Is Jermaine Jackson Really Changing His Last Name?

According to,

Here we go! Is there a year where a Jackson member doesn’t break headlines? Jermaine is finishing off 2012 with a bang. Jermaine is changing his famous last name to something more artistic: Jacksun. He is legally changing his name to a name that will bring more light to his artistic self. Jermaine’s friend tries to defends him by saying “Phonetically, it changes nothing”. Jackson’s hearing is scheduled for February 2013. Until then, I honestly don’t know what to say but RIP Michael.

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Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama Toya Celebrates Her 29th With Her Girls! [Photos]

Toya threw it down for her birthday over the weekend and from the looks of things, she and her girls had a slizzard ladies night out.

She partied at Do not disturb Fridays at Room Service Miami in South Beach and we’ve got exclusive pics for you to view.

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Hip-Hop & Education: Questlove To Teach NYU Course On ‘Classic Albums’

Something positive in hip-hop!

According to Hip-Hop Wired:

In addition to being the musical brainchild behind The Roots, who are also the house band for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson will be adding another job title to his lengthy resume

Quest will be joining Universal Music Enterprises vice president of A&R Harry Weinger to co-teach a course titled ‘Classic Albums’ at the Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts this Spring semester. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two-credit course is said to touch on albums such as Sly & The Family Stone’Stand! & There’s A Riot Goin’ OnAretha Franklin’s Lady SoulLed Zeppelin’s IVPrince’s Dirty MindMichael Jackson’s Off The Wall and the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique.

“[?uestlove] really does represent this hybrid figure in the music industry at this point, this person who is a musician, has social media abilities, is an archivist, has an incredible music mind, and really understands the history of music in a way that you would previously only expect from music journalists,” said Jason King, associate professor of recorded music and head of history and criticism at the Institute. “So it’s exciting to have him in this position doing something that in many ways comes naturally to him.”

Questlove joins a number of Hip-Hop heads including 9th Wonder, Bun B, and Swizz Beatz that have taught classes at prestigious universities.


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TV One Wants To Replace Nicci Gilbert With Kelly Price On “R&B Divas”

Already?! After only two episodes???

TV One Wants To Replace Nicci Gilbert With Kelly Price

Via RadarOnline

You really have to be pretty darn diva-esque to be axed from a show about divas!

But, according to a source that’s exactly what is happening to Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, one of the co-stars of R & B Divas, is exclusively reporting.

TV One’s new reality series broke a network record with its first episode last Monday as most-watched original premiere in the history of the channel.

Now comes word that the show, which chronicles the lives of R&B singers Faith Evans, Monifah Carter, Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt and Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, is looking to axe one of its cast members.

Sources close to the show tell that the network is planning to drop Nicci, the former lead singer for Michael Jackson’s girl group Brownstone, from the show before they begin shooting the second season this fall.

To add insult to injury…

“Despite doing interviews with her whole message of positivity, Nicci was a terror to work with on the show,” a source says. “Publicly, she says she wanted this show to be the anti- Housewives, but privately her actions made her a fit for Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.”

Producers for R&B Divas have already begun courting a replacement for Gilbert in Grammy nominee Kelly Price. Kelly, a close friend of the late Whitney Houston and the last person to perform with Whitney two nights before she died, has apparently already met with producers about joining the cast.

Nicci is credited as a co-executive producer on Divas but our source says the network will “just pay her a producer credit and cancel her talent contract.”

We’re sure Nicci will come out with some kind of statement refuting these claims, but we can’t see why the producers would lie about her actin’ like a lil beyotch, especially if it was good for the show.

Maybe the cast was tired of her D-List azz too…

Image via TV One

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MJ’s Kids Enjoys Six Flags Great America

Things are looking up for MJ’s kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket! Michael Jackson’s kids Prince (15), Paris (14) and Blanket (10) were photographed visiting Six Flags Great America with new co-guardian, TJ Jackson, along with other family and friends.

Who are the other kids in the picture tho? TJ’s seeds?

Do you think Paris, Prince and Blanket are loving life with TJ?

Photo courtesy of Six Flags Great America.

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Katherine Jackson Refuses To Press Charges Against Her Children!!!

Katherine Jackson is holding down the Jackson family! According to TMZ:

Katherine Jackson has no plans to press charges against her own children over her recent “trip” to Arizona … a lawyer for the Jackson family matriarch tells TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Jackson’s declaration following the Arizona spa ordeal — which came as part of her bid to obtain co-guardianship over Prince, Paris, and Blanket — seemed to suggest she was tricked into going and had no idea MJ’s kids were worried about her. As part of the declaration, Jackson said, “At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me.”

But Katherine’s attorney, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ she has “absolutely” no plans to press charges over the incident, telling us, “This chapter of chaos is closed and we are supportive of family unity in spite of recent events and arguably poor decisions.”

For now.

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Prince Jackson Puts Aunt Janet Jackson On Blast!!!

Prince Jackson Reveals Text Messages Proving Janet Jackson Tried Keeping Her Mom Away From Him And His Siblings

While his sister Paris continued to tweet about their Grandmother throughout the night, big brother Prince decided to finally have his say about the Jackson Family Feud.

