What’s the use of natural hair when you have a processed mind?










Natural hair does not make you the conscience Negro!

Yes-I said it. Many men and women believe that natural hair sets them apart from people with processed hair. I am here to inform you that it does not! The saying “hair doesn’t make a person” is a very true statement.

The woman with the natural hair isn’t more confident as the woman without, nor is she more beautiful, intelligent, or stronger. Why must the African community separate one another as often as they can.

Women have enough pressure in the worlds as mothers, daughters, and sisters. Any way a woman wants to wear her hair is perfectly fine! Hair doesn’t make you kind or considerate. Hair doesn’t make you friendly or generous.

“what’s the use of natural hair when you have a processed mind?!?!!”

Madam P




  1. nn says:

    Natural hair makes you look uglier.capish!how do you compete with women with beautiful well set weaves.puleeze!let’s face reality

    • sun says:

      Natural hair does not make anyone “look uglier.” For a person of African descent to even believe that statement is no more than evidence to the fact that Black people were brainwashed centuries ago to hate themselves and everything that is natural to them and their race. It is a pitiful shame that there are still Black people living in the year 2012 who are (apparently) still under plantation brainwashing that was instilled in many of our ancestors centuries ago. Any Black person that believes that nappy hair is “ugly” has sel-hate issues. To say that ‘natural’ hair makes you “look uglier” is equivalent to saying (or believing) that dark skin makes you “look uglier” or that full lips makes you “look uglier”. And what you do mean “uglier”, anyway?

      People should be able to wear their hair anyway they want to, but Black people, African Americans need to come to gripes with the centuries of brainwashing that it took to ever produce Black people that ever had a problem with their natural hair (or skin color, etc.) in the first place. African Americans have to rethink all of the media images, commercials, magazine photos, that are produced by Hollywood and magazine editors to make money from the White women these images are directed to. Black people/African Americans are foolish to actually use the White man’s ideas of beauty as a measuring stick by which to judge Black beauty; every other race of people know this, except Black people in America. It is idiotic to single out one texture of hair to be considered ugly. In fact it is really stupid to obsess over hair at all they way that African American women do. Biologically, hair is not even alive. Hair is really just a dead folicle once it grows out of the scalp. But, more importantly, a whole human being should not be judged by or dismissed based on the hair growing out of that human being’s scalp. Beauty is relative, i.e., in the ey of the beholder.

      African American women should wear their hair anyway they want to, but without any self-hatred for her own natural hair, and all people of African descent/all African Americans should be raising children, especially little girls, that are confident in themselves and what they look like, what is natural to them, that see nothing negative in the least about naturally nappy hair.

      • Madam Prezident says:

        I agree!

      • jayeceesugar says:

        What do you say to a sistah who has lost her hair to alopecia???? Or like the other sistah said chemotherapy??? We would love to wear our natural hair or have healthy hair!!!! But we are not focusing all of our energy on our hair….. We are happy to be alive and accept who his had made us!!!! I once had long permed hair and I have worn it natural as well. Now that I’m more mature(40) I thank god to be healthy and alive without my long natural hair!!! My hair does not define my black beauty. I wear weave and it is a personal preference and I refuse to let someone tell that because I do I am less black or less beautiful than the next natural sistah!!!

        • Craycray says:

          Ive suffered from Aloepicia for years and have been natural for years. I don’t think I’m any better than anyone else. But speaking as someone who knows what it means to have huge bald patcheall over their head, I’m happy to have an hair at all. I now have a head full of hair and it’s healthy because I know how to look after it. The point is that there is beauty in freedom and choosing what works for you and dealing with your own self esteem.

    • Denise says:

      My natural hair is long, so I don’t need a weave like your crusty black behind does!

    • dreamgirl says:

      What a foolish statement.

    • Independent says:

      U r so very brainwashed! U walk around proud to wear some Asian’s or Indian’s hair on top of ur head while hating ur own hair. Get educated & learn to love who u truly are.

      • KMEGA says:

        Silly Billy, You get educated and eat only African Food. Oh and what country in Africa are you from again?

