Dirk Nowitzki Does Something His Teammates Won’t: Marries A Black Woman

Hail the Nubian Queen!

This weekend was a very important one for NBA baller Dirk Nowitzki and Kenyan born wife Jessica Olsson. The lovely couple allegedly had a traditional wedding in Africa this weekend.

According to sources, Dirk and Jessica (whose mother is from Kenya) decided that they wanted to have two separate wedding ceremonies. One for her mother’s family in Africa and a second in Germany, where Dirk’s family could attend.

Sources say: “It was beautiful…Dirk delivered the [dowry] in cattle…wearing traditional [African] garb.” Dirk and Jessica had two ceremonies to benefit both family’s culture and location.

espy-awards-2011-dallas-mavericks-dirk-nowitzki-04 dirk-nowitzki-kenya-2 dirk-nowitzki-kenya-1Jessica is officially a real basketball wife. Congratulations!!!

Dirk landed a African Queen while Kanye and many other black men stand clear away from good black women? Ladies, can we only find appreciation in a white men or men outside our race?

Please tell me what you think?


Images Via: Mwakilishi Kenyan News

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  1. Blacks can find good partners also. Do what Dirk did, find an African brother or sister. They believe in the institute of marriage.

    • Tess says:

      Being African has nothing to to with morality, ergo all the tribal, genocide, and civil wars, so stuff it.

      • Jazz E. says:

        Don’t you know that the “civil wars” that happen in African countries are stirred up by nations outside of the African continent.

        • Betty V. Holcomb says:

          Knowledge of history is a great equalizer, Jazz E. Please read of the civil wars in nearly ALL countries before they were invaded by ANYONE.

  2. Rod Hunt says:

    I’m not sure that I wanted to waste my time arguing this subject, but your title was provocative and insulting to every Black man that married a Black woman. Just because you find one high profile White man in the news who legally took a Black woman for his bride doesn’t not mean that White men, in general or overall are interested in marrying Black women. If that was the case, they would have done it a long time ago. Even in this day and time, racial politics and policies still play a part in a polarized America. It may be even worse in Germany, I don’t know. Listen, the landmark case involving a White man and a Black woman was over almost 60 years ago. It wasn’t until 1976 when the Supreme Court of the U.S. throw miscegnation laws out. And it took another 20 years for some southern states to remove it from their books. So before you go celebrating White men’s love for Black women, do your homework.

    • Their love is deeper than skin deep.
      Okay people we must acknowledge that both Dirk and Jessica are not simply just a black man and woman, they are internal transplants to this country (Dirk Germany and Jessica Kenya). They grew up in different worlds with very different cultural views on race (their social construction is different).

      Both Jessica and Dirk do not share the unique history, social construction and psychopathology that blacks and whites experience whom are home grown in the USA. Although it is still troubling to see black men still chasing the myth that having a white woman will define him or make him equal. Slavery was a long time ago and it is time for black me to love a woman that looks like his momma.

      Also black women have to bring it down a notch. I know too many of you have had to be both the man in the woman in single parent households because alot of brothers can’t get it right. However, when you run into a real black man it is time to relax and allow him to be the man. It is almost unfair to ask this of black women because if I was a woman I would tell alot of black men to kick rocks too.

      In short we all need to change and stop pointing the finger and find the courage to make it right! God bless

      • Paulette says:

        Well said,thank you

      • Carl says:

        Everyone wants to point fingers,but if you really look at it,BLACK MEN & WOMEN is the cause for black relationship failure.People,grow up and except responsibility!!

        • Rich says:

          Carl best comment on this board!

          • Lala says:

            Finally!! I agree with all of the remarks beginning with Eric. We all must heal from the hurt and pain of our past and learn to love, appreciate, and help bring out the best in one another.

      • Susan says:

        Being a Black Woman, I consider myself to be “PRO” Black, In other words I love my cultural background, I love being a Black Woman, and I love Black Men. But as a Black Woman how much longer do I wait for a “Black” man to give me the love and the respect that I demand? People sometmes find love in the unlikely of places and if that love come from someone who is not “Black” so be it. I as a Black Woman will never give up on Black on Black love but at the same time if someone should come along who isn’t Black I would definitely have an open mind.

        • Nadia says:

          Why the hell are you waiting for men who dont want you? You sound incredibly stupid and deserve to be single if its so hard for you to think for yourself and do what everyone else is doing, DATE THOSE WHO LOVE AND RESPECT YOU.

          • altha says:

            Nadia You got to get a grip something is wrong i think every woman should have an open mind when it comes to love why? because love has no eyes only a feeling.

        • earline bentley says:

          I like your comment!!!

      • 30thoughts says:

        Well said…nothing to add!

      • Lala says:

        I love your positive, caring and supportive remarks, thank you for that.

