Blue Ivy Carter Has Her Own Director’s Chair! Too Cute!


Beyonce uploaded a picture of Blue Ivy’s Director cut chair. Soooo cute right. She’s sitting in her chair just like a big girl with her tutu and ponytails!

This isn’t the first time Beyonce showed off her baby girls chair, but it is the first time she has uploaded the pic with her baby girl in it!

Also, Beyonce  was spotted arriving into the south of France  with Jay-Z, her sister Solange and Solange’s boyfriend Alan today May 20, 2013.  As busy as Beyonce  is she found time to upload pics from her Cuba trip last month to her Tumblr:

 photo tumblr_mn48jqhYSF1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps46282d0d.png  photo tumblr_mn48iyh0k71rqgjz2o1_1280_zps2b00fee8.png  photo tumblr_mn48fnEwTo1rqgjz2o1_1280_zpse3a2d725.png

 photo tumblr_mn48n79TJv1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps0379b62a.png

spotted @ Theybf!

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Happy 31st Birthday BEYONCÉ!

 Beyonce is one of the legends of her time, and with much success she celebrates her 31st Birthday.

According to theybf: One of the most FAB chicks in the game turns 31 today.  Beyoncé Knowles may be keeping it low key for her birthday, but when you’ve got a career that’s still going, one of the most powerful men in hip hop as your husband, and a new baby to boot…it’s safe to say many of your wishes have already come true.


Beyonce’s spent most of 2012 adjusting to new mommyhood as her & Mr. Carter‘s new baby girl, Blue Ivy, arrived at the top of the year.  So she’s toned down her total glammed out look a bit (and looks fresh faced and fab),continued living lifeis having fun and is simply doing her.  And even took some time to rock a hot comeback concert weekend in Atlantic City.

Her 31st year is rumored to be doused with upcoming new music, a new tour and big appearances.  And she’ll still be rocking those mommy, wife, sister and daughter hats effortlessly.

Bey’s close friends and fam took over her website and posted hand-written birthday messages for her.  Check out what Chris & Gwyneth, Mama Tina, Michelle Williams, Julez, mother-in-law Gloria Carter, Angie Beyince and more had to say:

Happy Birthday Bey!

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World Discussion Over Blue Ivy’s Features, Who Do You Think She Looks Like?

Can she live???

Beyonce and Jay-Z have apparently been drawn into a race debate over Blue Ivy’s features after images of the cutie were leaked last week. Speculation over whether the celeb seed looked like her famous mommy or Roc Nation boss daddy had been mounting for months after they took extra precautions to keep her identity concealed.

However, when new photos of Blue surfaced online and revealed she is definitely daddy’s little girl, some have decided to weigh in about her resembling features to Jay.

“Let’s pray Beyoncé’s genes kick in as B.I.C. gets older. All the money and talent in the world won’t take away from having Jay-Z’s features,” while another read: “Nappy-headed kid. Wish Beyoncé had married a nice-looking man instead of Jay-Z.”

The highly offensive comments prompted Essence magazine writer Demetria Lucas to criticize the ideals of beauty in the black community:

“Let’s admit it: A lot of us are bamboozled, led astray, and just plain brainwashed when it comes to what traits we find attractive on Black people,” she wrote.

“It’s no secret that we as a people equate lightness with beauty.”

“Ask any woman who failed the brown paper bag test, who grew up hearing she was “pretty for a dark girl” – as if to be both is some sort of inherent contradiction, and she just happened to strike gold.”

“But the color issue is just scratching the surface.”

People need to get some business-Blue Ivy looks like a beautiful black baby!


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Michelle Williams Is 1 Of Blue Ivy’s Celebrity Babysitters

According to TMZ:

Michelle Williams wants to make one thing clear — babysitting for Beyonce‘s baby girl is just a part-time gig … because she’s not the only Destiny’s Child singer doing diaper duty for Blue Ivy.

Last night in NYC, Michelle revealed Kelly Rowland also pulled a shift watching B.I. in Beyonce’s hotel suite … during B’s concert in Atlantic City last weekend.

In the middle of the show, Beyonce thanked Michelle for babysitting — but Michelle ‘fessed up to us she had some help … and even got to go downstairs to see some of the show.



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Beyonce Finally Let’s Blue Ivy Get Some Fresh Air

It was so nice out in New York City this afternoon that Beyonce let lil Blue Ivy breathe. Wearing a blazer, comfortable loafers with Baby Blue secured in a baby carrier, Beyonce was spotted taking a stroll around Manhattan with her mama Tina Knowles earlier today. 

I know Blue Ivy was tired of being under that blanket..

Check the pics:



I’m really Happy for Beyonce!!!