        Actually is seems as if you are the one offended and the one with the issue, sorry issues. Your statement is vague and discombobulated and in denial. Maybe you are natural, but girl stop playing, you cannot style your hair as many ways as a girl with a perm. There are girls from Ghana (and other African Countries) on my college campus, who are natural sometimes, but wears a weave most of the time. Oh, I understand, “I can wear “processed” and some lady’s hair from India, but NO way can I ever perm my real hair underneath.” Lord Help us all! These are girls straight from the motherland, and who knows everyone in their family tree, unlike most black Americans. If you are natural or organic (from birth) for a legitimate reason go ahead that’s wonderful, and if you are natural for a superficial reason or because your best friend is natural and you feel inspired by a magazine or website to look and feel and embrace your culture’s features, hey that’s wonderful too. Put it like this, I eat organic everything, nothing processed– but does that mean I do not have a pack of Remy hair on my head right now, or does that mean my body is rubbed down with organic Shea butter everyday, Absolutely not. As banal as it may sound, like Madam P said, it does not matter what is on the outside, what really matters is the (INSIDE) mentality. Which one would kill me more rapidly, A perm on the outside or shoving Pork Chops and Cupcakes down my mouth everyday? And please do not give me anything about perm seeping into the brain, MIchelle Obama is the brain of her marriage (and this country).

      • KMEGA says:

        Get educated? Trust you do not want to go there. I have visited Nigerian, husband is Nigerian, and have read tons of books about the Afro-American culture, my magnificent culture.

    • blkgalusa says:

      You are an idiot..end of story.

    • yazzy says:

      I feel like it’s more about the fact that perm products and relaxer products are Horrible for your hair, are sold by mainly rich white folk and that the portrayal of most black women in the media includes the use of weaves (also the cost of weaves, which is insane) or those products. Their’s nothing wrong with doing what you want with your hair, but as long as it doesn’t harm your hair. Permed/relaxed hair isn’t healthy hair-point blank (the chemicals in them are harmful not helpful to your hair).

  2. Coral says:

    I have to say I agree with you completely…love that last statement.

    • Tatiana says:

      Both you two are wrong. Natural hair does not make you look ugly, therefore, you are born with the natural hair that God has given you first (then what you do with it from thereafter, is your business). What sane person of color would say something so self-destructing and hideous. I guess you two individuals must consider yourselves to be ugly, and that is unfortunate, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and confidence lies within an individual.

  3. Dani says:

    Ladies are proud of their lace fronts just like we are proud of our nappy heads. No one that has natural hair that I know thinks they are better than anyone. It amazes me that this is only an issue within the African American female community. We really need to stop tearing each other down and realize that beauty comes in all shapes sizes and hair textures. Hair is just an extension of our self expression nothing else. IT’S ONLY HAIR!

  4. ShaRall says:

    You are a moron! natural hair requires what? A lot less money to maintain and a healthy respect for who you are!

    • blkgalusa says:

      I agree with you…I actually braid my own hair and it is much less expensive than going to a shop and getting a weave or extensions. I totally love my natural hair. I do have a hair stylist who braids and I let her braid my hair once or twice a year and other than that, I take care of my own hair.

  5. Kenya Goodson says:

    Madam Prez:
    Sounds like you have a personal issue with natural hair. I am not one to criticize someone for how they wear their hair, relaxed or natural. But you make it seem like it is wrong to celebrate being natural. The natural movement is not going anywhere, let me tell you. There is nothing wrong with being celebrated. I want a prize. It is a challenging process anu.d I believe in celebrating my natural sisters. I do agree with you that it doesnt make you more socially conscience, because I was conscious before going natural. Let just accept people for who they are. If we celebrate each other, that takes nothing away from yo

