Happy 68th Birthday Gladys Knight!!!

















Singer Gladys Knight turns 68 today!!! Gladys Knight is one of my favorite old school singers!!! Her voice is poised and strong. My generation singers don’t have anyone that even resembles the art of song like those of Gladys Knight and her peers!

You still look Good Gladys!!!

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Bobby Brown Talks To Ellen About The Late Whitney Houston [Video]

Bobby Brown On Ellen Show Talking Whitney Houston

You know the Browns are not one to shy away from the press. With Bobby Brown doing this interview, we are left praying for her exploitation to cease.


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Bobbi Kristina Set To Sing In Whitney Houston’s Tribute At The Billboard Awards

Bobbi Kris can sing??

On May 20th at The Billboard Awards, we’ll find out. Bobbi Kristina’s hopes to become a singer will come true when she hits the stage at the award show. Bobbi has been tapped to participate in a musical tribute to her late mother, Whitney Houston:

R&B divas Brandy, Monica and Gladys Knight will present with Chris Brown, Usher and Justin Bieber giving special performances. Though details are sparse as to what Kristina’s role will be, it’s sure to be an emotional one.

The announcement of her contribution to the event also comes with the news that Houston’s family, including her mother, daughter, brother and sister-in-law will also be the stars of a new reality TV series entitled The Houston Family Chronicles. The show will document the grieving family across 10 one-hour episodes on the Lifetime network to air later this year.

Meanwhile, the newly engaged Bobby Brown told Billboard Friday that he has not heard of the show. “I haven’t heard about that and I definitely question it,” he said. “But I know my daughter will make the right decisions in her life. She was brought up right.” Brown, who starred in the 2005 series Being Bobby Brown is also working on his own reality show.

“The Houston Family Chronicles was already in the works at the time of Whitney’s death. [Her] unexpected passing … certainly affects the direction of the show,” Pat, the wife of Whitney’s brother Gary said. “However it is my hope that others will be enlightened as they watch our family heal and move forward.”

While we applaud Bobbi’s courage to be able participate in this tribute, we wonder how her ummm… singing ability will stand up next to the likes of Gladys Knight and Monica. Will she be able to stand the pressure of not necessarily sounding like her mother but at least meeting her standard of vocal greatness? Jesus be an auto-tune.

Will you be tuning into The Billboard Awards?


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