significant hammer-blow to the open-air drug markets operating in North Lawndale and Douglas Park,” McCarthy said.

DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Dennis Wichern, who worked on the case, said: “Every day, one person in Chicago dies from a heroin overdose.”

Chicago police and Drug Enforcement Administration agents assigned to the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force led the investigation. Sixteen people face federal charges. They include Triplett, who is charged with drug conspiracy and faces a minimum of 10 years in prison if convicted. Another 26 face state charges.

This is a very sad story. May God help those lined up and those that are about to be lined up in prison for their contribution.

Remembering the Victims of the Charleston Massacre

shootingvictims2 By: Derricaaa


On Wednesay, June 16th, nine innocent lives were taken due to an act of hate. These type of tragedies continue to take place in America, as the issue at hand continues to be denied and overlooked. As America continues to mourn the loss of these people that were gunned down while worshiping in the house of the Lord, we will keep the families lifted up in prayer.

According to BBC News

Cynthia Hurdcynthia sc

Cynthia Hurd, 54, was a beloved employee of the Charleston County Public Library for 31 years.

“Cynthia was a tireless servant of the community who spent her life helping residents, making sure they had every opportunity for an education and personal growth,” the library wrote in a post to its website on Thursday.

The library closed all of its locations on Thursday in her honour.

A city council member said on Thursday that the branch of the Charleston library where Hurd worked was going to be re-named the Cynthia Hurd Regional Library, calling her a “true public servant”.

She was known as a person dedicated to teaching and helping others read. She is survived by her husband Arthur, the Post and Courier reports.

Her brother, former North Carolina state senator Malcom Graham, said it was a small comfort his sister died in the church she loved so much. She had been going to Emanuel AME Church every Sunday and Wednesday since her childhood.

She was looking forward to retirement and her 55th birthday, which would have been Sunday.


Reverend Clementa Pinckney

South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney was the church’s pastor since 2010 and a well-known community leader. He was a married father of two.

Pinckney had been preaching since he was 13. He was considered a rising star of Democratic politics in a largely Republican state.

Earlier this year, he lent his voice to a campaign for police to wear body cameras in the wake of the deadly officer-involved shooting of unarmed black man Walter Scott.

“I always felt God had called me to serve within the church because of what the church stands for,” he told the Charleston Post and Courtier in 2010. “This has always been home.”

Pinckney served in South Carolina government since 1997. He attended Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina.

Read more: Pastor lifted spirits


Sharonda Coleman-Singleton

Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, a speech therapist, pastor and high school track coach, was a mother of three.

Ms Singleton was a track athlete at South Carolina State University, according to the Post and Courier.

Her son Chris Singleton is a baseball player at Charleston Southern University. Heconfirmed his mother’s death on his Twitter account.

“Pray for my mom please,” he tweeted on Wednesday night. He was re-tweeting remembrances of his “talented” and “beautiful” mother on Thursday.

The Goose Creek Gators, her track team, wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday: “We love you, Coach Singleton. Gator Nation is where it is today because of your leadership. You have our thoughts and prayers.”

“I saw her at work everyday and she always had a smile on her face. When I was doing duty she would walk by me with that awesome smile and never had a bad smile,” Goose Greek Gators baseball coach Chris Pond told the Berkeley Independent.


Tywanza Sanders

Tywanza Sanders was a recent graduate of Allen University, a private historically black university in South Carolina.

Sanders graduated in 2014 with a degree in business administration.

“He was a quiet, well-known student who was committed to his education. He presented a warm and helpful spirit as he interacted with his colleagues,” Dr Flavia Eldemire, the university’s vice president of institutional advancement, said in a statement.

Tessa Spencer, an anchor for local channel ABCNews4, told BuzzFeed News Sanders worked with her brother at a barber shop and she saw him only two days ago.

He describes himself as a “poet, artist and businessman” on his Instagramaccount. His final post was a quote from late US African American baseball player Jackie Robinson, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”


Ethel Lance

Ethel Lee Lance, 70, worked for the church for 30 years, her grandson told the Post and Courier.

