Kobe Bryant Says Barack Obama “Talks A Lot Of Trash”

What does he say Kobe, “You wasn’t wit me shootin’ at the gym!”?

Kobe Bryant Says Barack Obama “Talks A Lot Of Trash”

Kobe and Barack Obama have balled it up a few times at the White House and the Lakers star recently revealed a little about Obama’s game on the basketball court during an interview with “Ellen.”
Via People:

L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the NBA, but there is one opponent he goes a little easy on: President Barack Obama.

Bryant, who has played some games against the commander-in-chief at the White House, says Obama is “very, very good” on the basketball court, but Bryant was tentative about going full-out during their competitions.

“The thing that’s interesting is that if he makes a nice move, you kind of catch yourself,” Bryant tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Friday. “I’m going to steal the ball from him. Then all the sudden, I start peeking around looking for the CIA. I say, you know, I should just let him go.”

DeGeneres agrees, advising Bryant, “Let him win.”

But Bryant says he couldn’t hold back when it came to some harmless trash-talking on the court – but he swears he didn’t start it.

“He talks a lot of trash,” Bryant says of Obama. “You know he’s from Chicago – the Bulls through and through. He always talks Bulls this, the Bulls that. I’m like, my goodness. Can I talk trash to the President?”

Asked if he did indeed trash-talk right back, Bryant says, “Of course I did. I couldn’t help it.”

Pure comedy… Usually Kobe is such an a$$hole on the court, we can’t even imagine him giving the Prez a break!

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  1. Brotherscoe says:

    Thats part of playing basketball “trash talking”, now if the president would only do the same thing when he’s debating economics with the people who saying he not’s doing enough for the country.

  2. rampage says:

    Heck yea!!!!!!!!!!!

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