    • Mike Holmes says:

      Now let the church say amen

    • Carl says:

      @Rod thank you! And,the sad part about it is,black people are glorifying it! White men don’t love black women like that.Just as Rod said,they would have married them a long time ago! Do your homework……

      • altha says:

        You stupid ass black men stop your whining it’s alright for a black man to marry a white woman but when it comes to a black woman marrying a white man it’s just not right. You’re saying white men don’t love black women like that, they would have married them long time ago what a sick thing to say. You can go back in time white men have always been sick behind a black woman i’m from Oklahoma back in the 50’s/60’s white and black could not mix so they would run away and get married and live in California. Now some of those people are still married and have raise families some have past on but they didn’t look at the skin because love has no eyes only a deep rooted feeling.

    • justme says:

      “Just because you find one high profile White man in the news who legally took a Black woman..”

      haha, there are many more.

      • Meme says:

        Right! There are sooo many black women in the celebrity spotlight that are married to non black men, AND many well known non black men in the spotlight who are married to black women (had to throw that in there just in case they tried to say the non black men were only with them because of their status). As a black woman im so sick of hearing black men belittle us when we finally decide to stop putting up with their drama and find a real man who is ready to love. However when blk men only date and marry non black women we aren’t supposed to say anything. I personally am all for interracial relationships, you shouldn’t deny love and compatability because the person isn’t the right color, but what I have a problem with is black men who can dish it but can’t take it!

    • Karen says:

      Your right, don’t waste your time because I do not know not one black woman who wants a white man.

      • Kay Cooper says:

        I do!!!!! I’m a black girl WHO prefers to date outside of my race. Black men (in general) have so much negativity to say about us, so why not go outside of our race and find someone who wants to be with us? Who will love us for us?

    • Ebony Imhotep says:

      If you’re not in the NBA, if you’re not on his team, if it doesn’t apply to you, then how did YOU manage to feel so insulted? Some of the ignorance I’m reading in this post is mind boggling, but not unexpected, yet even in spite of the ignorance, as a black woman, I don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed because I know your ignorance doesn’t represent me. Great article and thank you to the author.

    • Betty V. Holcomb says:

      Amen, Ron Hunt. Cultural Competency/Anti-racism for ALL will remove all this nonsense about who marries whom. Frankly, who WE marry is OUR business; who anyone else marries is THEIRS…..

    • Gina says:

      Amen. Maybe one day we will all realize that souls have no color.

  3. eric says:

    good for you Dirk, i know Dirk and can honestly say he isnt racist by any means, buy most white men are. Dirk is from germany, not america. African women are so stunning, so beautiful i hope they last, she is very hot…..

    • Quill says:

      “most white men are racist”?! No offense, but how narrow minded is that? I don’t know where you live but here it couldn’t be further from the truth….and I’m living in “farm country” Idaho where, according to people who’ve never been here, its supposed to be all rednecks and hillbillies. I also work with people from all different backgrounds.My family and I have never felt unwelcome or unaccepted. Its a gross generalization at best. How do you expect people from different groups to ever get along as long as there is this type of attitude. Its sad to say but most of the racism I see is black to white or black on black(wich I really don’t get). Its a damn shame…because good friends come in all colors.

      • Meme says:

        I agree Quill! The ONLY racism I ever see is from blacks and as a black woman who sees ppl as ppl instead of color, I find it very sad. Eric how can you say what most of any people are? Have you met MOST white men?

      • aaronhubbard says:

        you two are brainwashed and pathetic , are you always this obtuse???? pick up a few books or how about look at the news , your giving a pass to the worlds greatest thieves and killers and rapers ,PAST AND PRESENT , just because a few of them have treated you nice , you are a discredit to your race… im not preaching hate just facts …so go seek your white men …its your right , a black man like myself does not need you !

  4. Samantha says:

    Less than 3 percent of the players in the NBA are married to non black woman. Why would the writr make use an ignorant comment? There are people of all colors that choose not to get married. White men will marry, cheat, and marry again (what’s so wonderful about that). It’s not about race its about moral character. If you choose to lay up with a man for years without requiring anything more of him then that’s your fault. I’m so sick and tired of the race BS. Too many people spend all of their time baiting using race. The problem is too many woman are willing to lay up and have multiple babies with sorry ass men of all races. If you promote yourself as a spare tire you will get treated as one.

    • Kevin says:

      Samantha the author would have had do some research. In which you obviously did not

    • justme says:

      “Less than 3 percent of the players in the NBA are married to non black woman”

      #1- Okay, but how many exclusively date/mate/live like they are married with non black women?

      #2- how many BM NBA players are married to anyone?

