Stupid Criminal: Housekeeper Arrested For Stealing $3 Million Ben Franklin Statue

Housekeeper Arrested For Stealing $3 Million Ben Franklin Statue

What was this lady thinking???

According to NBC News:

Police in Maryland have arrested a housekeeper accused of stealing a rare porcelain bust of Ben Franklin worth $3 million, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Monday. The authorities caught up with Andrea Lawton on Friday as she was getting off a bus in Elkton, Md., carrying the artwork in a gunny sack, according to the report. Lawton had been working for the owner George A. D’Angelo as a cleaner in his Bryn Mawr, Penn., home just three days before the rare 18th century bust disappeared on Aug. 24. The piece was cracked across the breastplate during its absence, the Inquirer said.

While working at the D’Angelo home, Lawton had been told not to touch the bust and that it was “extremely valuable,” according to an affidavit of probable cause that supported the arrest warrant. The piece was one of four made by sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon while Franklin was living in Paris as Minister to France, in the late 1770s, according to Blouin Artinfo. Lawton, also known as Andrea Gresham, was charged with theft, fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property, according to papers filed in federal court in Philadelphia.


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Paris Hilton Apologizes For “Gay Guys Are Disgusting, Have AIDS” Comments

Paris..please find the nearest bridge, and JUMP!

Paris Hilton Apologizes For Offensive Comments About Gays


Paris Hilton continued to do damage control Thursday, apologizing for saying gay men were “disgusting” and “probably had AIDS.”

“I am so sorry and so upset that I caused pain to my gay friends, fans and their families,” Hilton said in part of a lengthy apology she released to the the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD.) “Gay people are the strongest and most inspiring people I know.”

Hilton’s apology comes the same day an audio recording of her speaking about gay people appeared on the Internet.

The audio was recorded as Hilton was riding in a cab with “an openly gay male model” during New York Fashion Week in the early morning hours of Friday, September 7, RadarOnline reported.

This broad here…

Hilton’s publicist, in a statement sent to CNN Thursday, confirmed the recording was authentic, but said, “It was not her intent to make any derogatory comments about all gays.”

“Paris Hilton is a huge supporter of the gay community and would never purposefully make any negative statements about anyone’s sexual orientation,” the statement said.

…”I was having this private conversation with a friend of mine who is gay and our conversation was in no way towards the entire gay community,” her statement said. “It is the last thing that I would ever want to do and I cannot put into words how much I wish I could take back every word.”

Considering that Paris’ whole existence started with a leaked freaky tape, she should probably just sit her yayo-sniffin, flat-caked, hoe-a$$ down somewhere.

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Paris Hilton Says “Gay Men Are Disgusting… Dude, Most Probably Have AIDS”

Really? Paris Hilton..discussing hoes?!?! *raised eye brow*

According to TMZ reports:

Paris Hilton is under fire for comments she made about gay men … claiming, “Gay guys are the horniest people in the world … they’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.”

The comments were made during a Sept. 7 cab ride in NYC — and Hilton’s team claims the cab driver secretly recorded the audio while Paris was having a conversation with a gay friend.

During the conversation, a man can be heard bringing up Grindr — a popular social web site that gay men sometimes use to find sexual partners.

Hilton responds, “Ewwww … gay guys are the horniest people in the world. Most of them probably have AIDS … I would be so scared if I was a gay guy … you’ll like die of AIDS.”

Hilton’s rep has released a statement … saying, “Paris Hilton’s comments were to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life threatening disease.”

“The conversation became heated, after a close gay friend told her in a cab ride, a story about a gay man who has AIDS and is knowingly having unprotected sex. He also discussed a website that encourages random sex by gay men with strangers.”

“As she was being shown the website her comments were in reference to those people promoting themselves on the site. The cab driver who recorded this, only provided a portion of the conversation.”

“It was not her intent to make any derogatory comments about all gays.”

“Paris Hilton is a huge supporter of the gay community and would never purposefully make any negative statements about anyone’s sexual orientation.”

Sounds like they invented a whole website just to keep from admitting Paris is just a hateful person who doesn’t like blacks AND gay people. SMH.

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MJ’s Kids Enjoys Six Flags Great America

Things are looking up for MJ’s kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket! Michael Jackson’s kids Prince (15), Paris (14) and Blanket (10) were photographed visiting Six Flags Great America with new co-guardian, TJ Jackson, along with other family and friends.

Who are the other kids in the picture tho? TJ’s seeds?

Do you think Paris, Prince and Blanket are loving life with TJ?

Photo courtesy of Six Flags Great America.

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Katherine Jackson Refuses To Press Charges Against Her Children!!!

Katherine Jackson is holding down the Jackson family! According to TMZ:

Katherine Jackson has no plans to press charges against her own children over her recent “trip” to Arizona … a lawyer for the Jackson family matriarch tells TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Jackson’s declaration following the Arizona spa ordeal — which came as part of her bid to obtain co-guardianship over Prince, Paris, and Blanket — seemed to suggest she was tricked into going and had no idea MJ’s kids were worried about her. As part of the declaration, Jackson said, “At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me.”

But Katherine’s attorney, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ she has “absolutely” no plans to press charges over the incident, telling us, “This chapter of chaos is closed and we are supportive of family unity in spite of recent events and arguably poor decisions.”

For now.

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Prince Jackson Puts Aunt Janet Jackson On Blast!!!

Prince Jackson Reveals Text Messages Proving Janet Jackson Tried Keeping Her Mom Away From Him And His Siblings

While his sister Paris continued to tweet about their Grandmother throughout the night, big brother Prince decided to finally have his say about the Jackson Family Feud.

From his verified Twitter account Prince penned a short message to fans using Twitlonger:


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Drama, Drama, and More Drama Inside The Jackson Family

An all out war at the Jackson family home..

