Game Tweets Apologies For Calling Off His Wedding

The Rapper  Game sent some subliminal tweets out about what was going on , or why he called off the wedding. Then he decided to go all the way and speak on it.

Well white boy dirk didn’t have a problem marrying his woman. Is it a black thing? Is it black men who doesn’t want to be married?

Why the hell will anyone take loved advice from a man that called off it wedding?

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  1. That’s stereotyping black men! There are a plenty of good, black men who are are willing to make a commitment. Commitphobic men come in ALL races and marriage is NOT just for white people!

  2. Maria says:

    What i seein they must don’t talk that’s not good for the both,hows it going to work if they aint talkin and saying u want to live your life with each other? Brother u need to face up what the real problem is before u say i do for u own her that and if u really love her for a real strong black man don’t play games but keep it up frontward with truth. U both got to pray together and eat together all time then u two will have a better percent of makin it for life by havin real faith in ecah other and from!!

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