Lil Mouse: Meet The 13-yr Old Rapper That Will Be Dead Or In Jail By The Age Of 25







Lil Mouse, a 13-year-old Chicago rapper who spits verses about guns, sex, and gangs.   “Get Smoked” track on his new album Dedication 4 mixtape.

The backlash is catching up, though—blogs have already begun criticizing Wayne’s endorsement of Lil Mouse’s evident kiddie corruption. Watch the video for the original “Get Smoked” and Lil Wayne’s remix.

A word from Madam P: 

It’s a sad day in America when our 13 year old boys have traded in books for guns! I’m sure lil mouse will be a successful rapper because capitalizing on poor peoples ignorance has always been a hit in America, but I assure you his financial wealth will not be a substitution for his poor soul!

Lil Wayne has taken this child under his wings, and it’s sad to say, they won’t get very far. It makes me ask the question- “What is success”? Is success a 13yr old rapper being signed to a major record label?


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Ghetto Rapper ‘Game’ Kicked Out Of Lil Wayne’s Birthday Party For Fighting


The Game Kicked Out Of Lil Wayne’s Birthday Party For Fighting

According to TMZ reports:

The Game turned Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday bash into an impromptu fight club when he got into a brawl with another rapper and had to be kicked out of the party … and TMZ obtained the video.

Sources at the party tell TMZ … Game was in Hollywood Thursday night with Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and the b-day boy himself. We’re told Game was allegedly minding his own business when rapper 211 approached and, according to our sources, started talking smack.

We’re told things escalated and the smack-talking turned into an all out fight … which ended with Game allegedly punching 211.

TMZ obtained video just seconds after the fists stopped flying and you can see the two rappers still going at it as security guards rush in to break them up. We’re told after security got a hold of the situation, Game was kicked out of the section.

Sources tell us the rappers have had a beef for awhile and that’s what led to the altercation in the first place.




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The Game Says “That Wedding Snafu Cost Me $100k”

The Game is less of a rapper and more of a Bull Sh*ter!

According to TMZ: The Game is psyched his wedding is back on … but his wallet, not so much … the rapper tells TMZ rescheduling his cancelled nuptials set him back a cool $100k!!!!!

We caught up with Game and his fiancé Tiffney Cambridge outside Hennessey’s Tavern in Hermosa Beach this weekend … if you recall Cambridge pulled the plug​ on the couple’s wedding back in July, but then changed her mind.

In the video … Game — still sporting a broken thumb​ — says they DID reschedule the ceremony, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Game says all the venue changes cost a whopping $100k … but you gotta check out his reaction to the setback … ’cause it’s PRICELESS.

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Pooch Hall wants to Get Back into ‘The Game’ (Video)

The public was lead to believe Pooch would not be returning on the account of landing a more time consuming gig with Showtime. But according to the actor, that’s not the case.

During a morning chat on “The Breakfast Club,” he mentioned that he needs to be able to do both shows.

Supposedly the network is interested in bringing Tia back as well.

“I can’t say what’s going on with BET, but Pooch Hall is ready,” Pooch freestyled. Rapping Pooch.

BET has already started to look for replacements, however.

Pooch encouraged listeners to “have faith” the series would return as normal for the next season.

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Game Spends $200k On A Leather Ferrari [Photos]

The Game had an extra $200,000 lying around, so he decided to spend it on a new Ferrari 430—which he had covered in leather.

Clearly on the fence about his decision, the Compton native went on Instagram to announce the news. “Just spent all my show money (200K) on a leather Ferari 430….. Cash !!!! Maybe I’ll regret it tomorrow.. Maybe I won’t!!!” he wrote…. Continue

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Cory And Tia Mowry-Hardrict Enjoy A Day At Farmer’s Market In LA

Tia Mowry-Hardrict was spotted with her husband Cory and son Cree in LA recently.

The Hardrict family was spotted at Farmer’s Market in LA recently.

The couple picked up some beautiful flowers while there.

And Tia cooled herself off with a popsicle.

Family enjoying the sun!

She tweeted, “Great day today! Farmers market with the fam, amazing dinner, now sweet dreams:) #grateful xoxoT”

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BET: Pooch Hall Is Leaving “The Game” For Showtime Network Role

This is absolutely crazy-Only BET will allow two main characters to walk off a show!!!