Chaos In The Jackson Household Reaches It’s Peak

As the drama heats up in the Jackson household, big cousin TJ, who was recently revealed as Kim Kardashian’s first love, (Tito’s son) wants to step in and come to the rescue of his three little cousins that are caught in the middle of it all.

via TMZ

It was all out war at Katherine Jackson’s house in Calabasas Monday … complete with slapping and punching … TMZ has learned.

We now have details about the incident. Sources who were there say two SUVs with Randy, Jermaine and Janet inside, followed a car driving Michael Jackson’s 3 kids inside the gates. We’re told Randy, Jermaine and Janet did not have authority to enter.

Once on the grounds, we’re told MJ’s 3 siblings tried to strong-arm Paris, Prince and Blanket. Their mission was to get them in an SUV and take them to Arizona, where Katherine has been staying.

Our sources say at one point Janet tried to grab a resistant Paris’ cell phone, a scuffle ensued and Janet slapped the teenager, screaming, “You’re a spoiled little bitch!” We’re told Paris fired back with her own slap and told Janet, “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!”

At the same time, we’re told Trent Jackson, who was at the house, tried to stop an aggressive Randy and Jermaine. We’re told Trent put Randy in a headlock and punched Jermaine in the mouth.

Tito Joe Jackson, aka TJ, the 34-year-old son of Michael Jackson’s brother Tito, is having his lawyer draft legal docs in a bid to become temporary guardian of MJ’s 3 kids … TMZ has learned.

People familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Paris, Prince and Blanket all want TJ to be their guardian because they believe Katherine — their current guardian — has effectively been kidnapped by MJ’s siblings. The kids haven’t seen Katherine in 9 days.

Under California law, a judge would not grant a temporary guardian for teenagers unless the kids were on board with the selection, and we’re told all 3 kids are down with it. We’re told TJ has often acted like a parent to the kids and they love him.

Talk about a family feud! It sounds like the best place for MJ’s kids just might be with cousin TJ.  Then maybe those poor thangs will have some stability for the first time since their father passed away.

Images via Wen

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Randy Jackson Says “MJ Executors are Criminals”

Why the Jacksons have to act like this over money?
According to TMZ:
Randy Jackson just came out swinging against the people in charge of the Michael Jackson Estate — claiming the executors are “criminals” who falsified documents for their own personal gain … but it’s looking like Randy’s plot is quickly crashing and burning.

Jackson just spoke with Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s “Politics Nation” … and tried to explain why he and his siblings are trying to overthrow John Branca and John McClain.

“We feel there is criminal misconduct,” Jackson said … claiming the executors had a hand in faking MJ’s will … and Randy believes he can prove it because Michael was in NY on the day he supposedly signed the document in L.A.

Problem is … Randy’s argument has a GIANT flaw … the “mistake” he’s pointing to is based on a witness who merely forgot what city he was in at the time the will was signed.

There are witnesses who saw MJ sign the will … and it has been validated by the court.

But even if Randy and his siblings were to get the will invalidated … MJ’s old will cuts them out of MJ’s fortune too … and it appoints Branca executor.

Multiple sources tell TMZ … the situation is simply a money grab by MJ’s siblings who know that once Katherine Jackson dies … MJ’s money goes in trusts for his kids. Randy and co. will never get a dime.

Randy kept saying they are a family.  Paris begs to differ, because she just tweeted, “Family” they said.  Can you feel the sarcasm?    And apparently Randy hasn’t read our website … that Tito has already jumped the “family” ship.

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Kim & Kanye On Their Own Reality Show

Kanye should not be getting a reality tv-it’s not his thing! He’s too famous for that!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Rumored To Get Own Spin Off Show

Surprise, surprise.

Although this has yet to be confirmed by E!, it’s being heavily reported that Kim and her controversial couple-ship with Kanye West will be hitting the reality show circuit sooner than later.

Kim Kardashian is set to get her own Keeping Up With The Kardashians spin-off with current boyfriend Kanye West following the A-list couple as they travel the world.

According to HollywoodLife the hottest couple on the planet are keen on the cameras capturing their fabulous life and will reportedly focus on their adventures in fashion and music.

“The cameras will follow the couple as they travel around the world, primarily in London, Paris, Italy and New York,” an insider claimed.
“They want to show the plush life of Kim & Kanye. Kris thinks Kim should focus more on fashion and develop a line with Kanye, since he is so heavily involved in that world.”

‘Momager’ Kris Jenner is said to be delighted at the news and is pushing to get the ‘Church In The Wild’ star is keen to get the rapper on screen as much as possible.

The insider added: “Kris thinks this would bring in huge ratings. [She] is hoping Kanye’s famous friends like Jay Z and Beyonce will be ok with being filmed for certain segments.”

“And lets face it the family has a $40 million deal with E! and they need to deliver the goods!”

While his girlfriend is more experienced with living life on camera, it seems Kanye is all for the idea and is keen to impress his in-laws.

“Apparently Kanye loves the idea!” the source claimed.

“Kanye really likes Kris, so he will try and make her happy. Both Kim and Kanye love the camera and love the attention.”

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50 Celebrates His 37th Birthday In Paris-Go 50 It’s Yo Birthday!!!

50 Cent was spotted celebrating his 37th birthday in Paris recently.

The City of Light was the backdrop for the 37th birthday of rapper 50 Cent.  He partied in Paris at the exclusive nightclub le Vendome…with plenty of bubbly and ladies in tow.

He and his friends sipped on Dom Perignon champagne and Belvedere vodka all night.

The rapper is still trying to get back in the good graces of public opinion after making nasty comments about Autism.  He’s too grown for that type of ignorance though…

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