Donna Summer Lithographs Art Gallery Goes Way Up After Singer’s Death

According to TMZ: Death = $$$ … at least when it comes to art … and a gallery in Vegas is proving the point, ’cause it immediately upped the price of Donna Summer pieces when she passed away.

The Jack Gallery in Las Vegas worked with Summer in 2003 to create limited edition lithographs … printing 750 hand-signed prints of 4 different art pieces (designed by Summer), which sold for $550 each BEFORE she lost her battle with cancer.

But days after the Disco Queen passed away earlier this month, the prices went up AT LEAST $100 a pop … with the cheap ones going for $650. Donna’s most popular piece — The Winter Melody — was raised from $550 to $1,000.

The gallery tells us that Summer’s work is in high demand since her death — Winter Melody is almost sold out — and her art is effecting people like never before. We’re told when one couple came in to admire the legendary singer’s art, they broke down and cried.

The gallery is currently planning a memorial exhibition for all the pieces that will go up in September at one of their Las Vegas locations.

When asked about the price increase, a rep for the store says it’s just the nature of the business … “Prices are determined by availability.”

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