Prince Jackson Puts Aunt Janet Jackson On Blast!!!

Prince Jackson Reveals Text Messages Proving Janet Jackson Tried Keeping Her Mom Away From Him And His Siblings

While his sister Paris continued to tweet about their Grandmother throughout the night, big brother Prince decided to finally have his say about the Jackson Family Feud.

From his verified Twitter account Prince penned a short message to fans using Twitlonger:


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  1. Otis Griffin says:

    admission fee??

  2. jacky says:

    Yes I really would like to make a comment. First of all I use to michaels number on fan since I could remember, but lets stop this talk about his kids. Because we all know now that they r not really his biological children. He chose what side he wanted to be on a long time ago and I never noticed it until he was dead and knew about those kids he clained was his. So when I hear someone saying michael Jacksons kids, all I have to say is what kids? He has no kids!!

    • Lynette says:

      Those are his kids, they may not sure his blood but they are his kids…That was just a very stupid comment for you to make…Are you saying all kids that are adopted aren’t their parents kids…You don’t have to share the same DNA to be family. Next time you have something negative to say about someone adopted child please keep it to yourself

      • Debbie says:

        I agree with you 100%!

      • Denise says:

        As an adopted parent of two, I find it sad that some one would say they are not his kids, they might now have his blood but they had his love, These are Michael’s Children. The WORLD was told that they are so who are you to say they are not , And for the record Michael has another son that does have his blood.

    • BREND ADIXON says:


    • emilei says:

      @jacky: you sound as dumb as you write. before you decide who has children and who doesn’t & leave stupid comments learn to spell. biology be damned those are micheals kids!!! he thought so and so do they so who are you to say otherwise.

  3. jacky's a fool says:

    jacky have many seats. They were in his custody. Therefore TEHY ARE HIS KIDS!

  4. jacky's a fool says:

    I meant THEY!

  5. SLD says:

    Mrs. Jackson is 82 years old. The stress of raising teenagers for those parents in their 40s’ and 50s’ is hard enough just because of the natural changes that young people go through. Give this wonderful grandmother a break. She shouldn’t have to be at the beck and call of her children or grand children. She should have her own lawyer and MJ’s children should have one as well to work on theses issues but she shouldn’t have to be in the middle of this money fight. Someone should be guiding these children so that they become positive, respectful, and responsible adults. Money does not make you a better person. It allows many things to happen by paying for it but it does not make you a better person.

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