New Jersey Man Wakes Up To Angry Girlfriend Trying To Bite Off His Private Part: OUCH

Sounds like this lady was on some Lorena Bobbitt ish!


A Jersey City man who went to sleep after an argument with his girlfriend was awakened late Thursday night when she bit his scrotum, tearing right through the skin, authorities said. Linda Mendez, 40, was charged early this morning with aggravated assault and domestic violence, over the objection of her boyfriend, who told police he did not want to press charges. The mother of three appeared in court yesterday and her bail was set at $35,000 with a 10 percent cash option.

The 46-year-old victim told police that the two argued at 11:30 Thursday, and to avoid the argument he went to sleep, reports said. Minutes later Mendez woke him by biting his neck and his scrotum, causing bleeding, police said.

Mendez complained of pain in her left hand and was treated at the Jersey City Medical Center and released for incarceration, police said. Mendez was also charged on three open warrants, two for light rail fare-jumping violations and the other for a city ordinance violation.

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Mother Wants Three 4th Graders Charged With Sexual Assault

Wow, we knew shenanigans were poppin off in high schools, but 4th grade?! SMH

Three 4 Graders Admit To Sexually Assaulting A 9-Year-Old Girl


A La Habra mother says her nine-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by three young classmates, twice on the same day at Las Positas Elementary School.

Kelly Julian went before the school board on Thursday night to address the incident.

Julian said three weeks ago, her daughter told her that three boys, also fourth graders, had inappropriately touched her breasts, on two different occasions

She said all three boy’s wrote apology letters admitting to touching her daughter’s private parts.

The concerned mother reported the incident, but said the school chose not to punish the boys.

“Originally the principal told me that my daughter needs to stand up for herself,” Julian told KTLA News.

“Stand up for herself”??? You gotta be fawking kidding us right?

Julian took a public stand against the school board Thursday night. “The message you continue to send is that not only will you allow sexual assault of 9-year-old little girls, you will ignore parents and hope it will just go away.”

Meanwhile, the school superintendent says the boys were not punished because no crime was committed.

Cotdamn, “No crime was committed”?!? Tough crowd…

“They’re children. They’re nine-years-old,” said superintendent Susan Belendardo. “They didn’t realize that what they were doing was something that they shouldn’t have done.”

A police report was also filed but no action was taken, and the case was closed.

We get it, they are kids, but kids commit crimes all the time, f**ked up ones at that.

So the question is, do you give these kids a pass because they are only 9 years old?

Image via KTLA

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Man Called The Police & Stated He Was Robbed Of His Weed

We are still asking… “huh?” Three men arrested for possession of Marijuana. How do you call the police and tell them, someone stole your weed?!>!!


42NBC-WMGT youtube


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Dumb Gang Members Spray-Paint “B-I-C-T-H” On A NYC Woman’s SUV!

Books, not crooks…SMH

Thugs Vandalize Woman’s SUV With Misspelled Curse Word

A York City woman found the misspelled word “bicth” and other vandalism spray painted on her SUV over the weekend.

The woman who lives in the 200 block of Franklin Way reported to city police at 8:40 a.m. Saturday that someone used white paint to write the letters “LK” on both sides of her 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe. A crown was painted on the passenger side and an undistinguishable design on the hood, police said.

The white paint was also used to write “bicth” on the driver’s side doors, police said.

At the same time, the woman also reported to police that her motorcycle was stolen from her property. It was recovered in Spring Garden Township, city police said.

Sounds like the “LK” and the crown is for the gang Latin Kings.

How are you so ignorant that you can’t even spell the ignorant isht you say correctly???

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Female Cops Fired For Calling Blacks “Gorillas And Monkeys”

Two British police officers are now out of a job after one of their colleagues left her iPhone on record and captured the shady broads calling black folks monkeys and gorillas.

Two women police officers have been fired after a conversation in which one of them compared black people to gorillas and monkeys.

The racist chat involving Special Constable Rosanna Garofalo and WPC Joanna Sugda was taped when a colleague left an iPhone on record in her locker at work.

The two women were in the changing room at Islington Police Station in March when Garofalo was recorded saying that black people “all look the f*****g same. They just all look like monkeys”.

It comes as the Met revealed 96 claims of racism by officers were referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission between April 1 and June 1, this year.

The force had previously said the IPCC had been told of 51 cases during the biggest bigotry storm at the Yard since the Stephen Lawrence inquiry.