    • John MItchell says:

      The majority of married NBA players marry black women. I know because I have covered the league in both Washington and Philadelphia Further proof that having a computer and an Internet connection does not make one a journalist.

  5. Trina says:

    I am very happy with a couple but I like to say to each his own . I do like dating white man my self it’s different and it works for me .

  6. Anonym says:

    She’s not Kenyan born, she’s biracial. Swedish father, Kenyan mother in Sweden.

  7. Renee says:

    The next time you want to post an article with an ignorant, misleading headline I suggest you get your facts straight. Nearly 80% of black NBA players are married to black women contrary to whatever bullshit seen in the press. I understand your feeble brain only process the images of black men with nonblack women because that is something the predominately white mainstream press love to promote. What a stupid article praising a white man for marrying a half black woman. Whoopee! (Side eye)

  8. Paul Thomas says:

    Go for it Dirk…Congratulations!

  9. Carl says:

    She’s an African anyway,she doesn’t want a black man!!

  10. Ebony says:

    I’m not mad at them, congrats to both.

  11. shannon says:

    well said Eric McDougle!

  12. Sharon says:

    WOW!……@Rob…..TOUCHY! TOUCHY! Hahaaaa…
    @Mr.E.Mcdougle (Eric), Very true.However,I must intervene when you s say sisters need to lighten up on Black Men as I beg to differ.If most black men stop putting sisters in the position of having to be forceful and demanding and vicious
    Problem solved. I am a widow, my 2 older sons have the same father (a black man) But it was my a man of a different culture and ethnicity that helped rear his children.And I tried to let him be the man,I an not aa feminist.I love being a LADY! But finding a black man to handle his business when it comes to me is quite daunting……..Blessings to you too sir

    • Denise says:

      Wow. Talking about buying BS and propaganda. Since when did being a feminist and being a lady become mutually exclusive? I didn’t know that being a lady meant you were supposed to be treated like a child and told what to do. I always thought it meant carrying yourself with dignity, which has absolutely nothing to do with a your relationship status.

  13. Kim says:

    I date a white man and he isn[t high profile. he is my friend and lover and treats me like a lady.

  14. Tess says:

    May the couple have a happy and long life together. He did the right thing marrying and he’s a good guy.

  15. Congratulation to both of them, at least he respect her culture enough to have a traditional African wedding, and a western wedding. I have not problem with that, she do not look like a GOLD DIGGER like many of the others. The baby mamma type who wanted a baby so they can live off the child. I lived in Germany for a few years, and have always admired the work ethics of the German people.They have been given a bad rap for many years, I never saw them that way,I hope they have a happy life together.

  16. RONI says:


  17. Quill says:

    I don’t get it. Why does it matter who marries who? They’re in love…let them be happy. Every little thing doesn’t need to be analized to death.

  18. Brandon says:

    Are WE as a “proud” people, ever going to get over the color of our skin? It has been too long for US to have this still be an issue. So what certain men and women decide to talk, date, sleep, marry outside of the ethnic background. What does anyone else have to do with that person? WE don’t know them on a personal level. And last time I checked, no one makes such a big grief over OUR women going outside of the ethnic background. Discussions like like this sets US back because this is an unessesary conversation.

  19. Frank TALKER says:

    Funny how Whites will claim that their ethnicities are not important and, in the process of opening their mouths, make them important.

  20. When tow people dicide to get married it should be nobody’s business their own, but because the media, decide to make an issue out of it we have to put in our opinion. Black people did not start racism, it was directed towards us by the imperialistic western nation. Therefore, we have to respond accordinly. When the west end imperialism, maybe we can live together in peace. But as long as the United States, England, and France, continue to force their way around the world and try to use their BS, called democracy, while they continue their IMPERIALISM PRACTICE, we will continue to have problems.
    This wedding should never be an issue, but because of IMPERIALISM, iot has become one.

  21. Leslie says:

    Really who cares? He’s from Germany and many Germans marry Black folks men and women. If a black guy wants to marry a white woman, so what…Hell maybe if young American Black women stop having babies right before they think about other life options they would be more of a candidate for rich athletes to marry. No rich guy want’s to marry a woman that has 3 kids before she’s 30 by 3 different daddy’s lets be real folks.

  22. Chicago Rilla says:

    kudus to dirk, he was scorned by a black women & continued to date them after the incident where the last chick lied about her identity & pregnancy.

  23. Febbie says:

    @Sharon: Feminism doesn’t mean you don’t like to be a lady. Feminism raises and exposes the women’s issues that are undergirded by racism, classism, sexism. Feminism asks such questions as: How are women socialized? Why are women “socialized” in a certain way? Who benefits from women being socialized in a certain way?

