Kobe Bryant Says Barack Obama “Talks A Lot Of Trash”

What does he say Kobe, “You wasn’t wit me shootin’ at the gym!”?

Kobe Bryant Says Barack Obama “Talks A Lot Of Trash”

Kobe and Barack Obama have balled it up a few times at the White House and the Lakers star recently revealed a little about Obama’s game on the basketball court during an interview with “Ellen.”
Via People:

L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the NBA, but there is one opponent he goes a little easy on: President Barack Obama.

Bryant, who has played some games against the commander-in-chief at the White House, says Obama is “very, very good” on the basketball court, but Bryant was tentative about going full-out during their competitions.

“The thing that’s interesting is that if he makes a nice move, you kind of catch yourself,” Bryant tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Friday. “I’m going to steal the ball from him. Then all the sudden, I start peeking around looking for the CIA. I say, you know, I should just let him go.”

DeGeneres agrees, advising Bryant, “Let him win.”

But Bryant says he couldn’t hold back when it came to some harmless trash-talking on the court – but he swears he didn’t start it.

“He talks a lot of trash,” Bryant says of Obama. “You know he’s from Chicago – the Bulls through and through. He always talks Bulls this, the Bulls that. I’m like, my goodness. Can I talk trash to the President?”

Asked if he did indeed trash-talk right back, Bryant says, “Of course I did. I couldn’t help it.”

Pure comedy… Usually Kobe is such an a$$hole on the court, we can’t even imagine him giving the Prez a break!

Photo Credit: AP

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Kobe & His Fam Enjoying The Olympics!!!

According to theybf: “Last night at the Aquatics Center in London, Kobe Bryant and fam were on hand to see Michael Phelps very last race of his career.  Michael went out with a bang–a Gold medal in the team relays and his 22nd medal of his career.  SO the Bryant family was there to show their support for the most decorated Olympian of all time.


Clearly Kobe & ‘Nessa had a tickle fest witht heir daughter.



Fun times!  Kobe and crew play Argentina tomorrow night in London.”

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The Williams Sisters Just Copped Their Third Gold Medal In An Olympics Doubles!!!

These girls are amazing!!!

According to theybf: “Venus & Serena have done it again!  The Williams sisters just copped their third Gold Medal in an Olympics Doubles event.  Deets inside, plus Kobe & Vanessa sharing some fun family time at the Swimming finals…

After winning her very first Singles Gold yesterday, Serena teamed up with her big sis today in London to take a 6-4, 6-4 victory over Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka of the Czech Republic.

The twosome won Gold in Sydney in 2000 and Beijing in 2008.  Venus commented after the win:

“We all talk about this, ‘We have so many medals,’ but to be able to add to that, it’s like an unbelievable feeling.  You know that in that count, there you are. It feels amazing.”




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Kobe’s Wife Furious After He Takes a Picture with Two Women With His Shirt Off

Kobe’s Wife Vanessa Bryant is allegedly pissed off at him for taking another picture that shows that he might be a less than perfect husband.  Bryant was photographed with his shirt off between two women at a party.

Vanessa doesn’t get the fact that Kobe, after being accused of raping a random women just a few years ago, keeps putting himself into compromising situations with women.  But she stays with him anyway, so maybe the money makes it worth all the possible STDs she might get from being married to a man who likes to get around.

Let’s hope Kobe’s not having too much fun over in London this summer.

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LeBron James Joins Kobe In His Wishful Thinking: About Beating 1992 Dream Team [Video]

According to Hip-Hop Wired: Kobe Bryant made news, and earned epic levels of commentary and slander, when he said his current Olympic basketball squad would beat the 1992 Dream Team if they met on the court. In an interview with ABC News, LeBron James was asked what he thought about Kobe’s prediction and if he agreed. King James gave a measured and politically correct answer, that pretty much meant “yes.”

“Kobe is a teammate of mine, and I support him,” said LeBron. “As a competitor, you never want to say that you will lose, no matter who you’re going against.The ’92 Dream Team paved the way for all of us. The set a standard in the Olympics and basketball in general that’s very high. As a competitor and as a fan of those guys you try to live up to that. You try to be better than them so people start talking about your team, the 2012 team. So we understand what they did for our game, but we also are big time competitors as well. So if we had an opportunity to play them, in  a game, we feel like we would win too.”

Coincidentally, at a press conference on Friday (July 27th), Kobe admitted that the 1992 squad that features 11 NBA Hall Of Famers is the better team, but he stuck to his story and said that the current team would beat them at least one game. Fair enough.

Team USA’s Men’s basketball team’s first Olympic game goes down tomorrow (July 29th) against France.

Who do you think would win if Kobe and LeBron’s hoopers hopped in a huge DeLorean and played the Michael Jordan led Dream Team? Michael’s thoughts below, after the clip LeBron’s interview.


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Kobe Bryant Wants Vanessa Back…

According to Theybf:

Kobe Bryant is ready to get his act together and has vowed (to Vanessa) that he won’t ever stray away (at least not again!). Get the deets inside…..

Kobe Bryant is ready to get his “grown man” on and stop running around with other women.

Sources close to the Bryants say Kobe is courting Vanessa with expensive gifts and has vowed to never cheat again.

Is it working? Apparently……Vanessa has been very receptive.  And now there’s talk of a reconciliation and Vanessa withdrawing those legal docs.

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We knew Vanessa Bryant could get up to half of Kobe’s money when she filed for divorce from him in December, and according to reports that’s exactly what she got.

Vanessa is reportedly walking away with $75 million—half of Kobe’s worth— plus three homes (mansions) in the divorce settlement. The first home is the one which she, Kobe, and their two daughters lived in, the second is a house her mother currently resides in, and the third is a property that was just completed after a two-year construction. Initially, Kobe was said to be moving into the new place, but it seems he’s “homeless” at the momment.
Nothing appears to be settled yet regarding the children. Vanessa is said to have requested joint custody of their daughters Natalia and Gianna but she also asked that Kobe get visitation rights, suggesting she wants them in her care the majority of the time. From the looks of the property settlement, Kobe seems to be going down without a fight so I’m sure she’ll get her way with the kids as well. She can certainly afford to take care of them.


KOBE BRYANT AND VANESSA Horse Trade Houses in Divorce



Kobe’s wife-soon to be ex-wife is already cleaning up! Already got 2 mansions signed over to her! You go girl!

According to TMZ:

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa are well on their way to becoming single … because we’ve learned Kobe has already transferred title on two of his mansions over to his soon-to-be ex-wife.

TMZ has checked official records … which show on January 5th, Kobe surrendered his interest in 2 of their estates to Vanessa … on that same day Vanessa surrendered her interest in a 3rd home to Kobe.

As far as who got what … the title transfers don’t list addresses, but our sources say Vanessa is now the full owner of the mansion she shared with Kobe in Newport Coast. As for the second home Vanessa now owns in full …  it’s the nearby mansion where her mother has been living.

We’re told the estate Vanessa fully deeded to Kobe is the one currently under construction – also in Newport Coast.

TMZ broke the story … Vanessa filed for divorce from Kobe on Dec 16th.

Although we heard rumblings of a possible reconciliation … the property transfers make it seem the divorce is going full throttle.

Kobe’s rep, Michael Sitrick, had no comment.