Mattel Introduces ‘Drag Queen’ Barbie-Really?!

This is clearly the year of the homosexual.  With that being the case, Mattel is quick to make a buck off the trend, offering a new “Drag Queen Barbie” for your kiddies to eat up and enjoy.  We don’t know how this relates to the old Barbie, who used to be a woman.  But now Barbie is a dude.

Phillipe Blond is the designer of the doll, and we’re not quite sure who his target audience is.  The doll has a sparkly cocktail dress, a bunch of jewelry and a white fur coat, awesome equipment for any drag queen out there.

We’re not sure who would buy this for their child, since you’re kinda encouraging them to become a drag queen.  Maybe they should figure that out on their own instead of being encouraged at an early age.  Just sayin.