TLC Shows Half Ton Woman Accused Of Killing Her Nephew In New Special!!!

This story has us asking way too many questions…Mayra Rosales weighs more than 1000lbs and is bedridden due to her severe obesity. After babysitting her sisters four kids on the regular for months, she confessed to crushing and killing her two-year-old nephew, Eliseo, Jr. back in 2008.

Sadly enough we found out the conclusions of the case so we’ll give you a quick spoiler alert [STOP READING NOW!!] if you want to watch the special without knowing the whole story.

Here’s the breakdown…Because of her condition, Mayra was bedridden. And because of her inability to move, she was not supposed to be taking care of her sister Jaime‘s kids, but she often babysat them. Although lawyers on both sides began to realize that Mayra hadn’t killed Eliseo Jr., she still had to go on trial. It took months to find a court room big enough (no pun intended) to accommodate Mayra and even then, they had to take walls out to get her in.

Mayra confessed that her sister Jaime had been abusing Eliseo for a while and that in one instance, she’d whacked her son with a hairbrush when he refused to eat…but when the paramedics came to take Eliseo Jr. out of the home, Jaime begged Mayra to take the blame.

“I thought I was dying anyway,” Mayra said, “so I decided to admit that I’d done it to protect my sister because I love her.”

Jaime showed Mayra how much she loved her and bailed, leaving Mayra to possibly face a death sentence. Jaime did return though and confessed to killing Eliseo Jr. and was sentenced to 15 years in jail. The stress of the case was too much for Mayra’s health and sadly, she is confined to a hospital bed at a medical center for the super-obese. She’s said that it feels just like being in jail.

This is a sad story for so many reasons…the full episode isn’t on until October and you’ll be damn sure we’re going to watch!

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New Report Shows 12 States With High Obesity Rates, Are You Living In The Land Of The Obese?

Can where you live be the cause of your Obesity?!!

12 States With The Highest Obesity Rates In The Country

A new government survey shows 12 states now have very high obesity rates.

Overall, more than a third of adults are obese but rates vary by state. The latest figures are based on a 2011 telephone survey that asked adults their height and weight.

For the first time, households with only cell phones were included.

State rates remained about the same although states with very high rates went from nine to 12.

At least 30 percent of adults are obese in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

Colorado was lowest, at just under 21 percent, and Mississippi was highest at nearly 36 percent.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the figures Monday.

Meanwhile, the survey shows New York has a relatively low level of obesity among adults.

The rate in New York stood at 24.5 percent.

Colorado was lowest, at just under 21 percent, and Mississippi was highest at nearly 35 percent.


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The Most Physically Fit 10 Year Old In America!!!

Umm, this baby is cut up, however this song as a background song is not inappropriate!!!!

The most cut 10 year old in the world!


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