Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama Toya Celebrates Her 29th With Her Girls! [Photos]

Toya threw it down for her birthday over the weekend and from the looks of things, she and her girls had a slizzard ladies night out.

She partied at Do not disturb Fridays at Room Service Miami in South Beach and we’ve got exclusive pics for you to view.

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Madam Prezdient: Obama 2012: Let’s Do It Again!


Madam Prezident She wrote this amazing poem to encourage African American youth to get out and vote for President Barack Obama. Not only is she a political activist, she is a writer, leader and emerging media personality. Is she one of the dopest young black poets in America?-Black Voices


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Rapper Mystikal Will Trade In His Mic To Be A Porn Star

Really bruh???

Mystikal Says He Will Do Adult Films If His Rap Career Doesn’t Work Out

According to TMZ reports:

Mystikal is giving music one last shot — but tells TMZ, if he fails to make another hit on his next album … HE’S TURNING TO ADULT FILM.

This is not a joke. Mystikal tells us, he needs to make sure the money keeps coming in … and if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s having filthy sex. So skin-flicks are his plan b.

Which is either crazy … or perfect — because Mystikal served SIX YEARS in prison for sexual battery beginning in 2004 after forcing his hairstylist to perform sex acts on him.

But Mystikal is undeterred, telling us he already has a history in “the industry” — winning an AVN award in 2003 for an adult movie he made (he doesn’t actually have sex in it though).

We asked Mystikal who he’d want to star in his first skin flick, and the rapper said Pinky — adding, “She’s a bad b!t$#. I would take her down in a second.”

As for whether he’s got the requisite hardware to be a male “freak flick” star, Mystikal wouldn’t give an exact size, but said, “I’m definitely the man, the myth, and the legend.”

Aye, it’s hard out here for a 40-year-old rapper with struggling bars.

Ladies, would you let Mystikal slide his “legend” between your thighs??

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New Report Shows 12 States With High Obesity Rates, Are You Living In The Land Of The Obese?

Can where you live be the cause of your Obesity?!!

12 States With The Highest Obesity Rates In The Country

A new government survey shows 12 states now have very high obesity rates.

Overall, more than a third of adults are obese but rates vary by state. The latest figures are based on a 2011 telephone survey that asked adults their height and weight.

For the first time, households with only cell phones were included.

State rates remained about the same although states with very high rates went from nine to 12.

At least 30 percent of adults are obese in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

Colorado was lowest, at just under 21 percent, and Mississippi was highest at nearly 36 percent.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the figures Monday.

Meanwhile, the survey shows New York has a relatively low level of obesity among adults.

The rate in New York stood at 24.5 percent.

Colorado was lowest, at just under 21 percent, and Mississippi was highest at nearly 35 percent.


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Mystikal Is Locked Up Again…

The Rapper Mystikal is Back In Jail

We’re gonna need for this guy to get his life together…Mystikal, who was famous for his song “Shake Ya Ass” needs to get his ass in shape.

The artist was sent back to jail again in Louisiana on a charge that relates to domestic violence.  He’s going to serve a 90 days jail term for the offense.

Mystikal’s real name is Michael Tyler and he was charged in Baton Rouge.  According to TMZ, the charge was a violation of Tyler’s probation and he sent the artist right back to the slammer.

The probation was for five years after the artist served six years for forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him back in 2003.  The woman allegedly stole money from Tyler and he seemed to feel that he was owed something in return.

To use the words of Mystikal’s most famous song, “Attention all you playas and pimps, get an education and stop trying to live off that rap money.  You’ll look silly trying to live off in 2012 off of stuff you did back in the year 2000.”


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