Diddy Spends Time With His Baby Girl Chance

Diddy Takes His Daughter Chance To The Aquarium

It seems like Diddy is as good at spreading his gene pool around as he is at making millions.

He recently shared this adorable pic of himself alongside his eldest baby-girl Chance on a visit to the aquarium.Daddy-Diddy has been flickin it up quite a bit with his kiddies lately and we can’t be mad at that.

As much as you hear about this man, one thing you don’ hear about is him being a deadbeat. Well done, sir Combs.

Image via Twitter

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  1. Mario says:

    Why do we need to make this news? This is his REASONABLE SERVICE!!! It is what he is SUPPOSED to do. He does not need to be celebrated for doing what he is supposed to do.

  2. Stawlk says:

    So what!

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