Drake’s High School Commencement Speech [Video]

Congrats Drake! According to Hip-Hop Wired!

Before making it big as an artistDrake starred in a teen drama called, Degrassi: The Next Generation. The popularity of the show caused Drake to drop out of high school, and his subsequent success in music caused him never to go back.

Well a few weeks ago, after months of hitting the books, Drizzy finally graduated from high school. After tweeting his excitement over accomplishing the feat, Drake delivered a commencement speech at Jarvis Collegiate in Toronto, CA.

“What this is about is the art of following through and that’s one of the most important life lessons that my uncle ever taught me,” Drake said in his speech.

Check out the full video below.


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Teacher Tells Philly Student Wearing A Romney Shirt To “Get Out Of The Classroom”!

The poor girl took her teacher seriously…

In a ‘what the hell was she thinking’ moment, 16-year-old high school student Samantha Pawlucy showed up to school on ‘dress down Friday’ in jeans and a t-shirt…but Samantha’s pink shirt drew extra attention because she was wearing a Robney/Lyan tee.

According to NBC News…

“The teacher told me to get out of the classroom, I said no,” Samantha said.

“She told me to take off my shirt and said that she has another one if I need one. And then the teacher asked me… ‘Are your parents Republican?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ She said that’s like her wearing a KKK shirt.”

Samantha was so embarrassed by the public criticism in front of her classmates that she told her parents she didn’t want to return to school.

“I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t think it was right at all.”

They requested a meeting with the principal and the teacher. The teacher apologized to Samantha and her parents saying that the statement was meant as a joke.

“It was funny to her, but I was really embarrassed,” Samantha said.

“If it was a joke between two adults, I can take a joke like that but (my daughter) didn’t know how to take it. She doesn’t understand, she actually thinks she did something wrong,” her father, Richard Pawlucy, said.

“I can just picture her sitting there, feeling ashamed for just wearing a T-shirt,” said her mother, Christine Pawlucy. “That someone could spin that and throw it back on a 16-year-old child and make her feel so terrible.”

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia School District told NBCPhiladelphia.com that the teacher was transferred to another classroom as the district investigates the incident.

Now we’ve all had teachers who cracked on us back in the day. Do you think her teacher took it too far or can this girl not take a joke?

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Drake Is Spending His 2012 Summer Finishing High School

While kickin it at a hooka joint Drake spoke on all the drama going on with his managers getting sued by his “discoverer” Jas Prince.  He also told the world he’s getting his high school diploma in Toronto this summer.

Drake lets everyone knows-no matter who files a lawsuite-He’s staying with his young money team!

Drake tweeted his fans stating:

Despite what your daily dose of bullshit may lead you to believe. I am forever about this Young Money team.

As for the lawsuit drama, Business Insider reports:

“A Houston music scion credited with discovering rapper Drake says the artist’s managers are withholding his $100,000 cut of profits and are stiffing Drake, putting ‘the entire Drake business in jeopardy.'”

In total, there are 10 claims against Drake’s current manager Cortez Bryant, Gerald “Gee” Roberson, Derrick Lawrence and the firm Aspire Music Group LLC.

“Prince says he and Bryant agreed to split their share of Drake’s profits. Drake has since sold millions of records and won numerous awards,” reports CNS. “The parties allegedly tried to resolve their differences with a settlement agreement … They were to receive 22 percent of Aspire’s share of profits, 22 percent of Aspire’s ownership share of Drake’s master recordings, and 5 percent of Drake’s gross pay, according to the lawsuit.”

Aspire Music Group has allegedly refused to pay accordingly, and now Prince wants the court to appoint a receiver and bar the defendants from renegotiating their contracts with Drake until they get paid.

Also, Drake told the Canadian publication NOW that he’s spending his summer back in Toronto finishing high school.  Since he left with only 1 credit left a few years ago.

“I’m actually spending my summer graduating high school.  That’s my main focus after OVO Fest. I only have one credit left, and I’m really excited about that.”

To all you artist-don’t do what Drake did-Get an education & rap if thats what you want to do-but if you have to choose GET THE EDUCATION!


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Students Make Racist Drawing Of Barack Obama In Class

Students at a Baltimore County high school drew a racially offensive picture on a classroom board last week and then sent it out on Twitter, prompting the principal to call police and suspend several students. The picture, drawn during class at Eastern Technical High School, shows three nooses hanging from the rafters of a building, according to Baltimore County police spokesman Cathy Batton. Beside the ropes are a burning cross with three stick figures in pointed hats, suggesting the Ku Klux Klan. To the right is a grave marker with the name Barack Obama at the top; under the president’s name are two racial epithets. “We have a group of teenagers who made bad decisions. It was coupled with a lack of supervision by a teacher. We are going to use it as a teaching opportunity next year,” said Eastern Tech Principal Tom Evans.