  24. Roly1982 says:

    I’m very happy for them. I don’t think it really matter their race, culture, background. An interracial relationship is not easy even if you aren’t born or raised in America. Ok, lets take it step further, having a successful relationship is not easy. I personally as a black woman don’t see a problem with dating outside the race. Though I have never done it myself, I believe love is love and I’m more concerned with how you can your family are as opposed to your race (lol). I believe they should be celebrated not because of their race of who they are, but just because they prayerfully have found love!

  25. This is different…usually ppl are blasting a black man for having a white wife…but my point still valid…at the end of the day what effect does the ethnicity of the spouses of actors, ball players etc HAVE ON YOUR LIFE?…if you only date within your race, that’s YOUR decision..for example ppl act like the white girl Redskin black rookie QB RG3 is about to marry took a black man out of their dating pool!…if black men and women would bring more to a relationship than animosity, ill will, bad credit, ghosts of relationships past and so on (ok, maybe not all at once, but u get the point) you might be more appealing to others within your own race…

  26. nicki speaks says:

    @leslie your comment is ignorant and racist. Women of all races have children and black women are no more likely to have one than a white one. You are feeding into a false stereotype. The vast majority of black women who have children have them by the same man, their husband’s!!! Get over yourself and stop quoting false negative stereotypes!!!!

  27. James colvent says:

    How can Dirk’s family and countrymen not feel ashamed? He’s Dirk Nowitzki, he could have dated a full blooded blond haired blue eyed Swede. What could they possibly have in common? The most beautiful women in the world are white, he literally dropped the ball on this one. Now, if Dirk has a son and he plays ball it’s just another black player in the league when it could have been a white player, and with his last name could’ve gotten the opportunities normal white basketball players don’t get. Such a waste… I hope Kevin Love keeps it real!

    • OneLove says:

      “…he could have dated a full blooded blond haired blue eyed Swede…”

      Which would have been quite interesting, since DN sin’t Swedish! 😉

    • nonecaresok says:

      I am a white woman and I disagree with you. Most blond women only get attention for their hair but have ugly faces. Also the ones that aren’t ugly age poorly once they pass 30 years old. I am sure you are just trolling, but you are still an idiot. BTW, my brother only likes BW.

  28. @Nicki, unfortunately what Leslie is saying rings true…according to a New York Times report from Feb of this year, 73% of all black kids are born to single moms, vs 53% for Lationos and 29% for Whites…and the percentage of kids born to unwed mothers under 30 is the highest it’sever been – over 50% (across all races)…so to the point that the percentage of young single moms is worst in the black community is valid…additionally, at one point the highest new infection rate of HIV was among black females…so with the obvious lack of use of condoms not only are black women at a higher risk for pregnancies out of wedlock, they are also more likely to contract HIV/AIDS…so until African Americans accept this reality and get their heads out of the sand (we are quick to blame everyone but ourselves) we will not solve this problem…and as far as black women not being “desirable” to men of wealth I say this – I have a friend who is a multi millionaire…VP of HR for a Fortune 500 company…grew up in the hood, went to college, got his Masters…now divorced, he raised his 3 sons who are now an officer in the military, an 3rd year international finance major who has already been offered a job by fortune 100 bank and an straight A engineering student who started his own internet company when he was 14…my friend, a black man is looking for a wife…who do you think is going to be in his (or even his kids) peer group?

    • justme says:

      73% of all black kids does NOT mean 73% of bw are having kids out of wedlock. that simply means that bw who ARE having kids out of wedlock are having several children, where as married bw may only have 1 and other single bw have none.

      • Jeff Stewart says:

        @justme – I did not say “73% of bw are having kids out of wedlock.” …also this was NOT my personal opinion…I was quoting a FACTUAL, STATISTICAL study as reported by the New York Times…and while your comment “that simply means that bw who ARE having kids out of wedlock are having several children,” may or may not be true and was not referenced in the article, ISN’T THAT WORSE? (that unmarried women are having SEVERAL children vs unmarried having 1 or 2)…and to your comment in your second post “In case you’re still too dumb to get it,” – LMAO! at you! – why? because it’s funny to me how ppl resort to name calling while (cyber bullying!) instead of trying to have an intelligent conversation as they try to prove their point…oh and by the way, at least your example “IF ONE of them had 1 child out of wedlock and the other was married and had 0, you could say that 100% of black children were born out of wedlock, even though 100% of bw on the planet were NOT having kids out-of-wedlock!” was statiscally correct…

        • justme says:

          dont forget a child was never brought into this world without the help of sperm! women who mingle with BM have no choice because BM refuse to marry! and since men pop the question, I blame MOST of this on BM. ONly 30% of BM ever marry anyone…white, black,yellow,or brown!

