Madam Prezident: Why You Should Never Be Afraid To Ask Your Man For Money

Shanelle Walker

By: Madam Prezident

I was talking to a friend, and she began to tell me about her financial instability. I listened to her thoroughly, and she went on & on. Now let me tell you, I don’t have any friends with a “Trust Fund” that I know of. I understand the financial struggle of black people, or all of America.

As she explained her financial burdens, I asked her, “Did you ask your man for any money”? She said, “No”. Then she said, “I don’t feel comfortable asking him for any money”.

The truth of the matter is, a man should not feel comfortable watching you struggle.

I’m not talking about making sure you in Gucci, and gold. I’m talking about lights, gas, and rent; the required necessities to live.

A real man that loves his woman does not want her to ask her friends for money, nor does he want to see her struggle. A real man knows how to provide, but ladies you cannot be afraid to ask your man for things that you need. I’m very sure when he is horny he has NO PROBLEM letting you know.

My grandma says, “Even a fool know what to do with that a$$”. If you with a man, that can’t help you financially in your time of need, but he can put rims on his car, stay in the latest fashion, and travel.–then it’s time for you to leave. 

Now you work and go to school, but he can’t help you the “few” times you need help. I’m sorry to inform you “you don’t have a man.”

Make sure you understand, I’m not approving gold digging, however if you can’t ask someone for something who you share your thoughts, secrets, and body; then you are obviously with the wrong man.

I can assure you the right man; you won’t  have to ask for anything.

He knows when your times are hard. He will call you and say, “Here is the hair money, nail money, book money, here is a grand on tuition”.

Remember these words; “Love and care are two different things”. You don’t want to be in love with a person who doesn’t CARE about you and your well being.

And like your mother use to say “caring is sharing”!!! (Wink)


Madam Prezident

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  1. Chris says:

    Lol. @ nail money.. (Need) really.. I agree with majority of your writes but if you can’t do the same, I mean what’s the point.. It’s 2013 time out for the man is the provider when some women make more then man.. I will most definitely help my woman @ all cause but she suppose to help me as well (help-mate) and I ain’t talking thru sex. It’s funny how women think that their p…. Is more variable than our D…. All in all wealth nurtures wealth.. If you don’t believe it look @ most of the elites.. #50/50rule!

  2. Medbrotha says:

    Here’s my question to the author: if you want a (simp) man to put money in your hand, what are you doing for him? Besides sex, because if that’s all you have to offer, well, that’s just legalized prostitution eh?

  3. She needs to do what she got do to keep our heads above water,my words did not change just the 4season change

  4. ZZ Hill sings A real man help his woman in need , You got to give a little to take a little, Now it is Men asking Women for money and You got Women taking care of men, A couple of my EX ask me, I said you do not have no Pride and it said It is Women Lib, I go to the club and A Nigger ask me to buy him a 10.00 drink I said Hell no , Drink that

  5. Kahlil X says:

    Her point is well taken and she was doing ok til she mentioned grandma. Grandma was an advocate for HOOKING. Sellin ass and pussy is still illegal in most states! ANYTIME a woman mentions bills and sex in the same muthafuckin breath IT’S PROSTITUTION – that’s the same game bitches run on every street corner of America…. Furthermore, she made the mistake of inferring that it’s always the man who gets horny when in fact ITS BEEN MY EXPERIENCE that women want the dick just as often and just as bad!!! Only a weak ass dumb ass nigga wit a baby dick who can’t fuck would see sex as anything other than A FAIR X-CHANGE…………

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