Michelle Obama Surprises Jump Rope Team With Her Skills!




Kids from the Cary Family YMCA SuperSkippers were on the talk show to show their double dutch skills and Mrs. Obama got in to show what she can do.

I love this woman, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty as the First Lady Of America. Mrs. Bush could have never done it, Mrs. Reagan,  nor Mrs. Clinton-My First lady has personality, intelligence, and Barack Obama has a great woman to assist him on his Presidential journey!



  1. Renee says:

    This was so cool to watch! I could never jump double dutch ever! So good to have a classy, fun, and intelligent First Lady.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Yes he does…and he KNOWS it!

  3. Nedrea says:

    Amazing……………go head First Lady!!!!

  4. old cajun says:

    Just proves that monkies can be trained to jump rope.

  5. Omar Sharrief Thornton II says:

    I’ll bet Blacks invented Double Dutching, but the FLOTUS and her staff couldn’t find any BlackGirls to turn the ropes? Her husband should be diverse and integrated enough for her; don’t omit Blackgirls from obviously Black trades, heritages, culture.

    And Harry Belafonte wants to blame self anti-Kemetism on younger Blacks (Jay-Z, Beyonce’). It’s the “Black Intelligentsia” and bourgeois (like Oprah “Win-free”) who keep our youths feeling like second class citizens.

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