    • justme says:

      In case you’re still too dumb to get it, imagine if there were only 2 bw on the planet earth. IF ONE of them had 1 child out of wedlock and the other was married and had 0, you could say that 100% of black children were born out of wedlock, even though 100% of bw on the planet were NOT having kids out-of-wedlock! GROW A BRAIN CELL!!

  29. mzpattymelt says:

    Say WHAT? The often just ‘play’ and ‘lay’ NOT marry! They must have given him the wrong contract…..

  30. THE TRUTH says:



    • justme says:


      uM, ONLY 30% of bm will ever mary anyone.

      And btw, if so many bm weren’t low life thugs and DRUG DEALERS, bw wouldnt be able to be with them. ALMOST 1/2 OF BM dont even graduate from highschool! One out of four will spend time in jail.

  31. Sean says:

    It’s simple marry a black baller be a baby mama! or Marry a white one and be a wife and a queen!! Keep it real all the good black men want white women or those who look less black!! Black women wake up! keep it real! stop shooting urself & ur future in the foot!

    • THE TRUTH says:


      • justme says:

        how can you speak for ALL white men? MOST WW arent feeling bm like that either, but bm seem to be able to find the ones who DO. if most bw in America wanted a WM/non BM they could get one. DO you know how many BILLIONS of MEN there are on the planet?

        • Meme says:

          The Truth, you must not know THE TRUTH! Many many manyyyyyy white men as well as Asian men worship black women! The problem is that so many black women are hung up on getting a black man…but why?? Because most black women want the happy black family structure! So why is it that there aren’t more black families with both parents in the household??? Does that black woman WANT to raise her child(ren) alone having to work, go to school(many black women are getting degrees which is making it even harder for her to find a suitable black man), get the child(ren) ready for school everyday, cook dinner, give baths all by herself??? Of course not! Too many black men are off finding the next piece of easy a$$, playing Xbox, trying to mimic the foolishness they see on BET, etc. Why not look outside the box for the men who really want to cherish and treat them well? I have so many gfs who are doing good for themselves but are single and desperately wanting to find that man who makes them feel special, yet they are going on “dates” with silly bm men who want to hang out at their house and watch a movie so that they don’t have to pay for anything. But when a wm shows them some attn (which happens all the time) they blow them off. They will be old and wrinkled waiting on a bm who has some sense! They deserve better than the bs that so many bm bring! I am by no means saying that it’s all bm, because there are some good ones, but not alot!

  32. Why shold any one waste their time to answer you, you are just an unlearned ignorant jackass, who believe that white imperialism still reign supreme. Fool white imperialism is dying so fast take a look at what is happening in Europe. I cant wait to see soup kiten from London to paris, from Paris to Berlin. And I hope you all will starve.

  33. Vinindy says:

    The Loving v Virginia case was decided June 12 1967 by the supreme court and struck down all miscegenation laws. And let us remember why those laws were created in the first place to prevent white men from marrying black women and passing their land and wealth to a black woman and their black babies

  34. RaeRah says:

    To NUMBNUTS who made the comment that white women are the most beautiful women on earth, you better get a solid understanding of the FACT that blacks are the original race to grace this earch and our strength and beauty have been nothing but feared, envied and desired by whites for centuries. That is a FACT. As a black woman, I wouldn’t ever see anything in a white man but his money and I am honest enough to admit as much. Black men, even with all their faults are still so beautiful. If white people wherever they came from had NOT enslaved and abused blacks as well as others, this world not be so messed up to date. It’s nothing but whites who have corrupted this entire world with their greed and deception. They are truly, if there is a Devil his avdocate. White people stole land, cultures, music, and riches then yet had the nerve to call them their own. They have destroyed all that is good in life all over the world. They are the ones who developed the vices that corrupt humans then want to point fingers. They’ve forced their idotic beliefs and religion on society and killed anyone who didn’t believe or comply, enslaved every race of man, raped black women and prostituted white women. White women envy our beauty too because they see the way white men desire the attibutes of black women whether they want to admit it or not so white females try to emulate us by tanning themselves to death, getting breast implants, butt injections and implants, lip injections and whatever else because they desire the sexiness and curves we possess naturally. Too many mixed kids came about during and since slavery because trifling ass white men couldn’t resist the beauty & strength of the black women who not only worked the fields, tended to and nursed their white babies, cooked their meals and cleaned their homes. They marveled at them while their pale, skinnny and or fat ass, creepy looking white women stood back and lusted for black men just the same. NO black woman in her righyt mind would ever choose a white man over a black man if more black men had their shit together. The pickings are just slim because many black men been beaten down, left for broke and truly disilllustioned in thinking that black is whack and white is right. IF they do make it big, they think having a white chick or one that looks as such on their arm proves they have actually overcome and made it. The truly sad part is that many blacks males and females don’t have a true and endearing love of self. If they did, they would appreciate and desire nothing but their own kind.

