Natalie Cole The Thinnest She Has Ever Been

People are worried about Natalie Cole. The woman who once suffered from numerous health problems is now going into public and appearing to be incredibly thin. Cole once suffered from numerous ailments, including kidney problems, Hepatitis C and drug abuse. Some observers are wondering if something might be wrong with her today.
Natalie was wearing a blue dress with well-done hair, but has never been seen this thin.
Natalie is now 62-years old, and looks far younger than her age. Her greatest musical success was the recording of the song “Unforgettable,” originally made by her father, Nat King Cole. The song sold seven million copies world-wide and led to numerous Grammy Awards for Cole.

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  1. D.C. says:

    Not a good look. Let’s pray for her health.

  2. jackie says:

    wow, i hope she’s ok her mother just passed

  3. big annie says:

    She looks awful. Maybe she’s grieving her mom. I went from a size 10 to a 3 after my dad died. Offering up prayers for Natalie.

  4. Stephanie Kennedy says:

    Natalie Cole is looking a little too thin. I hope and pray that her health is okay. I love her music, and despite thehealth and drug problems she came back with a vengence at one time. I pray that she comes through what ever she is going through. Love ya Natalie

  5. Carolyn Moore says:

    I think she looks great! You can never please the masses. You are either too big or too think. She maybe thin, but look close that is muscle. I saw her inconcert recently and she did great!

  6. Carolyn Moore says:

    Thai’s too thin.

  7. s'ann says:

    Grief can take a toll on the body. Natalie has my sincere prayers.

  8. blkgalusa says:

    OMG she looks terrible…I hope she is okay…She just lost her mom so she may be grieving from that. I wil keep her in prayer.


    I love Natale.She has always been on the wild side of life but her musical talent is unbelievable.If she is suffering something that she does not wish to share,that is her right to privacy.However,please do not wait too long to treat whatever it may be.We love you fiercely.May God bless you and keep you in his grace.

  10. Look, Natalie, we don’t want to lose you. We love you. you are in my thoughts. Get well, you heah?!

  11. Butch says:

    She looks better now than she did 2yrs ago…she was probably 30lbs less than what u see in these pics LOL

  12. MillieG1 says:

    My thoughts are prayers go out to Natalie Cole and her family. Grief and death are terrlble realities of life and hopefully she is surrounded by people who are proving her with lots of love and support.

  13. Kim says:

    My God her thighs are smaller than the top of my arms.

  14. KAMALLA says:

    I don’t think that’s grief. I think she back on that sh*t again. I know this sounds mean but I’m going to say it anyway. I wish the lord would have taken Natallie and left us with Whitney a little longer. I don’t think Whitney was using drugs again I think somebody killed her. Natalie stay on the pipe and she’s had all those other health issues and surgeries and she still here which is not fair at all IMO. Just like Heavy D drops dead and they talk about his weight but Rick Ross fat ass still here and he is around the same age and heavier than D was. I know I sound harsh but I hate when good people who want to live receive death and bad people who don’t give a crap receive life. Makes no sense to me.
    Why is Don Cornelius dead but Don King still here? WTF?

    • DeeJ says:

      I love both Natalie Cole and Whitney Houston. God has a time for us all. It’s not to our understanding and we sure wish we could all live a long life. I hope Natalie isn’t using again. I want her here for her own sake and for her family and friends. She’s got to be hurting from going through so much, but hopefully, a great circle of family and good friends are there to pull her through. She’s a beautiful lady with a golden voice. God bless her. I pray that He sees her through whatever it is. Thinking of her song at this moment….”Angel on My Shoulder”. Praying for Natalie.

  15. DeeJ says:

    Natalie isn’t using again. Listening to that voice; her voice is strong and beautiful. She’s a really pretty lady. From what’s been learned, Natalie’s been going through. Some lose weight while others gain weight. Everyone’s body reacts differently to stress. It could even be some type of medicine that she has to take. God bless Natalie.

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