She had five children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

“I’m lost, I’m lost,” he told the newspaper. “Granny was the heart of the family. She’s a Christian, hardworking; I could call my granny for anything. I don’t have anyone else like that.”

She served as a sexton at the church to keep the building clean and loved gospel music.

“She was a God-fearing woman,” said granddaughter Najee Washington, who lived with her grandmother. “She was the heart of the family, and she still is. She is a very caring, giving and loving woman. She was beautiful inside and out”.


Rev Depayne Middleton-Doctor

Rev Depayne Middleton-Doctor, 49, was a mother of four daughters and a minister at the church, according to the Post and Courier.

Doctor was an enrolment counsellor at Southern Wesleyan University’s Charleston campus.

She retired in 20015 as Charleston County director of the Community Development Block Program.

“My beautiful Songbird. This is a hard one to Swallow. I will truly miss you my love. Your beautiful personality, your laughter, your smile and your love for everyone,” Laurie Middleton wrote on Facebook.

Another friend wrote of Middleton that she was “truly a blessing! Always spoke, always had a smile on your face and always had nothing but positive things to say!”

She only joined Emanuel AME church at the beginning of this year.


Susie Jackson

Susie Jackson, 87, was a cousin of Lance and was a long time church member, according to the Post and Courier.

“It’s just hard to process that my grandmother had to leave Earth this way,” her grandson Tim Jackson of Ohio told ABC News in Cleveland. “It’s real real hard. It’s challenging because I don’t believe she deserved to go this way. It hurts to process.”

Jackson was on the usher board and participated in the choir, he said. He described her as a “loving, giving person” with a “great smile”.


Rev Daniel Simmons Sr

Rev Daniel Simmons Sr, 74, was the only victim to die at a hospital and not the church.

Sh’Kur Francis, a Baptist minister, tweeted on Thursday “I can’t believe that Rev. Dan Simmons is gone. This man baptized me, married my parents, and eulogized my granny.”

Simmons went to Emanuel AME Church every Sunday and Wednesday, his daughter-in-law Arcelia Simmons told ABC News.


Myra Thompson

Myra Thompson, 59, was a pastor at the church and a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority.

Thompson was wife to Rev Anthony Thompson of the Anglican Church in North America, the group tweeted on Wednesday.

The New American Dream: Killing Black People

killer 1 Yesterday, June 17, 2015 9 African American lives were taken by a 21 year old white male. America refuses to have a true conversation about race, but in 2015 there are hate crimes against black Americans as if it’s 1937.

Via MailOnline:

One of the churchgoers murdered in Charleston on Wednesday night sent a picture to his friends of the only white person in the room during the bible study meeting that turned into a massacre.

Tywanza Sanders, 26, was the youngest of nine people killed in Emanuel AME Church when a gunman – believed to be 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof – opened fire.

Minutes earlier, he made a Snapchat video, which shows a sandy-haired man in a grey sweater sat among the black members of the group. The church is historically African American.

Sanders, who friends called ‘Wanza’, took a picture of the white man’s head, with the caption: ‘Bible study knowledge planter’.

At the time, friends thought it was mildly amusing. Now they are shaken watching it back.

Snapchat users have one opportunity to re-watch a video that has been sent to them. After Sanders was killed, one of his friends replayed the video and filmed it on their phone for a permanent record.

‘It shows them in the church having the meeting…u can even see the terrorist in the corner for a short [second],’ tweeted Elroy Brown, one of Sanders friends who received the Snapchat video.


Madam Prezident: {Video} “This is for Kalief”

Kalief Browder
There’s no right or wrong way to pay tribute to Kalief Browder’s life. I chose poetry.


“This is for Kalief”

The constitution was never written with you & me in mind

So when when you’re stopped by a crooked cop in your neighborhood

Instead of giving you a ride home 

They gave you time

You stood in front of judges 

With grudges 

Against black skin 

So when the man 

Has your life in his hand 

It’s hard to win  

Especially when you’re a 2nd class citizen.