    • Rich says:

      RaeRah! I love you! Thanks for schooling these idiotic sistas and brothas!

      To sistas who date white men and especially those who exclusively do so aren’t even desirable so they can stay with the other teen.

      The only thing I’d add is that there are many of us meaning brothers who find it to be slim picking when it come to finding quality sistas or sistas with their shit straight. And that is a subjective standard. I hear sistas say that so often about brothers that I question what is the standard and definition of one having their shit straight. What I have found is that many male and female base that on a lot of shit that has nothing to do with the character of the partner they choose. The end result a lot of bitter and broken individuals.

      Again I love your comment but simply added my two cents for thought and discourse.

      Peace and many blessings,

    • Dannymadness says:

      Raerah….oh so your a total absolure hardore blatant racists. who calls whites “devils”and racists”while yourself being hardcore racists lol, ignorant scumbag, so do you hold all muslims alive today collectively accountable for being involved in the largest black african slave trade? or are you ignorant of history as much as everythig else? do you condemn all people in brazil as”evil racists brazillians” because Brazil alone had more black slavs then all of the united states did, or how about all mxicans? they had black slaves in Mexico to….did you know there was class based slavery-white slaves-in Russia until 1861? of coruse you didnt you deranged spitefull ignorant no accontability having race baiting absolute evil scumbag hypocrite, Im sure your one of those sick evil godless scumbags who thinks new born white babies in America in fucking 2017 owe you something-cause im sure you “inherited” your victimhood status based on your ignorant cherry picked lack of knowldge of historical attrocities right? sorry rhae rhae your not special you aret no”qwe was kings” nor are you some make believe eyptian noobian princess…just a bitter racists evil rotten human being with a chip on your shoulder and like most evil race bauiters be them white neutered self hating liberals full of white guilt,or victimhood obsessed mexicans/blacks etc your just a bitter racists who imagines your an internal victim based on race,and as a result victimizes others and you literally judge people based on there skin not there individual axctions/merit -so your literally the polar opposite of what MLK fought and died for and frankly your evil and disgusting and so ignorant you can never be un indoctrinated, sorry asianswhites/blacks/jews/arabs etc have all been perpetrators of and victims of historical slavery….as for now in 2017-and unless your fucking 150+ i doubt you have been a slave ever- guess what theres still literal actual slavery in parts of india.parts of the middle east,and muslims enslaving blacks-once again- in Libya today after your saint Obama and that sociopath Hillary destroyed it under Ghadafi..any thoughts on that? of course not, you literally believe all whites on Earth-including babies and children- are evil slave owers,and owe you”reperations” based on cherry picked attrocities you and everyone else alive in america today under the age of fuckin 130 -had zero to do with, you also predictably likely dont hate muslims or fellow black africans for enslaving more blacks then anyone else did…..because well thats just how evil actual racists like yourself roll….good luck with that chip on your shoulder…its a major turn on for scumbags i here! which im sure youl have little problem picking up!.you”queen”you ol.

  35. HisMUM says:

    Congrats to both of them. Hopefully it does not end in divorce. I’m just wondering if the person that came up with this website has some kind of self esteem issue. No disrespect but you seem to believe that a white man can make you or any black female feel good about themselves. You seem to put them on a pedestal; I’m not “hating” or being disrespectful but this is nothing new under the sun. White men, black women, black men, white women has been happening for the longest time. I’m just ashamed to be a young black woman and see headings like this.
    In my short years on this earth, even I know there is a bad egg in every bunch, so don’t downgrade black men because you were used and abused.

  36. deesseafricaine says:

    why are you perpetuated this myth??? the majority of black men in the NBA marry black women. we have to stop buying the nonsense and remember just because a man makes money is an athlete or a star doesnt mean hes a good man.

  37. said says:

    Allota brothas do avoid takin black women serious . Until we stake our claim as leaders and fathers in our own community we ain’t gonna get nowhere . Stay in denial if u wish , imma do for mine ….

  38. Lani says:

    Wow i really don’t give a f* if these people want to get married, they get married. And they are doing what they want to do.
    Some say color is important and to others it doesn’t matter i think for many people that’s BS, the first thing that is mentioned is race! and on this site are a Lot of F*’Racists. No problem for me i sit back relax and watch the karma that these people gonna get ;-p
    Fun Times

  39. Paul I. Adujie says:

    True love is color blind and true love is inured to national or continental boundaries or limitations

    LOVE it is between them….