Police chiefs claimed to have stamped out discrimination after the Macpherson report, which followed Stephen’s murder, branded the Met “institutionally racist”.

But a disciplinary hearing was told how Special PC Garofalo, also employed as a civilian detention officer, was recorded saying how she had told her mother that a woman she knew who was Italian liked “black d***”.

She said her mother had replied that Italian girls made her sick “coming into this country” and wanting to “go f*****g black men”.

Garofalo, whose own surname is Italian, added that she could never sleep with a black man, and that her boyfriend wouldn’t be interested in black women as “they look like gorillas”.

Talking about another officer, she said she had “a face like a gorilla”, that she was “f*****g ugly” and that “they all look the f*****g same. They just all look like monkeys”.

Sugda, 32, is understood to have agreed with her comments, at one point saying, “You can’t say that” before laughing.

The recording of the conversation, on March 9, was handed to police chiefs. Both officers were fired for gross misconduct at a disciplinary hearing on August 29.

Garofalo has now launched a claim for unfair dismissal.

The latest racism allegations to hit the Met started earlier this year. Two officers face criminal charges while four, including Sugda and Garofalo, have been dismissed.

PC Kevin Hughes, 36, and PC David Hair, 40, who are based in Newham, East London, are alleged to have made racist comments “within a group of officers”. Both denied two charges in court on Wednesday.

PC Philip Juhasz, 31, was fired in July after he told a Pakistani takeaway manager in King’s Cross to “go back to your f*****g country” after he was refused a discount on food.

A week later a black female officer was sacked for racially abusing both black and white colleagues at Westminster.

She described one black colleague as a “black monkey” and a “coconut” while criticizing a white officer for marrying a black woman.

Commander Allan Gibson of the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards said: “There is no place for racist officers in the Met. We will take action to get them out of the police.”

In May, London Mayor Boris Johnson said: “We’ve moved on from the term institutional racism first defined by the Macpherson report”, but added: “I think great progress has been made but there is more to do.”

Mr Johnson ordered a review of anti-racism reforms at the Met, which included opening top positions to people from different backgrounds.

Latest figures show that by April 2012, 10 per cent of officers had black or ethnic minority origins, up from eight per cent in April 2007.

Last night Garofalo said: “In relation to the language used in our recorded conversation I state that it has been taken out of context.

“I am not a racist and still do not believe the conversation we had to have any racist connotations.”

See we keep tellin’ y’all racism is just as bad, if not worse over in the UK! At least the police departments over there are actually trying to do something about it. Too bad we can’t say the same of the NYPD and the LAPD.

Rosanna Garofalo Joanna Sugda Rosanna Garofalo joanna SugdaSource Photo Credit: Stan Kujawa

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9 Shooting Victims Outside Of The Empire State Building Were Shot By Police

Who taught these guys to shoot?!?!

Empire State Building Shooting Victims Were Shot By Police

A laid-off designer hellbent on revenge executed the man he blamed for his firing on a packed Midtown street yesterday — and then baited NYPD officers into a suicide-by-cop outside the Empire State Building that left nine pedestrians struck by police gunfire.

Jeffrey Johnson maniacally pumped five rounds into his former colleague Steve Ercolino around 9 a.m. outside 10 W. 33rd Street. He then calmly strolled onto bustling Fifth Avenue, where he pointed his weapon at cops.

The ensuing gunfire sent tourists and commuters into a frenzied scramble for cover right in front of the main entrance of the landmark skyscraper.

“I couldn’t believe there was a shooting at 9 o’clock in the morning in front of the Empire State Building!” said Marc Engel, an accountant who witnessed the shoot-’em-up from an M34 bus.

“It took about 15 seconds, a lot of pop, pop, pop, pop — one shot after another.”

How the hell did 9 people get shot by the cops you ask?

Johnson, who was carrying a black canvas tote-bag, pulled out his .45 as he spotted the cops — who were posted outside the Empire State Building.

The officers ordered him to “freeze” and drop his weapon, but Johnson raised his gun instead, according to Browne.

The cops opened fire — hitting Johnson with at least seven of their 17 shots, Browne said.

Two innocent bystanders were hit by rounds from the cops’ guns, while another seven passers-by were grazed or struck by bullet fragments that ricocheted off large flower pots along Fifth Avenue.

