It’s Monday people. The beginning of the work week, school week, hell week, or whatever your daily tasks consist of; Bring it on! I’m listening to Trey Songz radio on Pandora, and it’s a nice Monday morning tune.

Today I want to get straight to the point. I don’t want an intro or a long story leading up to my reasoning behind today’s post.


I think I am a woman with few true friends, but I noticed something with black women when they get in a relationship. “We get stupid”.

Friendships are so valuable and we treat them merely as zilch. I see women buy their man the latest gifts, pay his phone bill, car note, and bail him out of jail, but when one of their close friends need something they have to think about it or consider it.

That’s bad business. I know your man provides a love much different from a friend, but one thing about a friend love is, it doesn’t change. Friends watch you fall in and out of love, help you heal from a love, but you show little appreciation to friends.

I owe my friends so many thank yous’ for just listening to my sad story for months, never interrupting me, allowing me to just get it out, and acting as if they have heard this repetitive song for the first time. (I love you Ray, Skinny D, Sharon, Alexyz, Soraya, and Nay Nay)

Ladies, it’s okay to give a gift to a friend, treat them to lunch, help them out on a phone bill, or car note, just like you would your man because when your man is gone, when he doesn’t come home, you’ll phone a friend, and if they are anything like my close friends. “They’ll be on their way”.

Value your friendships. You won’t meet good friends every day, I promise. It’s very rare. So, when you have a man, make sure he knows how important your friends are because good friends aren’t as replaceable as men.

Phone a friend today, see how they are doing, they just may be having a bad day, and need to know a friend is near. Remind them of your friendship, just in case it has been a while.

Meaningful Blessings,

Madam Prezident






Girl, wipe your tears

I’m here

It doesn’t matter

The travel

I’m here

To be by your side

In your time of need

Help you heal

Help you grieve

I’m here

We don’t have to speak daily

You don’t have to call often

All it takes is one phone call

To let me know there’s something you need

1 year

5 years

“You can count on me”

From the club to the clinic

We revisit every moment in time

Through a sip of wine

Then Monday morning we grind

Never missing a beat

I hear your heart skip a beat

When it’s in pain

Then I too hurt

We’ve watched each-other grow

And not grow

You’ve Watched me cry

Watched me laugh

Like a priest

You’ve listened to my sin

O how God has blessed me

With a dear friend

By: Madam Prezident



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