  6. If natural hair requires the SAME time as permed hair, then what now becomes your motivation to perm it? Are you dying to look like a caramel or chocolate covered white woman so bad that you will write articles in defense of it with flawed logic such as this?Quite honestly, your self hatred was so funny, if it were not indicative of the fact that a portion of black women may actually AGREE with your Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome bullcrap. I guess what God gave you wasn’t good enough, ” Madam” Prezident… if you want to validate your self hating mentality with vapid, tired, incoherent rationalizations, then be my guest, but let’s be honest: you were brainwashed from the time you held your first white woman in your hands( Barbie, of course) to write this mess. If you seek the approval of whites who may frown on your “nappy” hair, or are so thirsty, trifling, tired and desperate for a man that you THINK only wants that look( what does that say about your face if you can’t stand on face and body without purchasing Malaysian, Indian of Chinese hair to “accentuate” it? u need props???), then might i suggest, humbly, writing an article on why you so hate yourself, and what the Divine birthed you with, that you need to alter it to fit into a society that, let’s face it, toots: DOES NOT LIKE BLACK WOMEN ANY DAMN WAY. Hate to break the news to you like this. You are nothing more than a “nigger bitch” to 80% of those to whom you seek validation. Find that love from within, WITHOUT damaging your hair.

    • The Rain says:

      Thank you Brother Hasan.She probably spent most of her life trying to get that Euro hair look,now it maybe going out of style,like a teeny saving up for a Members Only jacket,that goes out of style as soon as you get it off of layaway.What a siily negroe.

    • Alain Belle says:

      The TRUTH Set you FREE,I have to agree with Bro. Hassan to say the least…

  7. Denise says:

    This needs to be worrying about being a self hating gossiping hood rat with weight issues! Being fat is a problem in the black community, not natural hair! Get your priorities straight you ignorant coon!;;

  8. The Rain says:

    Sounds like someone is a slave to their Euro styled hair.Hey,if you want to put lie in your head,go ahead,but don’t knock someone that has been freed from the chemical plantation.I guess you have a problem with people that work out and don’t eat swine,because you don’t have the self control it takes to not be a lazy fatty.

  9. marzette says:

    The issue is why our sisters are wearing weaves, perms, etc. The long hair image has been fed to sisters through the media. Long blond hair and blue eyes was the standard for beauty here in America so brothers and sisters started wearing their hair permed to assimilate. I think now it’s more for fashion, however, it could be that the processed hair image has pervaded our subconsciousness.

    • Madam Prezident says:

      I agree-My argument that many people are over look-or maybe I just wasn’t clear! It’s not about what’s on the head it’s about what’s underneath it!

  10. Lenny says:

    I don’t believe a woman’s hair defines who she is unless she defines herself by her hair. Why the heck would a woman do that anyway? I wear my hair the way I feel like wearing. I’m 23 yrs old with natural hair, but I had a relaxer when I was 14 yrs old and that was the last time; it didn’t work for me, it was too much. I’m not gonna say a woman should or shouldn’t wear natural hair,relaxed hair,weave,extensions,wigs,etc; but if you’re wearing your hair a certain way because you believe you’re ugly without it, that’s the problem; it stems from within. I rock my ponytails, my blowouts, my natural waves, my roller sets, etc. Whatever Lenny wants to do for that particular day or week. Natural or relaxed hair is fine, just keep your freakin hair conditioned, moisturized, and ends clipped. Those are the most important components of caring for Black hair. It’s not that deep.

    Some Black women wear natural hair to make a statement. What statement? Unless you’re making a political statement like Miss Angela Davis of the 1960s-1970s, stop connecting your hair to society. The only thing we need to be fighting for and raising our fists to today is finally learning how to love ourselves dammit!

  11. Trugoodnes says:

    I personally don’t care how others wear their hair and I don’t think people should be judged based on their choice. My natural hair is curly and I wear it like that. When I want a straight look I wear it like that. I’ve had weaves, hair color, perms, and all the such. My daughter wears braids. As long as her hair does not define her and her self worth is not determined by how she chooses to wear it, I’ll support her decision. My natural nail color is not polished; my natural lip color is not glossed; my natural legs are with hair; and my eyes don’t naturally see from a distance. I pray that just because I choose to polish my nails, wear lipstick, shave my legs, and wear glasses people don’t think I don’t embrace the naturally beautiful black woman I am because I do.

  12. methediva says:

    There is nothing like an educated fool! How does bashing other African American sistahs help? HELLO it doesn’t! Speaking from a natural of 12 years I stopped relaxing my hair because of the second degree burns I would receive, the time I spent in the salon and various other reasons, I can assure you “trend” wasn’t on the list. Let me say this I was confident, arrogant, or whatever the adjective is prior to going natural however I will say since I’ve been natural I’ve gradually decided to change some others things about myself, as my evolution continues. For example, I don’t do the makeup thing daily but if you do I don’t knock it by all means do you because I’m going to do me! I do agree that rocking natural or relaxed hair doesn’t make you better than the next not does bashing anyone who does either!

