Madam Prezident: Know The Difference Between A Relationship & Partnership



The Difference Between A Relationship & Partnership is you.
Most women settle for a relationship when it’s the partnership should be the goal….

We have relationships with everyone we deal with on a consistent basis, but we only have a partnership with those who are in our lives – long term.



Why Can’t Black Women Find A Good Man???

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Black Women Stop Getting Butt Injections

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“BUTT INJECTIONS” By Madam Prezident

What has happened to the black woman
defining her beauty in the eyes of America
WEB Dubois said it’s Double Consciousness

Sista’s What’s happening this day and time
where a woman is more concerned with her behind
over her mind

we are an indigenous kind
You’re a black queen
but you wanna be black Chyna

People have convinced you that you aint shit
so you concern yourself with being thick
oppose to intelligent

You were created by God
you will alter his perfection
to mimic Nicki Minaj

What Happened to you…

They have you keeping up with the Kardashians
more than you’re keeping up with your daughters and sons homework
Innocent children
I wish you could see how their mind work

Mothers can’t lift their daughters up
cause she’s too busy trying to lift up her azz
I thought you knew
anything behind you is considered the past
The black woman has bigger issues like the wage of working class
Statistics say the worth of a single black woman in America is $5
Now you do the math…

They’re saying you’re worth $5
but you dropping thousands on butt injections
for whose perception?
Whose acceptance?
If you’re getting butt injections for a man
than that’s a damn shame
cause a brother will “f*ck” you easily
& will never give you his last name
yes! If your booty big
He’ll sleep with you
but he don’t marry you..
see you down
but he won’t carry you
cause the next big booty girl
got his attention too
so present him with something that another woman doesn’t have
like the God in you…
Stop chasing false images of beauty
I don’t care if you got a bad body
if you ain’t saving these kids than you aint nobody
America has always been able to fascinate you
with what’s hot
and what’s not
Butt injections is the latest trend
but how many black women lives will come to an end
for this silly obsession “f*$%ing” butt injections…

Written by Madam Prezident

Kamara Taylor: Black Women & The Fight Against Cancer

Robin Roberts By Madam P

Ad Created by Madam Prezident

By: Kamara Taylor

With crime being ever so rampant in minority communities, we tend to overlook the biggest threat and killer that continues to destroy homes and the family dynamic.  This terrible menace is CANCER.

As Angelina Jolie has become the face of the BRCA 1 gene by removing both breasts to prevent the likelihood of cancer occurring, most African American women are the largest carriers of the triple negative gene.  This form of cancer is not associated directly with the hormonal characteristics of developing cancer, but genetics.

My mother, Minnie D. Taylor, was diagnosed with stage four triple negative stage breast cancer on March 27, 2013 at the age of 50 and was dead by July 8, 2013.  Being made aware of this deadly disease goes beyond the monthly self-exams that women are informed to do and the knowledge required goes beyond the text book knowledge from the oncologist.

Sometimes medicine remains as much as a big box business as Wal-Mart or Costco and the merchandise is at the expensive of our loved ones lives.  Just as Henrietta Lacks and her HeLa cells have been used to pioneer medicine, many of our loved ones are medical guinea pigs for eager medical students, burnt out residents and overzealous attendees.

Cancer is not a new disease; however its rampant spread in the African American community has and should raise eyebrows.  We also need more awareness on how we are affected firsthand as cancer’s ugly head continues to sphere its way into our communities and is just as rampant as crime.

The pharmaceutical companies and the oncology departments are cancerous, as well.  They continue to capitalize off a disease that we lack knowledge about and refuse to educate ourselves on.  Please let’s make ourselves aware so that we can prevent our families from inexplicably losing another Minnie D. Taylor ever so soon.


Kamara Taylor

Kamara A. Taylor

Masters of Art Political Science

Phd candidate Cognitive and Instructional Psychology


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Actor Brian White RANTS About Racial Stereotypes, Says Black Women Like NeNe Leakes Are Portrayed As REALISTIC

Actor Brian White recently sat for an interview where he ranted about racial sterotypes on reality shows, then he shockingly (even though his statement had truth to it) revealed that he thinks many Black women do act like NeNe Leakes.  So people claiming black women get “stereotyped” isn’t necessarily the case. Get the deets inside…..

It must have gotten under Brian White’s skin when folks talked trash about his interracial marraige.  He popped off then, and now he’s stating something that’s comes off just a bit attacking–despite the truth in it.   During arecent interview, the traveling production What My Husband Doesn’t Know star went on a long rant about racial sterotypes on reality televison.  He also said he believes many Black women in fact do act like NeNe Leakes.  So people getting upset by racial sterotypes should actually be getting upset at the “reality” itself.  And also, what is being glorified and shown as the “reality” of black women (I do agree with him on that part). Read the highlights….


What is your insight on the Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry beef? Why do you think people hate Tyler Perry so much?
Because Tyler holds a mirror up to people. Stereotypes are not stereotypes today. The most popular character [in Why Did I Get Married?], and it’s not the one that Tyler picked as the most popular, is Tasha! You have Janet Jackson and Jill Scott; my point is Jill Scott and Janet are huge music stars with huge fan bases, Tasha became the most popular because her character is portrayed the most like “Love & Hip Hop” the most like, “Desperate Housewives of Atlanta,” [we think he means “Housewives Of Atlanta] you might as well switch it around and pop in Nene [Leaks]. [Tasha Smith] is brilliant, she’s nothing like the character, she’s just portraying what she sees in society, magnified.[sic]

People get mad and say that’s not us. Yes it is.