Here are some of the facts that have been revealed in the wake of the tragic shooting

* All nine wounded bystanders were struck by NYPD bullets that were aimed at Johnson, whose handgun jammed when he tried to shoot at the officers. The victims were five women and four men.

* Johnson, 58, blamed his victim and ex-co-worker, sales exec Steve Ercolino, for causing his dismissal as a women’s accessory designer about two years ago from Hazan Import Co.

* One of the cops who killed Johnson, Officer Craig Matthews, is suing the NYPD for retaliation he faced after exposing arrest and summons quotas in The Bronx’s 42nd Precinct.

Although there has been no word of this yet, we suspect that the NYPD will be facing big lawsuits from those injured by stray bullets.

Image via AP


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Lady Leaves 3 Year Old Son At Dollar Store: “I Though He Was In The Car”

Maybe people need to be forced to take a class before they are allowed to have kids. Some of these parents out here are just ratched.
A mother in Florida was arrested for leaving her 3-year old son at the Dollar Store, coming back for him an hour later, according to police.
Philleana Peak was also arrested for possession of marijuana, so maybe that explains why she was being such a dummy. The employees at the store noticed the little boy walking by himself in the aisle and crying. They searched the store for his mother and noticed that she was nowhere to be found. They checked on the public address system and never found her. That’s when they called the cops on the mom.
The mother showed up a while later, and had no explanation for why her dumb ass left her own baby. She allegedly told police that she thought the baby was in the back of the minivan and then realized he wasn’t there when she got to her house.
“She didn’t have an explanation,” Sgt. Dennis McKenna told WPBF News.

Senator “Accidentally” Kills Secretary With Machine Gun While Waiting For Food At A Restaurant

What the hell!?! Who just carry machine guns?!?!!

That is on helluva accident. Police in Thailand say that they will charge a member of the Thai parliament with causing death by negligence for accidentally shooting his secretary dead with a sub-machine gun.

Senator Boonsong Kowawisarat reportedly had in his possession a loaded 9mm Uzi submachine gun, though it is unclear why.

According to police, the shooting took place inside a restaurant in the northern province of Phrae. The 55-year-old politician drew his weapon while he and his secretary, 46-year-old Chanakarn Detkard, were waiting to be served. The Uzi suddenly went off, and a bullet struck Chanakarn in her stomach.

She was rushed to the hospital by the restaurant owner while Boonsong remained behind in shock.

Due to his parliamentary privilege, the Senator has yet to be charged, but police expect he will ultimately be tried for death by negligence.

If convicted, Boonsong faces as many as 10 years behind bars.

Something ain’t clean in the water. He needs to be charged with murder if not at least carrying that type of weapon in public place. Did he have a license, why does he need to carry this type of weapon? Too many questions not being answered.


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LMBO: Georgia Woman Calls 911 To Complain About Mug Shot And Is Arrested Again

Woman Calls To Complain About Mug Shot And Is Arrested Again

Don’t like your mug shot? So what. DON’T call 9-11…..

Tonya Ann Fowler had already been in trouble with the law. But in her mind she had become the victim. That’s when the Georgia woman called 911 to complain about her police mug shot.

The good news: Fowler got a new mug shot. The bad news: It’s because police arrested her again for misusing the 911 emergency system.

The Smoking Gun published the police report along with the most recent mug shot that Fowler, 45, was subjected to. We don’t know what the original mug shot looks like but it couldn’t have been much less flattering than this one.

And now that her story is making the rounds across various media outlets far more people will see Fowler’s unfashionable police photo than if she had just kept quiet.

On the upside, she got what she wanted. A new mugshot, free of charge.


Image via Shutterstock

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Woman Arrested For Throwing Acid In Ex’s Face

Sad Story!!!

A Forrest City woman is scheduled to be in court Thursday after being accused of throwing acid in her former boyfriend’s face. According to the Forrest City Police Department, on May 17th Michael Hamilton reported that his former girlfriend came to his house to return a TV. Police say the woman threw a liquid on to Hamilton’s face and body when he opened the door, which began to burn the man.

The victim, according to police, was taken to the Forrest City Medical Center for treatment of severe burns to his face and body. It is believed by police that the liquid was some type of household acid.

A warrant was issued by police for the arrest of Erma Jean Broyles in connection with the attack. On May 23rd, police say they received a tip on the location of Broyles. Investigators checked the area given in the tip, found Broyles and took her into custody without incident. Broyles is charged with second degree domestic battery in the incident.


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