Antoine Dodson Delivered From Homosexuality, Finds A Wife, & They’re Expecting Their First Child

Antoine+Dodson gayantoine dodson as a man

We all remember “hide yo kids hide yo wife” Antoine Dodson making his debut on television after his sister was attacked by a stranger who climbed in her window and assaulted her before Dodson came to her rescue. Now, we didn’t need Dodson to tell us he was gay because he wore long weaves and smacked his lips behind each word like a woman, so I think it’s safe to say we all concluded that he was gay and our assumptions at the time were correct.

Now, Antoine Dodson has renounced his homosexuality and has converted to the religion practices of an Israelite.

dodson renounce his sexuality

That’s not the full tea, Dodson is also married to a woman and they are expecting their first child. Dodson tweeted,

“I just became the happiest man alive!! My beautiful Queen and I are having a baby!!”

Congrats to Dodson and his wife, but I have to ask you ladies a question can you have a relationship with a man who has had previous relationships with men?

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Lady Sings A Song About Fried Chicken, BUT SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING!

According to Yourblackworld: It’s one thing to love friend chicken and it is quite another thing to love Jesus but when the two come together into a song, it may just be too much.

Logan Mac is a woman who, apparently, does not care about being a singing stereotype who will be subjected to a lot of ridicule, but she does love chicken and Jesus and she wrote a song about it.

With lines like “Don’t let me die skinny, lawd,” and “I Wanna Be Thick For You Jesus” its hard to believe that Logan is being serious, but when you watch the video, you will see that the intensity with which she sings leaves very little doubt that she is in fact a Jesus loving,  chicken loving and eating woman.

While Logan’s song may be mildly amusing, it does bring a terrible stereotype to the forefront. Black women are constantly stereotyped as “loving the lord” and loving “soul food,” which chicken is a staple of.

With the high rate of heart disease and diabetes that plague the Black community disproportionately, it seems that Logan’s song may not be so amusing after all.

No one can fault you for loving Jesus but loving friend chicken to the extent that you write a song about it is sad when you think about what it does to your health.


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Nightline “Hidden America”: Inside Chicago’s Gang Culture Features Chief Keef And Sad Stories! [Video]

part 1


So, Chief Keef IS heavily influencing these youth, now. This is a sad state our little brethren are in… it’s self destruction.

part 2

part 3



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Church In Mississippi Refuse To Marry Black Couple Because The Color Of Their Skin

Black Couple Denied Wedding Service At White Church In Mississippi

A Jackson couple said their big wedding plans were dashed by a white church in Crystal Springs because they are black, and the city’s mayor said she is “heartbroken” about the church’s decision. Charles Wilson said it was a huge disappointment that he and his wife couldn’t get married at the mostly white Crystal Springs church they attended because of the color of their skin.

“I feel like it was blatant racial discrimination,” Wilson said today in a phone interview. Wilson said that he and his wife Te’Andrea had sent out invitations and the printed program with their wedding date of July 21 at First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs.

But the couple had to change their plans after some members of First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs didn’t want the black couple to be married there, the pastor told WLBT.

The church’s pastor, Rev. Stan Weatherford, married the couple, but moved the ceremony to a nearby church. Weatherford acknowledged some members of the church were concerned about the black couple being married in the church. No black couple has been married in the church in recent memory.

Wilson said he had been attending the church for about a month and his now wife had been attending for more than a year.

“Prior to this, I had been telling people how nice they were here,” Wilson said. “It makes you reevaluate things.” The church pastor said he was surprised by the reaction of some church members.

“I didn’t want to have a controversy within the church and I didn’t want a controversy to effect the wedding of Charles and Te’ Andrea. I wanted to make sure their wedding day was a special day,” said Weatherford, according to WLBT.

“Maybe it’s a wake-up call for people to say we’re not standing for this,” she said. “This is not OK. For us to be as successful of a place as I want it to be, we have to do it together.”

“I will not have it.”

Garland said she hasn’t yet made plans to discuss what happened with Weatherford, but insists she will not allow the actions of a few people to destroy the town’s reputation.

“Sometimes you need a storm because they make you stronger,” she said. “We will be stronger. We will not be anything else other than unified.”

Sad! Black folks should just get the hell out of Mississippi!

video of the couple below: – Jackson, MS


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Mary Mary: Go Get Your Blessings

Gospel Singers Mary Mary summed it all up-in one song! Hold fast to God’s promises because anything is possible!

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