    Congratulations to them both! Happy Married life of bliss

  40. fed up black girl says:

    So what? are we supposed to jump up and down just because a white man loves a black woman? This headline and article are stupid and they only serve to buy into the stereotype that implies that we as black women are so inferior that we need white men to validate us as being worthy. Black women are not some lowly being that no one wants as the media would have you to believe. Men of all races, even wealthy men, have chosen black women as wives, but you hardly ever hear about it because its not what we are fed stereotypically by the media! Labron James, the most recognizable and one of the wealthiness athletes in the world is marrying his black girlfriend and mother of his children. Where is that article? He is not the exception as many star athletes and other notable men and regular guys marry black women, but its not a big deal in the media eyes so u never hear of these unions a lot of the times. Contrary to what folks believe, we as black women DO get married, we have the capability to marry well and we are NOT all sluts and baby mamma ghetto queens that no one wants. Men of all cultures have been attracted to and taken black women as wives. Im so sick of everyone being surprised that a black woman is able to land a wealthy white man like thats some exception or something. But everyone thinks its only normal if a black man marries any woman of another race. Love who you want, and be with who you want. Skin color does not matter!!

  41. alfredosonda says:

    Black woman are make up about 6 to 8% on the entire USA population(USA- 320million People),and leading about 40%the entiry national(perhaps International)Abortion,More them 70%of the Black woman are single in The USA,And Black woman are more likely to married outside theyrs race,whilling to married a white partner even if hes illiterate,unenploy(perhaps even if he a member of KKK).The jews,The arabs and the white had been trying to hollocaust us(they didnt make it)Thanks to black woman in finishing the job.What wrong with married black person after all bad experiences we both been trough?

  42. The Rain says:

    Black men marry black women they think are worthy of marrying.You can’t go around banging every other guy in the league and then think someone is going to be dumb enough to marry you.Put down that fork,pick up a book,do some volunteer work and stop screwing out of both draw legs,your chances of finding a husband goes way up,because you just separated yourself from all the other selfish,fat,greedy,stupid,loose,screw for cash or food females out there.

  43. Bernina200 says:

    I to am married to a wondeful white man. We have been married for twenty-five years. It has been almost prefect, remember I said almost. The biggest problems has been raising my two children , which I was never able to meet a African American, man that wanted to settled down and get married. I was forty -two when we were married, not a young person not understand, what racism and all the other awful things that happen between white and black (INTERRACISM MARRIAGE). I grew up in Texsas, one of the most racist States, in the Union and went to Hight School, and to College. It all depends on the person. You could never pay me to move back to Texas. I grew up trying to pass the voting rights Acts, which is still not a law, but an Act. I respect Dirk, for standing up for Love. The Black men that prefer to married a White Women, always, seem to think Black women are not good enough for them, including my one and only SON, so I think Black women must learn to think for them selves and do what is best for their benefit. As we see our first African American, President , being disrespected, not at all what would happen to any other Nationality, even if he was a Muslin, or one of the Highjackers from 9/11. This is not the end of racism, or mistreatment of African American. With this election coming up if, Mitt Romney , is elected, this whole country , will back to the 1920 century. Good Luck to Susan and Dirk.

  44. Tyrone says:

    Genesis 24:3….To you so called blackmen and Black women who glorify this union.Its wrong after raping and murdering our people ,you applaud this mess.We need to look at ourselves and do better with ourselves and black women.Protect them from the devil.

    • nonecaresok says:

      But you quote from the book of fairy tales that the white slave masters forced on blacks. You fail.

  45. Erica says:

    If some of us black women drop later in the relationship, we will get to know men and their intentions, maybe her morals kept her in a place where he decided she was wife material and not for jump off status. Every time you see black women with a celebrity their goal is to be a baby mama before being a wife that is probably why they go after non black women to wife up, you are with a celebrity, get or continue with your education so you show you got goals and want better, he is not your everything, it just may make the difference

  46. Nina says:

    Neither of them are American. Hopefully that gives them a great running start to have a successful marriage and family life devoid of all the legacy that Black-on-Black and White-on-Black racism has left behind in this country. A commenter made a correct statement about a lot of Germans(West to say the least) concerning the beauty seen in African/Brown women from an attraction perspective. Best wishes to them and it was nice that he valued her traditions just like any other couple mixing their heritages.

  47. Lettie B. says:


    This matters none to me one way or another but, Kanye dates Black women. He was engaged to a Black woman. See, this is how rumors and negative seeds get planted – lazy and careless media.

  48. Maggie Baril says:

    I believe Eric McDougle has provided us with the most comprehensive response. African Americans need to understand that not ALL black people are confined by the racial stigmas perpetuated and intertwined in U.S. history. As a Haitian-American, I understand the racial and class struggles of all peoples, but for some reason this struggles continues to be an ever-present legacy in the American mindset that prevents one race from transcending and another race from from forgiving of self. Tragic! The black experience is dynamic and as a Haitian married to an Eastern-European, Jewish, French Canadian man, it irks me when I read these myopic self-effacing comments. Jessica is fortunate to have come out of an experience that did not limit her scope. I’m sure they are not having similar conversations in Kenya.