Turn on “Love & Hip Hop” and turn on “Desperate Housewives Of Atlanta” those are “reality shows.” You can’t call something reality then get mad when it shows up in the movies as reality but that’s what we’re doing. That’s where the cycle continues. They don’t do that in Africa, they don’t do that in France; they don’t connect with that message.

Do you think Tyler Perry only depicts black people in a negative light? There are a lot of black people who fit into the stereotype but there are a lot of black people who don’t.
You can’t call it a stereotype if it’s the majority. The most prevalent image in “urban society” right now is women like Nene [Leaks]. If there’s a fight that breaks out on “Love & Hip Hop” those people are one every blog, the cover of every magazine the next week. It’s not Taraji or Gabrielle, it’s whoever just got into a fist fight. Tyler’s not stereotyping, he’s holding up a mirror and people are mad at him because people don’t want to look at that image in that way.

Do you believe that the stereotypes we see on TV are prevalent in the race or just portrayed on TV? Is it really the majority of black women that act like Nene?
I have five sisters and two moms, none of them are like that! To me, I can say I’m offended if they want to represent that and don’t want to represent my mom, but my mom represents Phylicia Rashād and has been represented on TV all my life. I can’t say that. I don’t watch “Real Housewives,” I’ve never seen an episode of “Love & Hop Hop” I’m not supporting it, I’m not giving it ratings. I’m not making the stereotype exist on TV. You’ve watched it, you’ve added to why it’s on TV.

But wait……..

After the interview was published, Brian had some words for the writer tweeting,

@K_Ova Shocked at how positive our convo was on phone and to read her chopped up slanted version of it = Truly disghusted. [sic]

So…..maybe these aren’t his true feelings and his words were taken out of context?  Your thoughts?

BONUS: Speaking of “ATL Housewives,” here’s a clip from Sunday’s upcoming episode of the ladies visiting an orphanage during their trip to South Africa:

Madam Prezident: You Can’t Have My Apology:“I AIN’T FUCKING SORRY”






















Last night I was sitting in my living-room talking to my best friend about Love. Love is a beautiful thing. As people we’ve ruined love, with immaturity and stupid shit. However, “WE WERE CREATED OUT OF LOVE”.

I’m learning a lot about relationships from Steve Harvey’s book, “Straight Talk, No Chaser, How to find, keep, and Understand a Man.” Don’t worry, I plan to share all the good stuff with you ladies so that you can become a man’s wife and not feel comfortable being his side piece.

I had another epiphany last night, and it was “I AIN’T FUCKING SORRY”.

In my last relationship I apologized too much. I apologized for going through his phone although I found very inappropriate text messages. I apologized for my hostile reaction to his cheating. He cheated, and I apologized for it. Talking about, “Baby I’m sorry for my anger”. (I was a damn Fool)

I was supposed to be angry; I had a right to be angry! I realize as women we make silly decisions just to keep someone around. I sound like a fool apologizing for my own hurt. “I apologize for you hurting me”. When you aren’t cautious, the devil will capture your common sense. You will be saying you’re sorry for an action you had nothing to do with.

I’m no longer sorry; I’m longer taking the blame for the pain caused by someone else. I’m no longer sorry for lying with a dishonest creature; I’m no longer sorry for being bruised and wounded. I’m no longer sorry for his mistakes, nor am I sorry for my reactions.

I am sorry he doesn’t know how it feels to be a woman, I’m sorry he kissed me after making love to someone else, and then had the audacity to try to make me feel sorry for it his disrespect!!!

In 2012 and for the rest of my life, “I’m no longer sorry”.

I’m not sorry for being me. I’m not sorry for finding out the truth. I’m not sorry for loving unconditionally. The only thing I’m apologizing to is my heart because it deserves to be handled with care! & yours does too!

Don’t be Sorry! Live & Learn


Madam Prezident

Ladies Pass This To Every woman who wrongfully uttered out the words ‘I’m Sorry’!





I abuse you

Misuse you

It’s my responsibility

To protect you

But I neglect you

I put him before you

When he didn’t even notice you

You help me live

And I give

You away so easily

Will you ever

Forgive me

Don’t stop pumping on me

Because I’m careless

I know he could care less

I owe you

Let me show you

How much I value you

Let me help you

Heal you

Because I love the real you

I know you were damaged

Although there are surgeons

To take you out and place you back in

Some things I won’t let them place back in

I know I gave you up so easily

But I hope you can forgive me

Because I need you

The happy

The healthy

The undamaged you


By: Madam Prezident











The Unemployment rate for black women is on the rise!

According to Madame Noire:

Around the country the job search is finally yielding results for many of exhausted job searchers. The unemployment rate is falling for the third consecutive month and in December 200,000 jobs in the private sector were created. Unfortunately, as The Seattle Medium points out, African Americans aren’t exactly benefiting from the job increase. In fact, the African American unemployment rate has increased from 15.5 to 15.8 percent, with blackwomen experiencing the biggest loss.


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