Lady Arrested For Attacking Her Man Because He Climaxed Before Her!!

Is it really that serious?

According to Gawker, this was Raquel Gonzalez’s tipping point:

Deputies in Manatee County, Florida, were called to a private residence in Bradenton yesterday to intervene in a domestic dispute resulting from a case of premature climaxing.

According to a report filed by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, 30-year-old Esric Davis and his live-in girlfriend, 24-year-old Raquel Gonzalez, were engaged in intercourse when “[Davis] climaxed and Raquel did not.”

The imbalance reportedly set Gonzales off, and she “began hitting and scratching [Davis], causing scratches near his eye and nose.”

Deputies say Gonzalez admitted she “lost it,” but was otherwise “belligerent and uncooperative.” She was arrested and booked into Manatee County lockup on a charge of domestic battery.

Davis noted that this behavior was not out of the ordinary for Gonzales who frequently “goes off” on him.

Alcohol was listed in the report as a possible contributing factor.

Cotdayum…he must fail a lot!

Or is she just cray??

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Man Beats Girlfriend With Pet Python While She Soaks In The Hot Tub

It’s all fun and games ’til you get beat with a python…

A Massachusetts man is in police custody after he whipped out his snake and went to work on his girlfriend while she was soaking in the hot tub…..

via Fox News

A Massachusetts man is facing charges for allegedly using a pet python to beat his girlfriend as she soaked in a hot tub, injuring the woman and ultimately killing the snake.
West Springfield police say 34-year-old Keith Paro is scheduled to be arraigned Friday on charges of domestic assault and battery, larceny over $250, wanton and malicious damage over $250, and cruelty to animals.

Police say the couple got into an argument on Tuesday night and Paro removed the snake from a cage and “began beating the female repeatedly.” Police say Paro threw the snake in the hot tub when he was done, and it died.

The woman suffered bruising to her knees, back, arms and stomach.
Paro fled after the alleged assault before turning himself in late Thursday.

What has to occur in your life for you to beat someone with a python while they sit in the hot tub? Or at all? We’re just curious…

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New Jersey Man Wakes Up To Angry Girlfriend Trying To Bite Off His Private Part: OUCH

Sounds like this lady was on some Lorena Bobbitt ish!


A Jersey City man who went to sleep after an argument with his girlfriend was awakened late Thursday night when she bit his scrotum, tearing right through the skin, authorities said. Linda Mendez, 40, was charged early this morning with aggravated assault and domestic violence, over the objection of her boyfriend, who told police he did not want to press charges. The mother of three appeared in court yesterday and her bail was set at $35,000 with a 10 percent cash option.

The 46-year-old victim told police that the two argued at 11:30 Thursday, and to avoid the argument he went to sleep, reports said. Minutes later Mendez woke him by biting his neck and his scrotum, causing bleeding, police said.

Mendez complained of pain in her left hand and was treated at the Jersey City Medical Center and released for incarceration, police said. Mendez was also charged on three open warrants, two for light rail fare-jumping violations and the other for a city ordinance violation.

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Evelyn Lozada Does First Photoshoot Since Her Divorce

Spotted Via Theybf:

Evelyn Lozada is officially back at work.  And by work, we mean doing photoshoots.

Rocking a golden skirt custom made for her by Jason Sky, Evelyn was back in the photoshoot saddle yesterday in Atlanta.  She tweeted about shooting with PETA, but it’s not clear if all the pics from her full photoshoot day were for the animal right’s org.

She rocked scenes in a white hot and red hot swimsuit inside and outside the pool, and she shot with photographerDrexina Nelson.

We may still be side eyeing her whole PR journey of a convenient anti-violence campaign, but chick still looks hot.

She used her own Evelyn makeup for the shoot.

She posted about her return saying, “I was so happy to FINALLY get back to work after taking a hiatus that seemed like FOREVER!”

Looking good Ev.


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Ex-NFL Star Antonio Bryant Arrested For Choking His Baby Mama

What the hell??? Can we go a month without some angry athlete assaulting his girl?

