Bow Wow Being Accused of Being the Ultimate Deadbeat Daddy











The little sister of Bow Wow’s baby mama has used twitter to publicly inform the world of Bow Wow’s negligence.  It’s always the relatives who go Ham when you’re the one who doesn’t say anything in public.  As if Bow Wow owes her a check, the little sister of his daughter’s mother went off in public about family business that needs to be settled behind closed doors.  Rather than asking Bow Wow where the money’s at, she could have also asked her sister why she was having sex with such a loser.

Najah Chavis is  the little sister of Bow Wow’s baby momma Joie Chavis, and she is the one going after “Boy Wow.”   She claims he’s only seen his daughther a few times and doesn’t give his daughter anything-clothes, money, or anything else she needs.  That’s a pretty damning condemnation, and it’s unfortunately the trend for a lot of rappers, who don’t care too much about their kids until it’s time for them to go to jail for child support.

Also, she stated that Joie sends Bow Wow pics of the baby and he posts them as if he is apart of the baby’s life.  But maybe he’s posting the pictures because he’s proud of his daughter.  The sister goes on to claim that her family was “holding down” her sister financially.  She also called out Bow Wow’s mom for seeing her granddaughter 3 times.

See the tweets here:


Looks like she won this twitter battle! Word of advice to the ladies-“don’t have a baby by Bow-Wow”!

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B2K Singer Raz B Accidentally Sliced His Wrist

 According to TMZ:
B2K singer Raz B nearly died Sunday in China — after accidentally falling through a glass door in his hotel room … slicing his wrist wide open … and losing a SCARY amount of blood.

Raz — who had been performing in Shanghai before the accident — tells TMZ, he tripped hard inside his room … and when he tried to break his fall, he crashed through a sliding glass door.

Raz says the broken glass caught his wrist and ripped it to pieces, tearing through ligaments, nerves, tendons … right down to the bone. (We’ve seen a graphic close-up of the injury, and decided to spare you the visuals. You’re welcome.)

Raz says he immediately began gushing blood and quickly passed out. Someone else in the room then alerted the hotel, and an ambulance was called.

Raz was rushed to Huashan Hospital Fudan University, where doctors operated to repair his mutilated wrist — a grueling procedure that took roughly 5 hours.

Raz was released from the hospital Monday. He has since canceled his remaining tour dates — for now.

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Bow Wow Ordered To Pay Limo Company For Unpaid Bill-Ballin!!!!

Damn Lil Bow weezy!
Accordinfg to TMZ: Bow Wow can officially check another lawsuit off his list of legal woes, but doing so is gonna cost him almost $4,000 … TMZ has learned.

A Georgia court ruled this week in favor of the limo company that sued the rapper for not paying his bill. He’s been ordered to pay $3,594.87 in a default judgement because he never showed up in court.

Sources close to Bow Wow tell TMZ he is currently in the process of cleaning up his financial troubles, which has included hiring a new team to handle his business affairs.

Bow Wow already paid off one lawsuit this year — $90,000 to settle an unpaid tour bus bill — and we’re told his new team is already in the process of dealing with the three tax liens already against him for the years 2006, 2008 and 2010.

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