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Of Course Oprah Would Be Blue Ivy’s Godmother

Well first off, I’m really mad at myself that I didn’t predict this. OF COURSE Beyonce andJay-Z would (allegedly) summon Oprah to be Blue Ivy’s godmother — NOTHING ELSE MAKES SENSE! Second, welcome to the best version of human life you can imagine, kid. Congratulations on being dealt THE BEST HAND IMAGINABLE (if this rumor is true… which we’re really, really hoping for).

We already knew Blue Ivy’s life was going to be supremely extraordinary considering the fact that she’s the first daughter of HOVA and THE Queen B. But now she might have Oprah to turn to for moral and spiritual guidance, which millions of people already do. But like, Blue Ivy will be invited over and stuff.

Besides the fact that she is basically going to be living out one long episode of “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” we’re also really jealous of the fact that when Blue Ivy needs some life coaching, she’s going to get some classic Oprah faces staring back at her, IRL:


Shittt-Oprah can be my Godmother!!! I’m so serious!

Oprah at Blue Ivy’s kindergarten graduation


Oprah shaking her head at the first boy to break Blue Ivy’s heart

Oprah when Blue Ivy is named the youngest EGOT winner

You win everything ever, Blue Ivy. Congrats again!

Jay-Z Tweets About His Week With Blue Ivy Carter

We know you stans and anti-stans have just been waiting to find out just how Hubby Hov is adjusting to fatherhood, after a week of diaper changes and night feedings.

Yesterday afternoon, Jay-Z told his legion of faithfuls who patiently wait each month for one of his cryptic tweets.

Jay-Z Will No Longer Use The Word B*TCH-Out Of Respect For Blue Ivy Carter


















Jay-Z is really urking my nerves acting as if he doesn’t have any other children! Now that B has had his child he wants to transform into the perfect man (I don’t believe it). Supposedly he’s giving up the word B*tch for Blue Ivy!

According to

If a father could do one thing to make the world a better place for his newborn daughter, what do you think it would be. World peace? Safer streets? Financial security? In the case of rapper and business mogul, Jay-Z since security and finances aren’t pressing issues for him and his family, and world peace is out of his control ther is a small change he can make that would have far reaching impact — stop using the word “b—-.”  Jay-Z is all to well aware of the influence his musics and his lyrics have on the actions and attitudes of youth here and over seas.  Check out Jigga’s letter to Blue Ivy Carter, he and wife Beyonce’s brand new baby girl.

Before I got in the game, made a change, and got rich,

I didn’t think hard about using the word B—-.

I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it

now with my daughter in this world

I curse those that give it.

I never realized while on the fast track 

that I’d give riddance to the word bitch, to leave her innocence in tact.

No man will degrade her, or call her out her name

the women won’t despise her and call her the same.

I know it’s gonna miss me

cuz we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees

when we all used to hang out front

singing 99 problems but a lady ain’t one.

Excuse me miss, can I be your mister

cuz I can tell the difference from a little girl and a sister,

She never grew up, her father left her alone

I promise not to talk like we used to

until Kingdom Come.

I’m so focused on your future,

The degradation has passed

I wish you wealth, health, and insight

forever young you may pass.

Blue Ivy Carter, my angel.”

Madam Prezident Response: Jay-Z please find the nearest bridge and JUMP! You’ve spent the last 20 years using profane language and influencing everyone else’s children-Now that your child is born (not even your first child) you want to pretend as if you are GANDHI! I believe in change Mr.Carter-I just don’t believe you’ve changed! If you are truly retiring the word out of respect for your daughter, it’s sad you skipped the respect for your mother and wife!


Although Beyonce and Jay-Z are celebrities, the hospital have an obligation to everyone and looks like the Department of Health is making sure that Everyone was treated fairly after all the complaints.

According to TMZ:

“The NY State Health Department is investigating complaints from new parents who claim they were mistreated by the staff at Lenox Hill Hospital while Beyonce was giving birth in the VIP room.

TMZ broke the story … several parents are considering filing a lawsuit against LHH –claiming they were neglected by staff and prevented from visiting their newborns … due to the drama surrounding the superstar.

Now, a rep for the Health Dept. tells the NY Daily News, “Whenever we receive a complaint, we look into it. It’s not necessarily an investigation. It could be a review. Most likely in this case, it would be an investigation.”

It’s unclear how many parents complained — but as we previously reported, a whole bunch of people were griping about the situation during a breastfeeding class a few days ago. “

I wonder how many complaints were filed? I’m sure the staff was a little more attentive to the celebs and less attentive to ‘regular folk’! Completely unfair, but life is unfair sometime.

Inside Beyonce’s Hospital Room: VIP SUITE {Photos}

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