From his verified Twitter account Prince penned a short message to fans using Twitlonger:


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Randy And Jermaine Want Michael’s Estate To Pay Their Child Support Bills!!

Randy And Jermaine Jackson Seek Help From Michael Jackson’s Estate Paying Their Child Support

Randy and Jermaine Jackson are trifling as hell! Come to find out, they’re trying to get their hands on Michael’s paper because they can’t afford to pay child support to the ex-wife they share in common!

According to RadarOnline reports:

In a new twist, has exclusively learned that Randy and Jermaine asked Michael Jackson’s estate to pay for their child support!

The Jackson 5 singers approached the estate to help them with the fees for their former wife Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza – who Randy, 56, and Jermaine, 57, each have two kids with.

The pair made the desperate move in the last 12 months after they had grave concerns they could face jail.

“Both Randy and Jermaine were behind on their child support payments – the only way they felt they could pay it was through Michael’s estate,” an insider revealed.

“Jermaine’s kids Jaafar and Jermajesty and Randy’s sons Donte and Randy Jr. were moved into a condo in San Fernando Valley owned by the estate to help with the legal fees a few years back.

“But, despite that, Randy and Jermaine felt they needed extra help and they pleaded with the estate’s lawyer for help.

“They were concerned that they could face jail time or even more charges in fines for falling behind on child support.

“However, their request was shot down immediately as the estate has no legal obligations to Michael’s siblings,” the source said.

Sounds like these guys need to hit the chitlin circuit and drum up some funds doing throwback performances!

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Drama, Drama, and More Drama Inside The Jackson Family

An all out war at the Jackson family home..

Chaos In The Jackson Household Reaches It’s Peak

As the drama heats up in the Jackson household, big cousin TJ, who was recently revealed as Kim Kardashian’s first love, (Tito’s son) wants to step in and come to the rescue of his three little cousins that are caught in the middle of it all.

via TMZ

It was all out war at Katherine Jackson’s house in Calabasas Monday … complete with slapping and punching … TMZ has learned.

We now have details about the incident. Sources who were there say two SUVs with Randy, Jermaine and Janet inside, followed a car driving Michael Jackson’s 3 kids inside the gates. We’re told Randy, Jermaine and Janet did not have authority to enter.

Once on the grounds, we’re told MJ’s 3 siblings tried to strong-arm Paris, Prince and Blanket. Their mission was to get them in an SUV and take them to Arizona, where Katherine has been staying.

Our sources say at one point Janet tried to grab a resistant Paris’ cell phone, a scuffle ensued and Janet slapped the teenager, screaming, “You’re a spoiled little bitch!” We’re told Paris fired back with her own slap and told Janet, “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!”

At the same time, we’re told Trent Jackson, who was at the house, tried to stop an aggressive Randy and Jermaine. We’re told Trent put Randy in a headlock and punched Jermaine in the mouth.

Tito Joe Jackson, aka TJ, the 34-year-old son of Michael Jackson’s brother Tito, is having his lawyer draft legal docs in a bid to become temporary guardian of MJ’s 3 kids … TMZ has learned.

People familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Paris, Prince and Blanket all want TJ to be their guardian because they believe Katherine — their current guardian — has effectively been kidnapped by MJ’s siblings. The kids haven’t seen Katherine in 9 days.

Under California law, a judge would not grant a temporary guardian for teenagers unless the kids were on board with the selection, and we’re told all 3 kids are down with it. We’re told TJ has often acted like a parent to the kids and they love him.

Talk about a family feud! It sounds like the best place for MJ’s kids just might be with cousin TJ.  Then maybe those poor thangs will have some stability for the first time since their father passed away.

Images via Wen

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Randy Jackson Says “MJ Executors are Criminals”

Why the Jacksons have to act like this over money?
According to TMZ:
Randy Jackson just came out swinging against the people in charge of the Michael Jackson Estate — claiming the executors are “criminals” who falsified documents for their own personal gain … but it’s looking like Randy’s plot is quickly crashing and burning.

Jackson just spoke with Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s “Politics Nation” … and tried to explain why he and his siblings are trying to overthrow John Branca and John McClain.

“We feel there is criminal misconduct,” Jackson said … claiming the executors had a hand in faking MJ’s will … and Randy believes he can prove it because Michael was in NY on the day he supposedly signed the document in L.A.

Problem is … Randy’s argument has a GIANT flaw … the “mistake” he’s pointing to is based on a witness who merely forgot what city he was in at the time the will was signed.

There are witnesses who saw MJ sign the will … and it has been validated by the court.

But even if Randy and his siblings were to get the will invalidated … MJ’s old will cuts them out of MJ’s fortune too … and it appoints Branca executor.

Multiple sources tell TMZ … the situation is simply a money grab by MJ’s siblings who know that once Katherine Jackson dies … MJ’s money goes in trusts for his kids. Randy and co. will never get a dime.

Randy kept saying they are a family.  Paris begs to differ, because she just tweeted, “Family” they said.  Can you feel the sarcasm?    And apparently Randy hasn’t read our website … that Tito has already jumped the “family” ship.

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