Nightline “Hidden America”: Inside Chicago’s Gang Culture Features Chief Keef And Sad Stories! [Video]

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So, Chief Keef IS heavily influencing these youth, now. This is a sad state our little brethren are in… it’s self destruction.

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Chicago Wants Chief Keef Back In Juvenile Hall After A Video Of Him In The Gun Range

If he keeps on fueling the violence in our neighborhoods instead of trying to mend old wounds or right his wrongs… then lock him back up:


“With the 17-year-old rapper listening, Cook County prosecutors outlined why they think the Interscope Records artist should be returned to juvenile detention. The rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, is serving 18 months of probation for pointing a gun at a Chicago cop. He was also found delinquent on two other felonies. Prosecutors argued he violated the probation by having a gun in a video posted online. They pointed to a recorded media interview the rapper did in June at a gun range in New York, where he can be seen with a gun. That’s a probation violation, prosecutors argued, because his probation bans him from having any guns or illegal drugs or associating with gang members.”

According to Rolling Stone music

Prosecutors argued today in a Chicago juvenile court that Chief Keef should go back to jail for violating his probation, pointing to a controversial Pitchfork video interview with the Chicago rapper at a gun range, the Chicago Sun Times reports. Keef is currently serving 18 months probation for pointing a gun at a Chicago police officer.

Cook County prosecutors say that because Keef can be seen with a gun in the Pitchfork video, he is violating probation conditions that prohibit him from having any firearms or illegal drugs or associating with gang members. Prosecutors also pointed to Keef’s failure to earn a GED before a deadline set by his probation, and a September 30th incident when Chicago police found Keef with members of the Black Disciple gang while responding to a call of gang disturbance. Keef has another hearing scheduled for November 20th.

Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, was linked last month to the shooting death of rival teen rapper Lil Jojo, who was gunned down on a Chicago street. Immediately after Jojo’s death, Keef tweeted taunting messages about the slain rapper.

Pitchfork last month pulled the Chief Keef gun range video interview in response to the Lil Jojo slaying and concerns about a wave of gun violence in Chicago, where the site is based.


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“Anti-Racist” Protestors Arrested For Beating Down Members Of “European Heritage” Group At A Dinner Meeting

White on white violence? We don’t know about y’all but “European Heritage” group meetings do sound an awful lot like a way to disguise a white power movement.

Five men were charged Monday in connection with a bloody melee at a suburban Chicago restaurant, where “anti-racist” protesters allegedly walloped on white supremacists gathered for lunch, according to reports.

The Saturday brawl took place at the Ashford House, an eatery in Tinley Park, Ill., that was hosting a group of about 20 people who said they were from a European heritage organization.

Law enforcement sources, however, said the group consisted of white supremacists, according to CBS 2 Chicago.

Their presence triggered about 18 people wearing masks and hoodies and carrying bats and batons to rush into the restaurant and wail on the group, police said.

About 10 diners were injured, and three were hospitalized with head wounds, according to reports.

“This was a real riot,” Tinley Park Mayor Edward Zabrocki told “These guys started beating the crap out of the other group.”

Five Indiana men were arrested on charges of aggravated battery, criminal damage to property and mob action, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. They were: Alex Stuck, 22; John Tucker, 26; and brothers Jason Sutherlin, 33, Cody Sutherlin, 23, and Dylan Sutherlin, 20.

The men are reportedly affiliated with an anti-racist organization that took credit online for coordinating the attack.

The Anti-Racist Action accused the restaurant patrons of meeting for a “White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet.”

It was unclear if the “anti-racist” group was also involved with NATO Summit-related protests in Chicago.

Tinley Park police, meanwhile, were searching for other attackers caught on restaurant surveillance footage.

They said in a statement that the victims identified as belonging to the Illinois European Heritage Association, which prosecutors maintain is affiliated with websites linked to white supremacy movements.

“We had no idea who these people were,” Michael Winston, owner of the Ashford House, told “We don’t ask for people’s political stuff when they come in the door.”

Two of the victims were also charged after Saturday’s fight — one for unlawful possession of weapons by a felon and another on a warrant for possession of inappropriate video of a child, the Sun-Times reported.

Nasty, so some of the racists were also pedophiles!!! SMH. What do you think about the “anti-racist” group resorting to physical violence? Are they heroes or just as dumb as the white supremacists?


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