    • Madam Prezident says:

      Calling someone an educated Fool is bashing! I support Natural Hair or Permed hair! Its what’s underneath the head that matters most!!!

    • blkgalusa says:

      I agree with you…I am now so comfortable in my own skin so I am doing me as you say and that is going Natural permanently…

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  14. VeeMac says:

    I am appalled at some of the posts on these sites. We should be adult enough to agree or disagree and state our opinion without resorting to such malicious name calling . Let’s arise above this people! I love my natural hair and could care less what someone else thinks, however, that does not give me the right to demean them. Just saying!

  15. guest says:

    Hilarious. I hope it’s not a trend though. But I am more likely to speak to a woman with natural hair, it’s always been like that with me.

  16. dar says:

    Ironically, there is an ad at the top that’s advertising local singles. The models? A blonde woman with blue eyes….
    Maybe the natural hair movement is a fad, a trend. What does it matter as long as one little black girl sees her mother aunt cousin sister confident in what was given to them naturally. And doesn’t have to feel insecure that she doesn’t have long flowing blonde hair.

  17. RJam says:

    No offense Madam Prezident your statement shows you have some deep issues you need to work on. Natural hair texture is the issue not styling. You are confusing the two. You can style naturals as many ways as a person can style straight hair. The issue is that why have we as black people assume that we would have better success styling permed hair more so than what we were born with. Lets use commonsense, do you see any other group in the world that has our hair texture? Now, the only time you see people of other cultures wearing a thick wooly hair like we were born with is to mock us(black history month around the corner so you will see it) or mocking black pride or a ignorant sista will “be” Angela Davis for halloween and mock black panthers. You need to really think about what you are saying and be more informed with what you are talking about. Your statement sounds like you are offended that a person would even ask you about your perm.

    • KMEGA says:

      Actually is seems as if you are the one offended and the one with the issue, sorry issues. Your statement is vague and discombobulated and in denial. Maybe you are natural, but girl stop playing, you cannot style your hair as many ways as a girl with a perm. There are girls from Ghana (and other African Countries) on my college campus, who are natural sometimes, but wears a weave most of the time. Oh, I understand, “I can wear “processed” and some lady’s hair from India, but NO way can I ever perm my real hair underneath.” Lord Help us all! These are girls straight from the motherland, and who knows everyone in their family tree, unlike most black Americans. If you are natural or organic (from birth) for a legitimate reason go ahead that’s wonderful, and if you are natural for a superficial reason or because your best friend is natural and you feel inspired by a magazine or website to look and feel and embrace your culture’s features, hey that’s wonderful too. Put it like this, I eat organic everything, nothing processed– but does that mean I do not have a pack of Remy hair on my head right now, or does that mean my body is rubbed down with organic Shea butter everyday, Absolutely not. As banal as it may sound, like Madam P said, it does not matter what is on the outside, what really matters is the (INSIDE) mentality. Which one would kill me more rapidly, A perm on the outside or shoving Pork Chops and Cupcakes down my mouth everyday? And please do not give me anything about perm seeping into the brain, MIchelle Obama is the brain of her marriage (and this country).

      • RJam says:

        By the way not a girl. I just find it interesting sistas call themselves the most beautiful yet do the most to hid it. You can style natural wooly textured hair many ways. You have bought into the idea of “needing ” a perm to style hair. Thats silly. Michelle is the brain in the marriage, really? She is the Presidents backbone but lets not get ridiculous.

        • KMEGA says:

          Clearly you need to read more. Any smart person knows, she is the brain-however, he is a genius himself. Remember she was his mentor, which he asked her to be. Then, he was sagacious enough to make her his wife.