With Tia Mowry announcing this week she will not be returning for season 6 of “The Game,” and reports saying Pooch Hall will not either, BET networks has issued a statement explaining the situation.

BET, the home network of “The Game,” said in a statement today that Pooch isn’t returning because of his “involvement on a new project.”   That new project is the Showtime pilot “Ray Donovan.”

The network went on to say it “is in the process of reworking the casting and storyline” and hopes Hall and Mowry “will make several guest appearances.”

Still calling B.S. on this ish.  Why?  Because Coby Bell–who plays the major role of Jason Pitts–has also played a mid-level role on USA network’s “Burn Notice” for the past few years now.  All while still working on “The Game.”  So it is possible.  Not to mention many of the non-lead actors like Meagan Good, Brandy and others have several different projects outside of the show.

Everybody just needs to keep it 100 about what really went down.   And as for the show continuing without the main two characters–just not seeing it.

Oh wells.  It was fun while it lasted.


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Are Terrence J And Rocsi Next Up To Get The Boot From BET???

Is BET Releasing “106 & Park” Co-Hosts Terrence J And Rocsi ?

Word on the street is that “The Game” stars Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall aren’t the only ones saying goodbye to the network. It’s rumored that “106 & Park” co-hosts Terrence J and Rocsi will also be history very soon. The two reportedly only have another 3 months at the network.

The timing seems right for Terrence J to leave since his career has been doing so well. He’s been a regular on “The Game” and had a big role in “Think Like A Man” not to mention his woman Selita Ebanks is a supermodel.

Rocsi on the other hand — well we guess she always has radio to fall back on. That and dating rich men, riiiiiight?

This is still unconfirmed so what do you think, True or False?

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CONFIRMED: Tia Mowry LEAVES “The Game” To Focus On “Other Projects”!

 The Game is out of control with its bad story-lines However: According to theyb

“After rumors hit the net earlier this evening that Tia Mowry (as well as her on screen husband Pooch Hall) decided not to return to her lead role on BET’s “The Game,” she’s officially OUT!  Tia confirmed the rumor via her Twitter, saying she wants to focus on a few of her upcoming projects instead.  Damn homie.

Just moments ago, Tia Mowry, who plays the selfish yet lovable lead role of “Melanie Davis” on “The Game,” revealed to her fans that she will not be back for the sixth season of the hit show.

The new mom stated via her Twitter:

“Just wanted to let all my fans know that I will not be returning to The Game for season 6. It was an incredible run and I had lots of fun along the way. I am looking forward to my upcoming projects…the release of my book #OhBaby [today!], season 2 of @TiaTameraShow on @mystyle premiering in June, and my @ABCFamily movie coming out in December…more to come!” love u so much

Wow.  While “The Game” is definitely not as good as it previously was when the CW was its home, I don’t want to see it tumble completely because the major cast is leaving.

Tia’s departure indeed comes as a surprise as she never gave any indication that she was contemplating leaving the show (and did not mention this on “The Wendy Show” this morning, and in fact, was instrumental in bringing it back to tv after the CW dropped it. reached out to both BET & Tia’s rep for a statement, before Tia released her own, and both were blindsided by the possibility of her leaving.  Interestingly, both of the projects Tia mentioned–her reality show and her ABC Family movie–have already been shot and are completed/near completion.  So it’s unclear as to how a new season of “The Game” would interfere.  It sounds like somebody didn’t get their salary minimum.

Oh wells.  Good luck chick.

And as for Pooch Hall, he hasn’t confirmed either way.  But on May 5th, the actor–who plays Melanie’s loving football star “Derwin Davis,” confirmed that BET was in the midst of working out a new contract.  Whether or not that actually went through is yet to be seen.

The season 5 finale goes down June 5th, 10pm ET.”

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Allegedly BET’s “The Game” Saying Bye Bye To Tia Mowry And Pooch Hall

Say it ain’t so! Word on the street is that the two actors who once had top billing on “The Game” have been let go:

According to a well placed source, has learned exclusively that Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall will NOT return to BET’s highest rated show, The Game.

It will be interesting to see how the show moves forward from here because their characters Derwin and Melaie are central to The Game’s plot. Our source also added that both are very busy right now, Hall is working on another project, while Mowry is still filming her Style network reality show.

The hope is that the two actors will have a chance to come back and end their storyline, but for now all we know is that they won’t be back for season 6.

It almost like these two realized BET turned sugar to isht again and left on their own accord.


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