Madam Prezident: Know The Difference Between A Relationship & Partnership



The Difference Between A Relationship & Partnership is you.
Most women settle for a relationship when it’s the partnership should be the goal….

We have relationships with everyone we deal with on a consistent basis, but we only have a partnership with those who are in our lives – long term.




  1. Gil says:

    Why can’t black women find a good man?
    I am a christian and I believe it like the bible says it. If they take their time to look, and make a good, and smart choice, they have the chance to have good men. I don’t want to say that to find a good man you have to be a christian. However, when you put your faith in God, you have a greater chance to find a decent man.

    Meanwhile, I want to say this: sex is great, however, God has a reason why He want you to wait after you get married. As a man, once you throw yourselves out there, I mean, the moment you have sex with a man; you don’t have the same value anymore. You may not like what i say but, it is the truth. That doesn’t mean that, that person is not beautiful, sweet or else. It simply means that the best thing that can keep a man around for the majority of the time is sex. Why do you think a man comes after you and spend time, resources, and everything else?

    Listen, it’s not only about black women. I believe that it’s about all women in general. Once, you give your body to a man, that man doesn’t see you with the same eyes and value anymore. He may love you for real but, he can leave you anytime he wants because, he already has the most expensive thing you have. The 90 days rule that we all know of, is not supposed to be in your favor. If a man loves you, he should make the sacrifice and wait until you get married. if you believe in God, you should believe in marriage.

    Look, I am not saying that just because you have sex with a man , you’re a bad person. You got to understand my point of view. A woman’s sexuality is gold, diamond, rock or whatever you may call it but, it is a fact. How many men that want to leave a woman without having to know that woman sexually? Not so many! Women, you don’t have to rush in sleeping around with men in order to satisfy a moment. Sexual Pleasure is good but think about long time relationship instead of sexual relationship!

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