According to TMZ…

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Bryant was arrested Tuesday morning … for allegedly strangling his baby mama back in April.

A warrant was issued for Bryant’s arrest in South Florida on Tuesday … stemming from a domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred April 10 between Bryant and the mother of his child, Dianne Helne.

According to reports … Helne told the police Bryant pushed her in the face … put his hands around her neck while she was holding their young child … and then continued to kick and punch her, after she put the child down.

Shortly after the warrant was issued, the 31-year-old turned himself over to police. He was charged with domestic battery by strangulation, domestic violence and culpable negligence.

Bryant — who played in the NFL from 2002 to 2009 for the Cowboys, Browns, 49ers and the Buccaneers — was later released on $15,000 bail.

Bryant had a workout with the Seattle Seahawks this summer, but was released after suffering a leg injury.

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Memphitz Sues Producers Of ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’

Wow-Memphitz is tired of his name all over Love and Hip Hop

According to Necole Bitchie: If ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ creator Mona Scott-Young thought dealing with the antics of her out of control cast was a lot to take on, she has a whole ‘nother headache on her hands now that Memphitz, ex-boyfriend to singer K. Michelle, has filed a lawsuit against the show. Throughout the taping of the show, K. Michelle repeatedly told the story of how her former ex and label head spent up all of her money, left her for broke, almost ruined her music career and beat her badly. Even though she didn’t mention him by name on the show, she definitely didn’t have a problem openly saying Memphitz’s name in interviews and hopping on Twitter to air him out a few times while throwing a few insults at Memphitz’ wife Toya Wright.

Now that the season has officially wrapped, Memphitz has decided to take legal action and has filed a lawsuit against Viacom International; NFGTC, Inc.; and Mona’s Monami Entertainment. He’s claiming that K. Michelle’s accusations of domestic violence are complete lies and the show gave her a “worldwide platform” for her to “assassinate [his] character”:

“My family and I have suffered tremendously while VH-1, Monami Ent., and the other companies provided a worldwide platform for K. Michelle to repeatedly assassinate my character. The filing of this suit is to compensate for the irreparable damage that has been done to my reputation and to deter these companies from doing such future harm to others.”

Meanwhile, his attorney, Conti J. Moore says that K. Michelle was just seeking sympathy without giving an ounce of proof to her claims:

“[K. Michelle] has taken full advantage of society’s tendency to accept claims of domestic violence as always being true, even in the absence of proof.  The only abuse that actually occurred is the malicious and calculated pattern of vicious lies Ms. Pate has assailed for the purpose of fabricating a compelling story line in an attempt to ruin my client’s name.”

“Domestic violence is an issue of serious nature, often having grave consequences for true victims with whom we all sympathize.  However, it is unconscionable for one to play on the sympathies of the masses by levying false accusations of such heinous acts against an innocent party, simply for the sake of entertainment or for purported career advancement. After reviewing the evidence in this matter, we are prepared to litigate this case to the fullest extent of the law to seek justice for our client and to restore his name and professional reputation.”

Memphitz is asking for $1 per viewer per show as damages, and with the show averaging almost $3 million viewers an episode, he’s looking at some serious bank if he manages to win this.

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Evelyn Lozada Appears On Iyanla Vanzant’s ‘Fix My Life’

Well, Well, Well, Evil Evelyn is trying to change her ways! Is Evelyn Lozada ready to change for the better?

After all of the criticism in the press over her angry antics on ‘Basketball Wives’, coupled with the humiliation of being involved in a domestic violence incident with her now estranged husband, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, it seems as though Evelyn may be ready to make some positive change in her life.

Earlier in the Summer, she agreed to take part in Iyanla Vanzant’s new series, ‘Fix My Life’ with hopes of addressing some of her personal issues but it seems as though Iyanla had to pay Evelyn yet another visit after the head-butting incident with Chad which left her with a gash on her forehead. In the preview for the show, which airs in two parts on September 15 and 22, Iyanla asks Evelyn, ‘How did you get to stitches in your forehead, living in a hotel‘? It is also alluded that Evelyn has been pushed and shoved before while in a relationship with Chad and she reveals that the one thing that scares her the most is, ‘Not Being Loved’.

