Lady Sings A Song About Fried Chicken, BUT SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING!

According to Yourblackworld: It’s one thing to love friend chicken and it is quite another thing to love Jesus but when the two come together into a song, it may just be too much.

Logan Mac is a woman who, apparently, does not care about being a singing stereotype who will be subjected to a lot of ridicule, but she does love chicken and Jesus and she wrote a song about it.

With lines like “Don’t let me die skinny, lawd,” and “I Wanna Be Thick For You Jesus” its hard to believe that Logan is being serious, but when you watch the video, you will see that the intensity with which she sings leaves very little doubt that she is in fact a Jesus loving,  chicken loving and eating woman.

While Logan’s song may be mildly amusing, it does bring a terrible stereotype to the forefront. Black women are constantly stereotyped as “loving the lord” and loving “soul food,” which chicken is a staple of.

With the high rate of heart disease and diabetes that plague the Black community disproportionately, it seems that Logan’s song may not be so amusing after all.

No one can fault you for loving Jesus but loving friend chicken to the extent that you write a song about it is sad when you think about what it does to your health.


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