Chef Mike Valli: Atlanta’s Youngest & Flyest Celebrity Chef


(L) Chef Mike Valli (R) Madam Prezident

(L) Chef Mike Valli (R) Madam Prezident


By: Madam Prezident

Most young men Chef Mike Valli’s age are finishing college, looking for a job that will lead to a long time career. I guess it’s safe to say that Chef Mike Valli isn’t most men. While his peers are trying to figure out life, he’s already developed a passion for “flyness” and food.  Amongst young people, One of the hardest things to do is figure out what “to be” in life.


This young, talented chef has not only figured out what his “calling” is he’s turned it into a profitable business.  Your favorite singer, rapper, or reality star has had a taste of Chef Mike Valli’s creativity. Chef Mike Valli’s clientele consists of a list of heavy hitters such as, Waka Flocka, Mike Will, Future, K. Michelle, Yandy Smith, and many more.


Although Chef Valli has a celebrity clientele the dream didn’t start that way.  Chef Valli dropped out of culinary school, found himself unemployed and looking for work. He was headed to Publix for a promising interview; he received a phone call from a man who needed a personal chef to assist him in losing weight.  At that moment, not only did Chef Valli change the direction of his car—he changed the direction of his life.


Jerk Chicken and Waffles with Raspberry glaze

Jerk Chicken and Waffles with Raspberry glaze

Chef Valli is the CEO of his own catering company, and creator of state-of-the-art chef coats matching his beautifully presented and tasting food. Chef Mike Valli has a clear vision of his catering company.  Once he puts an idea in his mind, it soon becomes a reality.  Speaking of reality, don’t be surprised if you see Chef Mike Valli take-over your high-definition televisions with his style and flavorsome food.

Chef Valley didn’t want to keep his success a secret, when I asked him about advice for his young peers that are sitting on a gift, he simply replied “Take life’s ingredients and make something good out of it.”

Chef Valli’s catering service is located in the Atlanta area, and if you wish to look as fly as him in a chef coat, you can place your order via email at

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Chief Keef Arrested For Disorderly Conduct


Chief Keef tweeted, “Jus Got Out Of Dekalb County jail In Atlanta Mad As f**k.” He was released from Dekalb County Jail, supposedly the arrest was for Disorderly Conduct.

This little nigglett has rapped with some of the world’s most successful rappers.

This kid is no stranger to the law, he’s been arrested at least twice with a gun conviction under his name.

The kid was also taken to court or sued by a kid  who claimed Keef fathered her child- who was born 2011 when Keef was the age of 15.
He’s a sad case. I hate to even blog about shit like this! But black folk love it! 


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Allen Iverson Fights Foreclosure, Stalls Auction For Mansion

Allen Iverson’s $4.5 million Atlanta mansion was put into foreclosure last week and was scheduled to go on the auction block on December 4. The former NBA player has been able to stall the auction, however, by filing a lawsuit against his lender.

According to Vibe Magazine, Iverson filed a lawsuit saying that he never agreed to the terms of the loan. Iverson, who is currently in the middle of a nasty divorce with his wife Tawanna, claims that his wife purposefully agreed to financial terms that she knew Iverson couldn’t meet.

TMZ writes: “Iverson claims his estranged wife — with whom he’s going through a nasty divorce — signed for the mortgage in order to screw him … by agreeing to financial terms he couldn’t meet. The lawsuit has since put a hold on the foreclosure proceedings … buying Iverson some extra time.”

Iverson may have a little extra time to deal with his foreclosure but his money problems aren’t going to go away anytime soon.

The 11-time All Star’s divorce proceedings have shed some light on Iverson’s dismal situation. According to Sports Illustrated, Iverson is bringing in about $60,000 a month at the moment but he is also spending more than $350,000. Most of that money is being used for mortgage payments and to pay back creditors but Iverson also spends a lot on clothes, restaurants and entertainment.

SI writes:

“Allen says he blows a lot on OTHER expenses too … like $10,000/month on clothes, $10,000/month on grocery/house items, $1,000/month on dry cleaning, $5,000/month on entertainment, $5,000/month on restaurants … and so on.”

Iverson earned more than $154 million during his career in the NBA but his salary has dropped significantly in recent years as he’s moved on to play in professional leagues in Turkey and China.

Are you surprised that Allen Iverson is facing foreclosure?