  18. klove says:

    Why is it that one has to be brainwashed or wanting to look white/euro because they have strait hair?
    Last I checked there are some white people with very, very curly hair, I know black people with naturally strait hair. Hair is just that HAIR!!! When a white woman wears her natural hair does that make her UGLY? NO it makes her a woman with natural hair. Same as a black woman who decided not to relax her hair. For some a relaxer is much easier because you can spend less time maintaining it. Just as getting a perm for a white woman she has that option to wear curls or straight.
    KMEGA I have natural hair no relaxer, no chemicals and YES I can style my hair any and every way that someone with a relaxer can style his/her hair. So yes you can. I will never understand why anyone even cares if someone hair is natural or processed. It’s NOT your hair so I con’t for the life of me understand why it would bother anyone. So people should really STOP with the (black woman) trying to be white or look white because of her hair. Hell even if said black woman was trying to look like a white woman SO WHAT! That’s her and her issues. DON’T JUDGE!!!!

  19. Beloved says:

    Some of these comments are really sad and indicative of the self-hatred that some of us have toward ourselves. How one chooses to wear one’s hair, regardless of whether it is natural, permed, a weave or a wig, is a personal choice…only.

    Black women spend way too much effort, time and money on our hair. There are more important issues to address than how we choose to wear our hair and what we perceive the negative or positive connotations of each choice to be. Our preoccupation not only intrude on our well being but is being passed on to our children. Recently, my 8-yr old came home from school and announced that she wants to get a perm. My daughter has a decent grade of hair and until that day, did not talk about hair nor care what style her hair was put into as long as she could have a fancy headband to wear each day. I loved that unawareness about her since she was not focused on hair but other pursuits. Then, certain girls in her 2nd Grade Class made fun of her. She is not getting a perm-I think that it is ridiculous and unneeded. So, I told her that the next time these girls are talking to her about her hair, inform them that she hails from a family that is more concerned about what is *in* her head than what is *on* it.

  20. Marca says:

    You said “what do u tell the women that are balding from chemotherapy?” finish the statement, what do u tell them?>? that its better for them to go ahead and keep perming their hair? How ridiculous for u to have written a blog insinuating that its a bad thing for women to discontinue getting a relaxer. I have been natural all my life..so what do u say to me? “whats wrong with u, u better at least try a perm once!” I dont wanna try a perm..being natural all my life has helped me to sit back and take a look at other black women’s hair and know what NOT to do..Ive seen way too many dry and broken off permed hair for me to ever wanna go that route. Theres black women that have been fired from their jobs for not maintaining a “kept” appearance and u mean to tell me that its not a social issue. Our hair doesnt grow from our scalps in the “kept” way that other races of ppls hair does. Tell me one case in which a white, asian or hispanic woman has been fired for not styling her hair in a certain way and then Ill recant this statement. Yes women that realize that we are being told directly and indirectly that our hair is just not right and decide to go against the grain DO deserve a prize!! Just like the all the ppl of all races that stand up against racial injustices. You may not feel that women that make a decision to not relax their hair anymore are smart, but they are have have enough information in today’s world to know that the ingredients in a relaxer are potent, just like we have been informed about with cigarettes so we know the risks. You mean to tell me the researchers that created the cosmetic database are over there just lying about the dangerousness of ingredients in lotions, body washes and relaxers for no reason???? Come on now, u know good and well 90% of the women that have relaxers continue to but them in their hair because they feel like they would look ugly if they didnt and the other 10% got mommas that been slapping the relaxer in their head since they were 2 and they have no idea what their own hair looks like. Get real, this blog is crap. Nobody hates u for having a relaxer except UUUUU!!!

    • KMEGA says:

      Wow you wrote all of that because you want to announce you are natural and proud. You are overreacting and over-talking. Please perm or not, underneath matters the most. I wrote this above home girl read it…

      Actually is seems as if you are the one offended and the one with the issue, sorry issues. Your statement is vague and discombobulated and in denial. Maybe you are natural, but girl stop playing, you cannot style your hair as many ways as a girl with a perm. There are girls from Ghana (and other African Countries) on my college campus, who are natural sometimes, but wears a weave most of the time. Oh, I understand, “I can wear “processed” and some lady’s hair from India, but NO way can I ever perm my real hair underneath.” Lord Help us all! These are girls straight from the motherland, and who knows everyone in their family tree, unlike most black Americans. If you are natural or organic (from birth) for a legitimate reason go ahead that’s wonderful, and if you are natural for a superficial reason or because your best friend is natural and you feel inspired by a magazine or website to look and feel and embrace your culture’s features, hey that’s wonderful too. Put it like this, I eat organic everything, nothing processed– but does that mean I do not have a pack of Remy hair on my head right now, or does that mean my body is rubbed down with organic Shea butter everyday, Absolutely not. As banal as it may sound, like Madam P said, it does not matter what is on the outside, what really matters is the (INSIDE) mentality. Which one would kill me more rapidly, A perm on the outside or shoving Pork Chops and Cupcakes down my mouth everyday? And please do not give me anything about perm seeping into the brain, MIchelle Obama is the brain of her marriage (and this country).

