Kids Raise Money For Family Of 76-Year-Old Gas Station Clerk Who Was Set On Fire

This story is crazy, but we’re glad to see the kids coming together to support this woman’s family.

Local high school students raised $10,000 for the family of a convenience store clerk known as “Grandma” to many in the Garland community.

76 year old Nancy Harris died Friday night, nearly a week after she was robbed and set on fire at the Fina gas station where she worked in Garland.

On Saturday, students from South Garland High School returned to the place of the attack to hold a car wash and raise money for her family.

“I was just devastated,” said Dylan Stooksberry, president of the school’s student council. “It’s kind of outlandish that someone would go out of there way to do this. To have that happen to someone who you know, to a face that you know, to a friend it’s devastating.”

“It hurts deep down and honestly if someone is going to go out of there way to do something bad like that, I am going to go out of my way to do something nice,” said Stooksberry.

The Fina gas station is located just a block from their school. Many students like DJ Valderrama personally knew Harris.

“I came in the gas station and she showed me so much kindness by giving me a free drink,” Valderrama said. “Whenever somebody shows you that kind of kindness if affects your life really.”

Despite the tragedy that happened at the Fina gas station, many students told NBC 5 that the incident has brought the community closer together.

Many hoped this fundraiser will help honor Harris who meant so much to many.

“I know Ms. Harris is looking down on us right now, I know she is happy,” said Valderrama.

Matthew Johnson is charged with Attempted Capital Murder in connection with this case. Those charges could be upgraded because Ms. Harris has now died.

This is just awful.

Photos of the scumbag responsible for the death below:

Matthew Johnson Nancy HarrisSource

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Detroit Man Shot And Killed Over The Price Of A Condom

This is sad, but completely avoidable.

A Detroit man “affectionately known by friends and family” as Fat Mikewas killed inside a gas station after having a dispute with the cashier over the price of a condom.

That’s right. A condom. Not even a whole pack.

An individual condom cost $1.50, but the victim wanted it for just a dollar. After demanding his money back, a friend and witness at the incident said the cashier refused.

This sent Fat Mike into a tantrum and he proceeded to knock items off shelves on his way out. Then in a SEVERE overreaction, the cashier shot him and ended up killing him due to loss of blood.

Check out the full story above and learn from Fat Mike’s mistake. If something costs more than you think it should, just WALK AWAY!!!

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