Club Owner Says, “Chris Brown Was A Complete Gentleman”

Chris+Brown+PNGThe lady, who accused Chris brown of shoving her, is a lie. According to TMZ,

The owner of the nightclub is vouching for Mr. Brown, making a statement saying Chris Brown never touched the young lady Deanna Gines.

The owner of Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheimtold TMZ, “Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security, and other party goers which were at HEAT on Saturday night; It is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false.”

Deanna Gines who is twenty four years of age attempted consistently to hop on stage while Chris Brown was performing, then she supposedly tried to rush him like a linebacker in VIP.

The nightclub owner stated that the young lady behavior was unacceptable and she was kicked out because of it. After Ms. Gines was kicked out; she removed her heels and threw them at security.

The police was called to have the young lady arrested, but the police did allow the young lady to go home with her friends.
In reference to the injuries the young lady claimed to have due to the way she was handled in the process of being kicked out, the owner stated “Heat staff and security did what they had to do… [Chris] was a complete gentleman.”

I’m sure Chris Brown is use to this kind of behavior. I’m glad Chris didn’t get in any trouble due to the young ladies lies, because Lawd knows he doesn’t need another court date!

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  1. Byrdy Roman says:

    I’m glad that he just fell back, because he’s always in the media for BS! I feel it should Be a Law for groupies or photographers, if a person asks You to remove a Mic or even a Pen from the face or says, not @ this time or whatever maybe the case, honor their wishes, I understand that your a fan, but do You honestly think Your the only one he deals with everyday of his life , come on , everyday he’s being badgered by someone or something & then on top if that your a women, automatically , their assuming he just hits women, people cut it out! Go after the people who are against Who You are instead of trying to sue a star! Sue the people for not alloying You to be free

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