During the session, Iyanla also works with Evelyn to confront her past and uncover some painful memories and resentment that have shaped her attitude and temper with hopes of helping her move on to a more positive future.

Check out a sneak peek of the show below:


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Popular Online Adult Film Company Offered Chad And Evelyn $100k To “Makeup” On Camera

Online Adult Film Company Offers Chad And Evelyn $100K To ‘Make Up’ On Camera

America is so nasty!!!

The company reached out to Chad via this letter below:

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I hope this letter finds you well. First off, we would like to applaud you on the name change – although it’s not the one we initially had in mind as you might well remember.

Allow me to get down to the real reason I am reaching out to you on behalf of our company, P– (the premier destination for online adult entertainment). Your recent misfortunes have caught our eye, and while we regret to learn about the hard luck that’s come your way, we would once again like to lend you a helping hand in your time of need.

In short, we are extending an offer to you and your beautiful wife Evelyn to create a “makeup” s-x video exclusively for use on our site. As proof of your participation in the video, we would simply need you to film an introductory scene in which you and your wife state your names and intents for the camera. Once again, we believe that this partnership would truly be beneficial for both parties.

In return for your willingness to cooperate, we will gladly compensate you to the tune of $100,000.

Again, we truly appreciate your consideration of our offer and look forward to the possibility of working together soon.

These thirst buckets don’t waste any time. Do you think Chad and Ev will take the bait for the big bucks?


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It’s Been A Tough Week For Evelyn: Evelyn’s Brother-In-Law Dies From Cancer & The 911 Tape Released

There are some dark days ahead for Ev…

Chad Johnson’s 911 Call Released, Evelyn Lozada Mourns The Loss Of Her Brother-In-Law To Cancer

According to TMZ reports:

Evelyn Lozada is mourning her brother-in-law, who died tonight after a long battle with cancer … TMZ has learned.

Anthony Ochoa who was married to Evelyn’s sister Sylvia, made several appearances on “Basketball Wives” … and just last month he escorted Evelyn down the aisle for her wedding to Chad Johnson.

We’re told Anthony was featured prominently in the reality show about the wedding. As TMZ first reported … VH1 has decided not to air the show after Chad’s arrest for domestic battery.

We’re told Anthony was surrounded by family members when he passed away in New York City.

Evelyn tells TMZ, “Anthony was an amazing husband, father, and brother-in-law. He will be dearly missed.”

Anthony and Sylvia were married for more than 10 years, and had 2 children.

Anthony was 43.

Life can be short, live it well.

R.I.P. Anthony and condolences to Evelyn and her family during this time.

Listen to the call BELOW:

This white guy shook! He wanted NO trouble with what he thought to be a raging Chad Johnson, take a listen.

Image via WENN


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Rihanna And Oprah Kickin It In Barbados

Oprah And Rihanna Ride Around In Barbados

The queen of talk show will sit down with the pop princess bad-girl later on this month for the first time.

But before the interview hits the airwaves, Rih and Oprah wanted to give us a sneak peek.

Showing how much of a fan she is, Oprah excitedly tweeted a photo of she and Rihanna smiling, exclaiming, “Look who’s driving me around Barbados!” The “Umbrella” singer posted the same photo with, “Look who popped up in my Hometown BARBADOS #topnotch.”

The in-depth interview will be the first for the pair. After the 2009 Grammy assault of the star by Chris Brown, Oprah dedicated an episode of her talk show to domestic violence.

Her message was, ” If you go back with a man who hits you, it’s because you don’t think you’re worthy of being with a man who won’t. I’ve said before, ‘Love doesn’t hurt, and if a man hits you once, he will hit you again.’ “

After recent rumors that the Rihanna has been seeing her attacker again, the powerhouse host is bound to inquire.


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