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Phaedra Explains Butt Dial About Cynthia Bailey

Phaedra might actually give a fawk about Cynthia after all…

Phaedra Parks Explains Butt Dial About Cynthia Bailey

On the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey confronted Phaedra Parks about an overheard voice-mail saying she didn’t give a f**k if she attended her son Ayden’s second birthday party or not.

Phaedra put on her designer lawyer hat and found someone else to blame: NeNe Leakes.

Via Bravo Blog:

“For reasons unbeknownst to me, NeNe brings to Cynthia’s attention a conversation via supposed butt dial regarding Cynthia attending my son Ayden’s birthday party.”

“The conversation occurred during the stressful time of organizing the event and was so trivial that I didn’t even remember it. In the sound bite of the conversation I basically said I didn’t care if Cynthia attended Ayden’s birthday party after repeatedly being badgered about the guest list. I never said anything malicious or derogatory about Cynthia, and it was not my intention to insinuate that she is insignificant. The point of my comment was to communicate that Cynthia’s attendance to Ayden’s second birthday party was not essential, as Cynthia is my peer, not Ayden’s. Ayden’s celebration was not about MY friends, but about his enjoyment with HIS family and friends.”

“Once again, it’s always sad when people choose to create drama when there truly is none. While I have already apologized to Cynthia for any misunderstandings, real and assumed, I still stand by my statement that I did not care whether or not she attended Ayden’s party. If it were my party, I would have felt different, but Ayden is my son and he was the star and main focus of the party. Hopefully, Cynthia has accepted my apology, as I do value our relationship.”

Phaedra, you don’t have to lie to kick it. We know that lavish party at the GA Aquarium was not for your son. Ayden was barely awake for most of it.

Do you think Phaedra really lied about the butt dial voice-mail?

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13-Year-Old Girl Stabbed 2-Year-Old Sister Seven Times And Threw Body Off Balcony

God Help Your Children!!!!

This story just got sadder…

2-Year-Old Atlanta Girl Stabbed To Death By Sister

A 13-year-old girl is to be charged with the death of her two-year-old half-sister, after the toddler was found dead behind their family home near Atlanta, Georgia.

Via DailyMail:

Tyasia Jackson was charged yesterday with stabbing young Sasha Lamaya Ray and leaving her in the backyard of the family’s home on Waldrop Trail, near Atlanta.

The teenager was looking after her siblings while her parents were out. When they returned they found Sasha at the rear of the house, police spokesman Mekka Parish said.

Their other children were in the house at the time Sasha disappeared.

The victim’s biological father, Shelton Ray, said his young daughter is in heaven now.

‘She’s gone on to glory now. Now it’s up to me to make it to where she is,’ he told Channel 2 news.

‘Like I tell all my children, they have to get themselves into heaven. I have to get myself into heaven.’

He said the teenager called him Monday night around 11pm and confessed to the murder. Ray told CBS News Atlanta that the teenager was caught with a boy inside the home while he and her mother were away from the house.

He said a neighbor went to the home and found the boy hiding inside a closet and told him to leave.

Ray said the teen told him that after the boy and other friends left, Tyasia asked for her siblings to go upstairs and kept Sasha downstairs.

The teen told Ray she then took Sasha towards the back door of the home and stabbed her seven times in the chest.

She then threw Sasha’s body over the balcony.

RIP to Sasha Ray.

This is just so sad. Rest in peace to this beautiful little girl. We hope the family gets through this incredibly tough time and the troubled teen gets help.

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Usher Finally Kicks Tameka Foster The Hell Out Of Their Atlanta Crib

Usher is clearly bout that eviction life…

Usher Evicts Tameka Foster From Atlanta Mansion

Usher is finally making good on his threats to evict ex-wife Tameka Raymond from the house she still calls home, listing his Georgia mansion for $3.2 million.

Via TMZ reports:

Usher bought the 12,544 square-foot pad in 2007 — while still married to Tameka — for $3 million. He officially listed the digs last week.

TMZ broke the story … Usher’s ex has continued to live in the house as part of their 2009 divorce agreement — but in September, Usher made it clear he was planning to sell … and Tameka would be kicked to the curb.
As for the house, it’s pretty huge … 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 10-foot ceilings, massive pool, in-home gym, 4 fireplaces, a library, and a NASA launch pad. Kidding … NASA doesn’t have funding for this place.

