Rihanna & Chris Brown Celebrates RiRi’s #1 Album By Purchasing New Rolex Watches!

Rihanna And Chris Brown Show Off Matching Rolex Watches

Rihanna seemed to be celebrating the fact that her new album Unapologetic had reached #1 by putting a condo on her wrist and copping a Roley. RihRih showed off the new piece on Twitter:

The singer also showed off a pair of brand new kicks, given to her as a gift by her “BFF” Breezy? Her former boo sparked more romance rumors by following in the footsteps of his friend and posting a picture of himself wearing the male version of her Rolex on his Instagram account.

The couple that stunts together….

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Rihanna Unveils Cover Art For New Stripper Anthem Single ‘Pour It Up’

Rihanna Unveils Cover Art For New Single

Between venturing out on 7 day, 7 country tour promote her new album and returning home to find ‘Unapologetic’ at the top of the U.S. charts, Roc Nation roster chick Rihanna is riding high on success and probably a few other things, course.

Keeping the momentum going, Rih-Rih recently released this cover artwork for the next p-poppin’, tidday twerkin’ single from her album entitled ‘Pour It Up.’

Do you hate it or love it?

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Chris Brown Says “Tupac Is The Only Person In The World That Can Relate To Him”

Chris Brown Compares Himself To Tupac

A calm and somber looking Chris Brown recently took to what’s left of his social media presence (his Instagram) to air out his frustrations after deleting his Twitter account following a vulgar war of words with a D-list comedic journalist on Twitter.

Despite the fact that he has two lovesick breezies thirsting after his magic stick, Breezy feels that  there’s only one person in the world who he can relate to:

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Rihanna Drops ‘Diamonds’ Music Video [Video]

PopoutHate it or love it?? Rihanna video for ‘Diamonds’ dropped and we’ve got it here for your viewing pleasure.

What we’d like to know is whether or not you’re feelin’ this one?

Images via youtube

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Did Chris Cheat On His Ex-Karrueche With Rihanna?!?!

According to theybf: “The love triangle of the year implodes even further.  Chris Brown’s now ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, allegedly told her friends she believes Chris was cheating and bangin’ Rihanna for WEEKS.

Karrueche’s not speaking herself.  But her friends surely are.

In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen Karrueche jet out of NYC, leaving Chris & Rihanna there to canoodle at Jay-Z’s concert as much as their heart desired.  And we learned, from Breezy himself, that he indeed broke up with Karrueche in order to pursue a “friendship” with Rihanna.

Now, Kae is calling bullsh*t on it all.  Her camp says she believes that Chris has been visiting and partying with Rihanna behind her back for weeks, and she’s been suspicious of his actions for a while.  She feels utterly betrayed because, unlike everyone else watching this ish go down, she thought her relationship with Chris was in tip top shape.”  TMZ reports:

We spoke to multiple sources connected to Karrueche Tran … who tell us KT feels betrayed by Chris because he had promised her that she was the only woman in his life … especially when she probed him about his feelings toward Rihanna.

We’re told Karrueche had suspected something was up between the two of them for weeks because Chris was acting differently — going to clubs alone, acting distant and ramping up his public appearances with Rihanna.

Sources say Karrueche told friends she truly loved Chris … and felt that the relationship was great until Rihanna let Brown back into her life.

No shocked faces over here.

BONUS: Meanwhile, this convenient wave of publicity will likely be put to good use by Rih Rih’s team. Or will it?


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Chris Brown Tested Positive For Mary Jane Recently In Virginia

Chris Browns drug test came back positive when he checked in with the Judge today…

Homeboy actually got off pretty easy, especially considering that he was in a Virgina court of law. With little more than a slap on the wrist and a “stern” warning, Chris wrapped things up in less than an hour and took his medical mary jane card with him.

According to TMZ…

Chris Brown tested positive for mary jane recently in Virginia, where smoking green is illegal, but the judge said she would NOT revoke his probation.

Chris was just in court for a probation progress report hearing in his felony battery of Rihanna — and according to probation report docs … Brown failed a drug test on June 18 in Virginia, where he was fulfilling his court ordered community service.

According to probation report, Chris told his probation officer he had smoked in California — where he has a medical sticky-icky prescription — and then failed the test in Virginia, where herb is illegal … prescription or no prescription.

Judge Patricia Schnegg said she never ordered Brown to undergo mandatory drug testing as part of his probation, so she cut him a break … this time … letting him off with a stern reminder to obey all laws. Schnegg also ordered Brown’s entire case moved back to California because that’s where he lives now.

Judge Schnegg also ordered Brown to meet with his probation officer within 72 hours to sort out a discrepancy in community service hours — prosecutors say he had 121 hours left to complete as of August 15th, but Chris’ attorney, Mark Geragos insists he has less than that on his tab.

We’re just wondering who the hell lights up a couple months before they’ve got court to go to for a probation hearing??

Guess God really heard those thoughts and prayers from his ex-boo-thang Rih Rih.

Images via gettyimages

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Rihanna Sends Chris Brown Love Via Twitter Right Before He Heads To Court!

Rihanna Wishes Chris Brown Good Luck On His Day In Court

Chris Brown might be headed to court to update the judge on the status of his community service hours that he was ordered to perform after delivering the most talked about beat-down of the last decade to his then girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009, but the victim of the attack has since said she’s forgiven him and even went as far as to wish him luck on his court day via Twitter today:

She started with this:

Followed by this, which Breezy himself retweeted and thanked her for:

Do you think Rih is sending the wrong messages by being so supportive or is she sending the RIGHT message by openly forgiving him?

Images via Twitter

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Rihanna Rockin A Gold Grill


Rihanna Seen Wearing A Gold Grill Over Her Teeth

It’s a shame Rihanna didn’t wear these to the VMAs, because A$AP Rocky would’ve definitely appreciated the gold grill look. The popstar hit her favorite restaurant in Santa Monica for dinner last night rocking a pair of gold grills with her new pixie cut.

We’re not sure that dinner is the best time to wear grills, but Rih seemed to be really feeling them for the evening. She didn’t try to hide them either, wearing pastel pink lipstick to accentuate her gold mouthful.

She’s such a “rebel”…


Images via SplashNews


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Rihanna Debuts Her New Short Hair On VMA’s Red Carpet! {Video}


Rihanna Debut New Short Hair On VMA Red Carpets And Meets Dru

Riri deputs her new hairstyle at the VMA’s! Fans went CRAZY!

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Rihanna Spotted Shopping In L.A.

According to theybf: Rihanna is spending the weekend back home in L.A. after a busy few weeks.  And she was spotted shopping at Opening Ceremony with her bestie Melissa.

The pop chick kept it casual in a flirty mini skirt, small crop top and her Air Yeezy 2 sneakers as she shopped it up Friday afternoon:

Rih’s just been announced as a performed for the MTV VMAs.  And she’s biding her time by getting into verbal spats with 79-year-old comedic legend Joan Rivers.  The other day, “Fashion Police” host Joan tweeted:

Rihanna confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she still loves Chris Brown. Idiot! Now it’s MY turn to slap her.

And you already know Rih came back with a one-liner.  She tweeted:

Slap on some diapers

And also this (but deleted it): “@Joan_Rivers wow u really do get slow when you’re old huh?

Joan tried to express her concern by following up with: “Honey, @Rihanna, everyone knows: If he hit you once, he’ll hit you again.  Read the statistics. PS – Love to have you on Fashion Police!”

Good luck with that.

Pics via WENN

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