Some African-American parents say their children have told them they have heard racial slurs and jokes told about blacks in the Essex-area school in the past year. Some parents reported the issue to administrators, while others have said their children stayed quiet. The picture was drawn the morning of June 7, the day before school ended. The drawing was made toward the end of the class period when students were coming and going, said Batton, who had reviewed the police report. At the time, the teacher did not notice because she was at her desk talking to several students about their final exam grades. A student told her about the drawing. “When she went to go see, most of the images had been erased,” Batton said.

But a student in the class had taken a photo of the drawing before it was erased, and posted the photo on Twitter, where it was seen by other students. Early the next morning, a parent emailed the photo that her child had taken from the social media site to an assistant principal, Batton said. Since then several parents have seen the photo. “It was disgraceful. I am not naive,” said one African-American mother of an Eastern Tech student; she did not want to be identified for fear that her child would face retaliation. “It was shocking to see how raw it was. You didn’t have to decode it. It was blatant … and it made me angry.”

While she knows that racism exists, the mother said, she never expected her child to feel the school wasn’t safe or that he had to confront it in such a brutal way. She said her child has heard white students call him and other black students names, as well as tell racial jokes. “I just never realized my kid would face it in this extreme manner,” the mother said. “I looked at [the picture] for an hour in total disbelief.”

Evans said he does not believe the incident reflects the culture at his very diverse school, which has a 30 percent minority population of Asians, blacks and Hispanics. Evans said students from many countries and backgrounds attend the school and they all get along. “The culture here is very positive. These kids all get along very well. This issue is the first time in my five years here that there has been any group targeted because of their race. We have no tolerance for this sort of thing,” said Evans.

Eastern Tech, a magnet school, is considered one of the best high schools in the region. The school has entrance requirements and is designated as a National Blue Ribbon High School, one of only two in the county. It has a high percentage of graduates who have passed at least one Advanced Placement test before they graduate. Evans said the two students who drew the picture, and another who posted it on social media, have been suspended, but final disciplinary actions have not been determined.

Police will not bring charges, Batton said, because the incident is not considered a hate crime. She said the police report was preliminary and therefore she could not release it.


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Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz Give Back to the Community in South Florida





According to photographer Thad of Exclusiveaccess.net, rappers Rick Ross and Swizz Beatz gave back to the community in a big way today in South Florida!

Students at Carol City Senior High School in Miami got a major surprise this morning. Rihanna’s baby daddy, rapper Rick Ross made a special appearance at his high school alma mater to donate iPads to the CAP Program.

Ross was joined by music producer Swizz Beats, and together they distributed many pairs of Reebok sneakers to the boys and girls high school track team. The shoes are an incentive for students who successfully pass the college placement test administered at Carol City Senior High School.


Ms. White, the school’s CAP Advisor explained, “Rick Ross made history coming back to his high school; many celebrities and politicians have graduated from Carol City Senior High School but he’s the first to come back and connect with the new students”.

The Principal, Mr. Dunn (pictured above, center, with Reebok’s Damion Presson, left) explained, “We commend Rick Ross for giving back to Miami Carol City Senior High School. By doing so, he is setting a wonderful example for our students and community”. Most of the iPads donated by Rick Ross will be used for students to complete their college applications.

Swizz Beatz poses with blogger Courtney OMG of 365voice.com.

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Black Autistic Georgia High School Student Denied Graduation Due To State Law

This is just sad…

Sinclaire Coffer, a 17-year-old high school student with autism, is fighting to be allowed to graduate from North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs, Ga., after the state Board of Education ruled against it:

While Coffer has passed every other portion of the state’s graduation exam, he has failed the math portion five times.

“We’ve gotten a private tutor,” his mother Linda Coffer told WSB-TV. “He’s taken classes that are offered by the school in summer and throughout the school year.”

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Coffer applied for a waiver which would have allowed him to graduate despite failing the exam. The state Board of Education, however, voted to deny his request.

Still, the student’s family maintains that he is unable to pass the math portion of the exam due to his diagnosis, rather than a lack of hard work.

“Once he starts it, and he learns it, he can do it. But when you walk away, he forgets the steps,” Coffer’s mother told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Newscore reports that Georgia recently changed a law to require all students pass the math exam in order to graduate. However, those changes will not go into effect until next year. Meanwhile, Coffer’s family has not been given a reason for the board’s decision.

According to his mother, Sinclaire can perform math functions proficiently while he’s learning it, it’s just the memorization of the steps and recalling them in a test environment that his diagnosis prevents. Wouldn’t common sense be to let him take the math portion as an open-book test? If he can function by following written instructions, then he can function in the real world and deserves to graduate.

The Board must either justify its position or allow the kid to graduate; they owe the family that much at least.


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