Welcome To Chicago: “A Place Where 6 Month Old Babies Take Bullets To The Face”

Madam Prezident

I wrote this poem for the lives lost in Chicago due to senseless gang violence.

Welcome to Chicago
The Place of the cold case
Where 6 month old babies take bullets to the face
Welcome to Chicago
“Where you have to stop”
When you hear gun shots
Hit the floor
And hope a bullet
Doesn’t come through the door
“Welcome to Chicago”
The place where you hear
Of caskets being lowered to the ground
You hear Mothers WEEP
Beyond caskets going 6ft deep
Where our schools system
Is a fools system
Place our children at the bottom of the pool system
You got 1 teacher to 30 kids
All in room
So in actuality you got 1 teacher
To 30 dreams that’s all trying to bloom
And our children want hugs and love
Instead of a community flooded with drugs
They want grade level books
So they won’t have infantile education and knowledge
They want to have the conversation about
“Where they’re going to college”
And they want their father’s home
Instead of 26th and California
Where it’s not sunny
Our children still make time to laugh
But it’s not “funny”
“The deconstruction of the black family”
To get a piece of this American Pie
Ain’t No piece of cake
They’ve already labeled us as 3/5ths of a man
Which explains the high unemployment rates
‘To the black race
Where he can place his angels across a Chicago skyline
Reduces a young man’s jail time
Change POVERTY into Prosperity
Decrease the high school drop-out rate
And Increase the college graduate rate
Make No mistake about God’s grace
Even a place where bullets are flying
Children are dying
And mothers are crying
There is still a HIGHER POWER
That Channel 5, 7, and 9 News won’t acknowledge at the top of the hour
And his blessings exceeds the height of the Sears tower
A place where God calms a storm
A place where
Some of your best black doctors, lawyers, surgeons, authors, and play writers were BORN!
Where the struggle still exist
A place where we work hard
For low wages, pay high taxes,
No matter how good or bad it may get
By: Madam Prezident

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Veronica Brought Bodyguards To Her Husbands Funeral


Chris Lighty’s Ex-Wife Escorted By Personal Security To His Funeral

The music industry was able to get some sense of closure this week at the funeral of deceased veteran talent managerChris Lighty. Although it was a very, very, sad affair there is still an air of uncertainty in regards to the events surrounding Lighty’s death.

His passing was reported by NYPD as a suicide, but there are many who were close to Chris that feel that some form of foul play must have been involved because he was not “the type”

Folks at AllHipHop report:

I heard LL (Cool J) deviated from his speech and eventually muttered “Something ain’t right.” This leads to speculation by many that Chris Lighty didn’t kill himself at all.

A more flagrant display of that same sentiment came via DJ Scratch’s Twitter feed, where he states:

Wow, tough crowd, But the hip-hop community has never been one to bite its’ tongue and when one of its’ own dies out of nowhere it leads to a myriad of thoughts and emotions. Hopefully if there is any sign that Lighty’s death was not a suicide then the authorities will take the proper action and not write it off as “another dead ni**a*.

Veronica filed for divorce from Chris last year but retracted the papers earlier this summer and initial reports stated that the two were in an argument just hours prior to his death. Veronica has denied that the exchange ever took place.

We can’t be sure that Veronica had anything to do with Chris’ death, but there sure does seem to be a lot of speculation as to why this man inexplicably took his life.

But we have to ask, why would she bring security to her ex-husband’s funeral?? She is FAR from famous and no one outside of the music industry would even recognize her as his ex-wife. That kind of thing will DEFINITELY earn you a *side-eye*

Sadly, Chris’ death may go the way of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, shadowed in doubt and skepticism.

R.I.P. “Baby Chris”

Image via RollingOut

Hit the flipper to see pics of Diddy, LL, 50 Cent and more leaving the funeral.

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9-Year-Old Charged With Murder After Beating A 14-Month Old Baby To Death


9-Year-Old Charged With Murder Of 14-Month Old

King Quan is what Alisha Johnson called her 14-month-old son the day he was born, and that’s how she referred to him Saturday when he was eulogized six days after authorities said he was beaten to death by a 9-year-old boy.

Taquan A. Willis died last Sunday after he was found beaten, allegedly by a member of the family they were living with in Cahokia. The 9-year-old was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday in juvenile court, but authorities did not release his name nor any specifics about the case when they announced the charge Friday.

Family members attending Taquan’s funeral Saturday said they are not sure what happened in the house in the 300 block of Isabell Road, where the boy was found unconscious on the floor. Relatives say he was in the home with his two brothers, ages 2 and 3, and a friend of his mother’s, along with her boyfriend, a 12-year-old boy and the 9-year-old charged in Taquan’s death.

Johnson’s aunt, Jessica Jackson, said the 9-year-old boy is a relative of Melissa Wilbourn, whom family members say Johnson had lived with for about a month.

Jackson said Wilbourn told relatives she heard a groaning sound and went to check on the kids, who were in a back room, asleep on the floor. She went back to bed, then heard the sound again and went back into the room and called out to Taquan.

“She said she picked him up and he was limp,” Jackson said.

In only 14 months, Taquan had made quite an impact on his family.

After the funeral service at New Jerusalem Pentecostal Ministries in Centreville, Taquan’s father, Todd A. Willis Jr., said he would always remember two special things about the boy.

“I loved his smile and the way he poked his lips out to give me a kiss,” he said softly after helping to carry his son’s small white casket with white flowers and blue ribbons to a white hearse.

Johnson said she nicknamed the boy King Quan because he was her “King.” He was the youngest of her three children. His smile was on her mind on Saturday.

“He was just a happy baby,” she said. “He would bring a lot of joy to you. He smiled and danced.” She said “SpongeBob SquarePants” was his favorite television show.