      • Marca says:

        and u wrote all that and reposted is as a some kind of “tell all statement” for everyone because u mentioned the mother land..theres girls in Africa that are just as whitewashed and ashamed of black ppl in America and all over the country..go back and re-read my statement again..and get a better understanding of it..and no ur broken off fried relaxed hair is NOT better or more versatile than our natural hair..so get over urself if u think that..and yes perm does seep into ur scalp..do some research before u make an ignorant statement like that..why the heck do u think they tell u not to let it touch ur scalp and to wear gloves when u apply it??? Run that statement about Michelle Obama to the presidential cabinet and then get back to me and we’ll see if she the brain of the country!! how ridiculous!!

        • KMEGA says:

          Sweetheart, I read your statement, not impress–but yet I do understand. And yes, brainwashed people are in every country, city, and state. It is a shame you are the one who cannot comprehend what I was saying. Like I said, go shove your processed foods down your mouth, which will definitely seep thru every blood cell of yours. Read? Research? Honey, Please, PHD.

  21. Chicentrix says:

    Why is everyone so confrontational & bitter? I’ve worn my hair in every style possible, so I can indeed testify that having natural hair is the MOST versatile state. [I bounce back and forth between a ‘fro, twists & straight hair.] Does it take an adjustment period? Absolutely. Most of us have had relaxers from very early on in our lives, so we have to learn how to redo everything. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade my natural hair for anything. I hate that relaxed sistas get so up-in-arms about not being natural. I never knock my relaxed sisters. I only inform. I wish I knew then what I know now. But, I mean, by all means, do you. However, just know that, NO OTHER CULTURE/RACE is pressured or asked to change their natural God-given hair.

  22. Nae says:

    I love my natural hair. I’ve had a perm since i was 6 and I hated it. When I did my big chop I felt so relieved. Now Im not saying I’m better than creamy crackheads but my hair is. Natural hair has no chemicals and although it some woman have kinky, there are women that have naturally bone straight hair. My daughter is 17 and has never had a perm. She has had micros put in her hair with her own hair. I seriously think people are still putting too much on physical beauty. God made you in the image of him so if you don’t like yourself or someone else you are saying you don’t like him.

  23. Kae says:

    I personally read the article and am not offended what so ever. I am a natural hair wear of the past 4 years. I wear my hair in locks currently. It was not because of any fad it was because of my own intolerance to chemical processing. I was tired of rocking individuals, cornrows, and weaves. I just wanted out. I am a very attractive tall American woman that loves me. No matter how I rocked my hair I always feel confident in who I am. I have woken up and cut off my hair so hair is not the issue. I also do not think the original statement has anything to do with self hatred. I think that it’s all about choice and the freedom to choice what type of hair as a person of whatever ethnical background one comes from. Hair is a fun experience, and might I add that ethnic hair is the most versatile version of hair on this planet. If you feel like a weave wear one….a perm..perm it….braids…then braid it…what every your are feeling do it in STYLE….
    If one choices to rant and rave about a specific hair preference then so be it! It’s called freedom of choice. I never get upset when I see women of color wearing a weave I just usually think to myself by commenting on if it’s nice our not. It’s all about preference. When I get tired of rocking my locks I will try to process my hair again with chemicals. If my hair breaks off like it has in the past I will probably rock individuals for a few months to a year and then in my transitioning phase I will decide what I want to do next. I refuse to beat on death ears about this matter. I say love the body, skin, and hair that you have been blessed with…..and since ethnic hair is a Billion Dollar a year industry many of us need to figure out how to break into the industry and make some money doing so instead of spending time on such trivial nonsense.

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