Dwyane Wade Gets A Brand New CUSTOM $229K McLaren Car!

I know all you got was a card for your birthday, but Not Dwade!

TMZ reports“…the car was loaded up onto a crane in the alley next to the pool area … hoisted above the hotel wall … and carefully lowered onto the waiting platform, positioned inside the pool.”

Of course, Dwyane got the car for free.  And here’s the lowdown on the foreign masterpiece for all you car freaks:

The custom ordered car was actually designed by Wade in “Fire Black” with two tone “Saddle Tan/Carbon Black” leather interior. The one-of-a-kind 12C boasts custom alloy wheel center caps with Wade’s signature logo as well as a specialty “WADE” emblem for the rear, WADE Limited Edition side badges and dedication plates on the inside door panels that read “Hand assembled in the United Kingdom in recognition of Dwyane Wade’s 30th Birthday.”

Christy Cartaya, The Collection’s director of PR, told the Miami Herald“It was a gift – Dwyane is our brand ambassador and spokesperson. We consider him part of our ‘family’.”  Damn…how do we get in with THAT family?

And at Dwyane’s fab surprise birthday brunch at the W South Beach, he got the best surprise ever: His 91-year-old grandmother flew down for a visit…and it was her first time ever on a plane!


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During The BET Awards Gabrielle Union Informed Dwade That She Wanted A Ring

Gabrielle Union hosted the BET honors this week where she popped the question, publicly, to boyfriend,Dwayne Wade.

” The evening’s highlight was hostess Gabby Union who looked into the audience at her boyfriend Dwyane Wade and said, “Why are you crying on the floor after your loss to Dallas Mavericks? You have a ring! I should be the one crying….Where’s my ring?” (looks at wedding finger) “

I have mixed emotions about Gabby and Dwade, I mean she was messing with the man while he was still married!

I just can’t dig it! *Long sigh*