We can’t even imagine the pain that this family is feeling, R.I.P Taquan Willis.

Image via STLToday


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Sylvester Stallone’s Son Dies From An Overdose

It’s always sad when parents have to burry their children…

Sylvester Stallone’s Son Sage Found Dead From Overdose

Prescription pill bottles were found at the scene of Sage Stallone’s death, but law enforcement sources tell RadarOnline.com exclusively that it does not appear the 36-year-old committed suicide.

As previously reported, Sylvester Stallone’s oldest son was discovered unresponsive at his Studio City home Friday, dead from an apparent drug overdose.

The source tells Radar that a 911 call was placed shortly before 3 p.m. The caller said Sage wasn’t breathing at all and indicated it could be a drug overdose.

Medics arrived on the scene at 3:05 p.m. and they worked on trying to revive Sage for approximately 25 minutes before the time of death was pronounced.

Sage wasn’t taken to the hospital, instead the Coroner was called and his body was taken straight to the Coroner’s office.

“I suspect he had been dead for quite a while when he was discovered,” the source tells RadarOnline.com. “Usually medics will be at the scene for around 45 minutes but they were out of there within half an hour.

“There were a number of prescription bottles found at the scene but it did not appear to be suicide and no note was found.”

Sage’s death comes as a HUGE shock to his family and friends.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, a close friend of Sage’s said the actor appeared to be “healthy and upbeat” when he met up with him just two weeks ago.

“I saw him two weeks ago and he seemed great,” the friend said. “He was healthy and upbeat and didn’t seem depressed at all.

“I never knew him to do drugs, not even weed, so for him to die from an overdose is kind of shocking to me.”

Sage, full name, Sage Moonblood Stallone, was Sylvester’s son from his first marriage to Sasha Czack.

An actor, director and producer, Sage appeared in the fifth installment of Sly’s biggest film franchise, Rocky, where he played the title character’s on-screen son, Robert Balboa.

In a statement released by Stallone’s camp:

“Sylvester Stallone is devastated and grief-stricken over the sudden loss of his son Sage Stallone. His compassion and thoughts are with Sage’s mother, Sasha. Sage was a very talented and wonderful young man. His loss will be felt forever.”

Thoughts and condolences to the Stallone family.

Images via WENN/Twitter

via RadarOnline

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Whitney Houston’s Death Ruled As Accidental Drowning

MSNBC reports:

The official cause of death for Whitney Houston is drowning and “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use,” according to a report released Thursday by the L.A. County Department of the Coroner.

The report indicates that the Houston died when she was submerged in a bathtub filled with water, and also indicates that she had ingested cocaine.

Cocaine was said to have contributed to her death, but not the prescription drugs and marijuana also found in her system. The press release from the report concluded, “No trauma or foul play is suspected.”

The final coroner’s report will be released within two weeks.

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Whitney Houston Hasn’t Been Buried 24Hours & There Is Already DRAMA: Bobby Brown Says Security Banned Him From Bobbi Kristina!

So awful that now this has to over-shadow an already heartbreaking day.

Although it’s being reported that Bobby Brown left Whitney Houston‘s funeral after fifteen minutes because he refused to attend without his entourage of nine people, the late singer’s ex-husband has now released a statement through his representative, which details an entirely different account of events.

He says:

“My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions. I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no one else to move. Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi-Kristina. In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene. My children are completely distraught over the events. This was a day to honor Whitney. I doubt Whitney would have wanted this to occur. I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how.”


Not entirely sure what to believe at this point, but regardless, whatever prompted this turn of events, it’s a real shame.

We will now return our focus to honoring Whitney’s memory, and sending positive thoughts and prayers to everyone out there grieving over this tragedy.

May she R.I.P.

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Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music’s queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 48.

Publicist Kristen Foster said Saturday that the singer had died, but the cause and the location of her death were unknown.

TAVIS SMILEY-Don Cornelius SAVED Black Culture

Talk show host Tavis Smiley believes “Soul Train” creator Don Cornelius was responsible for saving black culture in the 70s and 80s — telling TMZ, the late producer was “our cultural ambassador” in that era.

Tavis tells us, “Don Cornelius was our cultural ambassador when black music, when black dance, when black fashion were under-appreciated in this country.”

Tavis adds, “I think that Don Cornelius’ real contributions were never really appreciated … Sometimes, it takes something tragic like this to really appreciate the contributions one has made … I hate to see it happen like this … He will be missed.”

If you don’t recognize the other guy in the clip — shame on you — it’s famed activist and philosopher Dr. Cornel West … who adds, “I just pray for his family. I love Brother Don Cornelius.”

R.I.P. Etta James













After fighting long battles with leukemia, dementia, and hepatitis C, 73-year-old legendary soul/blues/jazz singer Etta James died today. Details inside…

With her husband and sons by her side, “At Last” singer Etta James passed away today at a Riverside, California hospital. Her 74th birthday would have been next Wednesday.

L.A. native Mrs. James had been undergoing treatment for leukemia since early 2011.

” This is a tremendous loss for the family, her friends and fans around the world,” her manager Lupe De Leon said. “She was a true original who could sing it all — her music defied category. I worked with Etta for over 30 years. She was my friend and I will miss her always.”

The legendary spitfire, born Jamesetta Hawkins, with such an iconic voice had six Grammys under her belt and seventeen Blues Music Awards. She was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, the Blues Hall of Fame in 2001, and the Grammy Hall of Fame in both 1999 and 2008.

Her life was portrayed on-screen in the 2008 Cadillac Records musical bio-pic, which was loosely based on the rise and fall of James’ label of 18 years, Chess Records. That voice, that fieriness, and her beauty will indeed be missed.