  49. Deborrah says:

    She’s not a black woman, she is AFRICAN. In other words, she is foreign. She is not an African AMERICAN woman, so in my world she doesn’t count.

    • Frank TALKER says:

      Clearly she is a Black woman so you confuse ethnicity with demographics. It is foolish to think that demographics is culture – only Whites do this and look how confused they are about who they are.

  50. LarryJ says:

    I noted that she had to play on her African Kenyan background to separate herself from Black American women…………Can you blame her….?????

  51. LarryJ says:

    This part Bantu African/Part Nordic European not “Black American Woman”, is married to a White German whose parents lived under Herr Hitler and The Nazis. Need I say more………Has any of you Black people here ever lived in Germany. You want to know what Germans call Black People…

  52. Sandpointe says:

    I think the author is being a little facetious. I suspect that if we take a close look at every teammate that Dirk has had since he has been on the Mavs there will be evidence of black/black marriages. The issue that bothers me the most is one that is near and dear to my heart. I am of mixed race; and though people who don’t know me will see me as black. I don’t ever identify myself as just black. I am black (African American) and Latino/Hispanic. In this case Jessica is HALF black (African) and HALF white (European/Swedish). So in my eyes… and her genes Dirk married a mixed race woman. But at the end of the day it really shouldn’t matter. I’d marry a 100% black woman, or any other race or mixed race woman if we are right for each other.

  53. LarryJ says:

    I wonder how many other Black NBA players she had to go through to get to her “Sugar Daddy” White ballplayer husband. And what does she bring to the table besides azz………I am sure she does not have his kind of money nor earning power. If he was smart, he could have had that azz for pennies on the dollar………..!!!!!

  54. LarryJ says:

    Damn, I once had a co-worker who married an African woman. And though he was just a postal worker at that time, he ended up supporting her entire family…!!!! He bought a house and his African wife invited in her mother, brothers and sisters, etc, to live with them. And he was the only one working..!!! After 8 years of this BS, he just walked away from it all…….Last I heard, he later remarried. His second wife was an East Indian woman with a college education and a professional vocation. They moved to Virginia, have two kids and are still married after 14 years…………Note that his brother was born and raised in Harlem. And like most decent, responsible brothers, he just could not deal with Black American women….

  55. Jay S says:

    Dirk married this black woman because she isn’t loud and Ghetto. I actually live here in Dallas close to Preston Hollow where they reside; she’s very classy and well educated. I don’t care how many white men black women start looking at; if they don’t fit this mold they will still be assed out. Many black women have let themselves go to shit; look at the hair weaves, the dress, the attitudes, the education (although improving) they still have work to do. No man wants a woman that’s unadventurous and pissed all the time, and to think a white man is going to put up with it? is delusion at its best.

  56. LarryJ says:

    What is it with some middle aged black women…? You meet a sister in her 50’s and she still has grown azz unemployable adult kids still at home. Or she is taking care of grand kids. Note that most middle aged Black women, had children at a young age without benefit of marriage. And it seems that this cycle never end. I use to often wonder, why my mother and aunts all ended up alone without a husband or decent man in their lives………

  57. LarryJ says:

    The Bible says that The Children Of Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years until those whom knew the way of Pharaoh died out. And a new generation whom know not the house of Egypt, were allowed to enter “The Promised Land”. Damn, we Black Americans have been wandering in this White American desert for 600 years + and we are still lost and brain dead….

  58. LarryJ says:

    Will Black Americans ever discover who they are and where they are going. Will the Whiteman always be on top and we on the bottom. Will Black Americans ever come out of their Zombie like brain dead state…..Black Americans are the only race in America, that does not have a history before Western slavery. And very few Black Americans know about their Black American History. When I was a kid growing up in Harlem, just about all my aunts and uncles were from Charleston, South Carolina. And they all considered themselves part Cherokee, part Tarheel, partb White, etc,…..part dog, cat, rat and bullshit. But they admitted to being a Negro, Afro American, and you damn sure better not call them ” Black!” or you would get a beat down, shot, cut or a can of lye thrown in your face……..And yes, the lye was mixed with water and syrup to stick to your burning ass……

  59. LarryJ says:

    Correction to above; But they never admitted to being a Negro, Afro American…….

  60. class of fitness says:

    Neither one of them are American Born, so who really cares?

  61. Truth Teller says:

    I find it really ironic that Dirk’s wife OBVIOUSLY had a black mother who was with a white man (last name Olsson, bi-racial)…but the headline takes a swipe at black men. Hypocrite much? Yeah…I thought so. And then you women wonder why you’re single.

  62. Jane says:

    She’s not fully black though.

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