Sources close to Tameka tell TMZ … she is completely unfazed — adding, she runs her own small business and doesn’t need any handouts.

Although, Tameka has gone through a messy divorce, buried one of her kids and lost custody of her two boys all recently she remains unfazed through it all. We gotta give it up to her, she is standing strong through the fawkery.

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K.Michelle Uses Her Ghetto Platform To Go Off On A Fan

K.Michelle is so ghetto!

It seems like she’s talking about a fan, but then goes into another spiel about someone on twitter?



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K.Michelle & Erika Spotted In Ohio Having A Blast: Photos By D.Smith

Spotted out hosting a party at a nightclub in Akron, Oh.

The light skin Guy is Erika’s manager. They were having a blast being captured by Cleveland Ohio’s BEST photographer and graphic designer D.Smith!


K.Michelle looks a little bit like Keisha Cole on this one! 









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Diamond Talks Relationship With Soulja Boy, Finally Reveals Whether Or Not She’s Joining Love & Hip-Hop ATL

Diamond finally puts the LHHATL rumors to rest…

Diamond Talks Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Rumors

Diamond, the former Crime Mobb Atlanta native, who’s been romantically linked to rapper Soulja Boy dishes on why she declined to do Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, what her relationship is like now with her ex-boo Scappy and why she loves Soulja Boy, but isn’t ready to be married just yet.

Via The Jasmine Brand:

Okay I have to ask about your relationship. What’s the thing you love the most about Soulja Boy?

Diamond: That’s my best. We’re best friends. His ambition, his drive to challenge himself to take on other challenges not just musically. It’s him being a businessman and matching his brands with other things. I want to say he’s one of the first ones that initiated me to think on that level, when I started spending more time with him.

So if he proposed to you tomorrow would you say yes?

Diamond: I’m not ready to get married

How’s your friendship with Scrappy now? Are you guys friends?

D: I haven’t seen him.

You would think after having a relationship with someone for so long that you could finally be friends.

Diamond: That’s the same thing I said. It is what is it. I’m not looking to be his friend; I don’t want to be his friend. At some point we need to make amends. I’m to the point now, because I know at one point he was trying to reach out, and I was still angry from a lot of things that happened in the past. I think I’m to the point now where I could…

We heard that you might be on a reality show. We know that you can’t confirm but you were supposed to be on it before (Love & Hip Hop). Why’d you decide not to do it?

Diamond: I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I don’t like to go into things blind. It’s weird. Because God is really dealing with me. I know that having faith, you have to step out sometimes and trust that, whatever you do, whatever decisions you make, whether it’s a bad one or not, he’ll turn around and make it into something positive. So now that I realize that. But at that point, I was a loose cannon. So anybody that would have came at my any kind of way, or if I won’t have reacted the way that I wanted to, I’m still an artist. So I didn’t want to do anything to temper my brand. Now I’m calmer, I think. I still have a temper but I think before I get mad. I think in a political way. As women we’re so emotional. But as man, they cannot get along with someone but still get this money together. So that was a combination of things and I didn’t really have the control to, have a lot of say so in my image.

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Young Jeezy Celebrates His 34th Birthday For the Third Time & Sells 5 Million Records Worldwide!


Rapper Young Jeezy celebrated his 34th birthday last night at Reign in Atlanta after a dinner party at STK.

According to Theybf: 

Snowman aka Young Jeezy celebrating his 34th birthday (in advance) with a black-tie event in Atlanta, and last night, he had a second party hosted by Diddy at Reign.  Erika Liles, wife of Kevin, snapped pics of Jeezy’s Versace birthday cake.  Jeezy, who is also the new Sr. VP of A&R at Def Jam, tweeted:

We in reign heavy! Gangsta Gibbs, Pusha T, Pecas, whole CTE we shutting the city down!

I don’t know what it is but this bald head has been doing wonder for Mr. Jay Jenkins.  Lookin’ kinda sexy there…

As Stephen Hill looked on, Jeezy was also presented with a plaque to celebrate selling over 5 million records worldwide.

Kevin Liles and wife Erika were there to celebrate with Jeezy.



She rocked a gold Chanel chain and a red typewriter printed dress.

Jeezy and Sean Pecas had some fun.


Fun times.

And Diddy tweeted a special toast to the Snowman featuring Ciroc Coconut.

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